05:02:26 <tagoh> #startmeeting i18n
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05:02:30 <tagoh> #meetingname i18n
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05:02:38 <tagoh> #topic agenda and roll call
05:02:47 <juhp> hi
05:02:48 <tagoh> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/I18N/Meetings/2011-11-10
05:03:03 <tagoh> okay, it's time for i18n meeting.
05:04:05 <fujiwarat> hi
05:04:18 <tagoh> update the agenda prior to start if you have anything else or bring up at the end.
05:04:35 <epico_laptop> hi
05:05:53 <anish_> hi
05:05:58 <paragan> hi
05:06:13 <tagoh> okay, let's get started.
05:06:22 <tagoh> #topic F17
05:07:44 <tagoh> as all of you know f16 is out and we are moving slowly for f17 development. in current schedule on wiki upcoming event is Feature Submission Deadline at 24th January next year.
05:08:20 <tagoh> we still have time to think about i18n features for f17 though.
05:08:27 <tagoh> is there any idea for that so far?
05:08:53 <juhp> aha
05:09:16 <juhp> I guess we already have a few features in the pipeline?
05:10:50 <tagoh> more gnome-shell integration for ibus, fonts-tweak-tool?
05:12:36 <dingyichen> hi
05:12:46 <tagoh> anyway, good to have a little time to think about what we can make innovation on i18n in the future release of Fedora.
05:13:13 <paragan> I have one question here
05:13:19 <tagoh> sure
05:13:38 <paragan> we have some Indic locale support features submitted by Rahul long before at the time of F10
05:13:50 <paragan> they are still showing in http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:FeaturePageIncomplete
05:14:14 <paragan> I think we should also look into it and try to clean our features from FeaturePageIncomplete
05:15:14 <juhp> hah
05:15:18 <paragan> so we also need to check for any i18n features there and try to update them in every release cycle
05:15:24 <juhp> that would be good
05:15:45 <paragan> I will check for those Indic features
05:15:47 <juhp> so what are the current features listed?
05:15:51 <tagoh> yes, well, one can propose any time if it's ready to go.
05:16:08 <juhp> Libpinyin, fonts-tweak-tool, Inscript2
05:16:18 <paragan> yes
05:17:09 <tagoh> but features needs an owner. so if no one takes it, it keeps sitting down at FeaturePageIncomplete anyway :)
05:17:12 <paragan> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:FeatureReadyForFesco
05:17:20 <juhp> right
05:17:37 <juhp> we could remove FeaturePageIncomplete perhaps?
05:17:55 <juhp> not sure how to delete old unproposed features?
05:18:03 <tagoh> me neither
05:18:11 <paragan> ok
05:18:30 <lijli> hi
05:18:36 <juhp> removing the tag might work - perhaps you could ask around? :)
05:18:41 <tagoh> I guess there may be many outdated features there.
05:18:46 <juhp> sure
05:18:54 <paragan> yeah
05:18:58 <juhp> good to clean up IMHO anyway
05:19:15 <juhp> unless there is still value in it
05:21:07 <tagoh> given that it's worth trying, that shouldn't be i18n specific. so good to bring this up with the wide-distribution IMHO.
05:21:43 <paragan> ok
05:21:44 <pravins> hi
05:21:57 <tagoh> anyway, anything else so far on f17?
05:22:28 <juhp> I guess no schedule yet?
05:22:38 <tagoh> schedule for what?
05:22:44 <juhp> f17?
05:22:56 <tagoh> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/17/Schedule
05:23:00 <juhp> ah
05:23:31 <juhp> ok that's pretty new :)
05:24:07 <tagoh> just 2 days since f16 has been released. no wonder :)
05:24:45 <tagoh> okay, better move on then.
05:25:00 <tagoh> #topic Bugzilla house keeping
05:26:03 <tagoh> as announcement has been sent, EOL for f14 was set to 8th December. so it's time to revisit and evaluate f14 bugs.
05:26:56 <paragan> yep
05:27:06 <tagoh> we have 42 bugs open for f14 now. so would be nice to review them and if it's still persist, good to change the version to avoid auto-closing.
05:28:30 <tagoh> if you own any bugs for f14, good to test again or ask a bug reporter if it works on the latest version in f15 or f16.
05:29:30 <tagoh> appreciate if you can have a time to take an action for that, anyway.
05:30:08 <tagoh> okay, move on.
05:30:10 <tagoh> #topic Input Methods
05:31:15 <tagoh> for updates of the multilib issue on gtk+, workaround patch has been accepted and committed upstream. so I guess we'll see that in f17.
05:31:16 * juhp wants to orphan stardict....
05:31:23 <juhp> cool
05:32:06 <pravins> juhp: what is present alternative for stardict?
05:32:17 <juhp> goldendict?
05:32:19 <tagoh> it potentially allows us to set any fallback though, I'm still thinking about what to do in imsettings.
05:32:27 <juhp> I think epico_laptop said
05:33:05 <juhp> tagoh: so imsettings can also do fallback with this change?
05:33:13 <epico_laptop> yes,  goldendict
05:33:13 <pravins> anyway stardict is crashing at my end from couple of weeks :)
05:33:20 <tagoh> i.e. hardcode xim only for fallback or open to the users for their preference
05:33:22 <juhp> pravins, ;)
05:33:31 <tagoh> juhp: right
05:33:34 <juhp> I know - I broke it ;)
05:33:41 <juhp> well new upstream actually lol
05:34:04 <juhp> well I thought it was working before I pushed it but seems not....
