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21:00:41 <stickster> #topic Roll call
21:02:20 <asrob> hi
21:02:26 <stickster> Hi asrob
21:02:29 <stickster> #chair asrob
21:02:29 <zodbot> Current chairs: asrob stickster
21:02:40 <stickster> #link <-- agenda and link to last week's minutes
21:02:42 * jsmith lurks
21:03:41 <stickster> asrob: do you know if pcalarco is going to be here today?
21:04:10 <asrob> stickster, unfortunately no, I do not
21:04:20 <stickster> OK.
21:04:29 <stickster> #topic Last week's action items
21:04:50 <stickster> The only action item on the list, which is apparently unassigned, is "Continue to define Hackfest at FUDCon Blacksburg" -- can you speak to that, asrob?
21:06:25 <asrob> well, we talked about use cases' time slot, I mean, which is the best?! from 9am till noon or 9am till afternoon
21:06:55 * stickster looks at the schedule
21:07:09 <stickster> OK, so we're looking at Sunday all day?
21:07:17 <asrob> yeah
21:07:46 <stickster> If that's the case I would like to see some more details on what the goals are for that many hours. What do we expect to leave with? If it's just wiki pages, I would say that we're wasting an opportunity to do something more in-depth
21:08:08 <stickster> We can write use cases and things like that remotely, without taking up a whole day of everyone's synchronous time
21:08:53 <stickster> But if the goal is to gather a bunch of the calendar stakeholders together to suss out how it should work, and maybe get a designer to help, that would be a whole different situation
21:09:27 <stickster> I just don't want to see a similar situation to some other hackfests I've been to, which simply turn into a lot of discussion that could have been held beforehand
21:09:42 <asrob> stahnma, we might work on near term use cases,
21:09:53 <asrob> oops, stickster ^
21:10:17 <stickster> asrob: OK, so we're actually going to hack on the Drupal functions to make that happen?
21:10:25 <asrob> stahnma, absolute
21:10:33 <stickster> Poor stah***
21:10:51 <stickster> :-) OK -- that sounds much better and I couldn't tell from the minutes what was being proposed
21:12:00 <stickster> #info stickster's action items from are all done
21:12:39 <stickster> #info Authfas module is not enabled on the (Drupal 7 devel) host, but it is there, and all is working correctly now, including puppet and cron jobs!
21:12:51 <stickster> All my modules have been pushed to testing as well
21:13:06 <stickster> I would like to see some actual discussion on the logistics@ list about the hackfest setup
21:13:24 <stickster> Speaking for myself, I can't tell what's going on since I don't see any discussion happening
21:13:45 <stickster> It's possible that someone's taking care of that planning, but if so, it's invisible to me
21:14:24 <asrob> stickster, does authfas module contain those bugs that you mentioned in TODO.txt?
21:14:33 <stickster> I think they're still there, yes
21:14:54 <asrob> ok
21:15:27 <stickster> asrob: we're using the "d7work" branch in the drupal6-authfas git repo for Drupal 7 migration
21:15:49 <stickster> That's the branch from which the host is pulling its content
21:16:25 <asrob> okay, I'll clone it
21:16:34 <stickster> asrob: If you need some rights there, I will be happy to add you!
21:17:04 <asrob> stickster, okay
21:17:34 <asrob> stickster, I almost forgot, I built a calendar test instance,
21:17:35 <stickster> #topic Development stuff
21:17:53 <stickster> Wow, that's cool asrob -- is that on D7?
21:17:59 <asrob> stickster, sure
21:18:29 <asrob> but there are a few (annoying) calendar bugs, I hope these will be fixed soon
21:18:52 <stickster> asrob: If you want commit access on the git repo for drupal6-authfas -- just apply here:
21:19:03 <stickster> The group you want is called:  gitdrupal6-authfas
21:19:08 <asrob> OK
21:19:17 <stickster> I will be happy to approve you!
21:20:18 <asrob> "asrob has applied to gitdrupal6-authfas!" ;)
21:20:42 <stickster> asrob: Done!
