02:00:03 <inode0> #startmeeting FAmNA
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02:00:12 <inode0> #meetingname FAmNA
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02:00:22 <inode0> #topic Roll Call
02:00:37 <award3535> Evening everyone
02:00:42 <chanchito> IDEM!
02:01:13 <Zethrus> Hello all
02:01:19 * nb 
02:01:33 <NiveusLuna> Present.
02:01:35 <inode0> where is the sushi crowd?
02:01:52 <chanchito> 1/3 is here
02:02:06 * rbergeron is in but cooking for a bit, sorry :(
02:02:13 <inode0> the others are still eating sushi I think
02:02:27 <inode0> #topic Announcements
02:02:47 <inode0> Meat the Beefy Miracle: Announcing the release of Fedora 17 Alpha!
02:02:58 <inode0> link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/announce/2012-February/003044.html
02:03:04 <award3535> looking forward to trying it out
02:03:07 <inode0> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/announce/2012-February/003044.html
02:03:44 <inode0> Bring out your bid! The bidding process for the next FUDCon in North America is now OPEN.
02:03:54 <inode0> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/announce/2012-February/003043.html
02:04:42 <rbergeron> :)
02:04:51 <inode0> I have one other announcement sort of thing - more just a piece of information
02:04:51 <nb> yeah!
02:05:18 <inode0> We will be ready to start making funding decisions for events soon - figure next meeting
02:05:37 <inode0> So it is important to start thinking about budgets for those events coming up soon
02:05:42 <nb> inode0, did we find out if the tentative budget was approved?
02:06:16 <inode0> well, I haven't found that out but we will have funds and need to get started so we will get started :)
02:06:27 <nb> oh ok
02:07:04 <inode0> any other announcements?
02:07:24 <inode0> #topic Tickets
02:07:55 <inode0> Let's take a quick look at our action items from last week before we begin with tickets
02:08:02 <inode0> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2012-02-22/famna.2012-02-22-02.00.html
02:08:47 * inode0 crosses off his with
02:08:51 <inode0> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/PyCon_US_2012
02:09:18 * inode0 crosses off graphite6's with
02:09:28 <inode0> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Northeast_Linuxfest_2012
02:10:08 * inode0 notes the POSSCON wiki page still needs work
02:10:17 <inode0> chanchito: how about yours?
02:10:45 <chanchito> i did supply all of my info and a slight increase of 25% on materials for the NELF
02:11:02 <inode0> have you heard back from anyone?
02:11:17 <nb> oh i should get stuff shipped
02:11:21 <inode0> It would be nice to have you all set this week.
02:11:28 <chanchito> so far no, i also sent an email to ambassadors list besides a personal one
02:11:39 <chanchito> yes it would
02:12:10 <chanchito> im ordering a table cover as well
02:12:17 <chanchito> probably without artwork for now
02:12:28 <inode0> we have a table cover in the event box, so you don't need to do that
02:12:33 <inode0> with the artwork
02:13:14 <chanchito> ok awesome
02:13:27 <inode0> nb: what are you shipping wrt NELF?
02:14:23 <nb> i forget, was i supposed to?
02:14:27 <nb> i know i'm supposed to ship pycon
02:14:37 <nb> i thought nelf neeeded more swag
02:14:42 * Sonar_Gal is lurking
02:14:55 <inode0> ok
02:15:24 <inode0> can you and chanchito right after the meeting or on the side sort out what to send him?
