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01:00:09 <dan408> hello
01:00:14 <inode0> #meetingname FAmNA
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01:00:22 <inode0> #chair rbergeron
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01:00:31 <inode0> #topic Roll Call
01:00:35 <dan408> here
01:00:44 <award3535> evening everyone
01:00:54 * graphite6 nom noms on stroganoff
01:01:08 <inode0> beefy stroganoff?
01:01:09 * jsmith lurks
01:01:18 <graphite6> yes!
01:01:29 * Sonar_Gal 
01:01:31 * kk4ewt 
01:01:50 <dan408> Sonar_Gal!
01:02:05 <inode0> #topic Announcements
01:03:51 <inode0> nothing to announce today? anyone?
01:03:55 <dan408> hmm
01:04:05 <dan408> Release party on June 23rd
01:04:11 <dan408> if it hasn't been announced for Silicon Valley
01:04:20 <inode0> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Elections
01:04:21 <kk4ewt> F17 released
01:04:32 <chanchito> greetings everyone!  sorry im late
01:04:37 <inode0> We are in the middle of the election process now, three townhalls remain
01:04:44 <dan408> kk4ewt: oh yeah that happened
01:04:45 <inode0> voting will open on Friday I think
01:05:06 <award3535> I plan to join in with tomorrows townhall
01:05:19 <inode0> two townhalls are tomorrow, please join in if you can
01:05:48 <inode0> the board also has a public meeting on IRC between the townhalls, those are good to attend too
01:06:11 <dan408> probably will not be able to join
01:06:22 <dan408> but i will read the townhall public logs
01:06:30 <inode0> and FAmSCo has a meeting after the townhalls
01:06:35 <inode0> it is meeting day!
01:06:54 <dan408> inode0: can i submit absentee questions?
01:07:34 <inode0> you can ask the moderator, up to whoever that is
01:08:07 <inode0> the questionnaire is really the place to ask questions though in an absentee fashion
01:08:24 <inode0> ok, let's move on
01:08:34 <inode0> #topic Tickets
01:08:56 <inode0> #link https://fedorahosted.org/famna/report/9
01:09:03 <dan408> inode0: ok
01:09:10 <inode0> nothing new has been added
01:09:26 <inode0> .famnaticket 11
01:09:27 <zodbot> inode0: #11 (LinuxFest Northwest 2012, Apr 28-29, Bellingham, WA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/11
01:09:39 <inode0> nothing new, still trying to get a report from this event on the wiki
01:09:51 * inode0 pokes rbergeron
01:09:59 <award3535> I have tried several attempts no replies
01:10:20 <inode0> award3535: thanks, we have both tried and there comes a time to give up
01:10:35 <inode0> we just won't fund it next year :)
01:10:36 <award3535> roger,
01:11:11 <inode0> but I think we can get rbergeron to put something up there
01:11:15 <dan408> that brings up a question
01:11:20 <dan408> is there a silicon valley linux fest?
01:11:36 <inode0> maybe save that for open floor?
01:12:00 <dan408> k
01:12:25 <inode0> I'm not aware of a community linuxfest in the area though, there could well be some I don't know about
01:12:57 <dan408> saving for open floor
01:13:04 <inode0> these other tickets don't have anything new either
01:13:17 <dan408> wait
01:13:30 <inode0> But let's discuss SELF at least briefly
01:13:33 <dan408> .famnaticket 33
01:13:34 <zodbot> dan408: #33 (2012 Fedora Merchandise Order) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/33
01:13:40 <dan408> can we discuss this
01:14:33 <inode0> if you'd like to discuss tickets the ideal way is to add the meeting tag so they are added to the agenda and we can look at them before the meeting
01:14:40 <inode0> but sure, what do you want to discuss?
01:15:06 <dan408> has this merchandise been ordered?
01:15:59 * inode0 isn't clear what "this merchandise" is exactly
01:16:37 <inode0> A lot of merchandise has been ordered
01:16:51 <inode0> case badges, pens, laptop stickers at least
01:17:16 <inode0> graphite6: I was going to ask related to SELF but how is the button order coming?
01:17:24 <graphite6> the 1500 fedora buttons, and 500 beefy buttons were ordered on wednesday, I need to update the ticket
01:17:31 <inode0> woohoo
01:17:37 <dan408> regarding the timbuk2 bags
01:17:56 <dan408> in my findings someone mentioned that Fedora isn't a true 501(c)(3), is this true?
01:18:02 <dan408> either way timbuk2 has not replied.
