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22:00:56 <cwickert> #topic Roll call
22:01:03 <cwickert> .fas cwickert
22:01:03 <zodbot> cwickert: cwickert 'Christoph Wickert' <christoph.wickert@googlemail.com>
22:01:07 <herlo> .fas herlo
22:01:07 <zodbot> herlo: herlo 'Clint Savage' <herlo1@gmail.com>
22:01:08 <yn1v> .fas yn1v
22:01:12 <zodbot> yn1v: yn1v 'Neville A. Cross' <neville@taygon.com>
22:01:22 <cwickert> that is 3. we need one more
22:01:28 <cwickert> ping kaio
22:01:50 <yn1v> I have a situation at work, I will be fully here in about 5 to 10 minutes
22:01:59 <cwickert> #info Zoltan sent regrets he cannot attend. He went through the tickets before the meeting
22:02:32 <kaio_> Hi
22:02:44 <kaio_> Just checking mailbox.
22:03:04 <cwickert> ok, this makes it 5
22:03:07 <cwickert> excellent
22:03:15 <cwickert> who is the last one missing?
22:03:16 <kaio_> .fas me@kaio.net
22:03:17 <zodbot> kaio_: kaio 'Caius Chance (かいお)' <me@kaio.net>
22:03:30 <cwickert> .fas igorps
22:03:30 <zodbot> cwickert: igor 'Igor Pires Soares' <igor@projetofedora.org>
22:03:59 <cwickert> ah, Geraad
22:04:15 <cwickert> Note that it's his birthday today
22:04:21 <kaio_> Ping gbraad
22:04:26 <cwickert> well, I guess for him it's already over
22:04:37 <cwickert> these time zone things are a problem
22:04:44 <igorps> Hello!
22:04:48 <cwickert> lets start
22:04:49 <cwickert> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/report/9
22:05:05 <cwickert> .famsco 250
22:05:07 <zodbot> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/250
22:05:14 <cwickert> #topic Swag shipping improvements
22:05:34 <cwickert> lets take a moment to read the new comments in the ticket
22:06:41 <herlo> cwickert: nb and I had a discussion today regarding his comment. He misunderstood the purpose of this ticket. He is planning on adding another comment to which may help more than his confused comment :)
22:07:03 <cwickert> herlo: who is "he"? Zoltan?
22:07:10 <herlo> nb
22:07:19 <herlo> it's the second to last comment
22:07:27 <cwickert> to me it looks like nb is right with his comment
22:07:35 <herlo> cwickert: https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/250#comment:15
22:07:47 <cwickert> he responded to Zoltan and Zoltan indeed is overcomplicating things
22:08:14 <herlo> cwickert: however, he thought the whole ticket was about enforcing rules
22:08:21 <herlo> rather than just getting opinions
22:08:23 <cwickert> I see
22:08:26 <igorps> nb's comment seems perfectly reasonable to me as well
22:08:41 <herlo> in relation to the previous comment, probably.
22:08:43 <cwickert> that's probably because of Zoltan's previous comment
22:08:55 <cwickert> I think Zoltan really got some things wrong
22:09:10 <herlo> yes, I would guess so. I am just saying that he (nb) may add more to the conversation later on
22:09:18 <cwickert> 1. The ticket is about shipping, not about production
22:09:32 <cwickert> 2. Nobody wants to take the responsibility from the local teams
22:09:38 <herlo> not saying his comments should be stricken or anything, just that he may want to add more.
22:09:46 <cwickert> 3. We are just trying to learn from each other here
22:10:02 <cwickert> everybody agrees my 3 points?
