20:06:39 <gnokii> #startmeeting
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20:07:01 <gnokii> #topic fedora ambassador EMEA meeting
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20:07:16 <gnokii> #roll call
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20:08:10 <arthurbuliva> .fas arthurbuliva
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20:09:45 <gnokii> ok anyone else?
20:11:18 <gnokii> ok, thats what christoph gave me as agenda
20:11:25 <gnokii> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2012-03-07/emea_ambassadors.2012-03-07-20.02.html
20:12:06 <gnokii> #topic fedora ambassador EMEA meeting - announcements
20:12:21 <gnokii> has someone something for that topic?
20:13:22 <gnokii> ok it doesnt look so
20:13:42 <gnokii> #topic fedora ambassador EMEA meeting - Ambassadors Schedule
20:14:20 <gnokii> #link http://rbergero.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-17/f-17-ambassadors-tasks.html
20:14:56 <gnokii> there is one point from last meeting, I should say something about
20:15:32 <gnokii> was the question from zoltan721, if Freedom, Features, Friends, First can be translated
20:16:09 <sesivany> gnokii: it wouldn't certainly work in Czech. So we won't translate it.
20:16:13 <gnokii> the answer should be better not, in some languages there will not every word begin with an F, hopefully that explains it to him
20:16:57 <sesivany> gnokii: I think those words are so common and simple and almost everyone who is at lest a bit into IT knows them.
20:17:08 <gnokii> sesivany: +1
20:18:21 <gnokii> the point for swag, I thaught cwickert like to have a page with the ideas
20:19:13 <gnokii> #topic fedora ambassador EMEA meeting - events
20:19:28 <gnokii> ok someone to tell something here?
20:19:48 <arthurbuliva> !
20:19:49 <sesivany> gnokii: you might want to mention Linux Wochen
20:19:57 <gnokii> sure, I will
20:20:05 <gnokii> arthurbuliva: shoot
20:20:28 <arthurbuliva> IDLELO5 is currently ongoing in Abuja, Nigeria
20:20:52 <arthurbuliva> am in attendance together with twohot (.fas twohot)
20:21:34 <gnokii> eof?
20:21:35 <arthurbuliva> Fedora booth was or rather is well attended. Only setback is media stuck at customs
20:21:39 <arthurbuliva> eof
20:22:04 <sesivany> arthurbuliva: that sucks... so no medie? :-(
20:22:09 <gnokii> yes heard about the medias stick at customs, u gave everything out on the first day
20:22:14 <sesivany> what was a problem?
20:22:26 <gnokii> customs gave them not free
20:22:36 <arthurbuliva> We had about 50 disks
20:22:46 <arthurbuliva> gave about 30 first day
20:23:05 <arthurbuliva> the rest day 3 (today)
20:23:16 <arthurbuliva> also had about 100 stickers
20:23:29 <gnokii> so how many visitors was there?
20:23:41 <arthurbuliva> that was helpful but not with 400 disks at customs
20:24:34 <arthurbuliva> They kept streaming but I can estimate they peaked at abt 40 during lunch time
20:24:42 <arthurbuliva> eof
20:24:49 <gnokii> ok
20:24:51 <sesivany> arthurbuliva: is there any chance to get them eventually?
20:25:07 <sesivany> arthurbuliva: for some other events?
20:25:37 <arthurbuliva> since am not Nigerian (am Kenyan) twohot is bestplaced to follow up
20:26:10 <gnokii> arthurbuliva: think is was a little bit because of the short times ;) We will do it next time better
20:26:24 <arthurbuliva> he is to go to the customs tomorrow. lets see how that goes
20:26:24 * shaiton on late, sorry
20:26:44 <gnokii> ok, anyone else on events?
