21:04:39 <pcalarco> #startmeeting
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21:04:46 <pcalarco> #topic Insight
21:05:24 <tatica> hello :)
21:05:29 <pcalarco> #topic roll call
21:05:36 <pcalarco> #meetingname Insight
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21:05:37 <asrob> hey tatica :)
21:05:39 * tatica here
21:05:48 <pcalarco> is here
21:05:56 <pcalarco> Hi tatica!
21:05:57 * asrob is here
21:07:04 <pcalarco> okay, welcome all.  asrob, do you know if the gobby notes are on the wiki anywhere?
21:07:14 <pcalarco> from FUDCon, that is
21:07:22 <asrob> pcalarco, no, I do not
21:07:35 <tatica> I do
21:08:01 <pcalarco> tatica: awesome!  We should link to them from the Insight page
21:08:03 <tatica> I think...
21:08:16 <asrob> oh, cool, thanks tatica
21:08:31 <pcalarco> yay, thank you!
21:09:02 <tatica> however, I made a short list
21:09:05 <tatica> let me upload it somewhere
21:10:18 <pcalarco> we can link to it from
21:11:01 <pcalarco> #info Notes from FUDCon Blacksburg are at
21:13:34 <tatica>
21:14:43 <pcalarco> #info Summary notes from FUDCon Insight calendar discussion are at:
21:14:57 <pcalarco> tatica: wonderful, thanks
21:15:07 <tatica> np
21:15:30 <asrob> awesome
21:15:31 <pcalarco> Perhaps I can turn it over to you to talk a bit about the mockups, tatica?
21:15:50 <asrob> I bookmarked it
21:15:57 <tatica> well, those mockups are only to show how layers might look
21:16:15 <tatica> since I was checking a previous design that mizmo did for insight and i would like to keep it
21:16:19 <pcalarco> #topic calendar mockups
21:16:35 <tatica> however, she told me that there is not actually a theme packaged, so I might work on that this-next week
21:16:52 <tatica> I have a couple of contributors from design that might be willing to help with this task
21:17:32 <tatica> this is mizmo mockup
21:17:55 <asrob> tatica, ok, then I'll delete this theme, because this is adaptivetheme,
21:18:14 <pcalarco> Great.  I am going to link your mockups in the minutes too
21:18:18 <pcalarco> #link
21:18:19 <asrob> our old theme is ninesixty,
21:18:30 <pcalarco> #link
21:18:40 <pcalarco> #link
21:18:43 <tatica> yes, I think at some point I help a bit with the previous css
21:19:43 <tatica> so, if I remember we would like to set up a schedule
21:19:58 <tatica> however, I can only talk about design and theming, not about code
21:20:16 <asrob> tatica, ninesixty drupal theme is not packaged, do I package that?
21:20:31 <tatica> what would work better for you guys, a completely drupal based theme, or start with an html/css one?
21:21:06 <pcalarco> I think if we could start with a Drupal theme, that would help maintainability
21:21:14 <pcalarco> in the long run
21:21:30 <asrob> I think it would be good a completely new drupal 7 theme based on ninesixty/adaptivetheme/whatever
21:21:37 <asrob> yep
21:21:54 <pcalarco> +1
21:22:45 <tatica> ok
21:23:40 <asrob> tatica, if you need help I'll be able to help you, there are some changes in drupal 7 theming
21:23:46 <tatica> yeah
21:24:07 <pcalarco> asrob: based on tatica's mockups, which do you see as easier to work with in terms of themes?  Ninesixty, adaptive, or something else?
21:25:18 <pcalarco> I think the mockups look pretty intuitive from what was discussed
21:25:29 <asrob> pcalarco, actually, adaptive is 960 width theme but that is a little bit more
21:25:57 <asrob> pcalarco, you know, HTML 5, responsive design and some cool things
21:26:04 <pcalarco> the nice thing about adaptive is that it is mobile-ready, which is one of our longer term goals
21:26:12 <pcalarco> yes, exactly
21:26:37 <asrob> yeah
21:27:01 <tatica> nice
21:27:15 <asrob> tatica, what do you think? I think you should choose one ;)
21:27:47 <tatica> yeah, I will take a look to those options and taking a look to the structure will pick one
21:30:11 <asrob> ok, I'll package ninesixty and adaptivetheme as well
21:30:27 <pcalarco> great, thanks asrob
21:30:34 <tatica> :D
21:32:08 <pcalarco> one of the next steps from Blacksburg was starting to document data models, content types and taxonomies; where to start on this, do you think?
21:32:41 <asrob> that's good question
21:33:27 <asrob> content types, I think we need plus one, its name is Event, for example
21:33:49 <asrob> so we have to filter by that with Views module
21:34:18 <pcalarco> yes
21:34:23 <asrob> as you can see it on server
21:35:08 <asrob> there is a "Filters based on location" requirement
21:35:22 <pcalarco> #link
21:35:41 <asrob> I think this is a custom field in content type settings
21:36:49 <pcalarco> I wonder with location if there are two attributes: Fedora Region and then country
21:37:16 <pcalarco> so like LATAM and Nicaragua
21:37:51 <asrob> hm
21:37:58 <asrob> how do we handle this?!
