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04:00:22 <tuanta> #meetingname apac
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04:00:29 <tuanta> #topic Ambassador Pinging
04:00:52 <dramsey> :)
04:00:56 <dramsey> .fas dramsey
04:00:58 <zodbot> dramsey: dramsey 'David Ramsey' <diamond_ramsey@hotmail.com>
04:01:03 <tuanta> #chair dramsey bckurera harish maktrix
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04:01:06 <tuanta> .fas tuanta
04:01:07 <zodbot> tuanta: tuanta 'Truong Anh Tuan' <tuanta@iwayvietnam.com>
04:01:21 <maktrix> .fas mahayalamkhan@gmail.com
04:01:22 <zodbot> maktrix: mak 'Mahay Alam Khan' <mahayalamkhan@gmail.com>
04:01:23 * FranciscoD is here
04:01:24 <bckurera> .fas bckurera
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04:01:28 <dramsey> #chair FranciscoD
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04:01:30 <dramsey> :)
04:01:33 <dramsey> Hello !  :D
04:01:35 <harish> .fas harishpillay
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04:01:37 <tuanta> #chair FranciscoD
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04:01:38 <FranciscoD> :)
04:01:42 <dramsey> :D
04:02:30 <dramsey> Let us move "forward" and "fast" on our meeting and meet our "meeting" objectives"  We can do it!
04:02:38 <FranciscoD> aye
04:02:42 <dramsey> yay!
04:03:11 <MavJS> .fas MavJS
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04:03:14 <dramsey> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2012-05-05#Agenda
04:03:19 <tuanta> #topic Review *ACTION* items from the last meeting
04:03:19 <dramsey> #chair MavJs
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04:03:32 <dramsey> #chair kaio_ph
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04:03:35 <kaio_ph> Hi
04:03:37 <kaio_ph> .fas me@kaio
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04:03:39 <dramsey> #chair MavJS
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04:03:40 <dramsey> :D
04:03:45 <kaio_ph> To
04:03:47 <kaio_ph> Yo
04:03:48 * liznevada is witnessing her first meeting...
04:04:02 <dramsey> Hi liznevada
04:04:17 <tuanta> #chair kaio_ph
04:04:17 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD MavJS MavJs bckurera dramsey harish kaio_ph maktrix tuanta
04:04:18 <liznevada> hi
04:04:18 <kaio_ph> Welcome
04:04:25 <dramsey> Next topic Tuan?
04:04:28 <liznevada> should i take a chair?
04:04:32 <dramsey> Welcme
04:04:38 <dramsey> s/me/ome
04:05:19 <maktrix> #chair liznevada
04:05:19 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD MavJS MavJs bckurera dramsey harish kaio_ph liznevada maktrix tuanta
04:05:30 <tuanta> so, we have got 6 action items pending
04:05:31 <kaio_ph> I prefer some battery juice than chair.
04:05:32 <dramsey> #chair maktrix
04:05:32 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD MavJS MavJs bckurera dramsey harish kaio_ph liznevada maktrix tuanta
04:05:37 <kaio_ph> 31%
04:05:44 <dramsey> :)
04:05:45 <tuanta> my one #3 has been done.
04:05:50 <dramsey> Move forward Tuan - tuanta
04:05:59 <tuanta> I will get it discussed later
04:06:03 <tuanta> in this meeting
04:06:04 <bckurera> liznevada can you please introduce yourself?
04:06:09 <MavJS> my 6 has been done.
04:06:12 <dramsey> #chair bckurera
04:06:12 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD MavJS MavJs bckurera dramsey harish kaio_ph liznevada maktrix tuanta
04:06:15 <tuanta> how about others?
04:06:23 <liznevada> im a member of transifex , spanish team
04:06:26 * FranciscoD is helping inode0 with the elections, so survey has been pushed back a little
04:06:42 <FranciscoD> #info FranciscoD is helping inode0 with the elections, so survey has been pushed back a little
04:06:55 <MavJS> !
04:07:01 <bckurera> liznevada thanks, member of FAm or waiting for an approval?
04:07:10 * harish i am doing a migration from a SCO openserver on a physical machine to a SCO openserver running in a KVM VM running on a RHEL6.2 machine for a friend so I will be observing
04:07:20 <dramsey> :)
04:07:31 <FranciscoD> #info Email has been sent out to all attendees to check status of FUDCon KL tickets, so 5 is also done ;)
04:07:47 <FranciscoD> MavJS: go, no one's speaking :)
04:07:48 <liznevada> dunno, all i know i have full access to fedora spanish  translation on transifex
04:07:54 <MavJS> so is #6 :D
04:07:56 <dramsey> yes, MavJS
04:08:06 <FranciscoD> folks, lets get back to protocol:
04:08:13 <FranciscoD> !? for a chance, EOF when done
04:08:17 <MavJS> eof
04:08:19 <FranciscoD> tuanta: you leading?
