20:02:11 <cwickert> #startmeeting EMEA Ambassadors 2011-09-21
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20:02:21 <cwickert> #meetingname EMEA Ambassadors 2011-09-21
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20:02:31 <cwickert> #topic role call
20:02:39 <cwickert> .fas cwickert
20:02:40 <zodbot> cwickert: cwickert 'Christoph Wickert' <christoph.wickert@googlemail.com>
20:02:50 <cwickert> anybody here for the ambassadors meeting?
20:02:55 <cwickert> speak up now...
20:02:59 <ib54003> .fas ib54003
20:03:00 <zodbot> ib54003: ib54003 'Benedikt Schäfer' <benedikt@schaefer-flieden.de>
20:03:34 <sesivany> .fas eischmann
20:03:35 <zodbot> sesivany: eischmann 'Jiri Eischmann' <eischmann@redhat.com>
20:04:46 * cwickert suggests to wait a little until more people show up
20:07:47 <cwickert> alright, lets get started
20:07:55 <cwickert> doesn't seem there are more people comint
20:07:58 <cwickert> coming
20:08:15 <cwickert> and I guess this is my fault because I had the wrong date in the reminder
20:08:30 <cwickert> it is 2011-09-21, not 2011-09-20 :(
20:08:43 <cwickert> anyway, people should be able to get that
20:08:55 <cwickert> s/get/guess
20:09:28 <cwickert> the agenda for todays meeting can be found at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:EMEA_Ambassadors_2011-09-21
20:09:33 <cwickert> lets make this a quick one
20:10:10 <cwickert> #topic Announcements
20:10:20 <cwickert> any announcements?
20:10:37 <cwickert> sesivany: how about you, you always have a lot of things to tell :)
20:11:10 <sesivany> well, we have some events, but i guess there will be the event topic :-)
20:11:38 <cwickert> alright
20:12:03 <cwickert> #info: If you need media, contact cwickert or jsimon, they still have some
20:12:53 <cwickert> #info If you *have* media, please update the inventory. as we are planning for F16, it is crucial for us to know how many media we actually spent
20:13:07 <cwickert> ok, that's all I can think of
20:13:13 <cwickert> #topic Events
20:13:23 <cwickert> sesivany: your turn :)
20:13:29 <sesivany> ok :-)
20:13:48 <sesivany> we had a Software Freedom Day this weekend...
20:14:01 <sesivany> about 35 people showed up, mainly students.
20:14:33 <sesivany> it wasnt focused on Fedora, but it was hosted in Red Hat office and we promoted Fedora as much as we could :-)
20:15:10 <sesivany> now, we're getting ready for LinuxCon which will be one of the biggest events we attend this years.
20:15:18 <cwickert> I saw the photos, thanks for the event report
20:15:34 <cwickert> sesivany: anything you still need?
20:16:09 <sesivany> unfortunately, we are having some problems with making a standup banner, gnokii made a nice artwork, but we're still looking for an agency that can make it.
20:16:36 <gnokii> woot?
20:17:01 <sesivany> we've asked 4, still no success, hopefully soon because LinuxCon is coming.
20:17:53 <gnokii> sesivany: I spoke with Jaroslav about it, we can print it here and my boss will bringing it to LinuxCon but is not so cheap as printing in czech
20:18:14 <sesivany> do we still have any swag left? because I'm totally out of it now :-( I'd like to have some stickers for LinuxCon.
20:18:33 <cwickert> sesivany: I think I can help you, at least a little
20:19:11 <sesivany> gnokii: Jaroslav is going to talk with one of his friends who owns an ad agency, so hopefully they'll be able to do it.
20:19:18 <cwickert> gnokii, sesivany: can the two of you figure out the details about the banner? how much it is etc...
20:19:33 <gnokii> sesivany: hopfully I send him the file 2 hrs ago
20:19:49 <sesivany> money is not a problem, my manager is willing to pay it.
