04:02:49 <tuanta_> #startmeeting
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04:02:52 <Suresh> if time permit
04:02:57 <tuanta_> #meetingname APAC
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04:03:07 <tuanta_> .fas tuanta
04:03:08 <zodbot> tuanta_: tuanta '' <tuanta@iwayvietnam.com>
04:03:17 <Suresh> .fas suresht
04:03:18 <zodbot> Suresh: suresht 'Sureshkumar Packiyarajah' <sureshp8@gmail.com>
04:03:20 <tuanta_> #chair Suresh
04:03:20 <zodbot> Current chairs: Suresh tuanta_
04:03:42 <tuanta_> #topic Ambassador Pinging
04:05:23 <zerng07> .fas zerng07
04:05:24 <zodbot> zerng07: zerng07 'Cheng-Chia Tseng' <pswo10680@gmail.com>
04:06:32 <Suresh> zodbot: just for the info may i know,you come from?
04:06:38 <Suresh> err/
04:06:47 <kulll> alo
04:06:51 <Suresh> zerng07: just for the info may i know,you come from?
04:06:53 <tuanta> #chair zerng07
04:06:58 <zerng07> Taiwan
04:07:11 <zerng07> a island next to mainland china
04:07:23 <tuanta> hello, I am Tuan from Vietnam. Currently, I am using Fedora 16 :)
04:08:00 <zerng07> Hi, I have not upgraded yet. I was busy this week... :p
04:08:01 <tuanta> #chair kulll
04:08:26 * Suresh am i the first person asking q to zotbot??? /lol
04:08:35 <Suresh> kulll: hi
04:08:59 <Suresh> zerng07: nice to hear from you
04:08:59 <tuanta> it's nice to see ambassadors from different countries :)
04:09:10 <Suresh> tuanta: yes :)
04:09:12 <zerng07> Yeah.
04:10:02 <Suresh> i am Suresh from srilanka and use Fedora 16 from Dvd.
04:10:33 <tuanta> should we go to the main topics now?
04:10:38 <Suresh> YES
04:10:41 <tuanta> #topic News from FAmSCo
04:11:07 <tuanta> where are you, zotbot??? :)
04:11:15 <tuanta> hi kaio
04:11:24 <tuanta> it's your time, kaio
04:11:35 <kaio> yo
04:11:37 <tuanta> #chair kaio
04:11:40 <kaio> .fas kaio
04:11:41 <Suresh> ping kaio or gbraad
04:11:43 <zodbot> kaio: skaion 'skaion' <erenouf@skaion.com> - kaiomarcio 'kaio marcio' <kaio.marcio@gmail.com> - kaio 'Caius Chance (かいお)' <me@kaio.net>
04:11:46 <kaio> pong ping
04:11:48 <Suresh> kaio: hi hi
04:11:54 <kaio> Suresh, hi
04:11:54 <tuanta> #chair kaio
04:11:56 <kaio> hi guys
04:12:05 <zerng07> hi
04:12:11 <kaio> zerng07, afternoon
04:12:20 <Suresh> kaio: any news from your side?
04:12:20 <tuanta> zotbot still responded kaio, but not me :)
04:13:43 <kaio> Suresh, I have pinged the famsco trac about subdomain (zh, cn, zht) of fedoracommunity.org and no responses yet.
04:13:57 <kaio> fedora chinese meeting was done last night and shared some new ideas
04:14:31 <zerng07> good news, I have read the mailing list.
04:14:41 <tuanta> I didn't see any notice about that meeting :)
04:14:47 <kaio> about blending current forum to the forum hosting by another fedora chinese community
04:15:07 <Suresh> kaio: i think you can place it infar mailing list or advice mailing list
04:15:11 <kaio> and fzug (fedora chinese group) move on to newer tech
04:15:19 <kaio> Suresh, thx I will
04:15:44 <Suresh> it was great news that from China
04:15:47 <zerng07> it's in chinese@lists.fedoraproject.org
04:15:52 <kaio> such as microblog, q&a (ask.fp.o) and fp main planet.
04:16:15 <kaio> as we can save up our resources and energy to "grow" the community
04:17:02 <kaio> utilise the existing services rather than maintaining ourselves
04:17:08 <tuanta> it's a great work in FAmSCo, you helped to start a new potentially huge community
04:17:41 <kaio> tuanta, thx though I admit I can do better last year.. :(
04:17:42 <Suresh> kaio: ask ferdoa was awesome idea behind Rahul :)
04:17:54 <kaio> yes I love the ask.fp.o
04:18:10 <tuanta> +1 Suresh kaio
04:18:18 <kaio> and that is more efficient to let new users asking on mailing lists
04:18:27 <Suresh> +1 kaio "we can save up our resources and energy to "grow" the community"
04:18:43 <tuanta> any other news from FAmSCo?
04:18:52 <tuanta> #idea we can save up our resources and energy to "grow" the community
04:19:07 <kaio> as we are not paid contributors, we have to use the time like our life
04:19:26 <Suresh> +1 kaio
04:19:54 <kaio> tuanta, they are getting things done for passing missions to the next famsco
04:20:09 <tuanta> great to hear that
04:20:20 <tuanta> hope to see you in the new FAmSCo
04:21:01 <Suresh> yes kaio
04:21:20 <tuanta> next topic now?