22:10:16 <herlo> aye
22:10:21 <igorps> cwickert, +1
22:10:43 <cwickert> ok, now for the actual improvments
22:10:56 <cwickert> I think that the idea of the ambassadors kit is a good one
22:11:04 <cwickert> but we already have this, say in NA
22:11:35 <cwickert> the idea is to have one person have much swag so everything for an event can be sent by a single person
22:11:57 <herlo> cwickert: I think that's region specific, but a good idea nonetheless :)
22:12:05 <cwickert> however if we have such a swag wrangler in each region, we also have a single point of failure
22:12:55 <igorps> In Brazil we are trying to build something similar to an ambassador kit, but we need to foster this in other parts of LATAM too
22:13:44 <igorps> but it  depends on the swag wranglers
22:14:06 <cwickert> it seems we agree on most things here, so I wonder where the problems are
22:14:26 <cwickert> unfortunately none of the people who said they had problems has yet spoken up
22:14:42 <cwickert> we need to discuss this in the regional meetings or on the mailing list
22:14:48 <igorps> I believe that most problems in that case are region-specific
22:15:01 <cwickert> and I am guilty as chared I did not bring it up in the EMEA meeting
22:15:11 <cwickert> s/chared/charged
22:15:30 <kaio> in Australia & New Zealand, nothing had ever been organised
22:15:31 <herlo> cwickert: regional meetings would probably be good. I don't think NA sees too many problems with swag wranglers
22:15:47 <herlo> multiple swag wranglers
22:16:01 <cwickert> ok, next steps? I don't think we made much progress in the last week, so we should reach out to the regional teams
22:16:07 <cwickert> herlo: +1
22:16:29 <igorps> cwickert, +1
22:16:44 <herlo> cwickert: let's ask each region to discuss swag wrangling in their region and report back over the next month?
22:16:50 <cwickert> ok
22:17:03 <herlo> unless all regions meet each week, in which we can shorten the time to 2 weeks
22:17:26 <cwickert> #action all FAmSCo members do bring up #250 in their regional meetings
22:17:47 <cwickert> #action cwickert to write something about #250 to the ambassadors list
22:18:00 <cwickert> anything else for now?
22:18:02 <herlo> very good! :)
22:18:02 <nb> oh
22:18:04 <nb> im here
22:18:10 <herlo> nb: hello
22:18:28 <cwickert> nb: don't worry, everything is fine
22:18:35 <herlo> nb: we discussed your comment a little, it looks like I didn't catch that you were replying to zoltan
22:18:45 <herlo> everyone liked your point of view :)
22:18:53 <cwickert> nb: nobody wants to centralize anything or take the power from the regional teams
22:18:59 <nb> oh ok
22:19:21 <kaio> famsco != rulers
22:20:04 <cwickert> nb: we are simply trying to learn here. so you could add your positive and negative experiences to the ticket. what works well in NA and what does not
22:20:07 <cwickert> that's all we want
22:20:27 <nb> cwickert, sure, i can do that
22:20:39 <cwickert> ok, there is not much we need to do here, but I want to make you aware of one thing
22:20:53 <nb> although herlo mainly already said how NA works in the ticket
22:21:16 * cwickert still searches for the link...
22:22:01 <cwickert> ok, found it
22:22:03 <cwickert> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Pchestek/TMGuidelinesDraft#Ambassador_giveaways
22:22:16 <cwickert> there are new trademark guidelines coming our way
22:22:38 <cwickert> and they will make swag production way more complicated when the section I just linked gets approved
22:22:56 * inode0 pleads that you don't approve it :)
22:22:58 <cwickert> the board has just raised it's concerns
22:23:22 <cwickert> inode0: I'll do my best to prevent serious damage
22:23:39 <herlo> cwickert: I would like to see the boards response. I guess I'll go find that...
22:24:19 <cwickert> herlo: we are fine with most things, at least we understand why we need to follow certain rules
22:24:30 <cwickert> however the Ambassadors section just does not work
22:24:38 <cwickert> see my mail at http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/advisory-board/2012-February/011368.html
22:25:01 <cwickert> currently the board is collecting all open questions and then we sent it to legal
22:25:13 <herlo> thanks
22:25:15 <cwickert> basically what we want is that the whole section gets removed
22:25:22 <cwickert> or at least made way more easy
22:25:23 <herlo> cwickert: I'd agree
22:25:33 <cwickert> just take this as a heads-up
22:25:44 <cwickert> or should we have a dedicated ticket about this?