20:20:57 <cwickert> gnokii: then take the golden one... with the *real* gold I mean ;)
20:21:25 <cwickert> #action cwickert to send sesivany sone swag for LinuxCon
20:21:45 <sesivany> after LinuxCon, we'll have LinuxAlt and between them about 2 or 3 events at universities. So October will be really busy for us :-)
20:21:50 <cwickert> action gnokii and sesivany to figure out the details for the stand-up banner
20:21:58 <cwickert> sesivany: you still need media?
20:22:13 <cwickert> it turns out I have some left I think
20:22:56 <sesivany> cwickert: I would appreciate more, but we can always do events without them, if you have better use for them I can live with what I have.
20:23:39 <cwickert> sesivany: not a problem, if you can distribute them. My next event is OpenRheinRuhr in November and then F16 is out already
20:23:49 <cwickert> #action cwickert to send sesivany also some more media
20:24:20 <cwickert> sesivany: are we set for today regarding your events?
20:24:51 <sesivany> cwickert: as I said we have LinuxCon, but I'd like to use it mainly for LinuAlt (500 attendants, most of them IT students) and for 2-3 events at universities (again IT students, I guess at least 200 in total).
20:25:03 <cwickert> #action cwickert to send wonderer some media for Linuxinfotag Landau
20:25:24 <sesivany> cwickert: you mean media or generally?
20:25:40 <cwickert> sesivany: I could send you a package of 110 media and some swag I guess
20:26:06 <cwickert> I mean, the media for sure, the swag I will have to look up
20:26:39 <sesivany> cwickert: that would be great, what I really need is the standup banner and a table cloth so that our booth is finally well decorated, but that's what I and Jarda have to work on.
20:26:40 <cwickert> #info cwickert still has 2 ambassadors shirts left, one XL and one L. Contact him if you want one
20:26:45 <cwickert> #undo
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20:26:54 <cwickert> #info cwickert still has 2 ambassadors polos left, one XL and one L. Contact him if you want one
20:27:08 <sesivany> that's probably all from me regarding events.
20:27:19 <cwickert> sesivany: yes, and keep in mind that gnokii can help you with the banner
20:27:26 <cwickert> ok, I think that's all...
20:27:34 * cwickert looks at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events#FY12_Q3_.28October_2011_-_December_2011.29
20:28:01 <cwickert> we have Linuxinfotag Landau coming up
20:28:11 <cwickert> Henrik Heigl will take care of it
20:28:24 <cwickert> if not, vinzenzv will
20:28:38 <cwickert> I will provide them with what they need
20:29:01 <cwickert> rsc: do you still need anything for Gothenburg?
20:29:12 <cwickert> rsc: if so, please contact me or kital
20:29:24 <cwickert> then we have OpenRheinRuhr
20:29:30 <cwickert> but I think we are set, too
20:29:40 <cwickert> the Xfce people are taking over the hotel reservations
20:29:45 <cwickert> and I will bring the swag
20:29:59 <cwickert> btw, we might need some more people there
20:30:33 <cwickert> #info: if you are willing to come to OpenRheinRuhr, please add yourself in the wiki at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/OpenRheinRuhr_2011
20:30:40 <cwickert> ib54003: you are coming, right?
20:30:45 <ib54003> jap
20:30:48 <gnokii> cwickert: I will be there I proposed a lot of talks
20:30:48 <cwickert> cool
20:31:00 <cwickert> gnokii: ok, add yourself in the wiki please
20:31:07 <cwickert> killefiz will be there, too
20:31:19 <cwickert> and I guess dmaphy and the typical suspects
20:32:08 <cwickert> and nailuj24 will be there
20:32:21 <cwickert> I guess this is enough, but more people would be better
20:32:34 <cwickert> anything more for events?
20:32:51 <cwickert> does anybody know the status of Africa Open Days?
20:33:17 <cwickert> it's in 2 days from now but I haven't heard anything from Frankie for a while
20:33:39 <jsmith> Not sure we need to say anything more about FUDCon, but I'll throw it out :-)
20:34:01 <cwickert> jsmith: nice you are here, please shoot
20:34:22 <jsmith> Again, as a reminder, there are a very limited number of hotel rooms left in the primary hotel
20:34:33 <jsmith> I need to have the final list by Monday the 26th
20:34:48 <jsmith> If you haven't yet booked a room, or would like to stay in the primary hotel, let me know IMMEDIATELY
20:35:17 <jsmith> Also, I'll be bringing a bunch of Fedora stickers with me -- I'm assuming that cwickert will be distributing them?
