04:15:25 <dramsey> #startmeeting APAC meeting 2011-07-02
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04:15:32 <dramsey> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2011-07-02#Agenda
04:15:41 <dramsey> #meetingname APAC
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04:15:47 <dramsey> #topic Ambassador Pinging
04:15:51 <dramsey> .fas dramsey
04:15:52 <zodbot> dramsey: dramsey 'David Ramsey' <diamond_ramsey@hotmail.com>
04:16:25 <dramsey> #chair LukeMartinez bckurera FranciscoD
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04:17:07 <FranciscoD> .fas FranciscoD
04:17:07 <zodbot> FranciscoD: ankursinha 'Ankur Sinha' <sanjay.ankur@gmail.com>
04:17:16 <ekoikhyar> .fas ekoikhyar
04:17:16 <zodbot> ekoikhyar: ekoikhyar 'eko ikhyar' <anakonda@kendari.linux.or.id>
04:17:26 <dramsey> #chair ekoikhyar
04:17:26 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD LukeMartinez bckurera dramsey ekoikhyar
04:17:36 <dramsey> Hi dramsey with Fedora 15
04:17:43 <dramsey> Welcome Everyone!
04:18:07 <dramsey> #chair kaio_
04:18:07 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD LukeMartinez bckurera dramsey ekoikhyar kaio_
04:18:17 <dramsey> #topic News from FAmSCo
04:18:23 <dramsey> Should we skip and moved to next?
04:18:46 <FranciscoD> yes
04:18:54 <dramsey> Okay.
04:19:00 <dramsey> #topic Report current Status of upcoming events
04:19:09 <dramsey> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents#FY12_Q2_.28June_2011_-_August_2011.29_4
04:19:26 <dramsey> Tomorrow, I do a Fedora 15 distribution
04:19:55 <FranciscoD> awesome!
04:20:02 <dramsey> Any news ?
04:20:16 <FranciscoD> I think everyone's following the FUDCon APAC bids etc
04:20:24 <dramsey> Very true.
04:20:26 <FranciscoD> China and India are competing
04:20:33 <FranciscoD> IIRC, we're awaiting results :)
04:20:37 <dramsey> Yup.
04:20:45 <dramsey> Should we put in #topic APAC plans topic?
04:21:17 <FranciscoD> yeah, guess that would be a good idea :)
04:21:22 <dramsey> #topic APAC plans
04:21:38 <dramsey> There is FUDCon APAC Bid as well as Release 15 https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F15_release_events
04:22:07 <FranciscoD> the release isn't news anymore ;)
04:22:39 <LukeMartinez> Bring up the APAC bid later in another topic. :)
04:22:42 <LukeMartinez> Fudcon*
04:23:31 <dramsey> Next topic then?
04:23:44 <FranciscoD> aye
04:24:22 <dramsey> OKay.
04:24:23 <dramsey> Just FYI approval for reimbursements for Fedora 15 Release Party dinners
04:24:37 <dramsey> Just FYI approval for reimbursements for Fedora 15 Release Party dinners
04:24:44 <dramsey> undo
04:24:44 <dramsey> #topic Red Hat Exams for Ambassadors
04:24:59 <dramsey> Waiting for news on work at Red Hat similiar online topic.  That is all from me.
04:25:03 <dramsey> Other thoughts or next topic?
04:25:55 <FranciscoD> dramsey: I think for the RHCE exams, ambassadors will have to work and do it themselves
04:26:09 <FranciscoD> I realized it's difficult for us to sync up and study/take the exam together
04:26:24 <dramsey> True, but it is good to see that other regions are supporting the exam costs.
04:26:29 <FranciscoD> maybe we could collect materials or whatever which ambassadors could use when they decide to take the exam
04:26:31 <dramsey> That is my thought.
04:26:37 <dramsey> Very true FranciscoD.
04:27:16 <dramsey> I like your thoughts, FranciscoD.  Good ideas.  Do you want to make #idea
04:27:34 <FranciscoD> #idea we could collect materials or whatever which ambassadors could use when they decide to take the exam
04:27:41 <dramsey> Cool, next topic?
04:27:45 <FranciscoD> aye
04:28:03 <dramsey> #topic Fedora APAC Magazine
04:28:10 <dramsey> ping bckurera
04:28:34 <dramsey> After this topic, do you all want to put the FUDcon APAC discussion topic?
04:28:42 <LukeMartinez> yeah.
04:29:05 <dramsey> Okay, skipping to next topic.
04:29:28 <dramsey> How about this...topic FUDCon APAC Bid as well as Open Floor next.