20:26:56 <arthurbuliva> sure gnokii. thats all on events from me
20:27:44 <gnokii> ok if not then me
20:28:18 <gnokii> last weekend I was at Chemnitzer Linux-Tage with cwickert dmaphy, rsc and some others
20:29:08 <gnokii> was a great event like all the years before, was not so lot of visitors as the years before, but we gave out all media we had and had more interesting visitors on the booth as the years before
20:29:35 <gnokii> we had also a lot of talks and workshops, so fedora was very visible at this event
20:29:59 <gnokii> next event Linuxwochen Vienna
20:31:01 <gnokii> all participants in LGM which is in same place and time, got there talks and workshops accepted, means mizmo has with emichan one, nicubunu has one, me has one and anotehr one with mizmo together
20:31:51 <gnokii> tatica, sesivany and jreznik submitted talks to Linuxwochen, but the call is still open until 1st of April, so if there has a idea for an talk, just submit
20:32:14 <gnokii> damn I submitted to Linuxwochen also :D
20:32:32 <gnokii> think thats all for linuxwochen wien
20:32:43 <gnokii> Linux-Tage Graz
20:33:29 <gnokii> cwickert send out the mail to the ambassador list, who can do the booth there and/or help dmaphy with, no response until now
20:33:36 <gnokii> eof
20:33:41 <sesivany> !
20:33:47 <gnokii> sesivany: shoot
20:34:15 <sesivany> I just want to mention that we went to Slovakia to visit two universities and talk on Red Hat and Fedora.
20:34:28 <sesivany> that's why I couldnt attend the last meeting.
20:34:54 <sesivany> it was very successful. In Kosice, over 100 students came to our event.
20:35:17 <sesivany> so hopefully, we'll have some active community members there soon too :)
20:35:22 <sesivany> eof
20:35:34 <gnokii> ok someone else?
20:36:04 <gnokii> #info IDELO was great but without media
20:36:23 <gnokii> #info CLT like every year a good event for fedora
20:36:56 <gnokii> #info sesivany and jreznike went to some universities in slovakia and got some new contributors there
20:37:15 <gnokii> #info Linuxwochen CfP still open, submit papers
20:37:32 <gnokii> #info Linux-Tage Graz need a second person for booth
20:38:19 <gnokii> ok, next point would be the FUDCon bids, but I think I leave that open
20:39:33 <gnokii> #action cwickert to call for a FUDCon EMEA meeting
20:40:12 <gnokii> #topic fedora ambassador EMEA meeting - open action items
20:40:20 <gnokii> shaiton: ur turn
20:40:36 * shaiton reading back :)
20:40:52 <shaiton> ok, about the french bid,
20:41:10 <gnokii> no, u did ur task announce the pinglist ;)
20:41:16 <shaiton> we should have the auditorium on the last day but still wait for the second one
20:41:20 <shaiton> eheh ok :)
20:41:47 <shaiton> so, nothing more for me right now
20:42:02 <shaiton> I still have to create my Release event page…
20:42:11 <gnokii> shaiton: if u want to say something to fudcon, do it ;)
20:42:35 <shaiton> I've told all what was needed ;)
20:43:42 <gnokii> ok, zoltan and cwickert arent here, so I re-new there actions
20:43:56 <shaiton> yep thanks
20:44:09 <gnokii> #action zoltanh721 to announce the ffm tool once it is ready
20:44:22 <gnokii> #cwickert to file a ticket to get the media budget approved
20:44:45 <gnokii> #topic fedora ambassador EMEA meeting - open floor
20:45:42 <shaiton> have you given the link to the mizmo email?
20:45:59 <gnokii> u mean about the swag page?
20:46:12 <shaiton> yes
20:46:22 <gnokii> no but good idea
20:46:24 <shaiton> cause some could have miss that, we could
20:46:26 <shaiton> http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/2012-March/019239.html
20:46:27 <shaiton> ;)
20:47:12 <gnokii> #info mizmo works on collecting a single page with all marketing material http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/2012-March/019239.html
20:47:51 <gnokii> noone else?
20:48:00 <sesivany> that was a great call by Mairin. We're desparately waiting for some new print-ready sources for stickers.
20:48:47 <sesivany> we're still using the sheet done by nicu, but it's old and doesn't follow logo guidelines.
20:49:26 <gnokii> sesivany: think thats why mizmo does it, because t2hot liked something of the old designs
20:50:55 <sesivany> gnokii: I like the designs too, they just need to be adjusted to logo guidelines.