20:35:20 <cwickert> #info if you come to FUDCon Milan and want a room in the primary hotel, contact jsmith ASAP. he needs the final list by Monday 26th
20:35:38 <cwickert> jsmith: sure, either me or kital
20:36:11 <cwickert> ok, cool jsmith, thanks for the update
20:36:18 <jsmith> Any other questions or concerns about FUDCon?
20:37:04 <cwickert> sesivany: are you or anybody else from Brno coming to Milan?
20:37:27 <sesivany> cwickert: yeah, about 15-20 people :-)
20:37:42 <sesivany> cwickert: I and Jarda are among them.
20:38:42 <cwickert> sesivany: so how about I give you the stuff for LinuxCon at Milan?
20:39:29 <sesivany> cwickert: that's actually a good idea because we'll have a car, no problem to take it.
20:39:57 <cwickert> sesivany: ok, I need to decide if it makes sense, I already have a lot of luggage
20:40:10 <cwickert> including one surprise that will cause  a lot of fun :)
20:40:19 <cwickert> that's all I can say by now, but be warned...
20:40:31 <sesivany> can't wait :-)
20:40:54 <cwickert> ok, anything more for events?
20:41:06 <cwickert> rsc: speak up now or be quite forever :P
20:41:09 <rsc> cwickert: haha!
20:41:16 * cwickert always wanted to say that
20:41:19 <gnokii> cwickert: yes
20:41:28 <rsc> well, I would need some swag for FrOSCon in Gothenburg...2011-11-11 to 2011-11-13
20:41:34 <cwickert> ok, rsc, then gnokii
20:41:36 <rsc> will we have Fedora 16 media till that date?
20:41:52 <cwickert> rsc: unlikely
20:42:15 <cwickert> I mean, it's 10 days after F16 release
20:42:24 <rsc> I know. That's why I'm asking.
20:42:33 <cwickert> even if the company is fast, I doubt we can make it
20:42:41 <cwickert> but I can try to make it happen
20:43:00 <cwickert> I hope we won't have the problems with the DL media again
20:43:00 <rsc> I'm flying on 2011-11-11 to Gothenburg, so everything till 2011-11-10 evening can be picked up :)
20:43:03 <Affix> hi
20:43:09 <cwickert> rsc: I see
20:43:21 <cwickert> #action cwickert to investigate how fast we can get F16 media
20:43:29 <cwickert> rsc: anything else?
20:43:29 <rsc> do we have some swag? I have some pins and some button-stickers.
20:43:42 <cwickert> rsc: I have flyers, but they are German :D
20:43:52 <rsc> haha, not very helpful in deep Sweden ;)
20:44:03 <rsc> do we still have cheatcubes? Were they english?
20:44:11 * cwickert looks
20:44:43 <cwickert> rsc: nope, mine are German, too
20:45:00 <Affix> rsc: I can run off a few in english if you need them
20:45:05 <cwickert> there are English ones on the wiki, but I am not sure if we ever produced them
20:45:24 <rsc> Affix: what does few mean as a number? :)
20:45:32 <Affix> Between 100-200
20:45:36 <rsc> wow.
20:45:57 <cwickert> #action Affix to send rsc English cheatcubes
20:46:00 <Affix> I can claim the cost of ink and paper as an expense
20:46:52 <rsc> Affix: just being curious...you aren't printing to regular paper, aren't you?
20:47:12 <Affix> rsc: nope card
20:47:46 <Affix> rsc: I sent you a PM with some instructions
20:48:43 <rsc> cwickert: to answer Affix question regarding the costs...I guess that should be possible, if properly handled via trac, right?
