22:00:29 <cwickert> #startmeeting FAmSCo 2012-05-02
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22:00:36 <cwickert> #meetingname famsco
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22:00:46 <cwickert> #topic Roll Call
22:00:50 <cwickert> .fas cwickert
22:00:51 <zodbot> cwickert: cwickert 'Christoph Wickert' <christoph.wickert@googlemail.com>
22:01:10 <yn1v> .fas yn1v
22:01:11 <zodbot> yn1v: yn1v 'Neville A. Cross' <neville@taygon.com>
22:01:47 <dramsey> :)
22:02:15 <cwickert> #info herlo sent regrets he won't be able to come
22:02:37 <cwickert> but the mail got stuck in the moderation queue, sorry my bad
22:03:06 <cwickert> #info Zoltan is at Linuxtage and LGM in Vienna and cannot attend either
22:03:09 <yn1v> I am having lag problems
22:03:46 <cwickert> yn1v: but at least you are there :)
22:04:16 * cwickert looks for kaio, gbraad and igor
22:04:38 <cwickert> seems we won't be able to reach a quorum today
22:04:53 <yn1v> :(
22:05:46 <cwickert> yn1v: anything you want to bring up?
22:06:20 <yn1v> I want pizza ;)
22:06:26 <dramsey> :p
22:09:14 <cwickert> yn1v: sorry, I can't help you with that one. file a ticket in famsco trac ;)
22:09:37 <cwickert> lets take a look at the agenda nevertheless
22:09:45 <cwickert> #topic Trac Tickets
22:10:09 <cwickert> #info we don't have a quorum as many people are traveling, so this meeting is only informal
22:10:13 <cwickert> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/report/9
22:10:23 <cwickert> that looks nice
22:10:27 <kaio_ph> .fas me@kaio
22:10:28 <zodbot> kaio_ph: kaio 'Caius Chance (かいお)' <me@kaio.net>
22:10:31 <cwickert> not much on the agenda
22:10:58 <cwickert> #topic Regulate what regional tracs are needed
22:11:05 <cwickert> .famsco 268
22:11:05 <zodbot> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/268
22:11:30 <kaio_ph> That seems came decision to have India trac read only.
22:11:41 <cwickert> #info fedora-india trac is closed, use fedora-apac instead
22:11:51 <kaio_ph> ++
22:11:57 <cwickert> the question is: do we want to do anything more?
22:12:19 * cwickert would like to rename emea-swag-tracker to fedora-emea
22:12:36 <kaio_ph> Just make sure active tickets in india trac are migrated.
22:12:55 <cwickert> kaio_ph: there were only 4 active tickets
22:12:59 <kaio_ph> Fedora-Emea ++
22:13:12 <kaio_ph> cwickert: Yes that so.
22:13:45 <cwickert> sure, I first need to talk to kital and nirik, kital is the owner of emea-swag-tracker and nirik is our infrastructure guru
22:13:59 <kaio_ph> Sure.
22:14:14 <cwickert> #action cwickert to investigate if emea-swag-tracker can be moved to fedora-emea
22:14:25 <cwickert> the rest looks good to me. questions? comments?
22:14:42 <cwickert> move famna to fedora-na?
22:14:58 <cwickert> #undo
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22:15:04 <cwickert> #action cwickert to investigate if emea-swag-tracking can be moved to fedora-emea
22:16:27 <cwickert> doesn't seem so
22:16:39 <cwickert> #topic Budget + PO for EMEA F17 media production
22:16:45 <cwickert> .famsco 280
22:16:46 <zodbot> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/280
22:16:58 <cwickert> I got a mail from Jiri with the final numbers
22:16:59 <cwickert> #
22:17:36 <kaio_ph> #chair
22:17:54 <cwickert> #info EMEA will do 5k media, 4k multi desktop live and 1k install. total cost is 1.739 EUR or UDS 2,298
22:18:10 <cwickert> #chair kaio_ph yn1v
22:18:10 <zodbot> Current chairs: cwickert kaio_ph yn1v
22:18:28 <cwickert> I think we should just approve this
22:18:33 <kaio_ph> ++
22:18:38 <yn1v> yes
22:18:40 <cwickert> it's way below the limit of USD 5k
22:18:50 <kaio_ph> I support.
22:19:04 <cwickert> yn1v: given these prices, do you think it makes sense to ship media to LATAM?
22:19:14 <cwickert> it seems to be way cheaper
22:19:24 <yn1v> yes
22:19:47 <cwickert> you think we could do this for F17 or is it too late?
22:20:03 <yn1v> I am not sure if will be good for all latam, but for most countries yes
22:20:21 <cwickert> ok, lets at least evaluate this
22:20:52 <cwickert> #action cwickert to find out how much shipping from Czech to various countries in LATAM is
22:21:13 <yn1v> Only the printed envelope will cost that much
22:21:28 <cwickert> of course the prices will drop further if we produce more
22:21:39 <cwickert> yn1v: do you think we will get problems with customs?
