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01:00:03 * kk4ewt 
01:00:11 * Sonar_Gal 
01:00:15 <inode0> #chair rbergeron kk4ewt Sonar_Gal
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01:00:17 <dan408> here
01:00:27 <inode0> #topic Roll Call
01:00:34 <inode0> eager people
01:00:46 <dan408> :D
01:00:50 * graphite6 is here
01:01:14 <inode0> #chair rbergeron kk4ewt Sonar_Gal dan408 graphite6 suehle
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01:02:06 <inode0> #topic Announcements
01:02:34 <inode0> I guess there were a couple of big announcements today
01:02:47 <VICODAN> oh?
01:03:01 <inode0> #link http://wordshack.wordpress.com/2012/07/24/the-future-of-fudcons/
01:03:37 <dan408> yes, i saw this, and i completely agree.
01:03:51 <inode0> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/2012-July/020019.html
01:04:31 <inode0> Anything else?
01:04:43 <inode0> Our formal agenda is here as always
01:04:45 <inode0> #link https://fedorahosted.org/famna/report/9
01:04:56 <inode0> #topic Tickets
01:05:13 <inode0> .famnaticket 23
01:05:14 <zodbot> inode0: #23 (Community Leadership Summit 2012, Jul 14-15, Portland, OR) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/23
01:05:25 <inode0> #info #23 (Community Leadership Summit 2012, Jul 14-15, Portland, OR) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/23
01:05:37 <inode0> #topic Community Leadership Summit 2012, Jul 14-15, Portland, OR
01:06:02 * inode0 hasn't looked, any reports, or comments from those attending?
01:06:03 <graphite6> I know I owe lots of reports but I
01:06:20 <dan408> MarkDude is still in portland.
01:06:22 <graphite6> 've been catching up with my day job :)
01:06:26 <dan408> I have seen pictures on his facebook.
01:07:17 <inode0> ok, I assume it was a blast but those not lucky enough to go sure would like to hear about it
01:07:32 <dan408> yes, i would love to hear about it.
01:07:40 <inode0> I'll leave the ticket open another week as a reminder to add reports to the event page
01:07:41 <dramsey> :)
01:07:53 <dan408> +1 inode0
01:08:06 <inode0> .famnaticket 24
01:08:07 <zodbot> inode0: #24 (OSCON 2012, Jul 16-20, Portland, OR) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/24
01:08:21 <inode0> #info #24 (OSCON 2012, Jul 16-20, Portland, OR) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/24
01:08:30 <inode0> #topic OSCON 2012, Jul 16-20, Portland, OR
01:08:35 <inode0> ditto :)
01:08:43 <dan408> +1 inode0
01:08:50 <dramsey> +1
01:08:56 <graphite6> I owe reports for this too and I'm currently processing and curating about 600 photos and a couple videos
01:09:07 <graphite6> will attach reports and photos as I get them done
01:09:17 <inode0> we want reports from our new ambassadors too please
01:09:54 <inode0> .famnaticket 10
01:09:55 <zodbot> inode0: #10 (Texas Linux Fest 2012, Aug 3-4, San Antonio, TX) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/10
01:10:07 <inode0> #info #10 (Texas Linux Fest 2012, Aug 3-4, San Antonio, TX) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/10
01:10:15 <inode0> #topic Texas Linux Fest 2012, Aug 3-4, San Antonio, TX
01:10:42 <inode0> probably should have left this for the end when award3535 might be here but
01:11:05 <inode0> I think suehle has this one ready to go.
01:11:14 <kk4ewt> !