01:18:07 <inode0> Fedora is not a non-profit
01:18:38 <dan408> inode0: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Foundation says otherwise.
01:18:53 <kk4ewt> dan408:  that never happened
01:19:08 <dan408> that should be updated.
01:19:11 <kk4ewt> it was looked into and was abandoned
01:19:17 <Sonar_Gal> ok can we get to what we need to discuss
01:19:30 <inode0> what is that Sonar_Gal? :)
01:19:55 <Sonar_Gal> The ticket not all the interuptions
01:19:58 <dan408> what is the deal with tshirts
01:20:03 <dan408> only 300? why not more?
01:20:15 <dan408> i really feel like tshirts are probably some of the best swag
01:20:19 <inode0> there is not going to be a t-shirt order until there is a t-shirt design
01:20:22 <dan408> people wear tshirts and it makes them walking billboards
01:20:35 <inode0> dan408: we can't afford 2000 t-shirts
01:20:36 <dan408> there is a beefy miracle tshirt design and a fedora tshirt design
01:20:39 <kk4ewt> dan408:  read the announcement at the top of that page
01:21:17 <inode0> Let's move on to SELF if there is anything we should touch on for that event?
01:21:37 <inode0> #topic SELF
01:21:47 <kk4ewt> hopefully i get swag and media in time
01:22:05 <inode0> nb: what is the media status? is your begging and pleading working?
01:22:06 <kk4ewt> looks like the food drive is arranged
01:22:07 <award3535> I will bring a good camera for pictures..... and provide them for post write up
01:22:14 <chanchito> ben how are you doing on pens?  (mario here)
01:22:28 <chanchito> need more?
01:22:29 <kk4ewt> chanchito:  pens suppose to be on order
01:22:34 <chanchito> ok sir
01:22:46 <chanchito> otherwise i have about 500 i could ship to you
01:22:52 <chanchito> i just need the address and waybill again
01:23:03 <dan408> chanchito: that reminds me. i forgot to email you
01:23:09 <dan408> chanchito: or did I email you?
01:23:15 <chanchito> mario.balletta@gmail.com
01:23:18 <inode0> is this email about SELF?
01:23:19 <chanchito> not yet
01:23:23 <chanchito> yes
01:23:23 <dan408> k
01:23:59 <kk4ewt> i will issue a shipping ticket for the pens that mario has
01:24:11 <graphite6> did Scott McBrien in Atlanta office receive the new pens?
01:24:16 * inode0 hasn't made final arrangements to with the food pantry - makes a sticky note
01:24:36 <chanchito> thx a million ben!
01:24:41 <inode0> I haven't heard from StabbyMc
01:25:07 <graphite6> ah, now I have his nick
01:25:17 <inode0> I just pinged him over there
01:25:19 <graphite6> he should have gotten the 2000 new pens
01:25:49 <inode0> so do we have some high priorities for SELF this week?
01:25:58 <dan408> chanchito: thanks, email sent. sorry i had the email half written and saved as a draft and totally forgot to send it. should I file a trac ticket?
01:26:22 <kk4ewt> dan408:  this has what to do with SELF
01:26:24 <inode0> can private conversations not be interspersed with a meeting?
01:26:33 <dan408> sorry
01:26:57 <chanchito> it is about the shipping the pens for SELF
01:27:05 <chanchito> not a private sidebar
01:27:10 <dan408> chanchito: PM please
01:27:16 <inode0> I'm lost
01:27:18 <kk4ewt> chanchito:  not you but dan408  is the issue
01:27:20 <chanchito> ok sorry
01:27:23 <chanchito> my mistake
01:27:31 <chanchito> i assumed we were still discussing the SELF ticket
01:27:39 <dan408> they are.
01:27:40 <inode0> we are trying to
01:27:45 <kk4ewt> we are but dan408  doesnt seem to be
01:27:50 <dan408> uh
01:28:01 <dan408> i said sorry, and PMed chanchito
01:28:05 <dan408> please discuss SELF
01:28:09 <inode0> thanks
01:28:22 <inode0> big things remaining
01:28:29 <inode0> 1 - media
01:28:37 <kk4ewt> ok nb and I will be doing a ARRL VE Test session
01:28:55 <inode0> last I heard nb is trying hard to get an early shipment to SELF
01:29:30 <inode0> 2 - food drive
01:29:53 <inode0> I'll be sure to contact the pantry this week and finish up arrangements with them
01:30:03 <inode0> 3 - Dogcart
01:30:32 <inode0> 4 - other cool stuff rbergeron has in the works
01:30:42 <inode0> but we aren't getting an update tonight
01:31:13 <inode0> kk4ewt: I saw an announcement so your radio stuff is all set?