22:26:31 <herlo> cwickert: I think it might be a good thing for us to give some suggestions regarding this as a whole.
22:26:36 * inode0 would like to see this addressed regionally by the people who actually make the swag we use now
22:26:53 <cwickert> herlo: +1
22:27:22 <cwickert> #action cwickert to file a ticket about the new TM guidelines in order to have a common FAmSCo statement
22:27:50 * yn1v is fully back and has catch up with log
22:28:01 <cwickert> inode0: of course I want feedback from the regional teams, but I want the power of FAmSCo to speak up with one voice
22:28:20 <cwickert> ok, I think that's all for swag for now
22:28:41 <cwickert> .famsco 251
22:28:41 <zodbot> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/251
22:28:43 <inode0> cwickert: if I may !
22:28:56 <cwickert> inode0: speak up
22:29:34 <inode0> I probably misspoke, I don't really care about regional teams in this case - I care about the impact this will on the individuals who do the actual work now
22:29:53 <inode0> someone should take care to talk to some of them :)
22:30:03 <inode0> eof
22:30:09 <cwickert> I think we all agree on that since we all dealt with swag
22:30:22 <herlo> +1
22:30:38 <cwickert> inode0: just to make this clear: your "give back our distro" buttons would never have made it with these guidelines
22:31:09 <cwickert> while the guidelines are not bad per-se, they have something of ACTA :)
22:31:26 <cwickert> ok, lets move on
22:31:27 <inode0> guidelines can't stop renegade violations :-)
22:31:32 <cwickert> #topic Budget and reimbursement issues
22:31:52 <cwickert> I think I need to give you some updates
22:32:13 <cwickert> 1. spot is going to hire somebody who will do the budget. not sure when this happens though
22:32:38 <cwickert> 2. rbergeron is working like crazy to clean the budget mess up
22:32:55 <cwickert> an applause for rbergeron everybody!
22:33:00 * cwickert claps his hands
22:33:11 * nb applauds
22:33:18 * yn1v aplaude
22:33:21 <herlo> +3 for rbergeron
22:33:23 <cwickert> 3. rbergeron and I are working on a dedicated track only for budget
22:33:25 <herlo> with clapping
22:33:30 * igorps claps!
22:33:41 * zodbot claps
22:34:18 <cwickert> this doesn't mean we will take budget away from FAmSCo or the regional teams, it will just happen in another trac with lots of custom fields, better workflow, meaningful queries etc
22:34:24 <cwickert> stay tuned for changes here
22:34:33 <cwickert> ah
22:34:45 <cwickert> and 4: you all have read the mail from Harish I think
22:35:07 <cwickert> the budget for next year was approved and the numbers are the same as last year
22:35:30 * cwickert is not sure if it was actually approved, but it will be and it looks like last year
22:35:39 <cwickert> ok, questions?
22:35:48 <igorps> From the feedback I got from our last report people are a bit confused with budget information, but I believe that things will get clearer now.
22:35:59 <nb> cwickert, I thought the proposed budget was a little bigger than last year?
22:36:11 <igorps> nb, me too
22:36:13 <nb> cwickert, is there one more recent than http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/famsco/2012-February/001003.html ?
22:36:41 <cwickert> nb: no, that is that latest
22:36:46 <nb> ok
22:36:53 <igorps> it's the same from FY11, tough
22:37:03 <cwickert> nb: but AFAIK it always was 200k
22:37:25 <cwickert> and yes, the numbers for the 2012 budget in that mail are pretty messed up and outdated
22:37:32 <cwickert> but there is not much we can do about it
22:38:09 <cwickert> more questions?
22:38:47 <cwickert> doesn't seem so
22:38:58 <cwickert> .famsco 255
22:38:58 <zodbot> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/255
22:39:02 <cwickert> #topic New FAmSco election rules
22:39:12 <cwickert> herlo: did you have the time to look over them?
