04:00:28 <tuanta> #startmeeting
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04:00:32 <FranciscoD> ah
04:00:35 <FranciscoD> :D
04:00:40 <tuanta> #meetingname apac
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04:01:03 <bckurera> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2012-03-31
04:01:08 <tuanta> #topic Ambassador Pinging
04:01:13 <tuanta> .fas tuanta
04:01:14 <zodbot> tuanta: tuanta 'Truong Anh Tuan' <tuanta@iwayvietnam.com>
04:01:19 <bckurera> .fas bckurera
04:01:20 <zodbot> bckurera: bckurera 'Buddhika Kurera' <bckurera@gmail.com>
04:01:20 <FranciscoD> .fas FranciscoD
04:01:23 <zodbot> FranciscoD: ankursinha 'Ankur Sinha' <sanjay.ankur@gmail.com> - franciscodubo 'Francisco Javier Dubó Ortíz' <f.dubo@hotmail.cl>
04:01:30 <arifiauo> .fas arifiauo
04:01:31 <zodbot> arifiauo: arifiauo 'Arif Tri Waluyo' <arifiauo@gmail.com>
04:01:42 * FranciscoD is on his phone, so may get disconnected and stuff :/
04:02:38 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2012-03-31#Agenda
04:03:18 <tuanta> today agenda: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2012-03-31#Agenda
04:03:38 <tuanta> please feel free to add your own topics
04:04:06 <tuanta> #topic Review *ACTION* items from the last meeting
04:04:31 * FranciscoD is on his phone so may get disconnected
04:04:44 <tuanta> last meeting, we had 5 action items
04:04:56 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2012-03-31#Review_.2AACTION.2A_items_from_the_last_meeting
04:05:36 <tuanta> I got #3 and #4 done
04:05:55 <tuanta> dramsey got #5 done
04:06:25 <tuanta> #1 and #2 should be discussed in the next topics
04:06:36 <tuanta> should we move on now?
04:07:05 <tuanta> I am alone here? :)
04:07:20 <FranciscoD> tuanta: please mve on :)
04:07:36 <bckurera> yes tuanta please !
04:07:37 <tuanta> #chair bckurera FranciscoD arifiauo
04:07:38 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD arifiauo bckurera tuanta
04:08:03 <tuanta> #topic Things need to be discussed face to face in FUDCon KL
04:08:24 <dramsey> :)
04:08:36 <tuanta> #chair dramsey
04:08:36 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD arifiauo bckurera dramsey tuanta
04:08:40 <dramsey> .fas dramsey
04:08:45 <zodbot> dramsey: dramsey 'David Ramsey' <diamond_ramsey@hotmail.com>
04:08:49 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Tuanta/FUDCon_KL_2012_BoF_discussion#Discussion_Ideas
04:09:41 <FranciscoD> !
04:09:43 <bckurera> Shall we discuss about media production in this discussion?
04:09:45 <tuanta> I see just me, FranciscoD and KageSenshi have added ideas to the list up to now
04:09:56 <tuanta> please, FranciscoD
04:10:15 <tuanta> bckurera, sure. I think it's good to discuss here as well as f2f
04:10:27 <bckurera> tuanta +1
04:10:35 <FranciscoD> tuanta: "Update meeting agenda to focus on what needs to be discussed" should be added to the section on improving APAC meetings :)
04:10:47 <tuanta> bckurera, you should add this into the listof ideas
04:11:20 <tuanta> FranciscoD: you meant for f2f section at FUDCon KL?
04:11:24 <bckurera> tuanta I ll add some ideas soon,
04:11:52 <FranciscoD> tuanta: that too. ALl meetings should have a well designed agenda
04:11:56 <tuanta> #action bckurera add more ideas into things need to be discussed f2f at FUDCon KL
04:12:04 <tuanta> +1 FranciscoD
04:12:09 <FranciscoD> otherwise they lose focus, overshoot on the time front etc etc
04:12:17 <tuanta> you should add this into the list of ideas
04:12:28 <FranciscoD> my phone wont permit me to edit the wiki, I'll do it once the power's back :)
04:12:44 <FranciscoD> #action FranciscoD "Update meeting agenda to focus on what needs to be discussed" should be added to the section on improving APAC meetings
04:12:48 * bckurera hates power-cuts
04:12:49 <tuanta> ok, that should be an action for you to do later
04:12:57 <tuanta> +1 FranciscoD
04:13:08 <FranciscoD> tuanta: at the apac trac, do we have a ticket category "meeting"?