01:11:22 <inode0> Box, banners heading to award3535 soon
01:11:33 <inode0> kk4ewt shipped swag and media
01:11:43 <kk4ewt> arrived today according to ups
01:11:52 <inode0> MarkDude needs to ship Beefy
01:12:11 <inode0> kk4ewt: yeah, just jump in please
01:12:31 <kk4ewt> thats all i had
01:13:02 <inode0> So I think most everything is set for this event except my flight had an unfortunate change but only I can deal with that
01:13:43 <inode0> nb: ping
01:14:22 <inode0> someone needs to send MarkDude a shipping label ... will ping nb about that
01:14:37 <inode0> .famnaticket 26
01:14:39 <zodbot> inode0: #26 (Ohio LinuxFest 2012, Sep 28-30, Columbus, OH) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/26
01:14:47 <inode0> #info #26 (Ohio LinuxFest 2012, Sep 28-30, Columbus, OH) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/26
01:14:57 <inode0> #topic Ohio LinuxFest 2012, Sep 28-30, Columbus, OH
01:15:13 <inode0> So my question on this one is noted in the ticket
01:15:37 <inode0> Fedora is already on the 2012 sponsors list
01:15:42 <inode0> can anyone explain that?
01:16:09 <inode0> suehle: ^^^
01:17:04 <inode0> The only other thing I know is talks are supposed to be selected by the end of this month
01:17:36 <inode0> And if I get lucky in that department I'll help out more with other event details/planning
01:17:39 <kk4ewt> inode0:  glad someone is one the ball
01:17:56 <inode0> Either way, I would love for someone else to take ownership of this event
01:18:36 <inode0> kk4ewt: I'm not sure anyone is on the ball yet
01:18:40 <kk4ewt> i wish i could
01:19:01 <graphite6> I have to look at my schedule :) and do some math :P
01:19:06 <dan408> i think someone was suggesting nb to take ownership
01:19:21 <inode0> yeah, nb is a logical choice but he hasn't done it
01:19:37 <inode0> if he doesn't want to or can't we'll just need someone else
01:20:15 <inode0> it is the last big community event of the year
01:20:54 <dan408> no one else in the ohio area?
01:21:09 <inode0> ok, well, I'm probably know if I am going to OLF next week
01:22:07 <inode0> Does anyone want to discuss either of the other two agenda tickets this week?
01:22:15 <dan408> yes
01:22:19 <inode0> which one?
01:22:32 <kk4ewt> dan408 i have handled OLF for the last 4 years this year is time for someone else
01:22:33 <dan408> 36
01:22:35 <inode0> .famnaticket 36
01:22:36 <zodbot> inode0: #36 (Fedora Ambassador Day North America (FADNA)) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/36
01:22:45 <inode0> #info #36 (Fedora Ambassador Day North America (FADNA)) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/36
01:22:56 <inode0> #topic Fedora Ambassador Day North America (FADNA)
01:23:00 <dan408> kk4ewt: noted.
01:24:06 <inode0> dan408: go ahead :)
01:24:22 <dan408> i was wondering if we had decided on a location
01:24:27 <inode0> A link to the ticket would be helpful
01:24:33 <inode0> I mean the event page
01:24:52 <dan408> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Ambassador_Day_North_America_2012
01:24:53 <inode0> No, we haven't decided on an agenda either
01:25:02 <inode0> no decisions about anything related to this ticket
01:25:07 <dan408> yes
01:25:21 <dan408> i have made a serious proposal with no yays or nays
01:25:38 <dan408> i mean there were a few yays informally
01:26:04 <dan408> as for agenda I can come up with one.
01:26:10 <inode0> well, where is your serious proposal?
01:26:15 <dan408> in the ticket.
01:27:04 <inode0> ok, I was aware of that but it isn't very specific is it?
01:27:19 <inode0> which is fine at this point
01:27:24 <dan408> it's a specific as I can practically get at this point
01:27:31 <inode0> it is definitely more serious than any other location
01:28:12 <inode0> what we need no matter what is an agenda that produces valuable deliverables
01:28:12 <dan408> yes. and MarkDude informed me that the new ambassador Ryan Singer has contacts at Stanford and is supposed to give me a report when he gets back from Portland on more detailed logistics.