22:39:44 <nb> cccccccbjrgdgjbtefbkcelruhierbljcurecverjduu
22:39:49 <herlo> cwickert: I did
22:40:04 <nb> oh shit sorry
22:40:09 <nb> accidentally pushed yubikey
22:40:29 <igorps> I added a few comments there, mostly about making people with CLA+1 eligible and about the vacant seats
22:40:31 <cwickert> herlo: and did I miss something from our session? I mean the "filling up vacant seats" stuff
22:40:44 <herlo> I have a feeling it's a bit wordy, but it is a very good draft. Probably just need to clean up some language and duplications like you mentioned in your comments
22:40:56 <herlo> cwickert: I don't think you missed anything on that
22:41:03 <cwickert> cool
22:41:12 <herlo> yup :)
22:41:18 <igorps> Sounds very good to me as well
22:41:20 <yn1v> I like to have CLA+1 to vote
22:41:21 <cwickert> if you have suggestions how to stip things down, please add them
22:41:27 <herlo> igorps: I saw your comment and I agree with that as well
22:41:42 <cwickert> who agrees to CLA+1?
22:41:44 <cwickert> +1
22:41:48 <igorps> +1
22:41:49 <yn1v> +1
22:42:37 <cwickert> herlo, kaio...
22:42:51 <herlo> +1
22:43:12 <cwickert> Zoltan already agreed in the ticket
22:43:48 <cwickert> #agreed: We will make all project members with CLA+1 eligible to vote for FAmSCo
22:44:10 <cwickert> kaio: just for the record I'd like to hear your opinion on that, too
22:44:20 <cwickert> inode0: congrats, your suggestion made it
22:44:36 <cwickert> ok, lets leave it at this for now
22:44:57 <cwickert> lets work on the wording and strip things down and then vote on it
22:45:15 <cwickert> I suggest we vote by paragraph, but we can figure that out next week
22:45:34 <cwickert> questions, ideas, rants before I move on?
22:45:56 <cwickert> .famsco 258
22:45:56 <zodbot> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/258
22:46:01 <cwickert> #topic FUDCon bids 2012
22:46:27 <cwickert> ok, what is there to do for us?
22:46:46 * cwickert was not involved in FUDCon planning in the past
22:47:28 <igorps> cwickert, bidding proposal deadline is already over for APAC and EMEA?
22:47:40 <cwickert> don't know
22:48:15 <igorps> we need to check that out so we can make a proper recommendation
22:48:19 <herlo> cwickert: what is this word 'consentaneous'?
22:48:27 <herlo> do you mean conscientious?
22:48:33 <herlo> just so I am clear
22:49:32 <cwickert> herlo: no, it means we all agree
22:49:38 <cwickert> we have a consens
22:49:46 <nb> unanimous?
22:49:59 <igorps> "consensus" I guess
22:50:10 <cwickert> yeah, depends on the context
22:50:20 <cwickert> I guess unanimous should work
22:50:43 * cwickert is looking at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon_organization_process
22:51:10 <cwickert> so who was involved in FUDCon planning or member of FAmSCo before?
22:51:54 <kaio> me
22:52:09 <yn1v> What we did on the past was to look at bids and tell what we think will be better
22:52:12 <cwickert> and what did you do in the past?
22:52:21 <igorps> I did too. In the past the FPL have announced a deadline for the bids
22:52:25 <cwickert> ok, what about the deadlines?
22:52:48 <cwickert> well, according to the wiki there is no fixed deadline, at least if I read it correctly
22:53:05 <cwickert> it just says that the bids are closed X months before the event
22:53:17 <cwickert> but we don't know when the event will take place
22:53:48 <kaio> yes I asked for the event date but no one can provide me that
22:54:30 <cwickert> ok, then
22:54:36 <cwickert> lets look at the bids
22:54:43 <cwickert> I suggest we start with the APAC one
22:55:11 <cwickert> kaio: AFAIK the APAC community is in favor of Malaysia. is that correct?
22:55:13 <igorps> http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/announce/2011-December/003024.html
22:55:26 <igorps> "All bids for both of these FUDCon events should be submitted by January 11, 2012."