21:20:48 <asrob> thank you
21:21:01 <stickster> asrob: It may take up to an hour for the change to propagate through the system
21:21:37 <stickster> #info stickster has added asrob to the git commit group for the drupal6-authfas module, which includes a 'd7work' branch for D7 migration efforts
21:21:42 <asrob> stickster, back to calendar's bugs, here it is one,
21:22:18 <asrob> I think it's aesthetic
21:22:41 <stickster> Yes, it doesn't seem critical
21:23:04 <asrob> stickster, have you gotten my instance's credentials yet?
21:23:13 <stickster> I think I have them
21:23:28 <asrob> okay, feel free to try ;)
21:23:39 <stickster> asrob: OK
21:23:47 <stickster> asrob: Do we have any other development topics to discuss?
21:24:12 <asrob> stickster, no, we do not
21:24:20 <asrob> oops wait
21:24:28 <asrob> just a note about mediawiki filter
21:24:56 <stickster> I'll drop a note at nirik just to confirm that things look fixed on now
21:25:28 <asrob> my friend and I are trying to port that to drupal 7, we're going to talk the details tomorrow
21:25:42 <nirik> stickster: they seem to be. ;) will keep my eyes out.
21:26:07 <asrob> the basics are in my sandbox
21:26:22 <stickster> asrob: Oh, that sounds great! Have you heard anything about being able to take over the Drupal project for mediawiki_api?
21:26:51 <asrob> yeah, wait a sec, I'm looking for the documents...
21:28:28 <asrob> stickster, „Note: If you don't already have a git account, you'll need to create one and refer to the issue you created. Your sandbox should be a version of the existing code, with some new commits of changes you would implement. This will demonstrate your knowledge of both Drupal and Git.”
21:28:45 <stickster> asrob: Hey, that sounds very good!
21:30:19 <asrob> if it will be done, or at least there is an alpha/beta version, I'll offer it again
21:30:56 <stickster> That sounds great
21:31:09 <stickster> asrob: People in Red Hat might be happy to hear this too, since we are using that module internally as well
21:31:27 <asrob> ohh, that's great :)
21:32:20 <stickster> asrob: Well, I have no other topics to discuss today
21:32:31 <stickster> Until I hear there is more work needed on any of the hosts, I think I'm in a holding pattern
21:33:15 <stickster> I would love to discuss on the list about the calendar stuff... if I have time I will write some questions there, but really I would like to see what the current plans are first
21:33:15 <asrob> stickster, okay, then that's all
21:33:31 <asrob> sure, that's good idea
21:33:35 <stickster> asrob: Are you basically doing the planning/devel for Calendar at this point?
21:34:37 <asrob> stickster, no, I am not
21:35:12 <asrob> stickster, I just installed the calendar and date modules and played with them
21:35:31 <asrob> but I'm going to write something
21:36:24 <stickster> I guess I'm wondering if everyone's looking to me to drive this particular bus, when I really need some assistance because my time for Fedora is so badly limited these days
21:38:00 <asrob> I see
21:39:36 <stickster> I want people to feel free to plan and work on the development stuff without blocking on me, but at the same time, if I can help with things, especially the infrastructure back-end stuff, I want to do so
21:41:04 <stickster> If everyone is waiting for the January FUDCon to have a hackfest because that's the only free time people can set aside... well, so be it... but that points to us needing to build up a slightly bigger group of contributors :-)
21:41:28 <asrob> :))
21:43:23 <stickster> We should make that part of the discussion for the list. :-)
21:43:26 <asrob> I hope if we'll write about calendar stuff, people will come to talk to each other
21:43:27 <stickster> For now, I guess we can call it a meeting
21:43:40 * stickster finds that is not often true, that people just wander in and talk to each other :-)
21:44:04 <asrob> :)
21:44:34 <stickster> #action asrob to drop some thoughts to the list on next steps
21:44:42 <asrob> ;)
21:44:48 <stickster> #action stickster to respond with questions about hackfest and gathering some more contributors
21:44:55 <stickster> #topic Any Other Business?
21:45:48 * stickster will close in 30 sec
21:45:54 <asrob> OK
21:48:20 <stickster> Ok, thanks for coming asrob! I'll see you on the list :-)
21:48:26 <stickster> #endmeeting