04:08:52 * FranciscoD will proceed then
04:08:58 <tuanta> cool, harish :)
04:09:10 <FranciscoD> anyone else have any other status updates about action items? Otherwise we move to next topic
04:09:17 * FranciscoD waits 15 seconds
04:09:23 <tuanta> and bckurera, how about your pending action items?
04:09:35 <tuanta> FranciscoD, yes
04:09:36 <bckurera> thanks tuanta
04:09:57 <bckurera> ohh sorry FranciscoD, i ll go after you
04:10:15 <FranciscoD> bckurera: I'm done reporting. Do you have any updates about #1?
04:10:28 <FranciscoD> 'bckurera to work on video to elaborate the importance of apac-trac' ?
04:10:37 <bckurera> yes
04:10:45 <FranciscoD> go on then :)
04:11:04 <bckurera> I ll do it and will be presented at the FUDcon
04:11:09 <bckurera> that is the plan
04:11:36 <bckurera> I have ping all the required people about moving the tracs
04:11:40 <tuanta> and how about the #4?
04:11:51 <bckurera> with in this week it will be made read-only
04:11:53 <tuanta> that's cool
04:11:53 <FranciscoD> #info bckurera will complete video and present at FUDCon KL
04:11:59 <dramsey> +1
04:12:00 <bckurera> one week period has passed now
04:12:11 <FranciscoD> #info fedora-india trac will be made read only within this week
04:12:14 <FranciscoD> great
04:12:17 <tuanta> ok, so we all well done!!! :)
04:12:28 <FranciscoD> next topic
04:12:32 <tuanta> #topic APAC for FAmSCO (dramsey for you!)
04:12:35 <bckurera> FranciscoD I hope you have noticed the mails in India list which i have sent
04:12:43 <FranciscoD> bckurera: yes, I have.
04:12:45 <tuanta> dramsey, you lead tthis
04:12:50 <FranciscoD> :)
04:12:54 <bckurera> at the moment only one active ticket is there
04:12:55 <bckurera> eof
04:13:25 <FranciscoD> #info fedora-india only has one active ticket at the moment
04:13:30 <dramsey> +1
04:13:36 <tuanta> ping dramsey :)
04:13:38 <dramsey> All that I say is one word --
04:13:41 <dramsey> "Vote"
04:13:50 <FranciscoD> !
04:13:50 <dramsey> May be again --> Vote
04:13:52 <dramsey> eof
04:13:56 <tuanta> +1 dramsey
04:13:58 <dramsey> :)
04:14:11 <FranciscoD> FranciscoD: go
04:14:11 <maktrix> +1
04:14:13 <tuanta> and Nomination as well.
04:14:24 <FranciscoD> I'd like to remind you folks: The questionnaire is open till May 8
04:14:35 <FranciscoD> #info The election questionnaire is open till May 8
04:14:35 <tuanta> yes, FranciscoD
04:14:37 <dramsey> +1 FranciscoD
04:14:48 <FranciscoD> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F18_elections_questionnaire
04:14:58 <dramsey> +1 Tuan - tuanta
04:15:01 <FranciscoD> It is important that we have a good set of questions to enable folks to vote for the right candidates
04:15:06 <bckurera> !
04:15:09 <FranciscoD> #info It is important that we have a good set of questions to enable folks to vote for the right candidates
04:15:12 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F18_elections_questionnaire
04:15:29 <FranciscoD> Remember, if you don't vote, it is your fault
04:15:39 <bckurera> ?
04:15:40 <dramsey> +1
04:15:50 <tuanta> I added a question to FAmSCo, you should do so all
04:15:51 <FranciscoD> If a candidate gets elected, and does not live up to the expectations, it is the voters responsibility
04:16:00 <FranciscoD> just like the release names ;)
04:16:15 <maktrix> +1 Fra
04:16:19 <FranciscoD> I'd also request folks to go over the planet
04:16:23 <FranciscoD> recent posts, archives
04:16:26 <maktrix> +1 FranciscoD
04:16:32 <FranciscoD> You must know your ambassador to be able to vote for him
04:16:41 <FranciscoD> PLEASE DO NOT VOTE BLINDLY
04:16:48 <tuanta> :)
04:16:49 <maktrix> +1 FranciscoD
04:16:55 <FranciscoD> we really need to imporve the importance of elections.
04:17:06 <dramsey> +1 FranciscoD, wants to open my ears to bckurera...
04:17:16 <FranciscoD> I really will not want these elections to end up in controversy like the release names
04:17:18 <dramsey> #link http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=US&v=_BRv9wGf5pk
04:17:18 <FranciscoD> eof
04:17:21 <FranciscoD> bckurera: go
04:17:25 <bckurera> should we post questions to the wiki or email to you FranciscoD ?
04:17:32 <FranciscoD> Great question
04:17:36 <tuanta> I will nominate again
04:17:38 <FranciscoD> #info all questions to be put on the wiki page
04:17:46 <FranciscoD> I shall 'wrangle' them after the deadline
04:17:57 <FranciscoD> thank you for asking that one bckurera :)
04:18:06 <bckurera> thanks
04:18:06 <dramsey> +1 :)
04:18:18 <tuanta> move next now?