02:15:26 <chanchito> i did ask for about a 25% increase overall, attendance is higher and more sponsors were added over the last 2 weeks, thus the event floor space is almost ful now
02:15:28 <nb> inode0, sure
02:16:20 <inode0> #action nb and chanchito will sort out swag for SELF in addition to that from DemonJester
02:16:28 <inode0> #undo
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02:16:33 <inode0> #action nb and chanchito will sort out swag for NELF in addition to that from DemonJester
02:16:46 <inode0> those are too similar
02:17:35 <inode0> chanchito: even if it seems like nagging sending a polite reminder to Ben and Brian would be ok
02:18:01 <chanchito> OK sir, will do!  been a bit reserved, playing it safe
02:18:03 * inode0 is confident both will produce the stuff in time
02:18:17 <inode0> but you'll feel more comfortable getting in hand early
02:18:22 <chanchito> exactly
02:18:48 <inode0> #link https://fedorahosted.org/famna/report/9
02:19:02 <inode0> here are the tickets for tonight, most will be quick
02:19:23 <inode0> .famnaticket 6
02:19:24 <zodbot> inode0: #6 (PyCon US 2012, Mar 7-15, Santa Clara, CA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/6
02:19:41 * SGS is here.
02:20:19 <inode0> This is pretty much ready to put a bow on now. nb needs to ship some stuff and rbergeron may still be working on something but if the stuff gets shipped we are good.
02:20:27 <inode0> Hi SGS
02:20:56 <inode0> nb: can you get that out real quick now - needs to be there next week
02:21:59 * inode0 assumes silence means yes
02:22:08 <inode0> that is the Fedora way!
02:22:30 <inode0> .famnaticket 8
02:22:32 <zodbot> inode0: #8 (POSSCON 2012, Mar 27-29, Columbia, SC) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/8
02:23:02 <nb> inode0, yeah
02:23:12 <inode0> Nothing much for me to report here except it looks better that we will have an ambassador there ... waiting on confirmation though
02:23:39 <inode0> .famnaticket 9
02:23:41 <zodbot> inode0: #9 (Northeast Linux Fest 2012, Mar 17, Worcester, MA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/9
02:24:01 <inode0> graphite6 is just in time for us to gush over her wiki page :)
02:24:03 <chanchito> yay!
02:24:15 <graphite6> back from sushi :)
02:24:32 <graphite6> inode0: I believe I used your new template
02:24:40 <inode0> you escaped the monkeys
02:24:59 <graphite6> and no one screamed too loud :)
02:25:11 * NiveusLuna screams in terror and runs
02:25:14 <inode0> chanchito: can you edit the wiki page to taste to include some information about what you have planned?
02:25:27 * inode0 read about some things on the NELF site
02:26:29 <inode0> we can help you get your bearings if you need some help with the wiki
02:27:12 <inode0> Is there anything more we should talk about for NELF before I move on?
02:28:17 * inode0 assumes silence means no
02:28:21 <inode0> that is the Fedora way!
02:28:34 <inode0> .famnaticket 13
02:28:37 <zodbot> inode0: #13 (ABLEconf 2012, Mar 24, Tempe, AZ) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/13
02:29:06 <inode0> no one has grabbed this yet so as proposed last week I'll cross it off our list for Q1
02:29:19 <inode0> #action inode0 aborts ABLEconf
02:29:27 <inode0> that should look good in the logs
02:29:43 <inode0> .famnaticket 14
02:29:44 <zodbot> inode0: #14 (LibrePlanet 2012, Mar 24-25, Boston, MA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/14
02:29:57 <inode0> we are still looking for an owner for LibrePlanet
02:30:59 <inode0> .famnaticket 18
02:31:00 <zodbot> inode0: #18 (Q2 2011 Event Review) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/18
02:31:26 <inode0> four pretty important events are in Q2
02:31:46 <inode0> .famnaticket 21
02:31:47 <zodbot> inode0: #21 (SouthEast LinuxFest 2012, Jun 8-10, Charlotte, NC) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/21
02:32:01 <nb> self i know ben and I are planning on going
02:32:04 <nb> and SGS i assume
02:32:08 <nb> and not sure who else
02:32:09 <inode0> we have an owner for SELF and lots of stuff will be planned for this event
02:32:19 <award3535> I plan on also attending
02:32:19 <inode0> we'll have lots of people there
02:32:50 <inode0> registration and the call for papers opened in the past few days
02:33:06 <inode0> so please consider submitting a talk if you are so inclined
02:33:47 <chanchito> sorry i was away editing
02:33:48 <inode0> .famnaticket 22
02:33:49 <zodbot> inode0: #22 (Red Hat Summit / JBossWorld 2012, Jun 26-29, Boston, MA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/22
02:33:59 <chanchito> thx for the event page!