20:48:55 <cwickert> rsc: yes
20:49:13 <cwickert> anything else on this, otherwise it's gnokii's turn
20:49:24 <rsc> EOF :)
20:49:25 <cwickert> gnokii: go ahead
20:50:37 <gnokii> cwickert: we should make a meeting with kital about doing a FAD on CLT like it was done at FrOSCon its possible to get the room in the cellar for it but we have to come with an concept what we wish to do in it, last week was kickoff meeting clt so its the right time to think about that
20:51:02 <cwickert> gnokii: good idea
20:51:07 <cwickert> well, wait
20:51:26 <cwickert> I mean, a FAD is probably the wrong word for it
20:51:35 <cwickert> lets call it a Mini-FUDCOn
20:51:48 <cwickert> because a FAD usually means to get shit done (tm)
20:52:01 <gnokii> thats not the important part how its called, think u not?
20:52:15 <cwickert> gnokii: you are right
20:52:31 <cwickert> I think showing a strong presence on an event is a good thing
20:52:40 <gnokii> thats the point
20:52:43 <cwickert> I mean, everybody has a booth and media and all that
20:52:47 <cwickert> but we can do more
20:53:19 <gnokii> and kital sponsors the event so we have to get out more
20:53:28 <cwickert> #action gnokii, cwickert and kital to investigate the possibility to have a FAD or Mini-FUDCon at CLT 2012
20:53:47 <cwickert> ok, lets figure out the details by mail
20:54:05 <cwickert> gnokii: will you write something about your idea on ambassadors-list?
20:54:43 <cwickert> or should we prepare a concept by private mail and in German? ;)
20:55:17 <gnokii> we should talk about first in that small circle and then move forward on ambassador list, I think
20:55:22 <cwickert> ok
20:55:42 <cwickert> I guess this was all for events
20:55:47 <cwickert> moving on...
20:56:03 <cwickert> #topic Ambassadors Schedule
20:56:15 <cwickert> #link http://rbergero.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-16/f-16-ambassadors-tasks.html
20:56:19 <cwickert> lets see...
20:57:15 <cwickert> gnokii: I think this one is for you: "FAmSCo Coordinate Media/Swag/Poster artwork with Design team"
20:57:30 <cwickert> I mean, you are not FAmSCo, but you are ambassador and designer
20:58:00 <gnokii> ok so far u know what u need on swag
20:58:11 <cwickert> that's the question
20:58:22 <cwickert> I think we don't want special F16 swag
20:58:37 <cwickert> because once F17 is out, the swag would be old
20:58:45 <gnokii> +1
20:58:57 <cwickert> all we need is media artwork and a poster for the release events
20:59:00 <cwickert> anything more?
20:59:32 * cwickert will write to ambassadors-list nevertheless
21:00:01 <cwickert> then we have "FAmSCo and Regional Teams Call for Release Events"
21:00:11 <cwickert> I am not FAmSCo, but I can do it
21:00:31 <cwickert> #action cwickert to write a mail about release events to ambassadors list
21:01:18 <cwickert> and finally we have "Regional Teams Plan Regional Logistics for Release Events & File Budget Requests"
21:01:42 <cwickert> but this requires that we talk about swag first
21:01:53 <cwickert> as for media, I suggest to have a dedicated meeting about this
21:02:07 <cwickert> because I don't have any quotes yet
21:02:34 <cwickert> does that sound like a plan or should we discuss this in the regular biweekly meetings?
21:02:43 <sesivany> cwickert: did you get the email about media I sent you?
21:02:48 <cwickert> sesivany: yes
21:02:53 * cwickert diggs
21:03:13 <sesivany> I'm fine to discuss it somewhere else if necessary.
21:03:26 <rbergeron> if anyone shows up for go/no-go, we're in #fedora-meeting-1
21:03:29 <rbergeron> dgilmore ^^^^
21:04:37 <cwickert> rbergeron: we will make it quick
21:04:54 <cwickert> sesivany: ok, I think we need kital when it comes to budget
21:05:14 <cwickert> #action cwickert, sesivany and kital to hold a meeting about media
21:05:38 <cwickert> so much for schedule...
21:06:01 <cwickert> next on the agenda would be F16 media production
21:06:19 <cwickert> but as we are only a few people and we'll have a dedicated meeting, I suggest to skip that
21:06:24 <cwickert> ok?