04:18:22 <dramsey> +1
04:18:25 <FranciscoD> move++
04:18:28 <bckurera> +1
04:18:29 <tuanta> #topic Things need to be discussed face to face in FUDCon KL
04:18:33 <dramsey> +1 Tuan - tuanta Move forwards
04:18:46 <tuanta> I reorganized the wiki page
04:18:58 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:KualaLumpur_2012/BoF_discussion#Discussion_Ideas
04:19:30 <tuanta> I grouped up some items and suggest some others to be removed
04:19:36 <tuanta> but I am not sure.
04:19:48 <tuanta> then I made <del> to that line
04:19:50 <FranciscoD> thats great :)
04:19:52 <FranciscoD> ?
04:19:59 <dramsey> +1 Tuan - tuanta, right on!  8-)  We need to show our strongest APAC Team support to help promote the FUDCon APAC 2012.
04:20:12 <tuanta> please see the page now and suggest more things
04:20:21 <tuanta> +1 dramsey
04:20:28 <tuanta> yes, FranciscoD, please
04:20:28 <maktrix> +1 dramsey
04:20:34 <FranciscoD> We have limited time
04:20:43 <tuanta> yes,
04:20:47 <dramsey> +1 Ankur - FranciscoD
04:20:47 <FranciscoD> I don't know if all the topics listed there will be discussed
04:21:05 <tuanta> then I reorganized all issues to 2 groups
04:21:10 <FranciscoD> We'll eventually have to prioritize and discuss the most important issues
04:21:13 <FranciscoD> eof
04:21:19 <tuanta> we can take two sections in FUDCon
04:21:27 <bckurera> !
04:21:34 <tuanta> I believe that the organizers will give us
04:21:41 <tuanta> bckurera, please
04:21:48 * FranciscoD thinks we can discuss all of this during meals etc also
04:21:49 <bckurera> how about prioritizing the importance of question?
04:21:52 <bckurera> eof
04:21:59 <dramsey> +1
04:22:21 <maktrix> !
04:22:28 <tuanta> maktrix, please
04:22:37 <maktrix> discussing during the meals is not a good idea
04:22:45 <bckurera> +1
04:22:47 <maktrix> we must have a dedicated session / time for this
04:22:51 <maktrix> eof
04:22:54 <tuanta> +1 maktrix
04:23:01 <tuanta> !
04:23:03 <dramsey> +1 maktrix
04:23:04 <dramsey> :D
04:23:05 <FranciscoD> tuanta: go
04:23:34 <tuanta> I do not think prioritizing is good ideas
04:23:38 <tuanta> since
04:23:44 * FranciscoD reminds folks to keep their text written and ready to save time
04:24:00 <tuanta> in my thoughts, we have two big issues to solve
04:24:09 <dramsey> +1 FranciscoD ==> Power to the people.  ;)
04:24:11 <tuanta> first is How to improve APAC ambassadors meeting quality (tuanta)
04:24:21 <tuanta> and the second is How to improve the quality of community activities and contributions in APAC
04:24:35 <FranciscoD> !
04:24:37 <tuanta> boht have details
04:24:38 <dramsey> +1 Tuan - tuanta  :D
04:24:41 <bckurera> !
04:24:54 <tuanta> 1/2/3... are just details
04:25:03 <tuanta> eof
04:25:03 <tuanta> FranciscoD, please
04:25:06 <FranciscoD> Well, we'll have to start on some topic, so a priority is inherent :)
04:25:09 <tuanta> then, bckurera
04:25:31 <FranciscoD> The only way I see us improving meetings is be holding regular meetings and *strictly* adhering to protocol
04:25:41 <FranciscoD> I don't think talking about it is going to do anything really.
04:25:50 <maktrix> +1 FranciscoD
04:25:54 <MavJS> +1
04:26:01 <FranciscoD> There are good practices that we need to follow. Discussing this isnt going to bring changes IMO
04:26:04 <FranciscoD> eof
04:26:17 <bckurera> We have lot to discuss, and these things can take longer time I suppose therefore if we take some important questions first that will help. Just an idea
04:26:36 <bckurera> I think we need more participation for meetings
04:26:37 <FranciscoD> bckurera: ++ (basically the same thing as prioritizing)
04:26:52 <dramsey> +1  :p
04:26:57 <bckurera> that is one thing we need to make sure !
04:26:59 <bckurera> eof
04:27:21 * FranciscoD notes: question for questionnaire and the survey: "How many of your regional ambassador meetings do you attend?"
04:27:22 <tuanta> FranciscoD: I think we have a lot of things to improve the quality of meetings, we should go discussing f2f in KL!
04:27:24 <FranciscoD> !
