14:00:19 <bcotton> #startmeeting Docs Project Meeting - Agenda: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs_Project_meetings
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14:00:26 <bcotton> #meetingname Fedora Docs
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14:00:32 <bcotton> #topic Roll Call
14:00:53 * randomuser 
14:01:08 * jjmcd 
14:01:30 <iambryan> check
14:01:47 * Sparks is present and/or accounted for.
14:05:23 * sgordon is late
14:05:35 <bcotton> sgordon: is right on time
14:06:03 <bcotton> #info As a reminder, participants are encouraged to use #info, #help, #link liberally to make the meeting minutes more informative
14:06:05 <sgordon> mondays =/ :P
14:06:12 <bcotton> #topic Follow up on last week's action items
14:06:22 <bcotton> #action bcotton to send schedule diffs to jreznik
14:06:36 <bcotton> yeah, I accomplished practically nothing last week. I blame midterms. And also being lazy.
14:06:46 <bcotton> #topic Fedora 18 schedule
14:06:55 <bcotton> #link http://jreznik.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-18/f-18-docs-tasks.html
14:07:17 <bcotton> #action bcotton to poke RN wrangler volunteer to get that process back on track
14:08:09 <bcotton> #info the Feature 100% Complete deadline is tomorrow, so things should be fairly stable for writing at this point
14:08:10 <sgordon> damn real life
14:08:30 * pkovar is late
14:08:36 <bcotton> welcome, pkovar
14:08:42 <iambryan> Is there a nightly I can grab for testing and writing off of?
14:09:10 * suehle started beta release notes if somebody wants to help finish them :)
14:09:20 <bcotton> whoa, it's a suehle
14:09:26 <bcotton> iambryan: um, rawhide, i guess?
14:09:40 <iambryan> bcotton, good point :)
14:09:47 <sgordon> there are actually some beta test composes
14:09:49 <suehle> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_18_beta_release_notes
14:09:50 <sgordon> that came out on friday
14:09:52 <bcotton> #help suehle has started the Beta Release Notes and requests assistance
14:10:01 <bcotton> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_18_beta_release_notes
14:10:20 <suehle> I, uh, pretty much copied the alpha notes, so yeah...
14:10:20 <bcotton> sgordon: where might people find those? /get-prerelease?
14:10:25 <iambryan> sgordon, Thanks
14:10:30 <sgordon> good question, let me check the email
14:10:41 <jjmcd> Beta RNs are typically "complete" RNs but not translated
14:10:58 <bcotton> jjmcd: i was hoping you wouldn't say that, but i suspected it was the case
14:11:01 <randomuser> iambryan, you probably want to follow the alpha/beta test candidate, release candidate cycle
14:11:37 <sgordon> iambryan, http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/test-announce/2012-October/000546.html
14:11:54 <iambryan> randomuser, The alpha has been rather temperamental with my hardware/vm setup :P
14:12:00 <sgordon> bcotton, /get-prerelease for now will still be the alpha i believe
14:12:06 <iambryan> sgordon, got it, thanks
14:12:13 <sgordon> it will only change once one of these test composes becomes the beta
14:14:40 <sgordon> bcotton, still alive?
14:14:57 <bcotton> sgordon: si, i was just letting the conversation settle :-)
14:15:03 <sgordon> :D
14:15:05 <jjmcd> rut roh
14:15:08 <bcotton> any other discussion on the schedule?
14:15:24 <bcotton> hmm, before i forget...
14:15:27 <bcotton> #chair jjmcd
14:15:27 <zodbot> Current chairs: bcotton jjmcd
14:15:47 <bcotton> okay, moving on
14:15:49 <bcotton> #topic Release Notes
14:16:13 <bcotton> #info ignore suehle's #help in the previous topic. The "real" RN need to happen in the next week or so
14:16:34 <jjmcd> Actually, the RPM was needed two weeks ago
14:16:49 <bcotton> this is definitely on me to not keep on top of this process in jjmcd's semi-absence. we'll have to play some serious catch-up
14:16:54 <jjmcd> schedule item 28
14:16:57 <bcotton> jjmcd: yeah, the ball is seriously dropped :/
14:18:00 <randomuser> so, we should be fully out of the wiki at this point and working from git? I might have time today to make some copypasta
14:18:23 <bcotton> randomuser: yes. anything you can do to start getting the wiki migrated into docbook would be great
14:18:29 <jjmcd> randomuser, yes, but there are a lot of beats that need work
14:19:00 <jjmcd> I think I put the conversion instructions with mw-render on the wiki somewhere
14:19:17 <jjmcd> thanks to ianweller that works again
14:19:30 <randomuser> would you advise that I spend time on the beats or the conversion, jjmcd ?