04:29:40 <dramsey> #topic FUDCon APAC Bid
04:29:42 <LukeMartinez> Seperate the two please.
04:29:49 <LukeMartinez> yeah
04:29:49 <LukeMartinez> :)
04:30:27 <dramsey> Thoughts?
04:31:31 <LukeMartinez> India and china are two very good bids. very competitive
04:32:12 <dramsey> True.
04:32:19 <LukeMartinez> Last time i checked (I havent seen the new numbers since the new License agreement.) India had 60+ FAm's
04:32:36 * LukeMartinez looks for numbers
04:32:53 <bckurera> hey
04:32:56 <bckurera> sorry got late
04:33:01 <bckurera> .fas bckurera
04:33:01 <zodbot> bckurera: bckurera 'Buddhika Kurera' <bckurera@gmail.com>
04:33:08 <FranciscoD> yeah, india does have quite a few of them
04:33:17 <dramsey> true
04:33:32 <dramsey> Hi bckurera, we are talking FUDcon bid, please give your thoughts...
04:33:39 <FranciscoD> (even if you get rid of the inactive numbers :P)
04:33:46 <LukeMartinez> #info Latest Numbers: INDIA: 39 China: 6
04:33:57 <bckurera> yup we had this Wednesday meeting
04:34:04 <bckurera> focusing the FUDcon bids
04:34:07 <FranciscoD> and, quite a few of them in India are red hat employees
04:34:12 <bckurera> mether was there answering ques.
04:34:25 <FranciscoD> such as mether, kushal, rpandit, susmit, paragn etc.
04:34:33 <bckurera> mether noted that at the moment RedHat pune
04:34:34 <LukeMartinez> But that doesn't rule out china althogether.
04:34:40 <LukeMartinez> True, FranciscoD
04:34:50 <bckurera> people are engage with the planing and they got nice support from them
04:34:54 <LukeMartinez> Hi Tuan.
04:34:55 <dramsey> http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-1/2011-06-29/apac.2011-06-29-14.03.html
04:35:02 <dramsey> #chair tuanta
04:35:02 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD LukeMartinez bckurera dramsey ekoikhyar kaio_ tuanta
04:35:05 <LukeMartinez> asmartgoat = me :)
04:35:07 <dramsey> Hi Tuan - tuanta
04:35:26 <dramsey> Tuan we are in #topic FUDCon APAC Bid
04:35:32 <bckurera> what happen to the goat LukeMartinez :)
04:35:49 <LukeMartinez> got old and died. anyway...
04:35:59 <bckurera> welcome tuanta we miss you
04:36:09 <bckurera> anyway what my consern is
04:36:22 <bckurera> India has some experience while China is lacking
04:36:48 <bckurera> because India has done with a FUDcon 2006(sake of the name) and more FADs
04:36:56 <bckurera> but in China there is no FAD even
04:37:05 <FranciscoD> and more people have been around for a while and are aware of the entire process
04:37:09 <bckurera> so I think China needs to go with FADs first
04:37:37 <LukeMartinez> +1 bckurera
04:37:40 <FranciscoD> I'm being selfish and saying India, because I'll get to attend it ;)
04:37:44 <bckurera> gbraad is doing well with China so next time they ll be on the top
04:38:10 <bckurera> What ever the China or India, its in APAC so no difference
04:38:18 <LukeMartinez> India has a massive FAm population. I think that india would be the way to go.
04:38:19 <bckurera> but we need to ensure the maximum impact.
04:38:24 <FranciscoD> bckurera: nah, I won't be able to head to china
04:38:51 <bckurera> further the language barrier between chinese would also be a consideration
04:39:00 <bckurera> this came up in the last meeting as a con
04:39:15 <bckurera> Visa problem is another con
04:39:21 <bckurera> against China
04:39:38 <bckurera> Ait ticket price is some what higer.
04:40:10 <FranciscoD> I think we should just wait and see what the board decides :)
04:40:14 <bckurera> hello guys
04:40:18 <FranciscoD> They'll weigh up everything
04:40:37 <bckurera> yup we hope the board will consider our inputs as well
04:40:42 <FranciscoD> they will
04:40:58 <FranciscoD> specially when our inputs save $s ;)
04:41:21 <FranciscoD> nah, really. All this info is present on the bid pages
04:41:23 <LukeMartinez> Governmental restrictions could cause problems in both countries.
04:41:39 <FranciscoD> And the bid pages are what the board refers to primarily
04:42:20 <LukeMartinez> Aparently: there was a Open Source event in china in june. *Goes to look it up*
04:43:02 <bckurera> anything else?