22:56:10 <cwickert> huh
22:56:14 <cwickert> ?
22:56:16 <cwickert> I mean
22:56:47 <cwickert> the subject says LATAM but he already announced Venezela
22:56:53 <igorps> FUDCon APAC is really close
22:57:14 <cwickert> is it?
22:57:27 <cwickert> I mean, where is the info on that?
22:57:33 <kaio> apac has not officially conclude a site yet
22:57:42 <igorps> cwickert, in that same email
22:58:02 <igorps> FUDCon APAC should be held between March 1st and May 31st
22:58:16 * cwickert wants this info on the wiki rather then in some random email
22:58:25 <kaio> igorps: that email is not very accurate
22:58:34 <igorps> it's also available here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Premier_Fedora_Events
22:59:32 <kaio> somewhere from the email till now, afaik I also heard of the date was in May
22:59:37 <cwickert> ok, now about decision making
22:59:53 <cwickert> yes, the date will be may, this is why we need to hurry up
23:00:12 <cwickert> so, opinions about the bids?
23:00:27 <igorps> That Beijing bid in the ticket refers to a bid from 2011
23:01:28 <cwickert> igorps: this is the right one: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Bid_for_Beijing_2012
23:01:47 <igorps> cwickert, thanks
23:02:12 * azneita wants to address famsco
23:02:22 <cwickert> frankly speaking I don't think I can make a recommendation now
23:02:44 <cwickert> azneita: can this wait a little until we finish this topic? or is it about FUDCons?
23:02:50 <igorps> last FAmSCo term we discussed the bids in a meeting only for that purpose
23:03:04 <azneita> i'm from one of those bids
23:03:15 <cwickert> ok, go ahead please azneita
23:03:21 <cwickert> igorps: good idea
23:03:26 <azneita> thanks cwickert
23:03:32 <kaio> last year the bids are chosen by famsco
23:03:44 <azneita> well i'm not going to push for our bid since kagesenshi is not here
23:04:07 <azneita> but we're wondering if we can have some push
23:04:08 <kaio> and this year, bids are pushed to region meetings for discussions instead
23:04:34 <igorps> cwickert, we also invited the bidders to the meeting so they could answer our questions
23:04:49 <azneita> in the right direction... picking one bid over the other has reached an impasse for us
23:04:55 <kaio> i.e. I don't know is the bid selection this year has been changed or not
23:04:56 <cwickert> hold on. I think we need to discuss this a little more stuctured
23:05:09 <igorps> cwickert, +1
23:05:12 <cwickert> guys, we have now 3 different people talking about 3 different things
23:05:30 * shaiton is here
23:05:35 <cwickert> should we discuss the process or the individual bids?
23:05:42 <cwickert> shaiton: EMEA is not yet up
23:05:48 <shaiton> :)
23:05:58 <kaio> I prefer to discuss about the process.
23:06:20 <cwickert> ok, my 2 cents on this
23:06:43 <cwickert> I don't know much about the process and I don't think that we have a consistent process
23:07:08 <cwickert> and I feel I first need more input from jsmith first
23:07:25 <igorps> kaio, APAC already have a recommendation?
23:07:25 <cwickert> suggestions?
23:07:43 <cwickert> igorps: kaio said no, jsmith said they had
23:07:58 <kaio> igorps: your question confuses me once again. :)
23:08:41 <cwickert> as for the process. I would like to discuss this both in the regional communities and in FAmSCo
23:08:57 <igorps> kaio, I mean, do your region made a bid recommendation in a regional meeting?
23:09:16 <cwickert> igorps: NO, we said this twice in this meeting already ;)
23:09:36 <kaio> discussed, no concluded
23:10:02 <igorps> kaio, ok
23:10:07 <cwickert> are we talking about bids or about the process now?
23:11:04 <cwickert> are we actually talking or am I the only one?