01:28:23 <inode0> without that there won't be a FAD
01:29:25 <dan408> understood.
01:29:45 <inode0> of course we also will need a list of ambassadors (and possibly others) who would be necessary to make that agenda happen
01:30:14 <inode0> armed with that we can begin to deal with what everything costs, when those contributors might actually be free to gather, etc.
01:31:10 <inode0> that is pretty much the normal evolution of this sort of event
01:32:26 <dan408> list of ambassadors locally to help: myself, MarkDude ryansinger, nixiepixel, sexycatsinhats
01:33:57 * kk4ewt will not be able to attend the proposed weekend
01:34:02 <inode0> so I think to make more progress we really need to focus on agenda next - we have two potential sites at least
01:34:20 <dan408> kk4ewt: the date is not set in stone yet.
01:34:25 * inode0 thinks it is unlikely we could arrange this by October but one never knows
01:34:43 <dan408> i think a good agenda to discuss would be Spherical Cow.
01:36:07 <inode0> It is also possible that we might want to consider attaching this to our visit to Lawrence in January, but really we need the agenda or we are wasting our time on location :)
01:36:07 * inode0 wishes kk4ewt came to the last one
01:36:08 <award3535> Evening everyone
01:36:35 <inode0> Ok, so thanks dan408 for getting some progress on location and keep at it
01:36:44 <inode0> hi award3535
01:36:55 <dan408> np inode0, working hard on it, want to make it happen sir.
01:37:28 <inode0> #topic Open Floor
01:37:48 <inode0> award3535: did suehle reach you about the 1st?
01:38:31 <award3535> inode0 she did send me an email with shipping info, I just walked thru the door and logged on
01:39:02 <inode0> ok, the question was whether you would still be there to receive the box/banners on the 1st
01:39:24 <inode0> but just reply to her - we don't need to know
01:39:40 <award3535> Inode0 the answer is yes,  okay will do....
01:40:05 <kk4ewt> award3535:  and you had a package at the door
01:40:30 <award3535> kk4ewt I sure did and thanks for the support
01:40:54 <inode0> graphite6: and thanks in advance for your pictures and reports, they are always fun
01:41:12 <graphite6> inode0: thanks :D
01:42:23 <dramsey> +1
01:44:06 <inode0> short meeting? :)
01:44:13 <graphite6> works for me
01:44:25 * inode0 is tired, such an old man
01:44:44 <dan408> !
01:44:47 <award3535> anything come up about TLF?
01:45:00 * kk4ewt thinks i should send inode0 a cattle prod
01:45:09 <inode0> thank you all for coming, we have budget now so we can start thinking about getting stuff (like t-shirts)
01:45:17 <dan408> tshirts are nice
01:45:30 <kk4ewt> we have budget ?
01:45:33 <inode0> award3535: yeah, we had a section on TXLF earlier
01:45:33 <award3535> +1
01:45:42 <dan408> speaking of which my question: have not received my kit, what is the status of vwbusguy shipping stuff out?
01:45:57 <dan408> should i take that to #ambassadors?
01:46:06 <award3535> I guess I can read it when it posts
01:46:09 <inode0> I don't know, ask nb or someone else who ships to take it
01:46:11 <kk4ewt> take it to the ticket
01:46:15 <dan408> ok, thanks.
01:46:17 <dan408> i did.
01:46:19 <dan408> no reply.
01:46:29 <dan408> i'll cc inode0
01:46:31 <dan408> thanks.
01:46:45 * inode0 doesn't have anything to send
01:46:46 <dramsey> +1
01:47:22 <inode0> we really should get shirts, but it would be nice to have a new design
01:47:35 <inode0> if not we can get more of the old kind
01:47:47 <kk4ewt> i have said i would gladly get pricing as soon as we have a design
01:48:10 <dan408> i burned a fedora dvd for someone today.