04:21:40 <kaio> tuanta, that needs votes from you guys
04:21:42 <kaio> hehe
04:21:46 <kaio> sure next topic
04:21:50 <tuanta> #topic News & Ideas from Ambassadors Country wise
04:22:19 <Suresh> #action kaio nees responses for the subdomain (zh, cn, zht) of fedoracommunity.org
04:22:40 <Suresh> tuanta: from srilanka
04:22:40 <tuanta> Suresh, have you added this topic?
04:22:48 <Suresh> yes
04:23:00 <tuanta> yes, please! that's your turn
04:23:32 <Suresh> from my side we will thinking to do more events in future
04:23:46 <tuanta> +1 Suresh
04:24:11 <kaio> +1
04:24:12 <Suresh> like one big evet and small Fedora awareness/
04:24:16 <tuanta> have you got any plan? I meant just roughly one is enough now
04:24:43 <Suresh> already i am keeing touch with our local amabassadors
04:24:56 <Suresh> they all keen to do so
04:24:57 <tuanta> cool
04:25:16 <Suresh> also still i have 300 fedora meed in my hand
04:25:32 <Suresh> err/media
04:25:43 <Suresh> so we can use them in our next events
04:25:59 <zerng07> great
04:26:16 <Suresh> eof
04:26:19 <tuanta> what's media? Fedora 15?
04:26:45 <Suresh> any news from from your side zerng07 ?
04:26:57 <zerng07> no
04:26:59 <Suresh> tuanta: f14 live cd's
04:27:25 <tuanta> F14 would be ended soon
04:27:43 <Suresh> zerng07: are you only one ambassador from your country or ?
04:27:49 <Suresh> tuanta: yes
04:27:53 <tuanta> #link http://vn.fedoracommunity.org/2011/11/09/reminder-fedora-14-end-of-life-on-2011-12-08/
04:28:01 <zerng07> Suresh: Now we have two
04:28:13 <zerng07> but not at the same region.
04:28:13 <tuanta> nice zerng07
04:28:24 <tuanta> it's also good
04:28:52 <tuanta> anything else? or next?
04:28:54 <Suresh> zerng07: you have any idea to do event in your country?
04:29:05 <Suresh> tuanta: your side ?
04:29:14 <zerng07> I want to prepare F17 event
04:29:27 <tuanta> I will have something in the next correct topics
04:29:29 <Suresh> tuanta: you have tax issue?
04:29:42 <Suresh> getting media from outside?
04:29:53 <Suresh> zerng07: great :)
04:30:01 <zerng07> :)
04:30:06 <tuanta> yes, you are correct. I got tax issue in import media
04:30:46 <Suresh> zerng07: Does getting media or swag, cost tax for you?
04:31:05 <tuanta> sorry, we should follow the agenda, or it should be changed earlier :)
04:31:17 <zerng07> If the total prise is below 6000 TWD, there is no tax
04:31:17 <Suresh> go on tuanta
04:31:24 <tuanta> #topic Review *ACTION* items from the last meeting
04:31:33 <tuanta> thank
04:31:33 <Suresh> zerng07: good
04:32:12 <tuanta> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2011-10-29/apac.2011-10-29-04.05.html
04:32:43 <tuanta> we have 3 pending actions but there are no more action owners here
04:32:48 * kaio goes lunch
04:32:49 <zerng07> Oh, to correct it: 3000 TWD...
04:32:57 <Suresh> action 1:bckurera, discuss with f.po team leaders and see the possibility of arranging fedora classrooms
04:33:02 <tuanta> we should check them later
04:33:21 <Suresh> action 2:remove the topic "Fedora Thank You Letter" in the next meetings, tuanta
04:33:35 <tuanta> yes, it has been done :)
04:33:42 <Suresh> action 3:udinnet: decide a tentative date for the FAD before Nov 5th
04:34:18 <Suresh> both are not available today.
04:34:29 <tuanta> #action pending actions in previous meeting should be reviewed in the next meeting
04:34:56 <Suresh> +1 tuanta
04:35:00 <tuanta> #topic Report of past Events & current Status of upcoming events - Fedora Events
04:35:42 <Suresh> #info Please Note:Event reports should have evidence[ie:photos+blog post]
04:35:49 <tuanta> Suresh, I understood. could you please assign me the chair permission.
04:36:03 <tuanta> I changed my nick during the session.
04:36:04 <Suresh> i think this time we dont have any
04:36:19 <tuanta> that's why zodbot has not responded my statements
04:36:19 <Suresh> tuanta:  sure
04:36:35 <tuanta> please: "#chair tuanta"
04:36:57 <Suresh> #chair tuanta
04:36:57 <zodbot> Current chairs: Suresh tuanta tuanta_
04:37:03 <tuanta> great, thanks :)
04:37:09 <tuanta> #topic Report of past Events & current Status of upcoming events - Fedora Events
04:37:17 <tuanta> great! it works.
