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21:00:21 <stickster> #topic Roll call
21:00:32 <asrob> hello :)
21:00:51 <stickster> #link <-- last meeting notes
21:01:01 * stickster 
21:01:12 <pcalarco> pcalarco is here
21:01:20 <stickster> #chair asrob pcalarco
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21:01:52 <stickster> #topic Last week's action items
21:02:41 <stickster> pcalarco: I think I saw you made some updates on the use cases page, showing some active people in Fedora teams who can help us with designing to the calendar use cases... to make sure we're doing what they're looking for
21:02:55 <stickster> pcalarco: Is the idea to get with those people during the FUDCon in Blacksburg? Or before?
21:04:03 <pcalarco> stickster: yes, I went through the Blacksburg FUDCon confirmed attendees and these are folkks we should solicit BEFORE FUDCon to invite them to our Insight Hackathon
21:04:35 <pcalarco> #link
21:04:46 <stickster> pcalarco: Do you think it would help to schedule? As opposed to having everyone show up at one time?
21:04:53 * stickster doesn't know, ad hoc may be fine
21:05:10 <pcalarco> stickster: that sounds like a fine idea!
21:05:14 <stickster> The use cases are pretty focused
21:05:40 <stickster> So if we get those people together early, even if it's all in a bunch, that could give us time to work with a designer on the visual/UI part
21:05:53 <pcalarco> yes
21:06:19 * stickster was just saying to asrob earlier that it's usually preferable to start with a clear visual/UI goal and then figure out how to create that thing, rather than just guessing what people might find usable
21:06:38 <stickster> pcalarco: OK, can you invite them today?
21:06:43 <pcalarco> there is a fair amount of overlap between them, so it might be easier just having one group, as people's ideas will feed on another
21:06:52 <pcalarco> sure, I can do that
21:07:22 <stickster> Yeah, I think you may be right. Plus there's some cross-domain knowledge that would be good to have.
21:07:55 <stickster> pcalarco: That's Sunday, right?
21:08:30 <pcalarco> stickster: correct; we have 09:00-11:00 and 1300-1600 currently booked
21:09:08 <pcalarco> I might suggest we meet with folks in the morning and then work on the feedback we get for the remainder of the time
21:09:58 <stickster> #agreed Get suggestion-offering users together on Sunday morning at FUDCon to talk about UI
21:10:15 <asrob> nice
21:10:29 <stickster> #info stickster has emailed Design team to see if someone will be there who wants to join us at the same time to develop some visuals
21:10:49 <stickster> OK, that does it for last week's hanging items
21:11:01 <stickster> #topic Development and FUDCon plans
21:11:21 <stickster> I'll be there at FUDCon, but I do have to leave in the early afternoon on Sunday unfortunately
21:11:46 <stickster> (Assuming weather allows) :-)
21:12:13 <stickster> asrob: Are you able to attend the event this time?
21:12:31 <pcalarco> I have to leave after lunch as well to get my flight home Sunday
21:12:53 <stickster> Hm, we may want to do some work on Friday night then :-)
21:13:13 <asrob> stickster, sure, I'm going to FUDCon, I'm there from 12th till 16th.
21:13:19 <stickster> \o/
21:13:33 <stickster> #idea Get together for some work on Friday night after dinner
21:13:39 <asrob> +1
21:14:24 <pcalarco> +1
21:14:32 <stickster> #agreed Let's do some work Friday night!
21:15:07 <stickster> asrob: OK, did you want to talk about the D7 stuff you were showing me earlier?
21:15:20 <asrob> stickster, okay
21:16:21 <asrob> so, I installed some modules from testing repository in order to create a basic Insight website under drupal 7
21:16:44 <asrob> of course, I updated some ones as well
21:17:27 <asrob> we have all functionality that are exists on the old site
21:18:15 <stickster> asrob: Ah excellent -- so if we enter some beats from the latest FWN, we'll start seeing that show up as before?
21:18:21 <asrob> we use the mediawiki_api module for MediaWiki syntax, there is a new "moderation queue"
21:18:30 <asrob> stahnma, right
21:18:34 <asrob> ahh, sorry
21:19:01 <asrob> stickster, right, mediawiki_api has a few bug yet, but I'm trying to fix those
21:19:47 <stickster> asrob: It's great that, since you're maintaining that upstream, some good work for Drupal community comes from this as well :-)
21:20:05 <pcalarco> I'm going to enter last FWN issue on dev and we can see how it looks now
21:20:07 <asrob> All modules are up-to-date, drupal itself too
21:20:39 * stickster needs to post something about this because asrob will probably not blow his own horn :-)
21:20:40 <asrob> I did a puppet thing with averi, but I'm not a puppet wizard :)
21:21:01 <stickster> asrob: Join the club! :-) I am no puppet wizard either... but thankfully basic things are not beyond me
21:21:19 <asrob> :)
21:21:28 <stickster> I remember hearing from averi before the break, glad to see he is around a little bit
21:22:16 <asrob> so, I think that's all
21:22:45 <stickster> Thanks for the update, asrob! Is there anything you need immediately from me to continue what you're doing?
21:23:17 <asrob> no, there is not
21:24:25 <stickster> OK... so the only other topic I can think of, after a long holiday, is this:
21:24:31 <stickster> #topic Wiki upkeep
21:24:41 <stickster> #link <-- main wikip age
21:24:43 <stickster> #undo
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21:24:47 <stickster> #link <-- main wiki page
21:25:15 <stickster> asrob: I know you had been playing with some work on recently. Does any of that belong on this wiki page?
21:25:50 <stickster> Or are we still using the servers for D6/D7 work as before?
21:25:56 <asrob> stickster, I don't think so, I blogged about this, I'll close my Insight instance
21:26:30 <asrob> stickster, yeah, we should use them
21:28:13 <asrob> as I mentioned before, I'm trying to create some feature sets by this weekend based on
21:28:56 <pcalarco> okay, sent out invite to folks, and cc'ed the Logistics list
21:29:00 <stickster> asrob: OK -- I just wanted to make sure that for example our new guy from Sri Lanka had correct info on that page
21:29:17 <stickster> asrob: Did bckurera reach out to you on IRC or email about helping with Insight?
21:29:31 <asrob> stickster, sure, but he did not :(
21:30:24 <stickster> OK, I sent a response to the list to see if he was serious about helping. If he is, I'm sure we'll hear back from him shortly.
21:30:42 * stickster has nothing else for today... Does someone else want to #topic? If so, go for it! :-)
21:31:12 <asrob> nothing, you can close it
21:31:25 <pcalarco> I have nothing else either
21:32:12 <stickster> OK, thanks guys!
21:32:14 <stickster> #endmeeting