21:38:44 <pcalarco> I would think it would be fine to only have Fedora region, if it makes it easier from a data model standpoint
21:39:11 <asrob> okay
21:39:20 <pcalarco> there are few enough events in a single region that this should be fine
21:40:28 <tatica> we could add a pop-up on start that makes you choose your location, or go general
21:40:31 <tatica> just like airlines do
21:40:47 <pcalarco> so do we start documenting all of the fields that we'd expect for each content type?  How do you usually approach this, asrob?
21:40:48 <tatica> and then if you need to change your geo-location, just go to your profile
21:40:56 <pcalarco> +1 tatica
21:41:27 <asrob> pcalarco, yes, we do
21:42:02 <pcalarco> okay, we can start some wiki subpages for this
21:42:24 <pcalarco> perhaps we can discuss here and then transfer to wiki after the meeting
21:42:32 <asrob> sure
21:42:51 <pcalarco> so what fields would we have for an Event?
21:43:01 <pcalarco> event name
21:43:07 <asrob> of course
21:43:10 <pcalarco> date
21:43:21 <pcalarco> time in UTC
21:43:40 <asrob> title, date, body, location?
21:43:48 <pcalarco> time could also be a range, for a conference
21:44:31 <pcalarco> yes, location and body/description
21:44:41 <pcalarco> owner
21:44:46 <tatica> maybe on a 2nd stage we could add a schedule for that event. But since there is a lot to do, perhaps a timeset could work
21:45:43 <pcalarco> the owner should point to a wiki User page
21:46:38 <asrob> pcalarco, you just enter/link owner's name or something else?
21:46:50 <pcalarco> should there be a separate field for URL of the event, or just include this in description?
21:47:02 <tatica>
21:47:08 <pcalarco> yes, owner like /wiki/User:asrob
21:48:13 <asrob> okay, but when you fill a new event out then you enter owner's name or that would be good, if it would be an autocomplete field or something like this?
21:48:33 <pcalarco> some evnts are entered before they have an owner
21:48:45 <asrob> ahh, got it, thanks
21:49:18 <pcalarco> like a lot of the big Linux conferences; we just know that it is coming up, and then an Ambassador team forms around it to take ownership/responsibility
21:50:16 <pcalarco> any other fields for Event, or move on to Meetings?
21:50:37 * tatica trying to do a mockup while you guys talk
21:50:54 <asrob> pcalarco, team or interest field
21:50:59 <asrob> and that's all
21:51:02 <asrob> I guess
21:52:17 <pcalarco> yes,possibly; most events get owned by Ambassadors, but occasionally there are events that are owned by other teams, like Design for the SXSW expo that Fedora had a booth for
21:53:02 <tatica> well, can be own by anyone with a FAS account
21:53:03 <pcalarco> we could add that in and see what makes sense for all
21:53:06 <tatica> no need to be ambassador
21:53:14 <pcalarco> tatica: correct, yes
21:53:27 <pcalarco> so maybe just FAS name?
21:53:28 <tatica> but an owner -should- at least have a FAS account
21:53:52 <tatica> even if he's not the one who organize it, he'll be in charge of fedora image in there
21:53:57 <pcalarco> whethere they have a wiki user page is nice, but perhaps not required?
21:54:00 <pcalarco> I am not sure
21:54:02 <tatica> so, a small requirement should be done
21:54:13 <tatica> pcalarco, that could also work
21:54:19 <tatica> commitment, we need that
21:54:34 <pcalarco> we can ask stickster on the list for confirmation
21:54:58 <pcalarco> so, okay that is Events, how about Meetings next?
21:55:07 <asrob> meetings?
21:55:41 <asrob> we can handle this with Event together
21:55:57 <asrob> or is it completely different?
21:57:25 <pcalarco> sorry folks, I got disconnected from freenode
21:57:37 <pcalarco> #topic data models
21:57:59 <tatica>
21:58:44 <pcalarco> ah, twitter feeds yes good idea
21:58:56 <asrob> awesome
21:59:02 <asrob> I like these ideas :)
21:59:16 <tatica> maybe add some photos and blog post rss too, but that might be more complicated
21:59:19 <tatica> twitter seems easier
21:59:34 <pcalarco> +1
21:59:37 <asrob> +1
22:00:40 <pcalarco> looks great, tatica
22:01:01 <tatica> pls don't see it as -design-, more as layout
22:01:27 <pcalarco> okay, we are officially at time
22:02:06 <pcalarco> that is a very good start, maybe next week we can review these and analyze meetings next
22:02:31 <pcalarco> and then start building content types
22:02:41 <tatica> yeap
22:02:59 <asrob> yeah
22:03:00 <pcalarco> excellent discussion, thank you tatica and asrob!
22:03:12 <asrob> thank you tatica and pcalarco
22:03:21 <tatica> np, thx you guys
22:03:28 <tatica> make it easy to contribute :)
22:03:28 <pcalarco> and thank you for your layout/design wizardry, tatica!
22:03:36 <tatica> whatever!
22:03:59 <pcalarco> it is easier to talk about when you see a visual strawman I think
22:04:05 <tatica> ok, so who will send logs?
22:04:12 <pcalarco> I will
22:04:17 <pcalarco> #endmeeting