21:02:32 <stickster> #startmeeting Insight
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21:02:39 <stickster> #meetingname Insight
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21:02:48 <stickster> #topic Roll call and gavel duty
21:02:58 <asrob> hello there
21:03:05 <stickster> #chair pcalarco asrob
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21:03:09 <pcalarco> pcalarco is here
21:03:11 <stickster> Hi guys
21:03:25 * stickster sorry for being late, just too much packed into last day
21:03:44 <pcalarco> you weren't late at all, stickster
21:04:07 <stickster> I should definitely have asked about someone running the meeting earlier, though :-)
21:05:14 <pcalarco> Latest previous meeting notes are at
21:05:24 <pcalarco> #link
21:06:37 <stickster> #topic Action items status
21:06:57 * stickster was hoping to have asrob schedule a time so we could cover how to make and test changes in puppet
21:07:31 <stickster> #info asrob has appropriate access now, and has a clone he can look at to start getting familiar with the syntax and layout
21:07:38 <stickster> #undo
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21:07:42 <stickster> #info asrob has appropriate access to puppet now, and has a clone he can look at to start getting familiar with the syntax and layout
21:07:47 <asrob> yeah
21:08:19 <pcalarco> excellent
21:09:34 <pcalarco> do we document stuff like that somewhere?
21:09:58 <asrob> #info asrob has already written a few blog entry or email about office hours, but it's not enough, he'll write more and will post them to various channels
21:10:06 <pcalarco> or perhaps it is internal documentation
21:10:20 <stickster> pcalarco: I think basically we rely on puppet documentation itself.
21:10:32 <pcalarco> even better!
21:10:32 <stickster> There's nothing really that special about our puppet repo vs. any other.
21:10:57 <stickster> I pointed asrob to the most important files we use for Insight so it's not overwhelming
21:11:05 * nirik nods. it's not too bad. Happy to help anyone moving forward as well.
21:11:18 <stickster> Thanks nirik, that's really helpful!
21:11:38 <asrob> yep, thanks again nirik ;)
21:11:39 * stickster has always found #fedora-admin to give good answers to puppet questions when needed.
21:11:59 <nirik> yep.
21:12:34 <asrob> stickster, John Dulaney answered me that he applied it. Is he a member of the Insight theme group?
21:13:05 * nirik has something for open floor if/when you guys get to it. ;)
21:13:10 <pcalarco> How have the office hours gone?  Do people show up and provide suggestions or ask questions?
21:13:20 <stickster> asrob: He's there now -- I just sponsored him.
21:13:26 <asrob> great
21:13:27 <stickster> #topic Office hours
21:13:44 <pcalarco> another contributor, great!
21:13:53 * stickster not sure we really covered action items completely, but moving on is fine
21:14:20 <asrob> pcalarco, well, I'm trying to get another contributor like John
21:14:52 <pcalarco> 21:00 UTC Thursdays has been very tough for me, apologies guys
21:15:19 <asrob> pcalarco, he has some good fixes for Drupal 7 theme, I hope we can port our theme as soon as possible
21:16:01 <asrob> pcalarco, no problem, if you would like to change that I will change it
21:16:21 <stickster> pcalarco: That time usually is bad for me too, but we can make up for it if open issues from the office hours come to the list so we can help asynchronously
21:17:00 <pcalarco> 19:00 would be much better for me, just speaking for myself; Thursdays are fine
21:17:45 <asrob> okay, then it will be held at 19:00UTC
21:18:06 <asrob> it's not problem to me ;)
21:18:07 <stickster> asrob: Did it turn out that there was anyone from the Design team interested in helping?
21:18:13 <pcalarco> what local time does that work out for you, asrob?  I don't ant to put you out
21:18:50 <asrob> stickster, I wrote an email tatice but I've gotten an answer yet
21:19:05 <asrob> pcalarco, I'm in UTC+1
21:19:23 <pcalarco> asrob: ok, thx
21:19:41 <asrob> stickster, but I'm going to write an email to the design list
21:20:18 <asrob> ooops, *tatica, sorry :(
21:21:24 <pcalarco> how have the office hours time been used?