01:31:52 <inode0> Have you had a chance to test out the new equipment? Did you get the new equipment?
01:31:55 <kk4ewt> well i should see the stuff this week and we will iron out the other details friday night of self for the table
01:32:26 <inode0> ok
01:32:41 <award3535> are we talking about amatuer radio's
01:32:55 <kk4ewt> yes
01:33:20 <kk4ewt> nb and I will be doing some ham demos at the table
01:33:23 <award3535> great, in the navy i was a communications specialist
01:33:55 <kk4ewt> aprs and  hopefully ptk31
01:34:10 <kk4ewt> award3535:  so study and take the examon sunday
01:35:07 <inode0> we have one meeting left before SELF so let's all agree to have everything in order by next week's meeting
01:35:27 <kk4ewt> i have a roll of tickets in case we need them or the dog cart
01:35:36 <inode0> cool
01:36:06 <inode0> ok, let's move on
01:36:13 <inode0> #topic Open Floor
01:36:26 <dan408> !
01:36:30 <kk4ewt> last meeting rbergeron said the dogcart had been arranged
01:36:35 <inode0> mayhem can be inserted here
01:36:40 <dan408> trac needs to be updated to add Fedora 17
01:36:51 <inode0> what trac?
01:37:01 <kk4ewt> all of them
01:37:05 <inode0> probably
01:37:05 <dan408> https://fedorahosted.org/famnarequests/
01:37:13 <dan408> fedora 17 is not selectable
01:37:34 <kk4ewt> dan408:  does it really matter
01:37:34 <inode0> yeah, give me a minute
01:37:46 <dan408> kk4ewt: you tell me.
01:37:53 <kk4ewt> not really
01:38:02 <dan408> ok.
01:39:25 <inode0> should be now
01:39:32 <kk4ewt> dan408:  so about your event in jun
01:39:36 <dan408> yes
01:39:58 <kk4ewt> you have the Vbanners on the way and i think that markdude has the event box
01:40:07 <kk4ewt> what else do you think you need
01:40:13 <dan408> kk4ewt: was it just banners in that box?
01:40:22 <dan408> i still have not received my ambassadors kit
01:40:30 <kk4ewt> yes just banners is all i shipped to you
01:40:34 <dan408> ok
01:40:38 <dan408> I need my ambassador kit.
01:40:41 <dan408> I have just put in a request to chanchito for pens
01:41:06 <kk4ewt> you dont put in a request to mario for pens you go through the track
01:41:10 <chanchito> i have two boxes of pens, about 500 per box, one is going to SELF for Ben and the other to Dan for his west coast event
01:41:23 <dan408> kk4ewt: https://fedorahosted.org/famnarequests/ticket/282
01:41:36 <kk4ewt> then we will handle it
01:41:43 <chanchito> ill edit a comment to say i shipped them
01:41:54 <chanchito> with the details and tracking information
01:41:56 <dan408> https://fedorahosted.org/famnarequests/ticket/281 was closed as a duplicate of 280 and now i have no ambassador kit on the way
01:42:24 <inode0> Scott said in the ticket he would combine them
01:42:26 <kk4ewt> dan408:  how can we send you an ambassador kit with no media
01:42:28 <dan408> kk4ewt: i dont know exactly what markdude has in his event kit. i will call him tonight but I Would like tshirts more than anything.
01:42:31 <inode0> please talk to scott
01:42:42 <dan408> kk4ewt: send me media if you want, I'm saying I don't need it.
01:43:12 <dan408> what is it? A fedora 17 logo with Fedora 17 blue logo printed on it?
01:43:20 <dan408> err fedora 17 dvd*
01:43:27 <kk4ewt> what is what
01:43:30 <dan408> the media
01:43:32 <chanchito> i have some F16 media I believe, but at this point, I think media is not a good expense anymore
01:43:43 <dan408> +1 chanchito
01:43:56 <chanchito> more and more people ask for shirts and hats
01:44:00 <kk4ewt> i have to disagree
01:44:02 <dan408> i/people want tshirts, hats, usb drives, etc.
01:44:04 <inode0> no, I am sure dan408 will get an ambassador kit but this isn't an emergency
01:44:12 <dan408> tshirts are walking advertisements
01:44:20 <chanchito> people wash and wear over and over
01:44:31 <dan408> nobody wears a fedora pin to work.