05:34:36 <pravins> yeah, it is not working now, good time to orphan
05:34:37 <juhp> tagoh: ah right - I would suggest just hardcoding it
05:34:41 <juhp> for now anyway
05:34:51 <tagoh> juhp: yep
05:35:00 <juhp> not sure of use cases for user fallback :)
05:35:51 <tagoh> dueno: what's disabling some engines in ibus-m17n going on? did you get any feedbacks after that?
05:35:56 <juhp> pravins, haha - I guess I needn't have bothered to take it and break it ;o)
05:36:08 <dueno> tagoh: no feedback so far
05:36:25 <tagoh> juhp: hm, yeah. to make it simple, maybe better hardcoding xim.
05:36:32 <juhp> ok
05:37:02 <juhp> hopefully noone will notice ;o)
05:37:06 <juhp> :)
05:37:10 <tagoh> dueno: okay. so what's the plan for that so far?
05:37:23 <dueno> anyway I'll disable some obviously useless engines soon
05:37:29 <pravins> juhp: i am very loyal user of stardict from long time :), best thing is it provides stardict-dict-hi (Hindi) like packages so we get meaning of word in local language as well.
05:37:36 <tagoh> dueno: okay. good
05:37:55 <juhp> pravins, aha - well I was thinking to revert it... with epoch
05:38:07 <juhp> pravins, can you try goldendict?
05:38:25 <pravins> juhp: sure, i will it try today and will update you. thanks
05:38:37 <juhp> or if you want to have it.... ;o) :)
05:38:43 <tagoh> any updates or news to share on IM?
05:41:00 <pravins> tagoh: not much on indic-typing-booster, but as you know presented about it in Fudcon 11
05:41:24 <tagoh> sure. cool
05:41:28 <pravins> slides available at fudcon.in/sites/default/files/slides/NG-input-method-for-indian-languages.pdf
05:42:07 <tagoh> how was it? :)
05:43:43 <tagoh> fujiwarat: do you have anything for ibus?
05:44:06 <pravins> it was nice :) there was lots of student. hoping will get some contributions from them :)
05:44:17 <pravins> thanks tagoh
05:44:32 <tagoh> aha
05:45:54 <fujiwarat> Ah, mainly I focused on bug fixes last week. As you know, ibus-1.4.0-10 was integrated. Also I implemented to run xmodmap in ibus.
05:46:10 <juhp> aha
05:46:38 <fujiwarat> Currently I'm enhancing the ibus menu items.
05:46:44 <tagoh> cool
05:48:16 <tagoh> okay, move on then.
05:48:23 <tagoh> #topic Fonts and Rendering
05:48:37 <tagoh> epico_laptop, jni: any updates on fonts-tweak-tool?
05:49:23 <jni> tagoh, yeah, currently i still working on the fonts alias, implement the UI using the font chooser component in pygtk
05:49:40 <juhp> btw I got a suggestion from mclasen that we should look to see if we could incorporate some of fonts-tweak-tool in gnome-tweak-tool's fonts section
05:50:00 <tagoh> aha. sounds nice
05:50:01 <juhp> also wonder on the state of KDE's config
05:50:10 <juhp> also wonder on the state of KDE's font config
05:50:17 <juhp> anyone know?
05:51:15 <tagoh> hm, yeah, that would be a concern since what fonts-tweak-tool is about to do is the desktop-independent thing..
05:51:44 <jni> juhp, ok, have not look through the gnome-tweak-tools code yet
05:52:50 <juhp> tagoh: right
05:53:25 <epico_laptop> for KDE, I think it generated .fonts.conf in the past.
05:53:41 <juhp> it is the usual problem we face - how to satisfy specific desktop and general
05:53:51 <tagoh> right
05:53:58 <jni> juhp, agree
05:54:13 <juhp> epico_laptop, ok - guess we need to check what provides now
05:54:19 <epico_laptop> yes
05:54:37 * epico_laptop will check kde4 later.
05:54:45 <tagoh> okay
05:54:53 <juhp> thanks - I'll try to have a poke around too
05:55:19 <jni> thanks juhp
05:55:48 <tagoh> dueno: so any progress or plans for (considering to) changing the default font for Korean?
05:57:08 <juhp> my feeling is we should probably just go ahead in rawhide - but sending out a headsup at the same time would be good I think - maybe encourage people to try it and test it themselves in current releases
05:57:49 <tagoh> juhp: hm, yeah, that's an idea - dunno how many people will try on rawhide though
05:58:22 <juhp> sure but at least they will see the warning :)
05:58:50 <tagoh> yep. good to send a mail at the list
05:58:53 <juhp> and some may be interested to try it out themselves
05:58:59 <tagoh> to
05:59:08 <tagoh> right
05:59:32 <juhp> we could also make it a mini feature
05:59:46 <juhp> that would be transparent at least
06:00:05 <tagoh> given that we'll change it, it should be mentioned in the relnotes anyway, though
06:00:10 <juhp> sure
06:00:59 <tagoh> dueno: can you make some progress for that?
06:01:48 <tagoh> anything else on fonts and rendering?
06:02:52 <pravins> tagoh: not any update, there are some news bug reported last week
06:02:53 <dueno> tagoh: sure, will post a mail on the list
06:04:00 <pravins> .bug 751566
06:04:02 <zodbot> pravins: Bug 751566 Shape of U+0472/U+0473 wrong - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=751566
06:05:25 <tagoh> dueno: thanks
06:05:27 <tagoh> pravins: aha
06:05:29 <pravins> tagoh: i will work at the end of month on these bugs
06:05:40 <tagoh> okay, thanks
06:06:32 <tagoh> anything else we are missing in the agenda?
06:08:11 <tagoh> otherwise will close the meeting shortly.
06:10:03 <tagoh> okay, thanks everyone for the meeting!
06:10:55 <tagoh> #endmeeting