01:48:37 <inode0> ok, we have an offer to do half the work :)
01:49:32 <dan408> i would like to give out F17 DVD's. they are the best thing for new people to try fedora, they can choose from all the desktops vs a specific live cd and they don't have to download 3.4gb worth of data
01:49:34 <inode0> thanks again, that was just a reminder in case anyone wants to pick up shirt design and become famous like ianweller
01:50:01 <dan408> yeah, if only I was gimp expert.
01:50:08 <inode0> dan408: I would like to as well but no one is sending me any either
01:50:23 <dan408> we need to fix that, dont you think inode0 ?
01:50:29 <Sonar_Gal> dan408, you just have to wait like the rest of us
01:50:45 <inode0> I am not volunteering to ship again yet, so someone else needs to fix it :)
01:51:08 <dan408> ok what needs to be done for DVDs pricing? design? copying?
01:51:13 <dan408> and then shipping of course?
01:51:39 <inode0> you just need to ask for them to be shipped to you and hope they actually do get shipped
01:51:49 <kk4ewt> dan408:  you are talking about the multi-live DVD
01:51:51 <inode0> they exist now
01:51:54 <dan408> LOL
01:52:11 <dan408> kk4ewt: no im talking about the DVD install off the webpage.
01:52:16 <dan408> non live.
01:52:29 <inode0> oh, we don't press the DVD installs
01:52:33 <dan408> here's anaconda, pick your desktop.
01:52:38 <kk4ewt> dan408:  the mutli-live is actually better
01:52:39 <dan408> yes, we should
01:52:43 <inode0> so you can burn them yourself if you want
01:52:45 <dan408> kk4ewt: i'll check it out.
01:52:53 <inode0> no, we had good reasons to stop
01:53:17 <dan408> inode0: i burned my IT guy a Fedora 17 DVD, he doesn't know linux well. he is a windows guy. I'm going to teach him fedora. this is a great way for him to learn.
01:53:24 <inode0> what you described above sounded like you wanted the multi-live and we have those pressed
01:53:27 <dramsey> +1
01:53:49 <dan408> again, haven't used the multi-live and I'm not a huge fan of live cds in general.
01:53:50 <award3535> Well I was a windows guy
01:53:59 <dramsey> :)
01:54:11 <kk4ewt> dan408:  i will have to let nb pick up your ticket i have 15 DVDs left
01:54:12 <inode0> it isn't about what you are a fan of though
01:54:26 <dan408> no it's not.
01:54:35 <inode0> if someone new wants to get the feel of Fedora with different desktops the multi-live rocks
01:54:37 <dan408> im making a suggestion and giving my reason why though.
01:54:52 <dan408> inode0: or you can just install all of them and login between them.
01:55:06 <dan408> hard drive space is cheap.
01:55:13 <kk4ewt> dan408:  or just boot and try each without installing anything
01:55:25 <inode0> yeah, telling someone new who isn't sure that we need to install it on his hard drive is really nice :)
01:55:30 <dan408> meh, this is getting philosophical at this point.
01:55:58 <inode0> yeah, and old - we've had this discussion before and it is why we mostly switched to live
01:56:06 <kk4ewt> nope dan408  i see it at installfest and linux shows all the time
01:56:06 <dan408> k.
01:56:21 <dan408> it's moot. anaconda is being redesigned anyway.
01:56:57 <kk4ewt> anaconda is always in flux
01:57:07 <inode0> ok, I'm seriously ending this in 3 minutes for this week
01:57:27 <dan408> go ahead, can discuss dvds and livecds in #ambassadors
01:57:28 <dan408> thanks!
01:57:29 <inode0> if anyone wants to inject any last minute ambassador stuff
01:57:40 <inode0> now is your last chance
01:57:43 <award3535> nothing from me
01:57:50 <dramsey> inode0, thank you for chairing.  ;)
01:58:12 <inode0> ok, thanks everyone for coming, see you next week
01:58:14 <Sonar_Gal> thanks everyone
01:58:18 <inode0> #endmeeting