04:27:29 <dramsey> :D
04:27:36 <tuanta> FranciscoD, please
04:27:46 <FranciscoD> tuanta: can you please state these things in detail?
04:28:04 <FranciscoD> I'd like to go over them and see if f2f at KL makes sense for them ;)
04:28:05 <FranciscoD> eof
04:28:06 <tuanta> yes, I wrote them on the wiki
04:28:23 <tuanta> 1-6 are suggested details
04:28:31 <FranciscoD> tuanta: with all due respect, I don't see how talking about them will make a change
04:28:39 <FranciscoD> They are guidelines that need to be *practiced*
04:28:52 <FranciscoD> discussing them doesn't directly imply implementation.
04:29:04 <tuanta> FranciscoD: I hope we will have solutions after that section
04:29:22 * FranciscoD feels we already know what must be done to have better meetings
04:29:22 <tuanta> those all are suggestions
04:29:35 <tuanta> sure, FranciscoD
04:29:42 <FranciscoD> tuanta: can I state what I think must be done? And you folks can decide if they need discussion or not?
04:29:45 <tuanta> we should discuss them all before
04:30:16 <FranciscoD> 1. Quorum: We need to encourage Ambassadors to join the meetings. This will be done over a period of time. We are already seeing an increase in attendance
04:30:26 <FranciscoD> 2. Protocl needs to be adhered to:
04:30:39 <FranciscoD> a. Wait your turn: Use ?! to request your turn
04:30:49 <FranciscoD> b. Each meeting will have a leader who gives folks turns.
04:31:08 <FranciscoD> b.i This person needs to be extra attentive, to ensure no time is wasted in giving turns
04:31:27 <FranciscoD> c. Don't start typing after you get your turn. Keep the text ready
04:31:43 <FranciscoD> d.i All tickets that need to be discussed need to be marked 'meeting'  on the track
04:32:07 <FranciscoD> d.ii If the ticket filer is not present, the ticket will be given less priority.
04:32:19 <FranciscoD> e. Dont forget to EOF as soon as you're done ;)
04:32:20 <FranciscoD> EOF
04:32:24 <tuanta> great. that's things should added onto the wiki.
04:32:38 <maktrix> +1 FranciscoD
04:32:40 <dramsey> 8-)  Cool man!!!  8-)  +1
04:32:44 <FranciscoD> tuanta: these are things we put out in every meeting. Its just about folks starting to use them.
04:32:56 <maktrix> !
04:32:59 <FranciscoD> maktrix: go
04:33:01 <kaio_ph> IMHO the rules are a bit overkill.
04:33:02 <maktrix> Ones attendance will be considered during his/her request of budget for event
04:33:24 <maktrix> eof
04:33:40 * FranciscoD notes that these are guidelines. We have no rules.
04:33:48 <FranciscoD> kaio_ph: I'd still like you to clarify what you feel is overkill
04:33:50 <FranciscoD> ;)
04:34:19 <tuanta> so, everyone, please add more details to the wiki before we go to KL
04:34:26 <dramsey> +1
04:34:28 <tuanta> my topic done
04:34:32 * FranciscoD waits for kaio_ph
04:34:57 <kaio_ph> 2 a c e
04:34:59 * FranciscoD suggests folks attend meeting such as famsco and the board and see how they do it
04:35:10 <FranciscoD> kaio_ph: I'm sorry. I disagree
04:35:23 <tuanta> #action all add more details to the f2f meeting wiki https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:KualaLumpur_2012/BoF_discussion#Discussion_Ideas before we go to KL
04:35:25 <FranciscoD> They are the most important IMO. To maintain structure during the meeting
04:35:31 <kaio_ph> Using too many symbols are quite user unfriendly.
04:35:55 <FranciscoD> they are one/three character, I don't see how they are user unfriendly?
04:36:20 <tuanta> my topic done. next now?
04:36:23 <FranciscoD> when too many people talk simultanously during a meeting, the following happens:
04:36:25 <kaio_ph> FAmSCo won't use : ?! to proceed discussions.
04:36:28 <dramsey> :D
04:36:29 <FranciscoD> 1. no one understands what happens
04:36:39 <FranciscoD> kaio_ph: famsco has 4 people in attendance on an average
04:36:49 <FranciscoD> tuanta: 2 more minutes, time me :P
04:36:56 <tuanta> yes, please :)
04:37:08 <FranciscoD> 2. the logs get difficult to read for folks who miss the meeting
04:37:20 <FranciscoD> 3. tags such as info are difficult to use
04:37:33 <kaio_ph> Eof is okay, but symbols are too abstract and confuse people with the original way of usage.
04:37:33 <FranciscoD> 4. multiple things getting discussed together => none of them discussed properly
04:37:44 <FranciscoD> kaio_ph: you mean ! and ?
04:37:54 <FranciscoD> for 'raise your hand' and 'ask a question'?
04:38:08 <FranciscoD> we can change it to o/
04:38:15 <kaio_ph> : ! ?