23:11:09 <kaio> region community, famsco, com arch, FPL; 4 parties were communicating
23:11:35 <kaio> and I have no idea "who can make the final decision"
23:11:57 <cwickert> right, same here
23:12:24 <cwickert> nevertheless we should start with the first two parties, that is the regional communties and FAmSCo
23:12:26 <kaio> last year, famsco decided, end of story
23:12:45 <igorps> FAmSCo made just a recommendation
23:12:56 <cwickert> I think the decision was made by the FPL
23:13:05 <igorps> The FPL is the one to ratify it or not
23:13:19 <igorps> according to what the other parts also said
23:13:23 <cwickert> but when the local communities and FAmSCo already agree, it is hard for the FPL to not ratify it
23:13:37 <igorps> cwickert, indeed
23:13:38 <cwickert> ok, I want us to to this:
23:13:48 <cwickert> 1. discuss this in your local community ASAP
23:13:58 <cwickert> 2. Add the results to the ticket
23:14:09 <cwickert> if there are meeting logs, please link them
23:14:23 <cwickert> and then I would like us to make a decision next week
23:14:29 <kaio> so I hope either FPL or Comm Arch could step aside for a "community" discussion
23:14:52 <cwickert> kaio: CommArch is dead, they were never really involved
23:15:33 <kaio> cwickert: harish did express his preference, AFAIR
23:15:44 <igorps> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon_bid_process
23:15:50 <cwickert> kaio: you mean this year?
23:15:53 <kaio> yes
23:16:03 <cwickert> igorps: what are you trying to tell us?
23:16:03 <nb> yeah, i don't think commarch really exists anymore aside from harish
23:16:05 <herlo> fpl makes the decision always iirc
23:16:15 <igorps> cwickert, basically this:
23:16:17 <nb> robyn never was commarch i think, mel is gone, and ianweller is engineering now i think
23:16:25 <igorps> "While the decision on the winning bid is ultimately made by the majority budget sponsors, the FUDCon planning committee (made up of the FPL, FAmSCo, and other interested community members) works together with the majority budget sponsor to choose the best location."
23:16:26 <cwickert> kaio: and what was his recommendation?
23:16:29 <kaio> personally community needs only one representative from sponsor (aka RH)
23:16:40 * ianweller blinks
23:17:03 <nb> ianweller, i thought you used to be commarch but now you're on the engineering wiki
23:17:04 <nb> i think
23:17:19 <ianweller> i am engineering now, yeah
23:17:23 * ianweller was finding where he was highlighted
23:17:46 <cwickert> I feel we are wasting time here
23:18:07 <cwickert> all famsco members, please make a suggestion how to move forward now
23:18:19 <kaio> okay lets not stuck on the naming, lets say "the one who pays", which is harish
23:18:33 <igorps> cwickert, let's follow your suggestion
23:19:01 <igorps> we can make a recommendation next meeting
23:19:05 <kaio> ok I will send an email to get a unified recommendation from apac communityu
23:19:08 <herlo> +1 igorps
23:19:15 <cwickert> great
23:19:53 <igorps> kaio, ok, and post that on the ticket so we are aware of before next meeting
23:20:06 <cwickert> kaio: can you please add all details about APAC to the ticket? what you discussed before and what Harish recommened
23:20:18 <kaio> for any comments from the sponsor, I will request for justification
23:20:38 <kaio> sure
23:20:39 <cwickert> kaio: what did Harish recommend?
23:20:53 <kaio> cwickert: I will put in the trac
23:21:08 <cwickert> thanks
23:21:17 <igorps> good
23:21:59 <cwickert> #action kaio to add all details about previous discussions about FUDCon APAC 2012 to the ticket
23:22:14 <cwickert> #action all FAmSCo members to reach out to their local communities
23:22:56 <cwickert> #info we want recommendations from the local communities, FAmSCo and fudcon-planning / CommArch
23:23:52 <cwickert> anything more on this?
23:24:01 <igorps> nothing else from me
23:24:11 <kaio> no
23:24:15 <cwickert> too bad we cannot discuss any bids now
23:24:43 <cwickert> azneita_: are you still there?
23:25:10 <kaio> cwickert: how many bids we need for each region?