22:22:20 <yn1v> maybe, but even paying custom clearence will be cheaper in the end
22:22:46 <cwickert> yn1v: ok, can you try to get numbers for the various countries? how much would they want to order?
22:23:05 <yn1v> I will try
22:23:19 <cwickert> thanks
22:23:35 <cwickert> #action yn1v to get in touch with the LATAM communities for media orders
22:23:54 <cwickert> too bad herlo is not here
22:24:02 <cwickert> we could ask NA, too
22:24:17 * cwickert does the happy dance!
22:24:25 <cwickert> hi igorps, glad you are here
22:24:35 <igorps> Hello all!
22:24:37 <cwickert> #info we have a quorum, continuing with official meeting
22:24:52 <cwickert> igorps: we are just talking about https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/280
22:25:12 * igorps is checking it out
22:25:19 <cwickert> EMEA is ordering 5k media for a total price of 1.739 EUR or UDS 2,298
22:26:49 <igorps> Looks reasonable considering the amount of previous releases
22:27:13 <yn1v> I wonder if joining latam demand to emea, would result in burn-out of emea collaborators
22:27:42 <kaio_ph> To
22:27:49 <kaio_ph> Yo quorum
22:28:23 <igorps> yn1v, what do you mean by joining latam demand to emea?
22:28:56 <yn1v> we were talking about exploring if will be better to order disk with emea and ship them to latam
22:29:03 <cwickert> igorps: we are thinking about producing media for LATAM in Czech. seems way cheaper even with shippung and customs
22:29:13 <yn1v> evene paying something at customs will result on cheaper media
22:29:32 <igorps> Got it
22:29:44 <cwickert> it's math, we need numbers
22:29:53 <yn1v> And I was thinking about exploring the other side of the issue
22:30:01 <cwickert> that's why I'll investigate shipping
22:30:26 <cwickert> yn1v and igorps: you need to give us numbers how much the individual communities in LATAM need
22:30:27 <igorps> I'm not quite sure if this will result in cheaper media but it's worth investigating
22:30:44 <cwickert> right, we can at least try
22:31:00 <igorps> cwickert, sure
22:31:15 <igorps> I can get the numbers from the last order for Brazilian ambassadors
22:31:16 <cwickert> ok, other than that, there is not much we can do now, we first need numbers
22:31:26 <cwickert> but we can approve 280 as it is now
22:31:35 <cwickert> is everybody find with that?
22:31:42 <igorps> +1
22:31:42 <yn1v> we can ping people that has order media to compare prices.
22:31:53 <cwickert> yn1v: please do
22:31:54 <yn1v> and quality
22:31:56 <cwickert> +1
22:32:15 <yn1v> I fine with 280 +1
22:32:27 <cwickert> kaio_ph: your vote please
22:33:48 <kaio_ph> +1
22:33:51 <cwickert> #agreed #280 is approved. 5 k media for USD 2,298
22:33:58 <kaio_ph> Sorry phone kbd.
22:34:51 <cwickert> #topic Funding for ib54003 for LinuxTag 2012
22:34:57 <cwickert> .famsco 290
22:34:57 <zodbot> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/290
22:35:13 <cwickert> sorry, this one is not on the agenda, I forgot to set the keyword
22:35:36 <cwickert> basically we just need to rubberstamp it
22:35:42 <cwickert> it's 70 EUR
22:35:55 <cwickert> and urgent, as Linuxtag is in 3 weeks
22:36:17 <cwickert> #action cwickert to file budget request for LinuxTag expenses
22:36:29 <cwickert> damn, there is more stuff coming
22:36:36 <igorps> cwickert, do you know him?
22:37:06 <cwickert> igorps: yes, he is a young and enthusiastic new Ambassadors
22:37:08 <cwickert> -s
22:37:19 <cwickert> he joined us last year and did a very good job
22:37:37 <igorps> good, just to have some reference about him
22:37:42 <cwickert> he is also involved in Freemedia and spends money there
22:37:53 <cwickert> so we should pay something back I think
22:38:13 <cwickert> IHMO he is one of the most promising new ambassadors we have in EMEA
22:38:53 <igorps> cwickert, sounds good to me. It's important to foment new blood.
22:38:54 <cwickert> everybody fine with sponsoring him?
22:39:08 <igorps> +1
22:39:28 <yn1v> yes +1
22:39:28 <cwickert> igorps: he is 18 years young and he did Linux and Fedora all by himself without any help
22:39:32 <kaio_ph> ++
22:39:32 <cwickert> +1
22:39:42 <cwickert> #agreed #290 is approved
22:39:51 <kaio_ph> Our new hope.