02:34:00 <inode0> thanks chanchito
02:34:27 <graphite6> chanchito: no problem :)
02:34:48 <inode0> The Summit is always a big event for us but isn't a normal event for us. A lot of Summit planning will be coming in the near future.
02:35:28 <makfinsky> Summit is fun!
02:35:30 <inode0> Traditionally the FPL owns the Summit as that person is normally charged with making sure we are on good behavior during this event. :)
02:35:32 <graphite6> inode0: rbergeron has set up an event page, I tweaked it some and linked to the main event page
02:36:19 <inode0> .famnaticket 23
02:36:20 <zodbot> inode0: #23 (Community Leadership Summit 2012, Jul 14-15, Portland, OR) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/23
02:36:22 <inode0> .famnaticket 24
02:36:23 <zodbot> inode0: #24 (OSCON 2012, Jul 16-20, Portland, OR) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/24
02:36:31 <inode0> these sort of go together
02:37:08 <inode0> we always have people at both although OSCON any more tends to be expensive for us to go wild at
02:37:08 <makfinsky> The dates certainly line up nicely for those who want to spend a week in Portland.
02:37:42 <inode0> and finally in Q2 we have
02:37:45 <inode0> .famnaticket 25
02:37:46 <zodbot> inode0: #25 (LinuxCon North America 2012, Aug 29-31, San Diego, CA) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/25
02:37:59 <inode0> this is a really nice community event that we attend every year
02:38:19 <inode0> maybe I should rephrase that
02:38:29 <inode0> strike community
02:38:55 <inode0> the plumbers conference is held there too if I'm not mistaken
02:39:37 <inode0> so that is a quick once over of our usual Q2 events
02:40:00 <inode0> if any of you know of other interesting events for us to participate in please bring them to our attention
02:40:30 <inode0> any kind of events where there would be a benefit to Fedora from attending is fair game
02:40:54 <NiveusLuna> there's a con i'm attending in june
02:41:03 <NiveusLuna> but idk how to squeeze fedora into it
02:41:15 <makfinsky> NiveusLuna: What's the con?
02:41:19 <NiveusLuna> it's an anime convention. Akon.
02:41:22 <inode0> add them to the wiki, open a trac ticket, bring them up at meetings - whatever works best for you
02:41:29 <inode0> but bring them up!
02:41:38 <NiveusLuna> held in Dallas, June 1-3
02:41:47 <makfinsky> NiveusLuna: Graphic design features/tools in fedora, ie. inkscape, etc.
02:42:05 <NiveusLuna> hum. showcase the design spin. that might work.
02:42:15 <inode0> smooge and inode0 almost went to comic con - we are interested in reaching out to new communities
02:42:24 <makfinsky> Yes, that! I meant to say that...
02:43:08 <award3535> That would be an interesting adventure, bu maybe worth it
02:43:35 <NiveusLuna> It might be too late to get a booth this year. Prices are already going up for tickets.
02:43:48 <NiveusLuna> But I'll look into next year, absolutely.
02:43:54 <inode0> we have portable booths that fit into backpacks :)
02:44:02 <NiveusLuna> I like that idea.
02:44:17 <makfinsky> Guerrilla booths??
02:44:29 <makfinsky> That is awesome!
