18:59:24 <suehle> #startmeeting
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18:59:31 <suehle> #meetingname Fedora Marketing
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18:59:35 <suehle> #topic roll call
18:59:44 * jnalley1 is sort of here
18:59:52 * mattdm is here
19:00:01 <AnnaE> *AnnaE is here
19:00:03 * jbrooks is here
19:00:10 * graphite6 waves
19:00:15 * Sparks is present and/or accounted for
19:00:58 <suehle> I'll wait a minute or two since I technically started the meeting a minute early in case anybody wants to straggle in. :-)
19:01:45 * niteshnarayanlal is here
19:01:59 <suehle> #topic Firefox bookmarks
19:02:00 * Southern_Gentlem 
19:02:13 <Southern_Gentlem> i has a question but will wait
19:02:16 <suehle> The schedule for F18 has us a bit late on updating/packaging/tagging Firefox bookmarks.
19:02:33 <suehle> I confess I have no idea what we need to or should have done (or if somebody else did it). Anyone?
19:03:08 <Sparks> suehle: Firefox bookmarks?
19:03:15 * suehle casts "summon rbergeron"
19:03:26 <suehle> sparks: lines 10-12 http://jreznik.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-18/f-18-marketing-tasks.html
19:04:18 <Southern_Gentlem> suehle,  looking at the f17 bookmarks it looks like everything should be portable right into f18 with no changes
19:04:32 <suehle> Well that's good news!
19:04:35 <Sparks> suehle: Okay, interesting.  Those things don't change once the user has logged in. I'm not sure what gets changed.
19:04:57 <Sparks> Southern_Gentlem: I'm glad.  I know that there are some links on the server-side that get changed.
19:05:03 <Southern_Gentlem> the doc brings up the main docs page not linked to a release
19:05:03 <jreznik> if you need any fix in schedules, let me know or report it https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-project-schedule/
19:05:04 <suehle> I was stumped. I figured one of you would know. :)
19:05:17 <suehle> thx jreznik
19:05:59 <suehle> #topic Southern_Gentlem has a ?
19:06:26 <suehle> ask away!
19:07:42 <Southern_Gentlem> suehle,  i am getting ready to send Beefy Miracle to Calilfornia does it need to go someplace else after that anytime soon
19:07:50 <suehle> Where's he going in CA?
19:08:20 <Southern_Gentlem> Markdude  wants it for an event
19:08:20 <Southern_Gentlem> olp
19:08:22 <Southern_Gentlem> olpc
19:08:35 <suehle> That's next week, right?
19:08:38 <Southern_Gentlem> yep
19:09:11 <suehle> I think after that, he can just come back to Raleigh until SCALE.
19:09:16 <Southern_Gentlem> trying to plan as much logistics as i can
19:09:52 <Southern_Gentlem> suehle,  but then again if he is in cali why not leave him there for SCALE
19:10:24 <suehle> Oh, actually, by then we won't need him anymore. Duh.
19:10:33 <jbrooks> :(
19:10:36 <suehle> Unless we put him in a cow suit
19:10:44 <Sparks> a round cow
19:10:47 <suehle> jbrooks: I promise we'll give him a place of honor. :)
19:10:53 <jbrooks> :)
19:11:02 * lh is here, apologies for tardiness
19:11:04 <suehle> Southern_Gentlem, I'll msg you where to mail him after OLPC.
19:11:22 <Southern_Gentlem> thats all i have
19:11:38 <mattdm> I have a bookmarks related question...
19:11:45 <suehle> #topic back to bookmarks
19:11:55 <mattdm> I want to really ramp up use of ask.fedoraproject.org.
19:12:05 <mattdm> And it'd be nice to have that in the bookmarks.
19:12:13 * Sparks has some insight
19:12:17 <mattdm> Should I file a bug, a trac ticket, or just ask someone nicely.
19:12:34 * mattdm swaps that . for a ?
19:12:43 <suehle> sparks, insight on this or something else?
19:12:49 <Sparks> suehle: This
19:13:01 <suehle> Will you be sharing your insight with the class? :)
19:13:16 <Sparks> As soon as I get finished typing it!
19:13:28 * suehle interrupts sparks' typing some more
19:13:41 * mattdm waits for the delicious, delicious insight
19:13:46 <Sparks> If users upgrade their systems then the bookmarks don't get updated because the bookmarks are written in the user's /home space.  So any changes to the bookmarks package will only affect new system users.  Make sense?
19:14:05 <mattdm> yeah.
19:14:17 <Sparks> So I'm not saying to not make an update to the bookmarks but the distribution may be limited.
19:14:28 <Sparks> But doing so now will definitely get them out there.
19:14:45 * Sparks is just trying to manage expectations.