04:13:11 * FranciscoD doesnt think so
04:13:15 * tuanta too, bckurera :)
04:13:34 <bckurera> tuanta can get it?
04:13:38 <FranciscoD> the FAmSCo etc have this. Tickets that need discussion are tagged "meeting". Its a good method I think?
04:14:05 <bckurera> yeah I am marking with meeting tag
04:14:06 <tuanta> let me check, FranciscoD
04:14:59 <bckurera> are we on the right topic?
04:15:17 <tuanta> anyone knows who is the person who in charge of managing APAC trac?
04:15:25 <dramsey> :)
04:15:38 <bckurera> susmit harish and i m there too :)
04:15:49 <tuanta> bckurera, sure, we are in right topic
04:15:57 <bckurera> ohh sorry then
04:16:07 <tuanta> bckurera: can you answer FranciscoD's question
04:16:08 <bckurera> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2012-04-07#Review_APAC_trac_tickets
04:16:20 <bckurera> I have added tickets that need attention
04:16:38 <bckurera> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/21
04:16:49 <tuanta> bckurera, we are in the topic to discuss about ideas we will discuss in FUDCon KL
04:16:51 <bckurera> anyone from Bangladesh, we can discuss their request
04:17:02 <tuanta> later, bckurera :)
04:17:12 <FranciscoD> bckurera: ah, clarified :)
04:17:28 <bckurera> ohhh got it wrong, no idea on trac about FUDcon discussion.
04:17:40 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Tuanta/FUDCon_KL_2012_BoF_discussion#Discussion_Ideas
04:17:46 <tuanta> we should add more ideas here
04:18:07 <FranciscoD> #action FranciscoD Add "Trac tickets to be discussed to be tagged 'meeting'" to improve APAC meetings
04:18:18 <tuanta> +1 FranciscoD
04:18:19 <FranciscoD> tuanta: we could do a small APAC specific survey?
04:18:25 <FranciscoD> Ask folks what issues they have?
04:18:35 <bckurera> +1 for survey
04:18:39 <FranciscoD> and add ideas relative to them?
04:18:40 <tuanta> FranciscoD, which kind of survey?
04:19:10 <FranciscoD> tuanta: i havent thought of it yet. But something that collects feedback from APAC ambassadors
04:19:31 <tuanta> FranciscoD, yes, I think your idea is cool.
04:19:39 <dramsey> 8-)
04:19:46 <bckurera> FranciscoD , you can design and go for it, like the idea
04:19:47 <tuanta> that would help us to have more ideas to discuss f2f in FUDCon
04:19:47 <dramsey> Feedback is good and ideas for the future are needed.
04:19:55 <FranciscoD> Er, the survey will be on google docs. I hope folks dont mind?
04:20:03 <FranciscoD> (we dont have survey infra set up yet)
04:20:10 <dramsey> +1 for Google Docs
04:20:17 <bckurera> FranciscoD , GSoC project idea ;)
04:20:30 <tuanta> #action FranciscoD design a survey to get feedback from APAC ambassadors
04:20:47 <FranciscoD> bckurera: aye, hope you folks get someone to do it :)
04:21:00 <dramsey> !?
04:21:03 <tuanta> FranciscoD, after you got the survey design, we can comment on it
04:21:11 <FranciscoD> sure
04:21:20 <tuanta> dramsey, please
04:21:22 <dramsey> Anyone know who is the person who in charge of managing India trac?
04:21:36 <tuanta> susmit, I think :)
04:21:39 <FranciscoD> i think susmit would be it
04:21:57 <FranciscoD> he set it up, dont think anyone in India knows how to do that other than him ;)
04:21:59 <bckurera> yes, susmit is !
04:22:16 <dramsey> Were the India Trac issues resolved in a timely manner or issues / problems?
04:22:27 <dramsey> +1 FranciscoD
04:22:35 <dramsey> Susmit in PhD program now.
04:22:37 <FranciscoD> dramsey: you mean the migration? Nothing seems to have happened about it.
04:22:51 <bckurera> FranciscoD what about the FAmSCo ticket, updates?
