05:07:17 <tagoh> #startmeeting i18n
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05:07:21 <tagoh> #meetingname i18n
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05:07:40 <tagoh> #topic agenda and roll call
05:07:52 <paragan> hi
05:07:58 <tagoh> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/I18N/Meetings/2011-08-11
05:08:18 <fujiwarat> hi
05:08:30 <tagoh> hi, sorry for a bit late start. who else here today?
05:08:52 <aalam> hello
05:09:13 <pravins> hi
05:10:00 <juhp> hello
05:10:00 <tagoh> if there are any topic you want to share please add it to the agenda or raise it at the end of meeting then.
05:10:09 <tagoh> okay, let's get started.
05:10:14 <epico_laptop> hi
05:10:17 <tagoh> #topic F16
05:11:11 <tagoh> as you may read an announce a few minutes ago, alpha is shipped one week.
05:12:12 <juhp> yep - not entirely unexpected :)
05:12:28 <juhp> one good news is that latest Live spin now boots :)
05:12:52 <tagoh> yep. alpha rc3 is available now.
05:13:03 <juhp> and even has selinux working
05:13:11 <juhp> tagoh: heh rc3 doesn't :)
05:13:48 <tagoh> maybe good to pick up from snapshot on alt.fp.o
05:14:21 <tagoh> anyway, any updates on features?
05:14:57 <juhp> rc3 is latest on alt
05:15:01 <juhp> anyway yes
05:16:14 <juhp> I think probably https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/GnomeInputIntegration needs some more updating
05:16:51 <juhp> I think rc4 will be released soon anyway
05:17:14 <juhp> in the meantime there are newer nightly spins in koji
05:17:15 <tagoh> btw noriko-san from l10n team was asking if there are any further test on test day. they seem planning to have a half test day at 8/23 though. any concerns for anything on i18n?
05:18:29 <juhp> fujiwarat, how much of GnomeInputIntegration is now in F16 btw?
05:19:01 <tagoh> the test day page for ibus feature is now open - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2011-09-22_I18n_Desktop
05:19:16 <tagoh> we may need to polish that later though
05:19:20 <fujiwarat> juhp: now is GUADEC so the patch review is pending on upstream.
05:19:54 <juhp> tagoh: cool
05:19:59 <juhp> fujiwarat, ah yea
05:20:47 <tagoh> so anything for test day?
05:20:54 <juhp> I see (strictly 85% should reflect what is in the tree...)
05:21:11 <tagoh> no need to test for indic say?
05:21:23 <juhp> tagoh: hmm
05:21:38 <tagoh> or whatever
05:21:51 <tagoh> well, even if nothing, that's ok
05:22:28 <juhp> tagoh: I got the impression from Noriko that l10n might be able to do some i18n (Fri) testing on the Tue
05:22:44 <juhp> whereas doing two days would be too much for the team
05:23:32 <juhp> I guess 23rd (l10n) will focus more on translations?
05:23:57 <tagoh> hm, yeah. so if we don't need further testing on non-planned area, we don't need to have it
05:24:05 <tagoh> juhp: right
05:24:55 <tagoh> this is just an opportunity to have more resources on i18n testing
05:25:18 <juhp> so I thought it would be good if we had all the 26th testcases ready before 23rd
05:25:42 <tagoh> good point
05:25:44 <tagoh> yeah
05:25:45 <juhp> for Asian translators
05:26:49 <dingyichen> hi
05:27:36 <tagoh> testcases we are planning at 26th wouldn't be so much though, if we don't have anything else, we could simply have same test in 23rd perhaps
05:28:01 <tagoh> that would be one of idea.
05:28:13 <juhp> tagoh: yep sounds good
05:29:01 <tagoh> so no particular candidates for testing?
05:30:54 <tagoh> will talk to noriko-san to have same testing for those who can't join at 23rd, to have more feedback on i18n then.
05:31:39 <tagoh> doc beat is now open. we may want to add some notes there.
05:32:07 <tagoh> candidates may be ibus feature and ITB and anything else?
05:33:29 <pravins> ibus-rawcode
05:33:37 <pravins> ?
05:33:58 <tagoh> aha
05:34:46 <juhp> pravins, what about it?
05:35:01 <tagoh> please update the page as needed. we could discuss/polish it once it builds up.
05:35:08 <juhp> yes please
05:35:22 <juhp> I added a placeholder for the ibus feature
05:35:39 <tagoh> juhp: thanks
05:35:58 <juhp> better if fujiwarat (and dueno) could kick off the initial text
05:36:58 <tagoh> okay
05:37:15 <tagoh> any concerns or topics on f16?
05:37:15 <fujiwarat> juhp: Are you talking about anything else instead of the test causes?
05:37:21 <juhp> fujiwarat, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Documentation_I18n_Beat
05:37:34 <fujiwarat> juhp: thx
05:38:19 <juhp> fujiwarat, if you can put a sentence or two there say before before the next meeting that would be great :)
05:38:41 <juhp> there may well be other ibus stuff to document too?  for IMEs?
