20:13:58 <stickster> #startmeeting Insight
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20:14:00 <pcalarco> sorry gents, lost track of time
20:14:01 <stickster> #meetingname Insight
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20:14:10 <stickster> #chair pcalarco asrob
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20:14:15 <asrob> hi Pascal
20:14:16 <stickster> #topic Roll call!
20:14:19 * stickster 
20:14:23 <pcalarco> hi asrob, stickster!
20:14:48 * stickster hands gavel to pcalarco
20:14:48 <pcalarco> #link
20:15:53 <pcalarco> I updated the link on the Insight page to point to the last minutes
20:15:55 <stickster> #link <-- previous meeting notes
20:16:35 <stickster> pcalarco: I usually #topic for last week's action items, but it's your meeting ;-)
20:17:02 <pcalarco> #topic review of last meeting and action items
20:17:26 <pcalarco> so, the main activity seemed to be around asrob's work on the features module?
20:17:45 <pcalarco> can we get an update on that?
20:17:49 <asrob> yeah, it seems
20:18:22 <asrob> so, I didn't get any answer from the maintainer of mediawiki_api
20:18:57 <asrob> maybe that's an abandoned projects, but I don't know, I can not see this information on its page
20:19:31 <pcalarco> is it usable in its current form for our purposes?
20:19:46 <stickster> asrob: It may be abandoned but it seems pretty stable
20:19:57 * stickster has it running on a couple instances and working well
20:20:01 <pcalarco> okay, good
20:20:03 <asrob> yeah
20:20:20 <pcalarco> what are the next steps, do you think, asrob?
20:20:22 <stickster> There are a couple open issues with it but at least one of those is a non-issue
20:20:39 <stickster>
20:20:49 <pcalarco> #info mediawiki_api may be abandoned
20:21:04 <pcalarco> #link
20:21:24 <asrob> pcalarco, wait a sec, I've another info, features_extra module has packaged and submitted, it's in testing repo
20:21:46 <pcalarco> asrob: ah, wonderful!
20:21:57 <asrob> that's all
20:22:16 * stickster also completed 2 of his 3 action items -- sent mail about meeting stuff, and also reviewed Peter's module :-)
20:22:35 <pcalarco> #info features_extra module has been packaged and submitted, and is in the testing repo
20:22:39 <stickster> #action stickster fix asrob's branch in the fedora-insight-features repo
20:22:45 <stickster> Still need to get to that one, sorry
20:22:59 <pcalarco> stickster: excellent, thanks for those info
20:23:45 <pcalarco> so that looks like the review of past activity; anything else to report, or move on to new topics?
20:24:00 <stickster> nothing here pcalarco
20:24:03 <asrob> nothing
20:24:18 <pcalarco> #topic new Insight dev discussion topics
20:25:07 <pcalarco> one thing I am curious about is the status of the ideas generated on the logistics list from a few weeks back; do we need any more help in organizing that?
20:25:27 <pcalarco> I can probably find some time to help with that if needed
20:25:39 <stickster> pcalarco: Probably. Both Peter and I gathered those emails into wiki pages and they're linked in the Development section of our Insight page:
20:25:49 <stickster>
20:26:07 <pcalarco> stickster: perfect, thanks
20:26:47 <pcalarco> what do we have remaining in front of us before we can start working on these?
20:27:06 <stickster> pcalarco: Trying to fix remaining tickets from phase 1
20:27:27 <stickster> Honestly, that's just a matter of cycles. I haven't had many of them, but hopefully everything is not blocking on me
20:28:06 <stickster> #link <-- Our current tickets
20:28:07 <asrob> yeah, I think, we need a stable basic feature set that contains all fixes
20:28:36 <stickster> asrob: You have included another module in your asrob branch for Strongarm, are you planning that to be in the basic feature set?
20:28:59 <pcalarco> #link
20:29:09 <asrob> stahnma, which one?
20:29:27 <stickster> Oops, poor stahnma :-)
20:29:28 <asrob> ouch, I mean...
20:29:32 <asrob> stickster, which one?