04:23:01 <FranciscoD> dramsey: yes. He has very little time to spare understandably
04:23:02 <dramsey> Did the prior India Trac have any problems / issues?
04:23:08 <dramsey> +1 FranciscoD
04:23:11 <FranciscoD> bckurera: no update since the last one
04:23:26 <bckurera> zerng07 welcome to the board !
04:23:39 <FranciscoD> dramsey: the issue that I see is
04:23:42 <zerng07> Hi! everyone. :)
04:23:52 <tuanta> I see we have got a lot of things need to be discussed f2f in FUDCon KL
04:24:00 <tuanta> that's great opportunity for us
04:24:02 <FranciscoD> - having a separate india trac causes too much modularity. The rest of the community doesnt get to know what India's even upto
04:24:26 <FranciscoD> tuanta: dramsey bckurera : for example, did any of you know that mbuf was going to an event? Until he sent the event report to the list?
04:24:29 <tuanta> I just want us not to miss any important things there
04:24:39 <FranciscoD> tuanta: ++
04:24:48 <dramsey> #chair zergn07
04:24:48 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD arifiauo bckurera dramsey tuanta zergn07
04:24:59 <FranciscoD> #action FranciscoD add "India trac to be shut down etc" to list of f2f discussion ideas
04:25:06 <FranciscoD> if it isnt resolved by then, we can discuss it
04:25:24 <tuanta> so, it's important for us to manage the list of ideas: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Tuanta/FUDCon_KL_2012_BoF_discussion#Discussion_Ideas
04:25:32 <FranciscoD> aye
04:25:32 <tuanta> don't miss it :)
04:25:38 <bckurera> FranciscoD FAms need to request support !!
04:25:54 <FranciscoD> bckurera: he did apparently, on the -india trac
04:25:58 <FranciscoD> so no one got to know!
04:26:16 <tuanta> FranciscoD, actually, I don't know
04:26:22 * FranciscoD doesnt think harish knows about the funding request either
04:26:33 <bckurera> FranciscoD , i see your point. fedora-apac trac can be used effectively now !
04:26:39 <FranciscoD> yes
04:26:49 <FranciscoD> we should push for one integrated trac :)
04:26:50 <tuanta> I hope that too, bckurera
04:26:56 <dramsey> #chair kaio_ph
04:26:56 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD arifiauo bckurera dramsey kaio_ph tuanta zergn07
04:27:15 <tuanta> should we move to the next topic?
04:27:21 <bckurera> however any request in apac trac will be taken care of, for sure !
04:27:50 <bckurera> shall we move folks?
04:27:51 <tuanta> #info it's important for us to manage the list of ideas to be discussed f2f at FUDCon KL: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Tuanta/FUDCon_KL_2012_BoF_discussion#Discussion_Ideas
04:28:42 <tuanta> bckurera, do you think that should be an action?
04:28:59 <bckurera> tuanta +1
04:29:08 <bckurera> action item for all FAms
04:29:25 <tuanta> I meant you can manage a session at FUDCon KL to discuss how to use APAC trac more effective
04:29:41 <FranciscoD> aye
04:29:55 <dramsey> !?
04:30:08 <bckurera> tuanta we can get harish's support as well !
04:30:16 <bckurera> dramsey please!
04:30:17 <tuanta> I requested a 2-hour session for us to discuss things in https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Tuanta/FUDCon_KL_2012_BoF_discussion#Discussion_Ideas
04:30:19 * harish back at keyboard
04:30:22 <dramsey> Would this information be useful for the Fedora Ambassadors India and China Mailing lists, too?
04:30:25 <dramsey> Hi Harish
04:30:28 <harish> hi
04:30:28 <dramsey> #chair harish
04:30:28 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD arifiauo bckurera dramsey harish kaio_ph tuanta zergn07
04:30:31 <tuanta> but we can have more sessions for larger things
04:30:46 <tuanta> +1 dramsey
04:30:52 <tuanta> I think so too, dramsey
04:31:03 <dramsey> thank you.
04:31:08 <harish> FranciscoD, what's the question about funding?
04:31:22 <tuanta> I would like to have one APAC, all of us, India, China, etc.
04:31:35 <FranciscoD> harish: mbuf opened a funding request for his trip to kolkata I think. Have you been notified? :)
04:31:36 <bckurera> tuanta +1
04:31:49 <FranciscoD> ?