04:37:30 <tuanta> #action pending actions in previous meeting should be reviewed in the next meeting
04:37:37 <Suresh> #chair kaio kulll zerng07
04:37:37 <zodbot> Current chairs: Suresh kaio kulll tuanta tuanta_ zerng07
04:37:46 <kulll> we had a meetup last thursday discussing about Fudcon bidding
04:38:02 <Suresh> +1 kulll
04:38:04 <Suresh> go on
04:38:04 <tuanta> I finished F16 release party in Hanoi last evening
04:38:31 <tuanta> what's FUDCon, kulll?
04:39:06 <Suresh> kaio: you have an idea for next LCA is it?
04:39:06 <tuanta> Hanoi event's report is here: #link http://vn.fedoracommunity.org/2011/11/12/event-report-fedora-16-release-party-hanoi/
04:39:47 <Suresh> great tuanta :)
04:40:32 <tuanta> #topic Other future APAC events.
04:41:03 <tuanta> we are in the right topic. kulll, could you please talk more about the meetup you mentioned above
04:41:28 <tuanta> what does it for? wha FUDCon bidding?
04:41:36 <tuanta> #chair kaio_tab
04:41:36 <zodbot> Current chairs: Suresh kaio kaio_tab kulll tuanta tuanta_ zerng07
04:42:05 <tuanta> kulll, are you still there? :)
04:42:06 <kulll> well, just rough planning
04:42:18 <tuanta> ok, great, kulll
04:42:30 <tuanta> for the next APAC FUDCon?
04:42:35 <kaio_tab> Bidding is put up plans for famsco to vote locations of next fudcon.
04:42:37 <kulll> possible venue, sponsor etc
04:42:56 <tuanta> have you got any wiki, kulll?
04:42:59 <kulll> tuanta, yerp
04:43:24 <tuanta> which location are you supporting?
04:44:23 <tuanta> I support KL with KageSenshi, Harish and other active Fedorians there for the next FUDCon in APAC
04:44:34 <kulll> +1 tuanta
04:44:35 <tuanta> myself
04:45:30 <tuanta> any more things to share, kulll?
04:45:49 <tuanta> I meant your rough plan
04:46:24 <kulll> oh yeah
04:46:35 <tuanta> btw, kaio_tab, what should we do with election questionnaire?
04:46:45 <kulll> Fedora Meetup + F16 Release Party during Mozilla AsiaCamp
04:46:59 <tuanta> +1 kulll
04:47:08 <tuanta> great to see you there
04:47:14 <kulll> 20 or 18 nov
04:47:31 <tuanta> I will be there. everything has been booked.
04:48:22 <tuanta> kaio_tab, I meant where should we post/send the answers?
04:48:54 <tuanta> great kulll. We should discuss this in the Fedora meetup in KL next week.
04:49:06 <tuanta> #topic APAC plans for F16-verne
04:49:27 <tuanta> any further plan, everyone?
04:49:33 <kaio_tab> You have done that havent you?
04:50:00 <tuanta> not yet, kaio_tab. but I will get it done soon today.
04:50:39 <kaio_tab> U means questions from fams?
04:51:41 <tuanta> yes,
04:52:09 <tuanta> never mind. :) back to the main meeting topics!
04:52:37 <tuanta> kulll, any needs for swag, media, etc.?
04:53:23 <tuanta> seems, no one here right now :)
04:53:27 <kulll> lol
04:53:55 <kulll> need to ask kage for that
04:54:06 <tuanta> I think we should be next to "Open Floor" topic to discuss freely
04:54:20 <tuanta> other ones should be discussed in the next meeting
04:54:22 <kulll> +1 tuanta
04:54:31 <tuanta> is that fine?
04:54:38 <tuanta> #topic Open Floor
04:55:05 <tuanta> that's time to discuss all about our meetup next week in KL
04:55:21 <tuanta> KageSenshi should be here right now :)
04:55:38 <tuanta> or we should drop a notice to him
04:55:56 <kulll> hmmm....
04:56:00 <tuanta> that's really good to have a meetup in KL for all Fedorians
04:56:16 <kulll> try ping him
04:56:23 <tuanta> +1 kulll
04:57:30 <tuanta> kaio_tab, I meant this questionnaire: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F17_elections_questionnaire#FAmSCo
04:58:31 <kaio_tab> I dont know who is wrangler.
04:58:49 <tuanta> so, we just need to keep the answers yourself?
04:59:24 <kaio_tab> And not sure if the questions are due. Ut we can always prep the ans for current questions first.
05:00:09 <kaio_tab> Will check out in famsco meeting tonight.
05:00:24 <tuanta> +1 kaio_tab
05:01:38 <tuanta> kulll, it's over the time. we should discuss the KL meetup after this meeting.
05:01:53 <tuanta> thanks all for attending today
05:02:15 <kulll> +1 tuanta
05:02:33 <tuanta> ok, I will close the meeting now
05:02:36 <tuanta> see you then
05:02:38 <kulll> thx tuanta
05:02:41 <tuanta> #endmeeting