04:38:17 <FranciscoD> if that is more 'raise your hand'
04:38:24 <FranciscoD> ?
04:39:02 <FranciscoD> How about this:
04:39:15 <FranciscoD> I'll make a wiki page for protocols, and request folks on the list to have a look
04:39:19 <kaio_ph> I am personally predict people won't follow the rules for long, as the rules are not natural.
04:39:31 <FranciscoD> kaio_ph: exactly, it is our business to make them natural
04:39:37 <FranciscoD> natural/second nature
04:39:41 <FranciscoD> the irc is not the same as f2f
04:39:48 <FranciscoD> you cant have the same method of dicsussion
04:39:49 <bckurera> !
04:39:52 <FranciscoD> eof
04:39:54 <FranciscoD> bckurera: go
04:40:00 <bckurera> I think adhering to the guideline is good and proper !
04:40:09 <bckurera> but they should be simple not much
04:40:09 <kaio_ph> Anything needs to memorise are not helping. Anyways, I am expressing my concern. I don't mind if you want to try that.
04:40:22 <FranciscoD> #action FranciscoD put all guidelines on wiki and request mailing lists to go look
04:40:36 <bckurera> will try to keep it as a habit, then all use to do it and finally we have nice log which is easy to read
04:40:41 <FranciscoD> !
04:40:58 <bckurera> ! ? eof would be enough and simple, IMO
04:41:00 <bckurera> eof
04:41:03 <FranciscoD> kaio_ph: ! ? EOF -> 5 characters, not a lot of RAM needed. If you use them for a single meeting, you understand and use them forever. No memory needed IMO.
04:41:09 <tuanta> FranciscoD, go
04:41:24 <FranciscoD> tuanta: sorry, fingers too quick :P
04:41:39 <dramsey> ?  :)
04:41:44 <FranciscoD> anyway, I'll put them on the wiki and stuff, eof
04:41:45 <FranciscoD> dramsey: go
04:42:32 <bckurera> !
04:42:32 <dramsey> Hello Everyone, I hope that we all vote and I was wondering if Kaio - kaio_ph and Gerard - gbraad were running for FAmSCo?  eof
04:42:34 <dramsey> :)
04:43:09 <FranciscoD> dramsey: eof?
04:43:23 <dramsey> +1 eof
04:43:26 <dramsey> sorry
04:43:29 * FranciscoD notes the 45 seconds dramsey wasted :P
04:43:31 <FranciscoD> bckurera: go
04:43:35 <tuanta> bckurera, go ahead
04:43:47 <bckurera> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/IRCHowTo#Protocol
04:43:53 <FranciscoD> link++
04:44:00 <bckurera> you can use these info as well
04:44:01 <bckurera> eof
04:44:16 <FranciscoD> !
04:44:18 <FranciscoD> FranciscoD: go
04:44:25 <tuanta> ok, we should move on
04:44:30 <FranciscoD> bckurera: I think its the same info that i laid out?
04:44:31 <FranciscoD> move on ++
04:44:32 <FranciscoD> eof
04:44:33 <tuanta> this could be back in Open Floor
04:44:46 <tuanta> #topic APAC Events and Status of F17 Release Parties (dramsey)
04:45:15 <dramsey> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F17_release_events
04:45:23 <dramsey> for F17 Release Events
04:45:33 <dramsey> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events#FY13_Q1_.28March_2012_-_May_2012.29_4
04:45:40 <dramsey> for Fedora Events
04:45:44 <dramsey> eof from dramsey
04:45:45 <dramsey> :)
04:46:13 <bckurera> !
04:46:16 <FranciscoD> ?
04:46:19 <FranciscoD> bckurera: go
04:46:31 <tuanta> bckurera then FranciscoD :)
04:46:38 <bckurera> #info If anyone needs design team help for events please ping me, ready to help !
04:46:41 <bckurera> eof
04:46:48 <FranciscoD> FranciscoD: go
04:46:59 <FranciscoD> dramsey: is this still valid? Harish says, "I have some F16 LiveCDs left. Do mention that during the meeting.?
04:46:59 <tuanta> +1 bckurera
04:47:09 <FranciscoD> or is it something we've forgotten to remove from the agenda?
04:47:09 <FranciscoD> eof
04:47:22 <dramsey> ?
04:47:27 <bckurera> !
04:47:39 <FranciscoD> dramsey: go
04:47:41 <tuanta> dramsey then bckurera: go
04:47:45 <dramsey> I think so on F16 media
04:47:46 <dramsey> eof
04:47:51 <bckurera> I think it is better to keep the line "I have some F16 LiveCDs left. Do mention that during the meeting.?"
04:48:05 <bckurera> It reminds we have some unused media F16 :)
04:48:06 <bckurera> eof
04:48:38 * FranciscoD just wanted to confirm if harish has them or not: would be lame if his stock was already over :P
04:48:39 <tuanta> !