04:32:05 <FranciscoD> Shouldnt all ambassadors be subscribed to the ambassadors list?
04:32:07 <harish> FranciscoD, has it been approved?
04:32:10 <tuanta> harish: we are discussing in how to use APAC Trac more effective
04:32:13 <kaio_ph> Hi
04:32:17 <harish> ok tuanta
04:32:21 <FranciscoD> irrespective of their own regional mailing lists?
04:32:23 <kaio_ph> Oh I went to wrong channel.
04:32:37 * kaio_ph is at Italian cafe. Hehe
04:32:44 <FranciscoD> harish: well, i saw his even report. So he's already gone to the event. Arent you supposed to approve the reimbursement before the event?
04:33:06 <FranciscoD> (you are the reimbursement in-charge for all of APAC, including India)
04:33:08 <FranciscoD> :)
04:33:21 <harish> FranciscoD, i depend on all of you to approve first.
04:33:24 <tuanta> yes, that's important point
04:33:49 <dramsey> +1
04:33:49 <tuanta> harish, great. that's the new way we proposed
04:33:51 <bckurera> will ask mbuf to open up a ticket on the right place, apac-trac
04:34:08 * harish APAC has always included India. it was an unfortunate historical quirk that we ended with India and APAC as separate. Need to rationalize.
04:34:21 <dramsey> +1
04:34:23 <bckurera> then discuss it against the event report
04:34:39 <tuanta> we can review tickets in this bi-weekly meeting, approve/reject each of them
04:34:53 <bckurera> #action bckurera , ask mbuf to request the funding at apac trac
04:35:07 <harish> i guess the key message here is that if something is to be funded (travel, swag etc), it has to be proposed and approved. else no reimbursement.
04:35:20 <tuanta> ok, lets move on now
04:35:27 <dramsey> +1 harish
04:35:48 <kaio_ph> +1
04:35:49 <FranciscoD_> tuanta: bckurera dramsey : I suggest we request *all* our ambassadors join the ambassadors mailing list, other than the regional mailing lists.
04:35:50 <bckurera> thanks harish for your note !
04:35:55 <tuanta> +1 hairsh
04:36:17 <zerng07> +1
04:36:18 <dramsey> FranciscoD, my thoughts indeed agree.
04:36:22 <tuanta> why not, FranciscoD_
04:36:25 <bckurera> FranciscoD_ I am amazed, every FAm MUST join with the main ML, ambassador@lists.fp.o
04:36:43 <tuanta> I also think, that's already done
04:36:51 <dramsey> #chair Francis1D_
04:36:51 <zodbot> Current chairs: Francis1D_ FranciscoD arifiauo bckurera dramsey harish kaio_ph tuanta zergn07
04:36:53 <bckurera> If they are not that is a serious situation.
04:36:59 <kaio_ph> Subscribing mailing list is mandatory to be fam.
04:37:00 * Francisc1D_ :(
04:37:08 <dramsey> #chair Francisc1D_
04:37:08 <zodbot> Current chairs: Francis1D_ Francisc1D_ FranciscoD arifiauo bckurera dramsey harish kaio_ph tuanta zergn07
04:37:08 <tuanta> :)
04:37:17 <Francisc1D_> :O
04:37:29 <Francisc1D_> do I get 3 votes ;) ?
04:37:34 <Francisc1D_> one for each nick? :P
04:37:36 <dramsey> O:-)
04:37:38 <tuanta> ove now?
04:37:44 <Francisc1D_> tuanta: yes
04:37:45 <tuanta> s/ove/move
04:37:45 <dramsey> Move forward?
04:37:52 <tuanta> #topic APAC Events and Status of F17 Release Parties (dramsey)
04:38:04 <harish> !
04:38:09 <Francisc1D_> harish: sorry for the bad connection. mbufs ticket was never brought up here unfortunately.
04:38:24 <dramsey> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F17_release_events
04:38:32 <tuanta> the first news: F17 GA would be delayed for a week
04:38:49 <FranciscoD> tuanta: harish wishes to add something :)
04:38:49 <tuanta> the release date now is 15th of May
04:38:59 <bckurera> Francisc1D_ : that is because nobody care about the india -trac, am I right?