21:06:53 <cwickert> abadger1999: go/no-go meeting is in #fedora-meeting-1
21:07:28 <cwickert> and last but not least we have the action items from previous meetings
21:07:28 <abadger1999> cwickert: Thanks.
21:07:46 <cwickert> but I suggest to skip that, too, because I know that not much has been done
21:08:01 <cwickert> at least I haven't done much, I was busy with my dayjob
21:08:04 <cwickert> sorry :(
21:08:28 <cwickert> well, lets make it quick
21:08:32 <cwickert> DONE: sesivany to     find out who did the RH USB keys
21:08:48 <cwickert> NOT DONE cwickert to prepare quotes for F16 media until next week
21:09:07 <cwickert> NOT DONE cwickert to file a ticket for media budget
21:09:22 <cwickert> DONE arthurbuliva to figure out if media can be produced in Africa cheaper
21:09:23 <sesivany> cwickert: the company that makes media also makes USB keys, we in Red Hat plan to get supplies from them.
21:09:36 <cwickert> sesivany: that's why I said "done"
21:09:55 <cwickert> Arthur also had some numbers for making media in africa
21:10:05 <cwickert> I think we should do the African media there
21:10:29 <cwickert> because shipping from Europe to Africa is really expensive and causes a lot of trouble with customs
21:10:47 <cwickert> sesivany: lets invite Arthur to our meeting, too
21:11:11 <cwickert> NOT DONE rbergeron to adjust the Ambassadors schedule
21:11:25 <cwickert> NOT DONE dbouida to add the Algerian SFT to the wiki
21:11:43 <cwickert> Affix: what about "Affix to add his FAD at Forth Valley College in Falkirk to the wiki"?
21:12:13 <Affix> cwickert: I'm in progress of working out the details with the staff at the college before I add it
21:12:18 <cwickert> ok
21:12:40 <cwickert> DONE gnokii to help sesivany with the artwork for LinuxCon
21:12:48 <cwickert> ok, the ratio was not that bad
21:12:57 <cwickert> this means we still have left
21:13:09 <cwickert> action cwickert to prepare quotes for F16 media until next week
21:13:19 <cwickert> action cwickert to file a ticket for media budget
21:13:32 <cwickert> action rbergeron to adjust the Ambassadors schedule
21:13:44 <cwickert> action dbouida to add the Algerian SFT to the wiki
21:14:00 <cwickert> action Affix to add his FAD at Forth Valley College in Falkirk to the wiki
21:14:05 <cwickert> so, that's it
21:14:25 <cwickert> damn, I forgot to set the proper topic
21:14:30 <cwickert> #topic Open Floor
21:14:47 <cwickert> anything?
21:15:15 <Affix> maybe custom pens would be a good idea
21:15:25 <Affix> They are very cheap to produce
21:15:32 <jsmith> Affix: We did some pens a while back... at least in North America
21:15:41 <Affix> jsmith: I never knew that sorry
21:15:48 <jsmith> Affix: I'll bring one to FUDCon Milan :-)
21:15:57 <Affix> jsmith: I can't get to milan :(
21:16:04 <cwickert> jsmith: the whole payment thing is still PITA
21:16:06 <Affix> I'm a poor student
21:16:27 <jsmith> cwickert: I couldn't agree more!
21:16:37 <cwickert> jsmith: ok, at least a start :)
21:17:01 <cwickert> jsmith: it turns out that credit cards still don't help much, but this is a different issue
21:17:15 <cwickert> jsmith: but please bring some pens nevertheless
21:17:35 <cwickert> Affix: I will mail ambassadors-list and ask for ideas for swag
21:17:38 <cwickert> ok?
21:17:54 <cwickert> I'm pretty sure someone will suggest pens ;)
21:18:35 * cwickert will close the meeting in 3 minutes if nothing comes up
21:18:38 <Affix> cwickert: no problem
21:21:02 * shaiton_ on late one more time, sorry guys
21:21:07 <cwickert> hahaha
21:21:30 <cwickert> shaiton_: you are too late, we were just about to close the meeting
21:21:40 <cwickert> but at least you attended ;)
21:21:47 <cwickert> #endmeeting