19:14:56 <suehle> Yeah, no reason not to do it, but I see what you're saying.
19:14:57 <mattdm> well, those brand new users are a big target for ask fedora
19:15:11 <suehle> Who has the magical bookmark-adding power?
19:15:13 <Sparks> mattdm: +1
19:15:38 <Sparks> suehle: Probably just filing a bug would be best.
19:16:03 <suehle> #action mattdm to file request for adding ask.fp to bookmarks
19:16:11 * mattdm nods
19:16:37 <suehle> #topic graphite6
19:16:41 <mattdm> ftr caillon is the package owner
19:16:53 <graphite6> I'm a topic! w00t!
19:16:54 <suehle> graphite6 tells me she has brilliant things to tell us
19:17:02 <mattdm> (of bookmarks not graphite6)
19:17:11 <suehle> mattdm: Important distinction. :D
19:17:16 * graphite6 blushes
19:17:35 <graphite6> okay, so I was at the Denver open source ug
19:17:58 <graphite6> and there were a number of people there who didn't know that fedora was being developed any longer
19:18:10 * mattdm sighs, but very quietly
19:18:11 <graphite6> despite being RHEL users
19:18:23 <suehle> Well that's just peachy.
19:18:55 <graphite6> it seems that a lot of people think CentOS and RHEL are upstream and downstream, and Fedora buh-bye
19:18:57 <Sparks> Wait, we're still developing Fedora?
19:19:10 <graphite6> lol
19:19:13 <Southern_Gentlem> wonders what rock this came out of
19:19:30 <suehle> Isn't Denver just one really tall rock?
19:19:42 <Southern_Gentlem> no its blocked by one
19:20:05 <Sparks> graphite6: What does thou propose?
19:20:08 <suehle> graphite6: Did this inspire a brilliant plan, or was it just the observation?
19:20:09 * nirik lives in denver, has never heard of the denver opensource ug, so I suppose thats fair that they haven't heard of Fedora. ;)
19:20:11 <suehle> yeah, what he said
19:20:20 * suehle was amused by the name OSUG
19:20:23 <graphite6> anyway what would people think of us sponsoring something like the DOSUG (buy pizzas or drinks afterwards) and bringing in two speakers (they do 2 a week) to talk about fedora
19:20:34 <graphite6> it wouldn't be until this spring
19:20:42 <graphite6> and I'm good friends with the organizers
19:20:42 <suehle> OSAS will sponsor that with the moneys and the pizza.
19:20:44 <jbrooks> +1
19:21:01 <graphite6> they get about 40-50 people per meeting
19:21:19 <Sparks> Wait, they are DOSug?  :)
19:21:27 <graphite6> sweet!
19:21:31 <suehle> ughDOS?
19:21:34 <graphite6> Sparks: yup
19:21:37 * mattdm runs off to get something be right back
19:21:59 <graphite6> and they meet in a Microsoft building :D
19:22:07 <Sparks> fail
19:22:10 <AnnaE> @graphite6 do you think they aren't hearing enough about Fedora in conjunction with RH
19:22:11 <suehle> #action graphite6 and suehle -- LUG love in Denver
19:22:44 <suehle> AnnaE: The question I hear most at conferences is something along the lines of, "Are you still a part of Red Hat?"
19:22:48 <graphite6> there is also a JUG here as well as in Boulder (30 min north) that are pretty big and active
19:23:03 <suehle> Which suggests yeah, there's no visible connection between Fedora and the hat, which to some extent in the past has been quite intentional.
19:23:14 <Southern_Gentlem> graphite6,  you can always set this up as anambassador event  and budget for the pizza and drinks
19:23:38 <graphite6> AnnaE: I'm not really sure at this point since I just went to my first meeting on Tuesday - which focused on Cassandra and Continuous integration
19:24:18 * nirik goes to BLUG as often as he can. They are active and know about Fedora. ;)
19:24:28 <graphite6> Southern_Gentlem: we could do it that way too
19:24:32 <suehle> We should have a contest for weirdest UG acronym
19:24:35 <graphite6> nirik: awesome
19:24:46 <nirik> boulder linux users group - lug.boulder.co.us
19:24:55 <graphite6> suehle: but could we come up with an equally cool prize
19:25:17 <suehle> graphite6: I think it pretty much depends on who comes to do the talk. I think for OSAS $, it needs to be a Red Hatter talking. If it's non-RH Fedoran, do it as an ambassador event.
19:25:26 <graphite6> nirik: ahh, see I'm more familiar with the java user groups and open source user groups
19:25:47 <suehle> graphite6: Prize based on the name. ColaJUG gets exactly that.