04:39:03 <tuanta> please, harish
04:39:13 <harish> i still have f16 CDs (and some older ones as well)
04:39:25 <harish> the older ones can be collector items :-)
04:39:26 <FranciscoD> bckurera: well, folks do "care", but none of them are comm arch ;)
04:39:38 <FranciscoD> harish: would you be at KL? :)
04:39:39 <harish> perhaps i can bring them to KL
04:39:42 <harish> yes
04:39:44 <FranciscoD> ++ :)
04:39:55 <tuanta> +1 harish
04:39:59 <FranciscoD> it's good to keep these, specially when the trademark defence time comes
04:40:00 <harish> it's a 3hr drive from home.
04:40:07 <bckurera> FranciscoD there was no proper procedure, but now we have
04:40:17 * FranciscoD remebers digging up all kinds of fedora things for the trademark defence
04:40:28 <harish> indeed
04:40:30 <FranciscoD> bckurera: yes, and I'm trying to get the India folks to follow it.
04:40:34 <bckurera> every request should be discussed and approved, so lets ask mbuf to bring it to the apac trac, will support him
04:40:34 <dramsey> +1 Harish
04:40:49 <FranciscoD> bckurera: sure :)
04:40:56 <tuanta> bckurera +1
04:41:09 <tuanta> dramsey, your topic now
04:41:24 <bckurera> thanks, I ll try to spread the word of using trac as much as possible, event at FUDcon !
04:41:34 <FranciscoD> #action FranciscoD email India list requesting them to open all funding requests at the apac trac since they need to be discussed and approved at -apac meetings
04:41:37 <dramsey> Plan for F17 and remember the team tasks
04:41:43 <dramsey> #link http://rbergero.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-17/f-17-ambassadors-tasks.html
04:41:52 <harish> idea for encouraging use of trac
04:41:57 <FranciscoD> +1
04:42:05 <dramsey> +1
04:42:09 <bckurera> +1
04:42:12 <harish> would someone be able to do a fun video about why you need to use trac for everything?
04:42:28 <harish> watching a video would help reinforce apart from reading the rules.
04:42:36 <dramsey> +1
04:42:38 <bckurera> harish I love this idea, wanna give a try !
04:42:43 <tuanta> cool, harish
04:42:48 <arifiauo> +1
04:42:54 <LSD> !
04:43:01 <tuanta> please, LSD
04:43:05 <dramsey> #chair arifiauo
04:43:05 <zodbot> Current chairs: Francis1D_ Francisc1D_ FranciscoD arifiauo bckurera dramsey harish kaio_ph tuanta zergn07
04:43:06 <harish> we could do that at fudcon kl
04:43:19 <tuanta> could you please introduce yourself a little?
04:43:24 <tuanta> LSD
04:43:35 <tuanta> harish: yes
04:43:41 <LSD> Im Lali, from Sri Lanka
04:43:49 <bckurera> let me introduce LSD , not yet approved as FAm but interested in, so i asked to be in the meeting !
04:43:52 <tuanta> we are collecting the ideas here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Tuanta/FUDCon_KL_2012_BoF_discussion#Discussion_Ideas
04:43:53 <FranciscoD> :D
04:44:40 <tuanta> welcome on board, LSD
04:44:46 <dramsey> :)
04:44:50 <dramsey> #chair LSD
04:44:50 <zodbot> Current chairs: Francis1D_ Francisc1D_ FranciscoD LSD arifiauo bckurera dramsey harish kaio_ph tuanta zergn07
04:44:57 <LSD> Thanks
04:45:15 <kaio_ph> Welcome!
04:45:24 <dramsey> Welcome to the APAC Team, here us roar!
04:45:28 <tuanta> dramsey, regards to the F17 events page, I don't see any events outside APAC :)
04:45:30 <FranciscoD> aye.
04:45:30 * FranciscoD intends to do lots of vides at KL
04:45:48 <dramsey> tuanta, good note.  We did a lot for F16
04:45:53 <tuanta> you meant "videos" FranciscoD?
04:45:55 <dramsey> we are planning and that is important
04:45:57 * bckurera , LSD getting a nice welcome !
04:46:04 * harish i have a flip video and would be happy to use that to create videos.