21:21:43 <stickster> asrob: You might want to widen the net a little... The Design team is awesome, and you definitely want to ask there. But I would also reach out in other ways, what about or Twitter too?
21:22:04 <stickster> Maybe there's a new person who loves !Fedora and !Drupal who'd like to help :-)
21:22:29 <asrob> stickster, okay, that is good idea
21:23:45 <stickster> sorry pcalarco, didn't mean to take off track
21:23:59 <pcalarco> no problem
21:24:10 <asrob> pcalarco,
21:24:52 <pcalarco> Thanks!  Have you had much response?
21:25:52 <asrob> I slightly modified that priority list, authfas and insight theme are important
21:26:06 <pcalarco> I have a suggestion, if we have not had much response
21:26:35 <asrob> pcalarco, not too much, but I'm glad that John has joined us
21:27:41 <pcalarco> I am wondering if we should try to target a few team meetings and try to get added to upcoming agendas in the week before FUDCon to try to drum up interest for work we'll do at FUDCon
21:28:32 <asrob> +1
21:28:37 <asrob> that's good
21:28:50 <pcalarco> I am willing to schedule time for this
21:28:58 <asrob> great
21:29:29 <asrob> I'm trying to reach some people in the drupal community to help us in the module development
21:29:31 <pcalarco> perhaps Ambassadors and maybe something release-driven like QA?
21:30:18 <stickster> pcalarco: What a great ideae!
21:30:20 <stickster> *idea, even.
21:30:22 <asrob> okay
21:31:02 <stickster> pcalarco: So you want to see if these groups are interested in coming to talk to Insight folks while at FUDCon?
21:31:24 * stickster trying to make sure he understands what we want from these other groups right now, vs. what we might want from them at FUDCon
21:31:41 <pcalarco> that, and also try to uncover some more of the requirements of how they would like to use the calendar features that we have articulated so far
21:32:41 <pcalarco> so, for example, for Ambassadors, explain during an Ambassadors mtg what we envision so far, and see if that matches up with the Ambassadors in the mtg
21:34:14 <stickster> I gotcha
21:34:16 <stickster> Thanks pcalarco
21:34:44 <pcalarco> or, since we know who will be attending FUDCon at this point, target some of those folks directly that are active in particular teams we'd like to partner with to develop the use cases
21:34:50 <stickster> Oops, I need to disappear as feared. Sorry to drop out of the meeting early -- pcalarco, can you #endmeeting when done? I can pick up the notes later
21:35:02 <pcalarco> stickster, will do!
21:35:40 <asrob> hm, that's great pcalarco
21:35:52 <stickster> pcalarco: I think that's a really key point. Rather than just having an open call that ends in silence, if we don't get expected feedback and there are particular people who have expressed some interest in an end product, let's target those individuals.
21:36:22 <pcalarco> #action pcalarco will go through FUDCon attendee list and document who is active within which teams
21:36:38 <pcalarco> I'll start a new page on the Insight wiki
21:37:26 <pcalarco> I can work on this off and on over Christmas break
21:39:35 <pcalarco> so, any other items for lead up to FUDCon?  I will also get more recent FWN issues up on production
21:40:40 <asrob> nothing
21:41:26 <pcalarco> nothing here either; we should try to have some remote presence during FUDCon for Zoltan and others to also participate
21:41:39 <pcalarco> we cab have an IRC channel for sure
21:41:45 <pcalarco> we can have an IRC channel for sure
21:43:07 <asrob> pcalarco, I would like to talk to you someday about FWN
21:43:09 <pcalarco> one year a Fedora design FAD had a Fedora Talk SIP phone line, which was neat but not without problems'
21:43:21 <pcalarco> I have time for FWN now for a bit
21:43:46 <pcalarco> should we end meeting first?
21:43:47 <asrob> pcalarco, as you know, Kalman and I has completely rewritten the mediawiki_api module
21:44:04 <pcalarco> yes
21:44:07 <asrob> pcalarco, yeah, we should, this FWN topic it's not so important
21:44:20 <pcalarco> #endmeeting