19:25:51 <lh> suehle, graphite6 that's correct re: OSAS budget
19:26:33 <graphite6> suehle: gotcha - we could set up a few, some OSAS could sponsor for non-Fedora projects and some talks Fedora focused which the ambassadors would sponsor if they agreed
19:26:36 <suehle> Man, there's a Cola LUG but not Cola JUG? Somebody move to SC and start a JUG.
19:27:40 <graphite6> anyway - I could speak to the organizers, see when there are speaker-less meetings and then we could go from there with planning?
19:27:54 <suehle> sounds like a plan
19:28:13 <suehle> #topic open floor
19:28:20 <Southern_Gentlem> VTLUUG
19:28:21 <suehle> As if most of this meeting hasn't already been open floor. :D
19:28:44 * Sparks likes the floor space
19:28:53 <mattdm> This reminds me. As I was leaving Hahvahd, I was at the ABCD (university wide sysadmins) group, and one of the organizers mentioned that Ubuntu was coming in to talk next month
19:28:59 <mattdm> (which is now last month)
19:29:09 <graphite6> I have 2 fedora thank you cards designed and templated but I can't currently get into my fedorapeople dir to upload them....growling at it now
19:29:12 <mattdm> and that they would lvoe for someone from fedora to come.
19:29:40 <mattdm> this is probably an ambassadors thing but wanted to mention it since it's related the the previous discussion.
19:29:49 <mattdm> i think an osas thing would also be super awesome.
19:29:52 <suehle> mattdm +1 you should totally go do it :)
19:30:03 <graphite6> mattdm: +1
19:30:08 <suehle> graphite6: Excellent. We can be patient. Just email the list when it decides to be friendly.
19:30:22 <suehle> The Internet has an odd shortage of lists of LUGs, specifically in the US. Am I not looking in the right place?
19:30:27 * mattdm nods
19:30:39 <suehle> If that actually doesn't exist (how?! am I not rocking the Google Fu today?) it would be a great thing for Fedora to create.
19:30:40 <mattdm> the internet killed the LUGs
19:30:55 <suehle> that pesky internet
19:31:15 <mattdm> seriously wikipedia has a list of romanian lugs, but not us ones.
19:31:20 <Sparks> suehle: I was just thinking the exact same thing
19:31:21 <suehle> I know!
19:31:25 <suehle> Let's do this thing.
19:31:33 <Sparks> we needs a database
19:31:35 <lh> suehle, such a list exists, the open source bridge organizers maintain it
19:31:39 <suehle> I thought the internet had everything.
19:31:44 <suehle> lh: Do you have a link?
19:31:44 <Sparks> yum install database-for-lugs
19:31:50 <lh> suehle, would you like me to inquire about this? one of them is at grace hopper with me.
19:31:58 <suehle> lh, that would be super handy
19:31:59 <lh> suehle, afaik, not publicly published but i will inquire
19:32:16 <suehle> ooooh. Yeah, we should publish it. And if we could get a start by getting them to share theirs, even better.
19:32:22 <graphite6> complete lists of user groups for various subjects are like the holy grail :D
19:32:29 <lh> suehle, shall report back to the marketing list
19:32:34 <suehle> lh: thx
19:32:47 <Sparks> subjects, geographies, ones that love us
19:32:56 <suehle> The Raleigh area has one for EVERYTHING. LUG, DUG, JUG...
19:33:07 <suehle> I did get confused about a LUG in NY last week. It was actually a LEGO user group.
19:33:11 <Sparks> TriLUG rocks
19:33:21 <mattdm> I am a founding member of NELUG
19:33:27 <mattdm> New England Lego Users Group.
19:33:29 <graphite6> Legos and linux, awesome!
19:33:36 * Sparks needs to find one in the DC or eastern MD area
19:33:37 <nirik> the other denver linux group has a great name.... CLUE... :) but they are not as active anymore, having problems finding good space to meet, etc.
19:33:56 <graphite6> Sparks: legos or linux ug?
19:34:03 <suehle> I'll just leave this here... http://blog.makezine.com/2012/09/29/see-the-lego-pancake-bot-at-maker-faire/
19:34:04 <Sparks> graphite6: Linux
19:34:11 <mattdm> the lego people should run fedora.
19:34:25 <suehle> Lego and Red Hat share an office building in... Munich if I recall.
19:34:50 <graphite6> Sparks: I had difficulty finding active linux groups in MD - though there is one in the Columbia MD area
19:35:02 <mattdm> there's actually lots of lego-related software, much of it open source.
19:35:03 <suehle> Any other topics for today? (Not that this lively Lego/Linux discussion can't continue.)
19:35:19 <graphite6> now JUGs in northern VA - they're active :D
19:36:22 <suehle> #endmeeting