14:19:45 <jjmcd> randomuser, I think the beats more important
14:19:51 * randomuser nods
14:20:00 <jjmcd> the first conversion from wiki is only a couple of hours with mwrender
14:20:13 <jjmcd> wb Sparks
14:20:19 <bcotton> #chair Sparks
14:20:19 <zodbot> Current chairs: Sparks bcotton jjmcd
14:20:44 <randomuser> i'll see what i can put together. I have the dayy off from $dayjob today
14:20:57 <jjmcd> cool
14:21:17 <bcotton> randomuser: i'm taking wednesday off to enjoy the last day of warmth, but i'll spend some time on RN, too
14:21:38 <jjmcd> I got the first item knocked off my list this morning (bad outcome) so let me look and see if I can free up some time
14:22:24 <randomuser> sounds like an official cram week
14:22:38 <jjmcd> wouldn't be the first
14:24:39 <bcotton> anything else on the Release Notes?
14:24:50 <randomuser> yes
14:25:01 <bcotton> randomuser: go ahead
14:25:29 <randomuser> just a thought offhand - does someone besides jjmcd have appropriate permissions for pushing the rpm, working in transifex, etc?
14:25:48 <jjmcd> stickster, maybe Sparks
14:26:24 <randomuser> Sparks, are you on board for that when the time comes?
14:26:33 <sgordon> mmm should be able to tell from the package db
14:26:39 * Sparks is back
14:27:04 <Sparks> randomuser: For pushing the RPM?  I think I have permissions.
14:27:21 <Sparks> Although I'm  not exactly sure how to build the RPM, now.
14:27:39 <jjmcd> bcotton has built it before I think
14:28:29 <sgordon> hey hey
14:28:30 <bcotton> jjmcd: i've only published to d.fp.o, i've never built the rpm
14:28:37 <sgordon> according to the pacakge info
14:28:52 <sgordon> ausil, jjmcd, ke4qqq, nb, sgordon, Sparks, zoglesby
14:28:54 <sgordon> are approved
14:29:11 <randomuser> something to consider, i guess; it would be depressing to have all the content commited but noone available to work the package
14:29:12 <sgordon> #info ausil, jjmcd, ke4qqq, nb, sgordon, Sparks, zoglesby approved for commit to fedora-release-notes pacakge
14:29:21 <jjmcd> One would think bcotton would be on that list
14:29:25 <sgordon> gah *package*
14:29:26 <sgordon> well yes
14:29:31 <sgordon> if he clicks the button
14:29:35 <sgordon> we should be able to approve it
14:29:43 <sgordon> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/pkgdb/acls/name/fedora-release-notes
14:29:47 <bcotton> hm, i guessi should do that
14:29:54 <sgordon> go there, log in with FAS
14:30:02 <sgordon> and then you should be able to request ACLs on the package
14:30:29 <sgordon> i am not sure what is involved as far as transifex perms but that should be enough to be able to build/push the package
14:30:44 <bcotton> sgordon: done
14:31:51 <sgordon> mmm i cant see it yet (after refreshing)
14:32:43 <sgordon> ahh there it is
14:32:58 <sgordon> ah bummer
14:33:00 <sgordon> bcotton must be in one of these groups: ('cvsadmin', 'packager', 'provenpackager') to own a package
14:33:09 <sgordon> jjmcd, that will be why he wasnt already i imagine ^
14:33:13 <bcotton> sgordon: yeah, let's work on this after the meeting
14:33:17 <sgordon> yup
14:33:29 <jjmcd> ahhh
14:33:43 <bcotton> anything else on the Release Notes?
14:34:58 <bcotton> #topic Outstanding BZ tickets
14:35:06 <bcotton> #link http://tinyurl.com/lbrq84
14:35:18 <bcotton> as we cram, it might not hurt to keep an eye on this list, too
14:35:59 <randomuser> i've seen at least one 'please put this in the RNs' bug
14:37:24 <bcotton> #topic Open floor discussion
14:37:57 <shaiton> hey, I got a request to add ia language to docs.fpo... Do someone remember what needs to be done? :)
14:38:56 <jjmcd> shaiton, I would ask rudi
14:40:17 <shaiton> hum.. :)
14:40:56 <sgordon> hmm
14:41:20 <sgordon> i dont think you need to do anything special on the doc.fpo part?
14:41:43 <sgordon> publican install the book to the site specifying the correct lang and it will be added
14:45:05 <bcotton> anything else for this week's meeting?
14:46:06 <bcotton> okay, thanks everyone!
14:46:06 <randomuser> can anyone help me with transifex permissions in -docs today?
14:46:16 <bcotton> #endmeeting