04:43:10 <ekoikhyar> what will happen in two places or just one
04:43:38 <bckurera> not that clear ekoikhyar
04:45:00 <bckurera> hello??
04:45:09 <FranciscoD> bckurera: ?
04:45:17 <FranciscoD> having network issues?
04:45:25 <dramsey> I think that Harish had an idea presented last month of having two to three FUDcons in APAC.  I liked that, our APAC Region is very huge
04:45:57 <bckurera> +1 dramsey
04:46:12 <bckurera> we can proe it using this FUDcon
04:46:25 <bckurera> based on its success we can demand more in future
04:47:30 <bckurera> ok guys if the discussion is over we can move :)
04:47:31 <dramsey> Good thoughts.  Any #action #idea ...
04:47:35 <dramsey> Other thoughts?  That is it from me.
04:47:47 <bckurera> i have one
04:47:55 <bckurera> open floor>>
04:48:11 <dramsey> bckurera, do you wan to talk about APAC Magazine or other things/
04:48:13 <dramsey> #topic Open Floor
04:48:21 <dramsey> Thank you all for attending!
04:48:27 <bckurera> the magazine is not yet started
04:48:36 <dramsey> Understood.
04:48:42 <bckurera> I informed to FAmSCo but no reply yet
04:48:55 <bckurera> I ll put a mail again with a ticket
04:49:10 <bckurera> however I wasnt able to work on that these days
04:49:24 <bckurera> due to my busy training in Sri Lankan Airlines
04:49:25 <dramsey> I understand, is there a ticket or #action you need posted to this IRC for follow up?
04:49:34 <dramsey> Understood on training
04:49:41 <LukeMartinez> I have an idea for the magazine. But it'll need the cooperation of people from every (or at least 3) region(s)?
04:49:47 <bckurera> I ll review all and will put to the ML
04:50:00 <dramsey> Got you, bckurera.
04:50:08 <bckurera> Further I have an announcement on behalf the Design Team
04:50:16 <dramsey> Please, tell us.
04:50:29 <bckurera> recently the Design Team decided to have event liaison
04:50:40 <bckurera> to connect design team and FAm teams
04:51:06 <bckurera> so FAm can easily get any art work done soon or just they can find what has created.
04:51:26 <bckurera> so me and Vinzenz Vietzke are working on this
04:51:37 <bckurera> as ''event ninjas''
04:51:46 <bckurera> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Design/Events_Ninjas
04:51:48 <dramsey> :)
04:52:08 <bckurera> if you guys need any help with events please do not hesitate to contact us
04:52:23 <bckurera> like if you need a poster to yout event or kind of thing
04:52:28 <dramsey> Good for taking this initiative, bckurera.
04:52:40 <bckurera> we are happy to make the link between both teams
04:52:51 <bckurera> effectivly and efficiently
04:52:56 <dramsey> bckurera, do you want to post as a #idea for our summary minutes?
04:53:10 <bckurera> Further we started indexing all the art work available at the moment
04:53:23 <bckurera> so all people can find the need thing with no fuzzy
04:53:37 <bckurera> dramsey #idea or #info?
04:53:58 <dramsey> Yes, whatever you like.
04:54:10 <LukeMartinez> Its happening so #info yeah?
04:54:45 <LukeMartinez> -> #ideas require #action to become #info :D
04:54:51 <bckurera> #action Inform any FAms artwork related needs to Event Ninjas bckurera or vinz
04:55:11 <bckurera> seems it fits :)
04:55:22 <bckurera> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/VinzenzVietzke
04:55:43 <bckurera> specially I am taking care of APAC related requests.so better contact me
04:56:05 <LukeMartinez> bckurera: Maybe some new fresh fedora posters. :)
04:56:14 * FranciscoD needs to run
04:56:16 <bckurera> This will be very helpull when F16 is releasing
04:56:23 <bckurera> ok then can we wind up guys
04:56:27 <bckurera> i m done
04:56:32 <FranciscoD> Sorry guys. Thanks for a great meeting. I'll try to attend more of them :)
04:56:34 <dramsey> Thank you all for attending!
04:56:52 <dramsey> close meeting?
04:56:56 <bckurera> thanks for being with us FranciscoD
04:56:59 <bckurera> +1
04:57:01 <dramsey> 5
04:57:02 <dramsey> 4
04:57:03 <dramsey> 3
04:57:03 <dramsey> 2
04:57:04 <dramsey> 1
04:57:06 <dramsey> 0.5
04:57:08 <dramsey> #endmeeting