02:44:49 <award3535> that is a great idea
02:45:11 <inode0> ok, let's real quick zip through Q3 and Q4 (these have fewer big events for us normally)
02:45:22 <inode0> .famnaticket 19
02:45:24 <zodbot> inode0: #19 (Q3 2011 Event Review) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/19
02:45:37 <inode0> .famnaticket 26
02:45:38 <zodbot> inode0: #26 (Ohio LinuxFest 2012, Sep 28-30, Columbus, OH) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/26
02:45:54 <chanchito> i will be attending Ohio Linux Fest
02:45:57 <inode0> This is a really great community conference and I think this is its 10th anniversary
02:45:58 * rbergeron grumbles
02:46:03 <rbergeron> yup.
02:46:19 <Zethrus> I want to go too if i can
02:46:21 <inode0> So I'd love to see us make a big showing there
02:46:39 <chanchito> sorry robyn!  i don't have to go, i can go to a different event,
02:46:48 <inode0> They are accepting talk proposals now so please think about submitting one
02:46:53 <inode0> or two, or three
02:46:55 <rbergeron> chanchito: i'm not grumbling about that - i'm grumbling about my lateness and burned dinner :)
02:47:15 <chanchito> oh!  i love burned food, my burgers look like hockey pucks
02:47:17 <rbergeron> OLF is realy great about welcoming first-time presenters.
02:47:23 <rbergeron> really, also.
02:47:42 <chanchito> i would like to give some talks there about apache and fedora and jboss from some of my classes
02:48:00 <inode0> There is plenty of time to plan OLF, but do get in some talk ideas as that can't wait forever
02:48:04 <makfinsky> I'll be there, for company. I"ll bring the fedora amb shirts with me and pimp Fedora.
02:48:51 <NiveusLuna> I wonder if I can find a way to talk my boss into letting me to go a linux con as a business trip
02:49:03 <NiveusLuna> all our stuff is windows or mac :(
02:49:12 <Zethrus> That event is near the end of september , correct?
02:49:19 <makfinsky> NiveusLuna: Linux cons are business trips if your job requires you to know and use linux.
02:49:19 <inode0> .famnaticket 27
02:49:21 <zodbot> inode0: #27 (Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2012, Oct 3-6, Baltimore, MD) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/27
02:49:38 <makfinsky> inode0: Woa... what is that??
02:49:52 <inode0> This one we attending last year and the year before we sent some material to share.
02:49:55 <makfinsky> That's very near me.
02:50:05 <graphite6> have to say I'm a woman in computing near baltimore and I have never heard of this conference
02:50:10 <NiveusLuna> makfinsky: it doesn't, sadly. it does require os x, which is freebsd-based, though.
02:50:17 <rbergeron> graphite6: it's not always there, it moves every year.
02:50:26 <inode0> It would be nice to attend again this year and it would be really nice if we could get some women in Fedora to attend :)
02:50:27 <rbergeron> it's very large.
02:50:35 <rbergeron> OH LOOK MY KITCHEN IS ON FIRE
02:50:38 <graphite6> rbergeron: gotcha
02:51:06 <makfinsky> Um, that just made me think of The IT Crowd episode...
02:51:06 <rbergeron> inode0: i think some of the east coast females would be delighted to attend this.
02:51:10 <chanchito> i look nine months pregnant in drag
02:51:19 <chanchito> otherwise i would volunteer
02:51:29 <chanchito> i still plan to attend
02:51:34 * inode0 suggests spreading the word about Grace Hopper
02:51:40 <rbergeron> it's not *only* women, it's a celebration of women.
02:51:48 <inode0> yes
02:51:52 <makfinsky> I think I'll put that one on the calendar.
02:51:57 <graphite6> lol, we've got burning kitchens and ambassadors in drag, this is an AWESOME meeting
02:52:21 <rbergeron> never a dull moment :)
02:52:27 <makfinsky> LOL
02:52:39 <graphite6> love it :)
02:52:41 <NiveusLuna> Agreed.
02:52:43 <inode0> .famnaticket 28
02:52:44 <zodbot> inode0: #28 (NYSCATE Annual Conference, Nov 18-20, Rochester, NY?) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/28
02:53:28 <inode0> This is an edu conference in NY, we have an ambassador there who attends usually so I'm not too worried about this one getting covered.
