19:00:12 <suehle> #startmeeting
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19:00:20 <suehle> #meetingname Fedora Marketing
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19:00:26 <suehle> #topic roll call
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19:01:24 * jbrooks notes that my address is marked private in fas
19:01:30 <suehle> roll call is as good a time to mention as any that I basically zeroed out the Marketing team contributors list and called a do-over, so please feel free to add yourself as active here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Contributors_to_the_marketing_group
19:02:03 <suehle> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Contributors_to_the_marketing_group
19:02:59 <suehle> #topic Press tracking
19:03:04 <suehle> jbrooks, anything new and exciting?
19:03:21 <suehle> I think your last action item was "to meditate on it" :D
19:03:46 * niteshnarayanlal is late
19:03:54 <jbrooks> suehle, After that, I laid out and sent to the list a script-to-write, but haven't progressed on writing it
19:04:06 <suehle> okie dokie. just checking in
19:04:14 <suehle> #topic F18 beta release notes
19:04:24 <suehle> It's that time ^^
19:04:36 <suehle> I started it here but wouldn't mind help. I largely copied the alpha notes. :S
19:04:40 <suehle> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_18_beta_release_notes
19:05:03 * thunderbirdtr_ will sit and listen...
19:05:03 <thunderbirdtr_> .fas thunderbirdtr
19:05:03 <zodbot> thunderbirdtr_: thunderbirdtr 'Onuralp SEZER' <thunderbirdtr@gmail.com>
19:05:36 <suehle> Any release note helper volunteers?
19:05:51 <suehle> jsmith may have been right about this being a six-minute meeting at this rate. :D
19:06:58 <suehle> ok then... suehle to finish beta notes
19:07:18 <suehle> #topic Marketing plan
19:07:20 * jsmith got sucked into another meeting
19:07:55 <suehle> Lastly  but not leastly, I replaced the old and out of date marketing plan with new.
19:07:58 <suehle> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_plan
19:08:28 <suehle> Feel free to take a few minutes to take a look and we can discuss, or we can take it to the list.
19:09:50 <graphite6> numbers and graphs <3
19:09:51 <thunderbirdtr> suehle, ! may I ask say something about raspberrypi part ?
19:09:57 <suehle> thunderbirdtr, sure
19:10:37 <thunderbirdtr> suehle, In Turkey I'm the first users to start raspberrypi and tested with Fedora Remix which was really awsome  and ...
19:11:34 <thunderbirdtr> suehle, but after a ltitle bit later I see Fedora Remix bugs making hard to use also ARCH problem will be really hard to for atleast general use
19:12:08 <suehle> No argument that the Fedora Remix is not awesome right now. They're soon going to have some significant improvements though.
19:12:24 <thunderbirdtr> suehle, for that reason If we want to spread fedora in ARM Arch which is will be awsome do we have to wait at least for F18 for ARCH problem will be solved
19:13:00 <thunderbirdtr> suehle, for making spread and write article show tricks also we need to add to raspberry.org download list again
19:13:20 <thunderbirdtr> fedora remix  was first official OS for Rs-pi right ?
19:13:28 <suehle> Well, we've already been showing stuff on the Pi with what we've got. So we're not going to just wait forever to do anything. But when it is working better, we'll definitely be louder, if that makes sense.
19:13:34 <Southern_Gentlem> not offical
19:13:38 <suehle> thunderbirdtr, it was supposed to be, but I don't think it ever was.
19:14:08 <thunderbirdtr> Southern_Gentlem, my mistake
19:14:20 <Southern_Gentlem> from a show standpoint OLPC and the rPI were big hits at Ohio Linuxfest
19:14:54 <suehle> And OSCON and Maker Faire and pretty much anywhere else we take them. :)
19:15:35 <thunderbirdtr> nice..
19:15:43 <thunderbirdtr> eof
19:15:59 <graphite6> I agree that they're a big draw and very fun (but I think I'm biased) - I'm also working on getting other things up and running on it so we can demo more than the desktop, internet, and movies
19:16:19 <thunderbirdtr> graphite6, for pi ?
19:17:00 <graphite6> thunderbirdtr: yes, as for bugs are your referring just to the fact that remix is slow?
19:18:18 <thunderbirdtr> graphite6, slow yes . I tried on DE I tried yum and other stuff and I already reported and now better. this weekend I will try final image and I can even make guide for it and write my experience
19:19:15 <graphite6> thunderbirdtr: awesome, I look forward to reading about your experience
19:19:45 <thunderbirdtr> graphite6, also as rs-pi now 51 MB RAM which is I will order that and with fedora It will be much more speedy I hope
19:21:36 <suehle> Any other comments/discussion/questions about the marketing plan?