23:25:28 <cwickert> please do not ask me anything about the process
23:25:33 <cwickert> I have no idea
23:25:34 <azneita_> cwickert, i'm still here
23:25:35 * yn1v has to go now
23:25:36 <kaio> sorry
23:25:57 <cwickert> but the deadline is overdue and we cannot accept new bids I think
23:26:01 <cwickert> azneita_: cool
23:26:08 <cwickert> azneita_: you are from where?
23:26:15 <azneita_> philippines
23:26:17 <yn1v> cwickert, please mail the logs
23:26:22 <kaio> discussions within famsco, implies that more than 1 bids should region propose to famsco
23:26:23 <cwickert> yn1v: yes
23:26:41 <cwickert> kaio: ?
23:27:25 <kaio> cwickert: its okay, action item is set so move on to next topic then
23:28:04 <cwickert> the recommendation of a regional community is not binding for FAmSCo. While the regional community has their local point of view, FAmSCo has a more global perspective
23:28:18 <cwickert> the community recommends what is best for the local community
23:28:37 <cwickert> FAmSco recomments what is best for Fedora from a global POV
23:28:40 <cwickert> makes sense?
23:29:01 <igorps> cwickert, +1
23:29:05 <azneita_> +1
23:29:09 <herlo> +
23:29:30 <cwickert> :)
23:29:44 <cwickert> ok, azneita_, are you on the FUDCon planning list?
23:30:16 <azneita_> yep
23:30:53 <cwickert> ok, I think we should discuss things there rather than in this meeting
23:31:26 <cwickert> I really need to go to bed and we are over time, so lets make the last 2 tickets quick ones
23:31:35 <cwickert> .famsco 259
23:31:35 <zodbot> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/259
23:31:38 <cwickert> #topic #259
23:31:39 <azneita_> cool cwickert, thanks
23:31:45 <cwickert> #undo
23:31:45 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: <MeetBot.items.Topic object at 0x2d5df310>
23:32:05 <cwickert> #topic Reviewing process of selection/approval of mentors for ambassadors
23:32:23 * cwickert wonders what meetbot removed from the minutes now
23:32:37 <cwickert> as there was no feedback from tatica, there is not much to do
23:32:49 <tatica> sry, holidays in here
23:32:51 <MarkDude> 0x2d5df310
23:33:08 <cwickert> tatica: any progress on this ticket?
23:33:20 <herlo> cwickert: meetbot always removes the previously added item :)
23:33:41 <cwickert> herlo: yes, but the question is if #topic counts as item
23:33:47 <herlo> I believe so
23:33:51 <cwickert> ok then
23:33:52 <tatica> cwickert, beside some feedback that latam guys just give me today, no. Carnivals in here
23:34:09 <cwickert> tatica: did you write anything to the mailing list yet?
23:34:17 <tatica> noup, sry about that
23:34:21 <cwickert> ok
23:34:48 <cwickert> I will remove the meeting keyword from the ticket. add it again when there is something to do for us
23:35:04 <tatica> ok
23:35:33 <cwickert> #action tatica to follow up on #259 and add the 'meeting' keyword again once FAmSCo can help
23:35:47 <cwickert> .famsco 262
23:35:47 <zodbot> https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/262
23:35:50 <cwickert> #topic Ambassador Membership Request by a Candidate with a legacy
23:36:01 <cwickert> I don't think we can discuss anything here
23:36:13 <cwickert> I first want feedback from both his old and new member
23:36:19 <cwickert> does that sound fair?
23:36:44 <igorps> cwickert, do you mean mentor?
23:37:14 <cwickert> sorry, yes
23:37:28 <igorps> it sounds fair, so we can have some background on this
23:37:47 <cwickert> I do have a lot of background, yet though I cannot make a decision
23:38:05 <cwickert> anyway, I'll ask for feedback then
23:38:17 <cwickert> #topic Open floor
23:38:44 * cwickert will end the meeting in 3 minutes if there are no further questions
23:39:08 <igorps> nothing else from me
23:39:42 * herlo is done
23:41:52 <cwickert> #endmeeting