02:54:06 <inode0> and it is a little out of our mainstream but promoting open source in education is worth our effort
02:54:27 <inode0> and the last ticket for tonight
02:54:33 <inode0> .famnaticket 20
02:54:34 <zodbot> inode0: #20 (Q4 2011 Event Review) – FAmNA general trac - https://fedorahosted.org/famna/ticket/20
02:55:02 <inode0> FUDCon and SCALE - no details available about either yet but they will happen in Q4
02:55:09 <rbergeron> Q4 2012?
02:55:22 <NiveusLuna> that reminds me. there's a class that teaches ubuntu at my local community college. i suggested Fedora, and the prof said he'd love to, "but ubuntu is easier to use".
02:55:24 <rbergeron> oh i see
02:55:36 <rbergeron> ask your professor when the last time was that he tried fedora :)
02:55:38 <inode0> FY13
02:55:57 <chanchito> wrap the professor's car in plastic bubble wrap
02:55:57 <rbergeron> inode0: i see what you did here. never mind
02:56:01 <inode0> Red Hat is beginning FY13, right?
02:56:04 <rbergeron> yes.
02:56:05 <NiveusLuna> rbergeron: will do. I'll probably give him some live dvds, too.
02:56:33 <rbergeron> Either that or have LUG meetings right afterwards and talk about fedora every week :)
02:57:10 <NiveusLuna> hehe. he did point me to the IT club he runs, so he's not unfamiliar with it.
02:57:17 <rbergeron> inode0: that quarter is usually dead as a doornail.
02:57:34 <inode0> #info talk submissions are open for SELF, OLF, and others - please consider submitting
02:57:49 <NiveusLuna> But GNOME3 is probably the future, so I'll give it another shot.
02:58:00 <inode0> #topic Open Floor
02:58:08 <rbergeron> THANKS to inode0! :)
02:58:10 <inode0> we have 2 minutes left :)
02:58:12 <chanchito> yay!
02:58:19 <chanchito> quick small announcement
02:58:23 <inode0> shoot
02:58:36 <chanchito> im invited to podcast with some tech groups at harvard business school
02:58:43 <rbergeron> very cool :)
02:58:44 <NiveusLuna> congrats.
02:58:53 <chanchito> they will be interviewing and asking open source questions
02:58:58 <chanchito> panel type discussion
02:59:02 <NiveusLuna> that's no small honor.
02:59:10 <makfinsky> Met with graphite6 tonight, it was great to meet another ambassador in person.
02:59:12 <chanchito> my best friend it the IT Platform manager there
02:59:20 <chanchito> yay
02:59:21 <makfinsky> chanchito: Very nice!
02:59:28 <graphite6> chanchito: awesome!
02:59:39 <chanchito> you guys met!  great
02:59:42 <chanchito> take pictures
03:00:01 <makfinsky> Damn... we didn't take pics.
03:00:10 <graphite6> makfinsky: thank you for dinner! It was fabulous
03:00:25 <graphite6> sorry, no pictures, we couldn't stop talking :)
03:00:26 <makfinsky> I enjoyed it very much.
03:00:33 <chanchito> sashimi deluxe!
03:00:42 <award3535> have a good evening everyone, look forward to next week.
03:01:13 <chanchito> adios y muy buenas noches, suerte y salud!
03:01:17 <NiveusLuna> Likewise. It's bedtime for me. gotta get up in 9 hours.
03:01:21 <makfinsky> Buenas noches!
03:01:23 <inode0> ok, remember we can all run back over to the ambassadors channel to chat after the meeting
03:01:29 <inode0> anything else for tonight?
03:01:30 <chanchito> oh yeah
03:01:58 <makfinsky> I'm still tentative for posscon. I need to put together the event page.
03:02:03 <makfinsky> That's it for me.
03:02:07 <inode0> thanks
03:02:25 <inode0> #endmeeting