20:51:53 <sesivany> gnokii: but swag is definitely a topic to discuss because release parties are coming and we have nothing to give away...
20:52:44 <gnokii> sesivany: so far I remember we had a discussion last meeting about, and there was a action for Christoph, but cant tell the result
20:53:44 <sesivany> gnokii: I'm always here to take care of some swag. We have trusted suppliers.
20:55:00 * egyDev rises his hand
20:55:10 <gnokii> egyDev: shoot
20:55:45 <egyDev> : It's not wrong to learn from other communities
20:56:25 <egyDev> yesterday ubuntu-eg team was approved as loco team, They seemed to be very happy
20:56:35 <egyDev> & as far as I know they earned it
20:56:50 <egyDev> why don't we go in similar way
20:57:14 <egyDev> approved teams & make some resources available only to those who are approved
20:57:18 <egyDev> eof.
20:57:35 <arthurbuliva> .
20:58:02 <gnokii> arthurbuliva: ?
20:58:13 <arthurbuliva> sorry. mistake
20:58:45 <gnokii> egyDev: think we do it more open as ubuntu ;)
20:59:03 <sesivany> egyDev: In Fedora, we don't have LoCo team, but we ambassadors and they have to be pretty much approved as well.
20:59:14 <thunderbirdtr> sesivany, +1
20:59:37 <egyDev> I'm not speaking about openness
20:59:49 <egyDev> I'm speaking about motivation
21:00:20 <egyDev> I know that we're more open here
21:00:21 <gnokii> motivate to have a Loco team?
21:00:30 <egyDev> no
21:00:55 <egyDev> motivate every country's ambassadors
21:01:00 <egyDev> to work together
21:01:14 <egyDev> to work more to be approved
21:01:45 <egyDev> so that they can have privileges over those who don't work
21:02:05 <egyDev> individual works from single ambassadors are good but they don't last
21:02:12 <gnokii> and what has it to do with LoCo team?
21:03:10 <egyDev> gnokii: in their Loco team idea , work is done by all the group
21:03:12 <sesivany> egyDev: there are some aspects of Ubuntu community that I like. What is for sure is that they demand much more from LoCo team to give them resources. My friend who is a lead of Czech LoCo has to send quarterly reports, they need to run a localized webpage etc.
21:03:25 <egyDev> They all get rewarded or not
21:03:37 <egyDev> Team work
21:03:53 <egyDev> which is fedora about from the beginning, Community
21:03:55 <gnokii> egyDev: wouldnt say we work each ambassador alone, I work very well with the rest of the german ambassadors and also with sesivany and other czech one because border is near to me
21:05:04 <egyDev> gnokii: EMEA is not just chez or germany
21:05:07 <gnokii> the fact is the Loco structure demands not team work
21:05:15 <egyDev> I'm talking about other countries
21:06:30 <egyDev> The idea is not loco teams itself
21:06:36 <gnokii> ok, think thats a to big topic to discuss it here endless, thats more for #fedora-ambassadors
21:06:55 <egyDev> ok
21:07:04 <egyDev> e.
21:07:04 <gnokii> will close the meeting in 1 minute if not someone has something
21:07:11 <thunderbirdtr> I think we done ?
21:07:14 <sesivany> egyDev: what I like is that every LoCo team is responsible for certain area/country and Ubuntu community pushes them to be active which is why they cover more countries properly. We have active ambassadors e.g. in Germany, but some countries are pretty much inactive even though we have ambassadors there ("on paper"). Nothing changes because no one is responsible for that countries. Ambassadors may work or not.
21:07:56 <gnokii> sesivany: but look at the german loco, they force to do sucks, so there leave more and more ppl
21:08:27 <sesivany> gnokii: there are certainly two sides of the coin.
21:08:40 <egyDev> echo /dev/emea >> #fedora-ambassadors ?
21:08:40 <gnokii> sesivany: sure
21:08:52 <sesivany> gnokii: I don't think pushing volunteers too hard is good.
21:08:54 <gnokii> egyDev: yes
21:09:07 <gnokii> sesivany: I know
21:09:14 <gnokii> so will close the meeting now
21:09:27 <gnokii> #endmeeting