04:48:44 <FranciscoD> tuanta: go
04:49:26 <tuanta> so, we should update all upcoming F17 release parties onto wiki
04:49:40 <tuanta> #action all we should update all upcoming F17 release parties onto wiki
04:49:57 <tuanta> eof
04:49:59 <tuanta> then next topic?
04:50:25 <FranciscoD> aye
04:50:37 <bckurera> +1
04:50:39 <tuanta> #topic Review APAC trac tickets
04:50:49 <dramsey> +1 next toic
04:50:52 <tuanta> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/report/9
04:50:53 <dramsey> s/ic/pic
04:51:02 <bckurera> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/report/9
04:51:19 <tuanta> have we got a new command for apac-trac?
04:51:20 <bckurera> There is one ticket
04:51:32 <tuanta> somthing like .apacticket
04:51:47 <bckurera> need to work around I guess
04:52:04 <bckurera> I ll work on this and find out
04:52:20 <FranciscoD> !
04:52:26 <kaio_ph> ! makes me think of Metal Gear.
04:52:31 <tuanta> FranciscoD: go
04:52:32 <FranciscoD> o/
04:52:36 <bckurera> #action find out about commands for fedora-apac, something like .apacticket
04:52:59 <FranciscoD> I think this event should be sponsored. We already know bckurera to be a regular contributor. 40USD is not much.
04:53:04 <inode0> !
04:53:12 <bckurera> !
04:53:19 <FranciscoD> Can we vote for approving the ticket once inode0 is done please? :)
04:53:20 <FranciscoD> eof
04:53:21 <FranciscoD> inode0: g
04:53:23 <FranciscoD> inode0: go
04:53:45 <inode0> Please someone talk to me after the meeting and I can explain how to make .apacticket
04:53:49 <inode0> eof
04:53:59 <bckurera> I ll do it inode0
04:54:01 <bckurera> thanks
04:54:10 <bckurera> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/25
04:54:16 <bckurera> I need to note something here
04:54:34 * FranciscoD clarifies that #25 is what he meant by "this event" in the earlier statement
04:54:35 <bckurera> the event took place, and I got the request in 3 days before the event happen
04:54:36 <tuanta> #action bckurera talk to inode0 after the meeting to get explained how to make .apacticket
04:54:53 <FranciscoD> :O
04:54:54 <FranciscoD> ?
04:54:59 <tuanta> then now, go voting for #25
04:55:06 <tuanta> FranciscoD: go
04:55:07 <bckurera> Then I made a decision because I could nt wait till I get the approval.
04:55:15 <FranciscoD> tuanta: he says event already done.
04:55:17 <bckurera> I think this will be approved.
04:55:22 <bckurera> see the event report as well
04:55:23 <bckurera> thanks
04:55:26 <FranciscoD> bckurera: was this ticket filed before the event?
04:55:32 <bckurera> yes
04:55:36 <tuanta> yes, I see. I think we can vote either
04:55:39 <FranciscoD> and was it discussed?
04:55:43 <FranciscoD> (before the event)
04:55:44 <FranciscoD> ?
04:55:56 <FranciscoD> bckurera: ^
04:56:02 <bckurera> This is the time to discuss it.
04:56:13 <tuanta> sometimes, people can not wait till their ticket approved, they can go ahead. I think.
04:56:29 <tuanta> those tickets also should be voted.
04:56:34 <FranciscoD> Yes. But it is suggested that the ticket be filed, and discussed *before* the event takes place
04:56:47 <FranciscoD> We have a fixed budget, so if we run out, you won't get reimbursed
04:56:56 <FranciscoD> then the event will go out of your own pocket.
04:57:10 <FranciscoD> Please file the tickets and get them approved before the event takes place.
04:57:12 <tuanta> !
04:57:12 <FranciscoD> eof
04:57:15 <bckurera> FranciscoD there are some instances you need take a decision because if you wait till the ticket get approved you will loose the evet
04:57:15 <FranciscoD> tuanta: go
04:57:25 <FranciscoD> bckurera: then you need to file the ticket well enough in advanced
04:57:31 <FranciscoD> It is the event owners responsibility
04:57:46 <FranciscoD> (We've been holding weekly meetings)
04:57:49 <tuanta> FranciscoD: that is a cool suggestion. but sometimes people can get that risk, no problem
04:57:50 <tuanta> eof
04:57:52 <bckurera> so in some urgent situations FAm can take a decision, but there is a limit.
04:58:09 * FranciscoD just reminds: if the budget is over, you wont get your money
04:58:15 <tuanta> understood, bckurera :)
04:58:20 <tuanta> ok, go voting now?