05:39:17 <juhp> dueno, please mention ibus-gucharmap?
05:39:22 <pravins> juhp: sorry, nothing about it
05:39:27 <dueno> sure
05:39:33 <juhp> great
05:39:40 <tagoh> yeah, maintainers, if there are anything better writing down in doc beat, good to add one.
05:40:09 <juhp> any other new packages to mention?
05:40:31 <juhp> pravins, maybe update ITB coverage?
05:40:55 <pravins> juhp: yes, we have added Tamil also in that
05:41:07 <juhp> ok
05:41:23 <juhp> so let's have it ready in good time for the Alpha release
05:41:32 <tagoh> anyway, looking forward to see some notes there in next meeting :)
05:41:40 <juhp> :)
05:41:41 <pravins> juhp: yes, already packaged it for F16
05:41:51 <juhp> pravins, the relnotes :)
05:42:09 <pravins> tagoh: yesterday i packaged http://www.crulp.org/software/localization.htm fonts for Fedora
05:42:14 <juhp> it = the docsbeat :)
05:42:24 <pravins> it will increase Urdu font coverage in Fedora :)
05:42:30 <tagoh> cool
05:42:49 <pravins> i will discuss with upstream regarding which font should  be default for ur_IN and ur_PK
05:42:50 <juhp> pravins, probably we can mentioned for Beta then
05:43:05 <juhp> mention it
05:43:13 <pravins> juhp: yeah may be, since this is in review stage presently
05:43:24 <tagoh> pravins: okay
05:43:39 <tagoh> better move on.
05:43:47 <tagoh> #topic Input Methods
05:43:59 <tagoh> any updates for IM?
05:46:09 <tagoh> nope?
05:47:55 <tagoh> hm, okay. move on then
05:48:06 <tagoh> #topic Fonts and Rendering
05:48:54 <pravins> tagoh: nothing much
05:49:05 <pravins> i am thinking to make upstream release of Lohit Telugu
05:49:24 <pravins> lots of patched applied locally in Fedora only
05:49:27 <tagoh> pravins: wanted to ask a bit for new urdu fonts, as you said no decided for default font. so what's current status on priority etc?
05:50:04 <tagoh> pravins: aha
05:50:28 <pravins> presently DroidSansArabic.ttf: "Droid Sans" "Regular" get selected for ur
05:51:13 <pravins> but we really need comments from some Urdu person for selecting priority
05:52:03 <pravins> i think http://www.crulp.org/software/localization.htm can provide some good inputs regarding that
05:52:20 <tagoh> hm, thought we don't have droid sans installed by default?
05:52:48 <pravins> tagoh: they looks expert  "Center for Research in Urdu Language Processing"
05:52:53 <tagoh> I should update the font list for f16 though
05:53:21 <juhp> Just looking at the F16Blocker bugs - not quite sure if any of them really qualify - unfortunately or not I don't think the release criteria are so strict on l10n
05:53:26 <pravins> tagoh: Yeah, will be good if we can take a look at it once again for F16
05:54:44 <juhp> pravins, sure that is nice - but it would not be surprising if they recommend their own font - but sure let's hear what they say :-)
05:54:46 <tagoh> pravins: for f15 http://tagoh.fedorapeople.org/fonts/f15-defaultfonts.html - if unexpected result is there, we may need to revisit comps and fontconfig files etc
05:55:40 <tagoh> juhp: right.
05:55:54 <paragan> yes
05:56:04 <juhp> pravins, I wonder if comparing the fonts with some reference fonts would help
05:56:21 <juhp> anyway we can always change the default later if necessary
05:56:52 <tagoh> juhp: from last experience on f15, criteria may be not that stricter than what it says.
05:56:52 <pravins> juhp: from the website i am in impression that, they are using this font for wide purposes
05:57:29 <pravins> juhp: but yeah, agree with you, we can test these against fonts release by Govt. of India
05:57:33 <juhp> pravins, I am all for adding that font - just saying that it would not hurt to get another opinion too :)
05:57:42 <juhp> sure
05:57:43 <pravins> s/test/compare
05:58:07 <juhp> tagoh; aha
05:58:46 <tagoh> epico_laptop: btw have you tested f16 for changing chinese fonts on anaconda?
06:00:05 <tagoh> .bug 709962
06:00:07 <zodbot> tagoh: Bug 709962 Please change the Chinese font in boot.iso from cjkuni-uming-fonts to wqy-microhei-fonts - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=709962
06:00:30 <tagoh> the bug status is MODIFIED. need to test that
06:02:12 <tagoh> okay, anything else?
06:02:37 <epico_laptop> tagoh: sorry, I will test it soon, thanks for informing me.
06:02:49 <tagoh> epico_laptop: thanks!
06:03:06 <epico_laptop> :)
06:03:27 <tagoh> anything before closing the meeting?
06:04:39 <tagoh> okay. better stop here then. thanks everyone for the meeting!
06:04:50 <tagoh> #endmeeting