19:22:01 <jbrooks> suehle, it looks good, what are the steps to implement
19:22:22 <suehle> jbrooks, I think the user survey is a good place to start. It'll give us a framework of knowledge to approach the rest
19:22:28 * jnalley is here late
19:22:34 <jbrooks> +1
19:22:35 <suehle> some of it just comes as it comes though--like release collateral has to happen when the release happens
19:23:10 <graphite6> +1 for survey
19:23:40 <graphite6> I assume release collateral needs to be coordinated with the design team?
19:23:56 <suehle> stuff that needs design (which is most of it), yeah
19:24:19 <graphite6> do we need to file tickets with them or is it already on their release checklist?
19:24:33 <suehle> that's a good question... I suspect the answer is both, but I'm not positive
19:24:58 <suehle> i.e., they know it's coming, but if we've got words, we should tell them instead of expecting them to hunt for it
19:25:24 <suehle> #topic open floor
19:25:26 <suehle> anything else?
19:25:44 <graphite6> speaking of collateral
19:26:05 <mattdm> I am working on getting our EC2 images listed in the AWS marketplace
19:26:25 <graphite6> Famna is (supposed to be) putting together a wishlist of swag to be discussed at the FADNA day at Fudcon
19:26:36 <mattdm> As part of that, I will need a little blurb about what Fedora is.
19:26:40 <mattdm> And what the image is.
19:26:56 <mattdm> Do y'all want to help with that or should we make it just a Cloud SIG thing? :)
19:27:10 <suehle> mattdm, we can help with that
19:27:32 <suehle> mattdm, shoot me an email (rsuehle@fp.o) and I'll hook you up
19:27:35 <graphite6> Famna is also putting together a list of the next FY's events and possible events in this document (link coming up)
19:27:49 <mattdm> suehle: cool thanks.
19:27:54 <suehle> graphite6, sounds good
19:28:12 <graphite6> #link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApBrbq5j6NbOdG0zQzVvR3VqQ05NaE5xaDd
19:28:25 <suehle> We're sorry.
19:28:26 <suehle> The spreadsheet at this URL could not be found.
19:28:30 <graphite6> well that didn't work ignore the link
19:28:44 <graphite6> give me a minute to search for original
19:28:55 * suehle plays intermission music
19:29:11 <graphite6> #link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApBrbq5j6NbOdG0zQzVvR3VqQ05NaE5xaDdLOWh3a0E#gid=0
19:29:18 <graphite6> voila!
19:29:52 <suehle> woot
19:30:24 <graphite6> the fun part is we're looking for new event ideas/audiences so if anyone has events they think Fedora should show off at stick it in the spreadsheet
19:31:12 <suehle> awesome. anything else?
19:31:37 <graphite6> Btw, Southern_Gentlem got this document started - I don't want to steal his glory :D
19:32:17 <graphite6> suehle: did we ever hook up with the fedora news people?
19:32:46 <graphite6> graphite6: and does the marketing group have a trac instance?
19:32:55 <suehle> graphite6, well, it kept bouncing news/insight/news/insight, but it looks like insight is pretty much dead, unless somebody can offer other information
19:33:07 <graphite6> love how I just asked myself a question <rolls eyes>
19:33:07 <suehle> so yeah, we still need to loop up with news and figure out how to put some life back into that
19:33:25 <graphite6> suehle: gotcha
19:33:46 <suehle> marketing trac: https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/
19:34:10 <suehle> the last tickest are two years old
19:34:16 <graphite6> sweet! now are we supposed to be using that to create agendas like the ambassadors?
19:34:35 <suehle> agenda for this meeting?
19:34:46 <graphite6> or can we use it that way - I haz ideaz during week but they all go poof when the meeting comes around
19:35:20 <suehle> I don't know if trac makes sense at the size of the active part of this team... it seems like we could do it with the mailing list, but I'm willing to listen to an argument against
19:36:13 <suehle> I feel like people we're waiting to tip into participating are more likely to read an email that says "Need help making cheese" than "trac #243: cheese making meeting"
19:36:41 <graphite6> hmmm, I personally like tickets because all the notes about an idea can be in one place and not in a big email thread and can be easily referenced by link
19:37:07 <graphite6> but I also understand a lot of people don't like tickets
19:38:00 <suehle> maybe toss it to the list and see if there are more opinions?
19:38:03 <graphite6> currently, my personal problem is I have about 10 sloppy google docs with marketing ideas that never leave my personal space - as I said these are pretty much my personal problems, lol
19:38:20 <graphite6> suehle: definitely, no worries
19:38:57 <suehle> last call then...
19:39:00 <suehle> going once...
19:39:13 <suehle> twice...
19:39:26 <suehle> type a string of nonsense to get it on the screen if you have anything else to say! oieshf;osigfhe;osirhjto9432
19:40:10 <suehle> #endmeeting