04:58:29 <FranciscoD> the idea of preapporval is to check these things: budget, owner, preparation etc
04:58:35 <FranciscoD> yes, vote please
04:58:39 <bckurera> Yes there is a risk, I take it because the event is worth :)
04:58:41 <FranciscoD> +1 from me
04:58:50 <tuanta> I vote +1
04:58:58 <FranciscoD> dramsey: maktrix MavJS ping
04:59:04 <MavJS> +1 :)
04:59:05 <FranciscoD> kaio_ph: ping
04:59:06 <dramsey> +1
04:59:07 <dramsey> :D
04:59:12 <maktrix> +1 (don't make it a practice, discuss prior to the event)
04:59:13 <tuanta> +1 bckurera. it sometimes happens
04:59:19 <dramsey> O:-):P:-D:)
04:59:29 <kaio_ph> Pong
04:59:30 <bckurera> thanks folks :)
04:59:41 <FranciscoD> kaio_ph: need your vote on this ticket please
04:59:41 <dramsey> ?
04:59:53 <tuanta> #agreed apac ticket #25
05:00:00 <kaio_ph> Rolling back logs
05:00:08 <bckurera> !
05:00:14 <FranciscoD> dramsey: go
05:00:15 <tuanta> I am so fast :)
05:00:16 <dramsey> We are APAC!  with the 300 soundtrack in the backround  Hear us roar!  :D  eof
05:00:18 <dramsey> :D
05:00:25 <FranciscoD> bckurera: go
05:00:40 * FranciscoD thinks dramsey is high on coffee or something
05:00:45 <bckurera> I think it is good to use 'approval' instead 'voting'
05:01:03 <tuanta> +1 bckurera. it's better
05:01:04 <bckurera> if no one disagree will go forward and mark it #agree in future, my idea
05:01:06 <bckurera> eof
05:01:08 <maktrix> .nextapacmeeting
05:01:08 <zodbot> maktrix: 22 hours, 58 minutes, and 52 seconds
05:01:13 <FranciscoD> #info trac ticket #25 approved
05:01:21 <FranciscoD> maktrix: thats buggy at the moment :P
05:01:29 <maktrix> :P
05:01:35 <FranciscoD> okay, ticket done, next topic?
05:01:42 <tuanta> ok, so, the last topic
05:01:43 <bckurera> sure +1
05:01:52 <tuanta> #topic Open Floor
05:01:55 <dramsey> +1
05:02:01 * FranciscoD has nothing
05:02:04 <tuanta> great meeting :)
05:02:11 * tuanta nothing too
05:02:12 <FranciscoD> #action FranciscoD send out logs to lists
05:02:14 <bckurera> !
05:02:18 <FranciscoD> bckurera: go
05:02:21 <dramsey> :p  Sends positive Fedora energy to everyone and thanks everyone for coming today!  :p
05:02:31 <kaio_ph> Just a friendly follow up with harish.
05:02:35 <bckurera> I have some thoughts about budget
05:02:44 <maktrix> !
05:02:44 <kaio_ph> Thanks.
05:02:48 <tuanta> bckurera: cool, please
05:02:52 <bckurera> and media prodcution
05:03:01 <tuanta> maktrix: go after bckurera
05:03:05 * FranciscoD goes to comment on trac #25
05:03:11 <kaio_ph> Nth from me other than that.
05:03:13 <bckurera> can I get to know any info about APAC media production for F17
05:03:30 <bckurera> harish can you ping?
05:03:53 <tuanta> bckurera: we can follow this on the mailing list
05:04:05 <bckurera> ok then thats nice :)
05:04:07 <FranciscoD> !
05:04:10 <bckurera> I am done
05:04:12 <maktrix> I would like to have Ambassador Polo during the FUDCon KL; never wore any. :(
05:04:17 <maktrix> eof
05:04:19 <tuanta> FranciscoD: go
05:04:22 <bckurera> I have some
05:04:33 <bckurera> and I am bring them to KL
05:04:37 <bckurera> eof
05:04:52 <FranciscoD> Is it possible for us to know how much of our budget still remains?
05:04:53 <FranciscoD> for events?
05:05:05 <tuanta> FranciscoD: good question
05:05:13 <FranciscoD> I think it's important information to keep in mind when we sit to approve events for reimbursements
05:05:14 <dramsey> +1
05:05:20 <MavJS> +1
05:05:22 <FranciscoD> Can we maintain a wiki page with a table?
05:05:24 <bckurera> FranciscoD still no official word !
05:05:28 <bckurera> we are waiting
05:05:45 <FranciscoD> 'event | budget approved | budget remaining' should be enough IMO
05:05:49 <FranciscoD> bckurera: waiting on whom/what?
05:05:54 <bckurera> at them moment APAC has approved around USD 600 for events in this year.
05:06:05 <bckurera> FranciscoD , harish is the POC
05:06:09 <tuanta> FranciscoD: I think we can see this important information in the monthly FAmSCo report
05:06:17 <FranciscoD> yes, but the board etc decided the budget
05:06:31 <inode0> !
05:06:33 <FranciscoD> harish is responsible for making it available to us, I thought?
05:06:36 <FranciscoD> eof inode0 go :)
05:07:00 <inode0> yeah, last I heard we might hear something with concrete numbers around the middle of this month
05:07:01 <maktrix> !