01:44:31 <kk4ewt> dan408:  which is useless if we dont have contributors
01:44:48 <award3535> I kinda agree, I wear tshirts all the time
01:44:51 <chanchito> i wish they were cheaper
01:44:58 * inode0 has pins on his backpack at work every day
01:44:59 <dan408> we have contributors, idea for people to see me in my cool fedora shirt and ask me about fedora and my tshirt.
01:45:07 <dan408> if i have to donate money for tshirts let me know.
01:45:07 * inode0 doesn't normally wear t-shirts to work
01:45:16 * dan408 wears tshirts to work every day
01:45:26 <kk4ewt> dan408:  fedora pens get alot of use
01:45:39 <dan408> kk4ewt: Agreed but you dont wear pens.
01:45:46 <dan408> unless the inx explodes on you..
01:45:49 <dan408> ink*
01:45:55 <inode0> dan408: please, you'll get a shirt in due course
01:45:57 <dan408> silicon valley dress codes are very relaxed.
01:46:09 <Sonar_Gal> No women carry pens in there purses and use them daily, Men normally carry a pen in there pocket and use it daily
01:46:12 <chanchito> story of my life, pockets and exploding pens
01:46:14 <dan408> inode0: im not talking about 1 shirt. I'd like to give out dozens or hundreds of shirts
01:46:32 <inode0> well, good luck with that
01:46:34 <award3535> Well I work in an aircraft hanger as an IT and ruin more clothes to T shirts are the cheaper way
01:46:38 <dan408> yeah i guesss so.
01:46:45 <Sonar_Gal> dan408, You have to remember there is a budget that we have to work with so can't just hand out everything
01:46:46 <inode0> dan408: you need to be reasonable
01:47:04 <dan408> so spending thosands on buttons, stickers and temporary tattoos is reasonable, inode0?
01:47:09 <dan408> okay.
01:47:12 <inode0> we buy 300 for the entire country including many large events, we aren't going to send hundreds or dozens to you
01:47:49 <dan408> if we need to find a cheaper tshirt vendor so be it.
01:47:55 <chanchito> i wish there was a way, even if it meant using an overseas (china) supplier to bulk order tens of thousands of t-shirts and hats per year and distribute
01:48:02 <dan408> tshirts, hats, and other cool things.
01:48:03 <kk4ewt> dan408:  we havent spent 1000 on temp tatoos and the # we bought has lasted his 3 years
01:48:21 <dan408> kk4ewt: because nobody wants them.
01:48:41 <kk4ewt> dan408:  i give 100;s out at several conferences
01:48:41 <chanchito> tatoos seem to last, only a few small children even picked them up at my event, most adults ignored them, like the stickers and buttons
01:49:01 <kk4ewt> case badges everyone wants
01:49:06 <chanchito> but every event can be different
01:49:13 <dan408> everyone wants case badges?
01:49:16 <dan408> news to me..
01:49:25 <inode0> it depends on the event
01:49:31 <dan408> depends on the region.
01:49:47 <inode0> some things will be more popular at community conferences, other things more popular at corporate conferences
01:49:56 <dan408> i will tell you here in silicon valley people want usb drives, tshirts, hats, polos, higher end swag.
01:49:57 <chanchito> i think when the event is a college campus, more students and friends attend, thus hats and shirts are the rave
01:50:00 <dan408> lanyards too.
01:50:02 <inode0> case badges are pretty popular at every conference I've been to
01:50:02 <chanchito> exactly
01:50:14 * rbergeron arrives late, sleepy
01:50:18 <kk4ewt> dan408:  Even SCale i had people wanting the case badges more than anything else
01:50:28 <chanchito> but when the event is a conference floor, with paid vendors and sponsors, then media and USB and other trinkets become the rave
01:50:31 <dan408> meh
01:50:42 <inode0> dan408: we aren't going to get anywhere wanting what we can't have
01:50:57 <dan408> we need to find a cheaper supplier for clothing
01:51:00 <dan408> this is ridiculous.
01:51:14 <kk4ewt> dan408:  that is your mission
01:51:25 <inode0> yeah, go do it
01:51:31 <dan408> stickers, pins, temporary tattos, how old are we? 14?
01:51:38 <rbergeron> dan408: make a polite argument for it on-list and find a vendor.
01:51:40 <dan408> sure ill take it on.
01:51:45 <dan408> no problem.
01:51:50 <dan408> send me a tshirt design
01:51:52 <dan408> can you do that?
01:51:54 <chanchito> excellent!