20:29:52 <pcalarco> I will get back to and finish the open workflow ticket
20:30:04 <stickster> asrob: I saw "strongarm" listed here:;a=blob;f=basic_features/;h=ef33a15a0b10ba00ba38e420557129a1b339a181;hb=refs/heads/asrob-basic-insight-features
20:30:56 <asrob> stickster, ah yes, I didn't translate it flawlessly
20:31:26 <asrob> stickster, yes, it would be good that strongarm would be in our basic feature set
20:31:47 <stickster> pcalarco: Sorry we're on a tech topic here, but getting the feature set fully included in code is part of our critical path :-)
20:32:07 <pcalarco> stickster: absolutely, no problem
20:32:10 <stickster> asrob: I think we need to close the gate on new modules after this one :-)
20:32:23 <asrob> stickster, look at this, "$export['ant_fwnbeat'] = $strongarm;" then "$strongarm->value = '[field_issue-formatted] - [field_beat-formatted]';"
20:32:32 <stickster> asrob: Unless we find something that we absolutely need in order to repo-ize our customizations
20:32:35 <asrob> ant == automatic nodetitle module ;)
20:32:47 <asrob> stahnma, okay, absolute, +1 :)
20:32:51 <stickster> haha
20:32:56 <stahnma> +1
20:32:58 <stickster> poor stahnma
20:33:01 <asrob> ouch
20:33:04 <asrob> sorry stahnma
20:33:11 <stahnma> no biggie
20:33:45 <asrob> stickster, +1 ;)
20:33:46 <stickster> OK, so asrob, what you mean is that we need Strongarm in order to capture that auto_nodetitle customization
20:34:09 <asrob> yeah
20:36:12 <asrob> stickster, "An example of such a variable is site_frontpage. In Drupal this defaults to node, which ensures that the front page gets content as soon as some exists, but for many Drupal sites this setting is simply wrong. Strongarm gives the site builder a place in the equation - an opportunity to set the site_frontpage to something that makes sense for their site."
20:36:17 <stickster> Right
20:36:30 <asrob> stickster, I copied this from the strongarm page
20:36:39 <asrob> that is very useful module
20:36:50 <stickster> OK, so asrob, do you want to do the usual, you package and I'll review for you?
20:36:59 <asrob> sure
20:37:07 <stickster> #action asrob package Strongarm for D6
20:37:21 <pcalarco> #action asrob will package strongarm and stickster will review
20:37:28 <stickster> oops
20:37:38 <pcalarco> whoops, sorry stickster :)
20:37:42 <pcalarco> my bad
20:37:43 <stickster> Here pcalarco, I'll undo both and you can refile
20:37:43 <asrob> :)
20:37:44 <stickster> #undo
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20:37:46 <stickster> #undo
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20:37:51 <pcalarco> #action asrob will package strongarm and stickster will review
20:37:52 <stickster> Go ahead pcalarco :-)
20:37:55 <stickster> cool
20:39:03 <pcalarco> okay, so the only other packaging we expect will be features module moving into the main F15 branch at some point
20:39:12 <stickster> features_extra, yetah
20:39:13 <stickster> *yeah
20:39:31 <pcalarco> great; anything else on packaging?
20:39:38 <asrob> nothing
20:39:47 <stickster> #action stickster puppetize features_extra usage once it enters stable
20:40:00 <pcalarco> other topics either of you would like to discuss?
20:40:12 <stickster> So one thing I'm going to try to do this week is to set aside Friday for devel work on Insight
20:40:46 <pcalarco> stickster: great!
20:41:03 <stickster> My $DAYJOB has really consumed all my cycles lately and it's not letting up any time soon. So if I reserve that day now I can work on our tickets.
20:41:20 <stickster> But I don't expect I'll be able to do that again next week :-)
20:41:47 <pcalarco> FWN in Insight has been working well; takes about 15-20 mins to republish an issue
20:42:07 <stickster> pcalarco: That's awesome!
20:42:22 <asrob> wohooo \o/
20:42:45 <pcalarco> so once we are ready, we can start adding more content, I think
20:42:49 <stickster> pcalarco: I would really like to start expanding the usage a bit. Right now no one from Marketing team visits the moderation queue for Planet posts, for example.
20:43:05 <stickster> It only gets updated if I remember, which happens only once every week or so, and that's not scalable.
20:43:26 <pcalarco> that might be something that Josh on the FWN team might be interested in too
20:43:43 <pcalarco> or sankarshan
20:44:28 <pcalarco> I will ask the team if anyone would like to take over that, and invite them to join logistics if so
20:44:30 <stickster> That would be great. pcalarco, is that something where you could set up a brief IRC session so we can walk through how to do it, and identify the material we want to promote on the site?
20:44:55 <pcalarco> stickster: great idea, yes, happy to facilitate that
20:45:43 <stickster> #action pcalarco Ask FWN team for volunteers to help with Insight moderation queue, and coordinate w/ logistics list to set up briefing time
20:46:00 <pcalarco> I am traveling tomorrow through next Monday, but will announce this and plan for next week
20:46:14 <stickster> That's fine, this doesn't need to be done in the next few days :-)
20:46:40 <pcalarco> any other topics to discuss?
20:46:51 <asrob> -
20:47:11 <stickster> -
20:47:22 <pcalarco> do we still have theming outstanding items or did tatica get all of those?
20:49:23 <pcalarco> okay, any other issues, or shall we close?
20:50:04 <asrob> pcalarco, tatica fixed a few issues
20:50:05 <pcalarco> closing in 10 seconds then, thanks stickster and asrob!
20:50:12 <asrob> pcalarco, thank you
20:50:39 <pcalarco> #endmeeting