22:39:53 <cwickert> as for Linuxtag
22:39:54 <igorps> cwickert, great! I like the attitude! :)
22:40:02 <cwickert> I need to prepare a budget draft
22:40:06 <cwickert> I am very late with all this
22:40:11 <cwickert> Linuxtag is a major event
22:40:22 <cwickert> last year we had ~3500 EUR in total
22:40:33 <cwickert> but this year we'll be much cheaper
22:40:39 <igorps> heard good things about it
22:40:55 <cwickert> because we are going to rent two apartments instead of a hotel
22:41:12 <cwickert> I think the overall budget will be around 2500-3000 EUR
22:41:32 <cwickert> the most expensive will probably be the hotdogs
22:41:47 <kaio_ph> Hehe
22:41:50 <cwickert> LinuxTag will be awesome
22:41:57 <cwickert> Fedora and CentOS share a booth
22:42:05 <cwickert> next to CentOS there is OpenSUSE
22:42:16 <cwickert> and next to Fedora there is a hotdog stand
22:42:22 <cwickert> and OpenSUSE has free beer
22:42:26 <cwickert> beer and hotdogs!
22:42:35 * igorps also heard that cwickert uses to wear like a hot dog
22:42:35 * yn1v drooling
22:42:46 <cwickert> our plan is that we make an arrangement with the hotdog guy
22:43:03 <cwickert> we will offer pay him some money and give out freee hotdogs
22:43:18 <cwickert> anyway, stoll requires some organization, but will be awesome
22:43:31 <cwickert> I'll prepare a detailed budget till next week
22:43:32 <igorps> sounds fun!
22:43:53 <yn1v> sound delicious
22:44:00 <cwickert> ok
22:44:14 <cwickert> #topic Fedora disks for first half of 2012 (Chile and Argentina)
22:44:18 <cwickert> .famsco 263
22:44:18 <zodbot> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/263
22:44:25 <cwickert> good news: this can finally be closed
22:44:28 <cwickert> yay
22:44:43 <cwickert> any more tickets we want to discuss now?
22:45:30 <kaio_ph> No from me.
22:45:42 <cwickert> ok
22:45:56 <cwickert> yn1v, igorps: anything from you?
22:46:09 <igorps> nothing urgent I recall
22:46:19 <cwickert> I think for the real important tickets we need to wait until herlo is back
22:46:39 <cwickert> e.g. we cannot discuss regional budget allocation without anybody from NA
22:46:48 <cwickert> #topic Open Floor
22:46:58 <cwickert> ok, speak up or be quiet for ever :)
22:47:04 <yn1v> I have changed my mind, I will not file a ticket for pizza. I will instead file a ticket for hot-dogs as snacks for release party !
22:47:10 <kaio_ph> :X
22:47:14 <cwickert> yn1v: :)
22:47:25 <kaio_ph> Hehe
22:47:33 <cwickert> who of you will come to FUDCon KL?
22:47:40 <cwickert> kaio_ph: you will be there, right?
22:47:40 <kaio_ph> Me
22:47:44 <kaio_ph> Yes
22:47:46 <cwickert> hotel already booked?
22:48:04 <cwickert> yn1v, igorps: the two of you won't come to KL, right?
22:48:08 <igorps> Unfortunately I'm too faraway
22:48:16 <kaio_ph> My last news was harish was booking.
22:48:17 <yn1v> I will not be travelling much ... a baby is on the way
22:48:28 <cwickert> Unfortunately I will ot be able to make it to FUDCon LATAm
22:48:37 <igorps> yn1v, great!
22:48:37 <cwickert> I wanted to do all 4 FUDCons in 2012
22:48:47 <kaio_ph> I guess he has done that, as I missed last apac meeting.
22:48:49 <cwickert> but my boss will kill me if I travel that much
22:49:08 <igorps> cwickert, too bad we will not be able to met
22:49:12 <kaio_ph> So will mine.
22:50:22 <cwickert> igorps: yes, indeed. but I felt like LATAM community overall is in good shape and decided that APAC needs more help from FAmSCo for now
22:50:34 <cwickert> this is why I want to meet with kaio_ph and tuanta
22:50:40 <yn1v> cwickert, good call
22:50:46 <cwickert> and the other leaders of the APAC community
22:50:51 <kaio_ph> Yes apac needs help.
22:51:11 <kaio_ph> Hehe I am not a leader of APAC.
22:51:12 <cwickert> yn1v: too bad we won't meet. have we met in real life already?
22:51:30 <cwickert> kaio_ph: you are! one of the leaders
22:51:34 <yn1v> cwickert, I don't think so
22:51:39 <cwickert> too bad yn1v
22:51:49 * cwickert recalls meeting igorps but not yet yn1v
22:51:53 <cwickert> ok, anyway
22:51:59 <cwickert> thanks everybody for coming
22:52:07 <cwickert> 3
22:52:08 <cwickert> 2
22:52:09 <cwickert> 1
22:52:12 <cwickert> #endmeeting