04:46:20 <dramsey> +1
04:46:21 * FranciscoD is in tears :(
04:46:21 <dramsey> #chair FranciscoD
04:46:22 <zodbot> Current chairs: Francis1D_ Francisc1D_ FranciscoD LSD arifiauo bckurera dramsey harish kaio_ph tuanta zergn07
04:46:24 <tuanta> so, dramsey, you should have more announcements onto the ambassadors list
04:46:36 <dramsey> Sounds good Tuan
04:46:51 <tuanta> for ppl to know that page
04:47:01 <bckurera> tuanta dramsey like announcement ninja :)
04:47:06 <FranciscoD> XD
04:47:53 <tuanta> #action dramsey manage people to add more F17 release party wikis
04:47:57 <dramsey> Looks at clock, 47 minutes into our meeting.
04:47:59 <dramsey> +1
04:48:19 <FranciscoD> lets move to the next topic if we're good here :)
04:48:23 <bckurera> tuanta shall we move then?
04:48:30 <tuanta> ok
04:48:32 <dramsey> +1
04:48:33 <tuanta> #topic Review APAC trac tickets
04:48:53 <tuanta> there are 2 tickets to review today, rights?
04:48:57 <bckurera> topic I waited :)
04:49:00 <bckurera> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2012-04-07#Review_APAC_trac_tickets
04:49:00 <FranciscoD> yup
04:49:13 <tuanta> s/rights/right
04:49:13 <bckurera> ticket #21
04:49:16 <bckurera> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/ticket/21
04:49:31 <bckurera> any one from Bangladesh community?
04:49:55 <FranciscoD> well, people opening tickets should be told to attend the meetings
04:50:04 <FranciscoD> we cant discuss tickets otherwise
04:50:16 <bckurera> I have updated and email this to the reporter.
04:50:35 <tuanta> how many ppl does he expect?
04:50:36 <FranciscoD> bckurera: if its urgent, please ask questions in the ticket and ask the reporter to reply ASAP
04:50:46 <FranciscoD> oops
04:50:50 * FranciscoD guesses powercut ;)
04:50:51 <dramsey> Oh no
04:50:58 <dramsey> :'(
04:51:06 <tuanta> lol, FranciscoD
04:51:18 <FranciscoD> its funny how all these issues only come up when I have meetings to attend XD
04:51:37 <FranciscoD> otherwise I have power all day! :O
04:51:40 <tuanta> yes, FranciscoD, people opening tickets should be told to attend the meetings
04:51:49 * FranciscoD waits for bckurera to return
04:51:57 <tuanta> so we should ask them to do that when we see a ticket opened
04:52:04 <FranciscoD> yes.
04:52:11 <FranciscoD> and then tag it as "meeting" :)
04:52:12 <FranciscoD> yay!
04:52:46 <FranciscoD> the next ticket is about leftovers from FUDCon Pune
04:52:58 <bckurera> sorry disconnected
04:53:06 <dramsey> #chair bckurera
04:53:06 <zodbot> Current chairs: Francis1D_ Francisc1D_ FranciscoD LSD arifiauo bckurera dramsey harish kaio_ph tuanta zergn07
04:53:09 <bckurera> FranciscoD : any update on this?
04:53:16 <bckurera> thanks dramsey !
04:53:31 <FranciscoD> bckurera: i recieved a reply. They have tshirts and banners, both themed on Pune
04:53:36 <FranciscoD> so I've requested the t shirts
04:53:43 <FranciscoD> I'm sure folks will be happy to use them
04:53:51 <FranciscoD> the banners cant be reused IMO :/
04:53:55 <dramsey> +1
04:54:03 <bckurera> +!
04:54:06 <FranciscoD> I'll try getting them to KL :)
04:54:12 <bckurera> s/+!/+1
04:54:14 <FranciscoD> and we can have some Pune in KL ;)
04:54:26 <tuanta> any ticket left?
04:54:32 <bckurera> For info I am bringing some FAm polo to KL too :)
04:54:36 <bckurera> no thats all
04:54:43 <bckurera> we can move
04:54:58 <dramsey> +1 for shirts
04:55:16 <FranciscoD> open floor, 6 minutes :D
04:55:37 * bckurera like today meeting
04:55:56 <FranciscoD> #topic OpenFloor
04:56:00 <tuanta> :)
04:56:21 <dramsey> Well done APAC Team!
