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20:00:37 <stickster> #topic Roll call
20:00:39 <stickster> m/e
20:00:43 * stickster oops!
20:02:23 * jsmith lurks
20:02:44 <asrob-eee> hi
20:03:10 <stickster> Hi asrob
20:04:13 <stickster> asrob, If it's just you and me again today, I think we can get by with just talking in #fedora-mktg. We could do some work instead of talking about it :-)
20:04:26 <asrob> okay ;)
20:04:44 * stickster waits for 2 more min to see if anyone else is coming
20:05:43 <stickster> Yeah, let's close up shop here -- we'll go to #fedora-mktg for work time instead :-)
20:06:05 <stickster> #agreed Meeting was called off in favor of work time at #fedora-mktg.
20:06:07 <stickster> #endmeeting