01:52:00 <inode0> and we are 8 and 1/2
01:52:06 <award3535> dan408 you need to action yourself
01:52:12 <chanchito> :-) !
01:52:12 <rbergeron> we have 80k per year to spend, worldwide, on all swag, media, events, and sponsoring travel for ambassadors to those events.
01:52:14 <kk4ewt> dan408:  i have been waiting for a Tshirt design so i can price it with the vendor we used at Fudcon
01:52:14 <dan408> how do i do that?
01:52:42 <chanchito> a small suggestion
01:52:42 <dan408> kk4ewt: i will find mizmo/duffy and get it done.
01:52:50 <rbergeron> iirc the dollar amount
01:52:53 <award3535> use the pound sign with action and your user name
01:53:08 <dan408> #action dan408 to find a cheaper vendor for clothing
01:53:24 <chanchito> i helped a political candidate save thousands by locating multi-lot closeouts of t-shirts, bought from closeout chains like  BLDG 19 up north, or Dollar Tree
01:53:27 <inode0> no one can action themselves now because I got tired of people randomly ending the meeting
01:53:36 <dan408> LOL
01:53:37 <rbergeron> and bear in mind we cant spend 20k/year on shirts.
01:53:42 <chanchito> they will sell a closed out multi lot fast and cheap and then all you need is a screen printer
01:53:47 <dan408> feel free to action it then inode0
01:53:57 <inode0> feel free to just go do it
01:54:02 <dan408> you spend 20k a year on 300 shirts?
01:54:14 <inode0> no, that is the total for EVERYTHING
01:54:39 <chanchito> in other words, out of the 80K for the world, north america gets 20K
01:54:41 <kk4ewt> 300 t-shirts =1500+
01:54:51 <dan408> rbergeron: nobody is saying 20k a year on shirts, I am saying (Along with chanchito) spend less money on buttons, stickers, pens, temp tattos and more on clothing.
01:55:00 <inode0> and EVERYTHING includes a lot more than swag
01:55:13 <chanchito> travel, help for people, meals, etc
01:55:18 <chanchito> i get it
01:55:20 <rbergeron> media
01:55:21 <kk4ewt> dan408:  so no other swag than tshirts
01:55:23 <Sonar_Gal> why should we change what works
01:55:34 <rbergeron> is anout 8k per year
01:55:42 <chanchito> i have a million dollar budget i am responsible for and i know it goes FAST
01:55:44 <dan408> Sonar_Gal: you want to get rid of release names, they have been working for years. you tell me.
01:56:06 <Sonar_Gal> wow all this arguing for nothing
01:56:06 * inode0 moves that is going nowhere - come back with a concrete proposal to discuss
01:56:12 <dan408> yes
01:56:14 <dan408> im done.
01:56:25 <kk4ewt> rbergeron:  status of SELF please
01:56:26 <inode0> rbergeron: do you have any updates on SELF stuff?
01:56:43 <dan408> afk, going home from work.
01:56:46 <inode0> geez, are we finishing each other's sentences now?
01:57:24 <kk4ewt> great minds think alike
01:57:36 <award3535> +1
01:57:37 <rbergeron> kk4ewt: what status do you need?
01:57:55 <kk4ewt> dogcart is a go correct?
01:58:07 <kk4ewt> are we giving away free dogs?
01:58:13 <rbergeron> we have a note in w/jeremy re: the food drive, and there are tweets scheduled to remind people over the next 2ish weeks.
01:58:48 <rbergeron> ruth has arranged with a hot dog vendor for hot dogs, to be across the street. i can get details from her in the morning.
01:58:55 <rbergeron> a standup beefy miracle is coming.
01:58:57 <inode0> dogcart, beefy standup, any other brilliant ideas you teased us with :)
01:59:09 <rbergeron> he is ordered.
01:59:38 <rbergeron> oh, wait, he was attempted to order, but we are working on resizing the artwork or shrinking him slightly, my mistake
01:59:52 <rbergeron> he is almost ordered :D
02:00:08 <rbergeron> sorry, been a hectic week
02:01:21 <inode0> are we finished?
02:01:44 <award3535> I have nothing else to add
02:01:53 <chanchito> so far i checked, no wounds, no bleeding, just some scrapes and bruises
02:02:02 <chanchito> pretty good!
02:02:11 <chanchito> kidding folks!
02:02:15 <chanchito> smile :-)
02:02:21 <inode0> ok, thanks everyone for coming and for helping
02:02:26 <inode0> go play with beefy
02:02:32 <inode0> #endmeeting