04:56:48 <tuanta> once more, please list all things need to be discussed f2f at FUDCon here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Tuanta/FUDCon_KL_2012_BoF_discussion#Discussion_Ideas
04:57:05 <tuanta> I do not want us to miss any important things
04:57:27 <tuanta> since FUDCon KL should be the great chance for us to meet eachother f2f
04:57:29 <bckurera> #action bckurera to work on video to elaborate the importance of apac-trac
04:57:43 <tuanta> +1 bckurera
04:58:28 <tuanta> should we move the wiki page to be more relative with FUDCon KL?
04:58:48 <tuanta> e.g. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:KualaLumpur_2012/FUDCon_KL_2012_BoF_discussion#Discussion_Ideas
04:59:11 <tuanta> or https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:KualaLumpur_2012/BoF_discussion#Discussion_Ideas
04:59:23 <dramsey> 8-):-[Looks forward bckurera and others presentations - video!:-[8-)
04:59:36 <bckurera> :)
04:59:47 <dramsey> #chair FranciscoD_
04:59:47 <zodbot> Current chairs: Francis1D_ Francisc1D_ FranciscoD FranciscoD_ LSD arifiauo bckurera dramsey harish kaio_ph tuanta zergn07
04:59:57 <tuanta> my network is the best today :)
05:00:01 <FranciscoD_> XD
05:00:04 <bckurera> there are lot of FranciscoD s today :)
05:00:06 <FranciscoD_> dramsey: sorry, so many nicks :P
05:00:13 <tuanta> again, should we move the wiki page to be more relative with FUDCon KL?
05:00:18 <FranciscoD_> tuanta: power is back, right when the meeting is about to finish
05:00:20 <dramsey> :-[
05:00:21 <tuanta> e.g. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:KualaLumpur_2012/BoF_discussion#Discussion_Ideas
05:00:33 <FranciscoD> tuanta: ++
05:00:38 <FranciscoD> I think that's a good idea
05:00:56 <FranciscoD> we could also tag it [[Category:Ambassadors APAC]]
05:01:03 <FranciscoD> or similar (if we have a category)
05:01:20 <tuanta> #action move the wiki page to be more relative with FUDCon KL: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:KualaLumpur_2012/BoF_discussion and tag it [[Category:Ambassadors APAC]]
05:01:30 <tuanta> ok, anything else
05:01:31 <tuanta> ?
05:01:37 <tuanta> that's all from me today
05:01:41 <tuanta> we are in time
05:01:45 <dramsey> we are APAC
05:01:50 <FranciscoD> everyone, please get some food from home if permitted to KL :P
05:01:55 <dramsey> :-D
05:02:02 <dramsey> Fedora Cake
05:02:04 <tuanta> +1 FranciscoD
05:02:06 <tuanta> :)
05:02:09 <bckurera> thanks for attending all FAms
05:02:12 <FranciscoD> dramsey: cake ++
05:02:16 <dramsey> Thianks of the azneita blue photo!
05:02:19 <dramsey> :p
05:02:22 <FranciscoD> we'll have a release party
05:02:25 <bckurera> and tuanta for chairing !
05:02:25 <tuanta> Vietnamese foods from me, Indian foods from FranciscoD :)
05:02:26 <FranciscoD> has that been floated already?
05:02:32 <tuanta> etc.
05:02:33 <dramsey> As Heherson says, "It is all about the food!"
05:02:39 <FranciscoD> tuanta: itll be my cooking, so dont have hopes ;)
05:02:51 <FranciscoD> ah, i havent heard about FUDPub yet
05:02:57 <FranciscoD> anyone know anything about it? :)
05:02:58 <tuanta> I love to try Japanese real taste :)
05:03:06 <tuanta> who about Sri Lanka? :)
05:03:16 <tuanta> s/who/how
05:03:30 <tuanta> ok, thanks for coming today
05:03:39 <tuanta> we should end now
05:03:41 <FranciscoD> please think up lots of lightening talks etc for KL
05:03:41 <dramsey> Thank you for chairing Tuan and we did great today.
05:03:51 <FranciscoD> we want to keep it as much fun and interaction as we can :)
05:03:58 <bckurera> i love today meeting lot of things got fixed !
05:04:11 <tuanta> #endmeeting