05:07:14 <inode0> details are still scarce for this fiscal year
05:07:16 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_report_2012-03#FY12
05:07:16 <bckurera> !
05:07:23 <inode0> should become clear soon though
05:07:24 <inode0> eof
05:07:26 <FranciscoD> #info please watch out for announcements on budget numbers
05:07:30 <FranciscoD> thanks inode0 :)
05:07:32 <FranciscoD> maktrix: go
05:07:33 <maktrix> all APAC ambassadors should bring their polo and have a photo session with the Polo on.
05:07:37 <maktrix> eof
05:08:00 <FranciscoD> #info maktrix requests that all APAC ambassadors should bring their polo and have a photo session with the Polo on.
05:08:03 <FranciscoD> bckurera: go
05:08:07 <bckurera> There are two processes. One is approval from FAmSCo and the next is approval from APAC meetings
05:08:22 <bckurera> requests more than USD 400 goes to FAmSCo
05:08:32 <bckurera> while others are approved in meetings.
05:08:42 <bckurera> So far we have approved some
05:08:51 <bckurera> those info i logged can be found on
05:08:54 <bckurera> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC/Budget
05:09:14 <dramsey> +1 FranciscoD bckurera
05:09:15 <bckurera> AFAIK famsco is also waiting for budget info from harish
05:09:33 <bckurera> will be available on this month I suppose
05:09:33 <bckurera> eof
05:09:41 <FranciscoD> great info bckurera :)
05:09:46 <tuanta> bckurera: is there any wiki to describe this process?
05:09:53 <dramsey> +1
05:10:00 <FranciscoD> bckurera: since the event is already done, can you please post the reports etc on the event page too?
05:10:08 * FranciscoD noticed reports etc aren't in yet
05:10:13 <bckurera> tuanta I found them on famsco tickets
05:10:23 <inode0> !
05:10:26 <bckurera> once fixed they will be on a wiki
05:10:29 <tuanta> inode0: go
05:10:49 <inode0> famsco is trying to develop a process like that, but it isn't adopted yet I don't believe
05:10:51 <inode0> eof
05:10:59 <dramsey> #chair inode0
05:10:59 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD MavJS MavJs bckurera dramsey harish inode0 kaio_ph liznevada maktrix tuanta
05:11:07 * bckurera need to put event report on wiki page, FranciscoD but it is on the planet and blog :)
05:11:21 <dramsey> +1 Everyone, thank you inode0
05:11:28 <FranciscoD> #info famsco is trying to develop a process for proper budget management, but it isn't adopted yet
05:11:37 <FranciscoD> bckurera: please update the wiki page, easier for harish :)
05:11:41 <FranciscoD> .fas harish
05:11:42 <zodbot> FranciscoD: harishpgc10 'Harish Kumar Gupta' <harishgupta.appin@gmail.com> - harishsk 'Harish Kumar S.K' <skharishkumar@gmail.com> - harish386 'Harish Kumar' <harish386@gmail.com> - harishvedha 'Harish Muralidhar' <harishvedha@gmail.com> - harishneit 'Harish Tummalacherla' <harishneit@gmail.com> - charish '' <charish@in.com> - harishgupta03 'Harish Kumar Gupta' <harishgupta03@gmail.com> - mgharish 'Harish.mg' (4 more messages)
05:11:47 * FranciscoD faints
05:11:48 * inode0 thinks you should feel comfortable approving things as a group under $500 until someone yells at you :)
05:11:57 <FranciscoD> XD
05:12:07 <tuanta> bckurera: that should be marked as an action :)
05:12:23 <bckurera> please !
05:12:31 <tuanta> inode0: cool :)
05:12:36 <maktrix> FranciscoD: that would be .fas harishpillay
05:12:47 <FranciscoD> #action bckurera please update event page with reports
05:13:00 <FranciscoD> #action bckurera please send report to ambassadors-ml if not already done
05:13:03 <FranciscoD> maktrix: ah, thanks :)
05:13:13 <tuanta> #action bckurera put event report on wiki page https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Booth_on_Apache_Bar_Camp_Kandy
05:13:32 <FranciscoD> anything else?
05:13:37 <tuanta> #undo
05:13:37 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Action object at 0x315e39d0>
05:13:37 <dramsey> 8-)
05:13:40 <FranciscoD> otherwise tuanta can start the count down :P
05:13:45 <bckurera> ok I ll do it soon :)
05:13:46 <dramsey> eof from dramsey
05:13:56 * tuanta nothing more
05:13:59 <MavJS> nothing from me.. :D
05:14:03 <dramsey> APAC did great today, well done everyone!!!  :)
05:14:14 <bckurera> Thanks for the great meeting and see you all soon, next week !
05:14:14 <tuanta> 5
05:14:17 <tuanta> 4
05:14:20 <tuanta> 3
05:14:23 <tuanta> 2
05:14:25 <dramsey> +1000 APAC
05:14:25 <tuanta> 1
05:14:30 <tuanta> #endmeeting