21:05:02 <pcalarco> #startmeeting Insight
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21:05:11 <pcalarco> #chair asrob
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21:05:27 <pcalarco> #topic roll call
21:05:36 <pcalarco> pcalarco is here
21:06:07 <pcalarco> stickster sends his regrets; we will see him at FUDCon, later this week
21:06:19 <asrob> yeah, I read it
21:06:55 <pcalarco> okay, review of last week's notes
21:07:05 <pcalarco> #topic Review of last meeting
21:07:13 <pcalarco> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2012-01-03/insight.2012-01-03-21.00.html
21:08:25 <pcalarco> So, regarding FUDCon, I did hear back from some folks we had tagged
21:09:00 <pcalarco> Robyn Bergeron can make 0900-1000; Tom Callaway will drop in
21:09:53 <pcalarco> we didn't hear from most people, but I think if we can target the session to be 0900-1000, we will get most of them, as most sessions start at 1000
21:10:25 <asrob> pcalarco, I talked to Zoltan and gave him some instructions in order to he can post them for Ambassadors, so here is the result - http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/2012-January/018840.html
21:11:22 <pcalarco> asrob: Excellent, this is where Buddhike saw this from; that's great, we have a new expression of interest already
21:12:11 <asrob> cool
21:13:04 <pcalarco> will Zoltan, he can join us online too -- during FUDCons we always have IRC channels for every session that is going on and people live transcribe the in-person talking points too, to help remote participants get as much as they can
21:13:24 <pcalarco> well, that is, not will :)
21:13:58 <asrob> pcalarco, I think he will be available during FUDCon or our hackfests
21:14:37 <pcalarco> and Buddhike, although I am not sure what time that would be in Sri Lanka; probably around +10-12 UTC
21:15:23 <pcalarco> okay, so turning towards Friday night
21:15:41 <pcalarco> is there anything we should do to prepare in advance?
21:15:59 <pcalarco> have you and stickster thought of what we might work on?
21:16:54 <asrob> well, I'm trying to create some feature sets tonight or tomorrow morning
21:17:40 <asrob> Paul mentioned this feature sets on his blog, so we can work on it there
21:17:45 <pcalarco> I hate to ask, but what do you mean by 'feature sets'?  The term is new to me
21:18:25 <asrob> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Insight_development_using_Features_module
21:18:44 <asrob> pcalarco, How does it work? section  ;)
21:19:04 <asrob> Paul wrote it clearly
21:19:34 <pcalarco> ah great, cool, very helpful!  Thanks
21:20:23 <pcalarco> almost like packaging a given module set so it can be used elsewhere
21:20:24 <asrob> no problem
21:20:38 <asrob> yeah
21:21:38 <pcalarco> then the other activity at FUDCon is the Sunday morning UI work, hopefully with someone from Design team
21:22:18 <asrob> pcalarco, but if you would like to work on anything else then do it :)
21:22:46 <asrob> I'll do that you'll be saying me :)
21:23:27 <pcalarco> I think what I will gather from all of this is a good understanding of what is different in Drupal 7, which I have not spent much time on at all
21:24:09 <asrob> okay, or we can test FWN beats
21:24:18 <pcalarco> I plan to do the FWN testing tomorrow night and Thursday am some, so should be able to report on that
21:24:26 <asrob> we have some choice
21:24:35 <pcalarco> and we can test live at FUDCon too yes
21:24:41 <asrob> awesome
21:26:14 <pcalarco> are there tasks with the Insight wiki gardening I can help with?
21:27:16 <asrob> well, I don't know
21:27:39 <asrob> Calendar page looks good
21:28:00 <pcalarco> I will revisit the FWN workflow and see if that is still the same
21:28:36 <asrob> pcalarco, you mean https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight_Workflow ?
21:28:45 <pcalarco> yes
21:29:09 <asrob> ah, yes, it looks a little bit old
21:30:09 <asrob> hm, there is something here
21:30:42 <pcalarco> it has changed as we have altered the way we construct the issues
21:31:26 <asrob> when you test FWN beats then can you write a little bit howto about content workflow including "My dashboard"(workbench module) ?
21:32:03 <asrob> e.g. how to publish a content
21:32:33 <pcalarco> sure, yes that makes sense
21:32:35 <asrob> how to filter to a content type
21:33:59 <asrob> I give you some documentation about workbench, it makes your life easier
21:34:03 <asrob> http://palantir.net/blog/introducing-workbench-new-approach-managing-content-management
21:34:11 <asrob> http://palantir.net/blog/building-workbench-community-approach
21:34:15 <asrob> http://nodeone.se/node/1021
21:34:20 <asrob> that's all
21:35:52 <pcalarco> great, thanks for those links
21:36:11 <pcalarco> asrob: anything else for today, new topics?
21:36:44 <asrob> pcalarco, I have no anything else
21:38:18 <pcalarco> ok, I think we can end a bit early.  Thanks for all of your work, and it will be great to meet you in person on Thursday!
21:38:29 <asrob> pcalarco, me too
21:38:38 <asrob> thank you, see you on Thursday
21:38:55 <pcalarco> oka, safe travels and see you in Blacksburg, Virginia!
21:39:01 <asrob> thanks
21:39:10 <pcalarco> #endmeeting