01:01:04 <VileGent> #startmeeting FAmNA 20110518
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01:01:30 <VileGent> #meetingname FAmNA-20110518
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01:02:03 <VileGent> I will wait a few more minutes for people to show up
01:02:14 <VileGent> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:NA_Ambassadors_2011-05-18#Agenda
01:03:13 <VileGent> #topic Agenda https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:NA_Ambassadors_2011-05-18#Agenda
01:05:12 <VileGent> ok gets on with it
01:05:25 <VileGent> #topic Announcements
01:05:41 <VileGent> http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2011-05-17/fedora_15_go_or_no_go_meeting.2011-05-17-21.00.txt
01:06:17 <nb> Media is almost ordered
01:06:29 <mock> saw paul announce goldness
01:06:34 <mock> (on twitter)
01:06:40 * nb is downloading the final isos to overnight to the company, and final art should be ready tonight/tomorrow morning
01:06:49 <nb> We *should* have media by SELF
01:06:51 <mock> er, stickster
01:07:10 <nb> mock, stickster is paul i believe?
01:07:15 <mock> yes
01:07:44 <nb> oh one more thing
01:07:51 <nb> We are getting 32 and 64 bit live cds this time
01:07:57 <nb> plus the normal 32 and 64 bit install dvds
01:08:08 <nb> because apparently they decided to make a multi-arch multi-boot dvd
01:08:15 <nb> not a multiboot (single arch) dvd
01:08:45 <nb> i thought spot said they were making a single arch version too, but it didn't happen, so we're doing livecds for f15
01:08:45 <VileGent> and to Answer so of the questions from the last week
01:09:17 <nb> #info all regional shipping ambassadors, please get with nb to tell him or to confirm your shipping address
01:09:56 <VileGent> http://larrythefreesoftwareguy.wordpress.com/2011/05/16/transcript-larry-cafieros-press-conference/
01:10:47 <VileGent> and with that we have a things to be covered
01:10:56 <VileGent> #topic Immediate Need for a Meeting Wrangler(s) (Handle set up of meeting pages on wiki , posting minutes to mailinglist)
01:12:08 <VileGent> ok do we have any volunteers to run these meetings for the F15 release (6 months)
01:13:15 <VileGent> I really think it should be some of the newer Ambassadors
01:13:45 <VileGent> ok guys dont everyone speak at once
01:13:48 <kerrg> Unfortunately I tend to have a lot of scheduling conflicts with these meetings, else I would.
01:13:48 * SGS volunteers, making sure the tattoo of "SUCKER" is clearly visible on his forehead.
01:14:08 <kerrg> Once my semester starts up I have no idea what my schedule will be on a weekly basis.
01:14:41 <killeok> I am in the process of writing a white paper, or I would
01:15:13 <VileGent> #action SGS will be Meeting Wrangler for the F15 release cycle
01:16:01 <VileGent> #topic Events
01:16:24 <VileGent> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents#FY12_Q2_.28June_2011_-_August_2011.29
01:16:59 <kerrg> VileGent: Do you want to start with the Summit report?
01:17:18 <VileGent> please
01:17:28 <VileGent> #topic Summit report
01:18:10 <kerrg> Ok. Well the big news from the summit was that the USB keys were stuck in customs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning. They did, fortunately, show up for Thursday afternoon and we gave many out. Many individuals were excited about the keys.
01:18:45 <kerrg> There were, of course, numerous questions about Fedora 15. Gnome 3 is the main talking point there.
01:19:14 <kerrg> A large amount of Fedora 14 media was distributed as well.
01:19:26 <kerrg> I will say I was surprised with how many people who stopped by the booth were using versions going back to Fedora 12.
01:19:28 * jsmith-away thought the booth location for the Summit was awesome :-)
01:19:45 <kerrg> Thanks jsmith-away. Yes, we had a great location where everyone saw us.
01:19:56 <kerrg> Overall we had a great reception and generated a lot of interest.
01:20:14 <kerrg> "Mo" - forgive me I can't do the special characters for her name on this terminal - broguht some great pamphlets and fliers
01:20:39 <kerrg> Unless there are any other questions, I think that's all I have.
01:20:43 <makfinsky> I have a few of those I am going to pass around to some folks. Nice indeed.
01:20:52 <mock> kerrg: any fliers leftover?
01:21:04 <kerrg> mock: Yes, fliers and pamphlets. I'm not sure who has them now.
01:21:10 <kerrg> I can find out pretty easily.
01:21:27 <mock> for SELF, is what i was thinking
01:21:44 <VileGent> from the weight of the Event Box I have a pretty good idea
01:22:04 <kerrg> Also, the vertical banners got lost in the mail and diverted to TX but it all worked out in the end.
01:22:08 <kerrg> A lot of shipping problems I guess :D
01:22:12 <VileGent> i havent opened it yet will in the next week
01:22:37 <VileGent> #topic Vertical Banner
01:23:29 <jsmith-away> kerrg: We stuff as many of the fliers as we could into the event box
01:24:00 <VileGent> for some unknown reason the Vertical Banners that where heading to the RH Summitt made it to Boston, but then was diverted to TX to maxamillion
01:24:42 * jsmith-away wonders if a shipping label came off, and they used a previous one
01:25:04 * mock wonders if boston is the new texas
01:25:18 <makfinsky> LOL
01:25:28 <VileGent> I have been working with UPS to find out what happened but they have no idea, we have the banners so i closed the trace, and i have issued a shipping label for maxamillion to ship the banners back to me
01:25:32 <makfinsky> Man, if boston where the "new" tx, that'd be kinda scary.
01:25:59 <jsmith-away> VileGent: Careful -- they might end up in Boston if you do that :-p
01:26:12 <VileGent> jsmith-away,  but a label from 3 shipments ago is the odd thing
01:26:29 <jsmith-away> VileGent: The funny thing was when some folks from UPS came to the booth at the Summit and gave us a bad time for having the USB keys shipped via FEDEX.
01:26:47 <jsmith-away> VileGent: Then we had to tell them that Fedex was slow, but UPS lost our other shipment.
01:27:05 * jsmith-away is really away now -- back to home improvement project
01:27:10 <VileGent> so hopefully we will have the banners at SELF
01:27:31 <VileGent> #topic SELF
01:27:40 <mock> VileGent: per the last meeting, i report to have about 25 white fedora square stickers, 30+ blue speak-bubble f-stickers, 25 pins, 25 pens, and ton of case badges
01:27:50 <mock> and a bunch of balloons
01:28:06 <VileGent> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SELF_2011
01:28:23 <VileGent> mock bring them with you
01:28:54 <VileGent> ok SELF we have alot of Fedora people going to SELF either presenting or at the table
01:28:55 <mock> planning on it
01:28:59 <rbergeron> ugh, sorry
01:29:02 * rbergeron swings in late
01:29:18 <mock> will there be usb keys for self?
01:29:39 <mock> er, SELF, no me
01:29:55 <VileGent> looking at Southeast Linuxfest Site looks like our  sponsorship has gone through or is in the works enough they put us on the Site
01:30:04 <rbergeron> Yes, it's gone through.
01:30:05 <rbergeron> It's paid.
01:30:27 <rbergeron> mock: I do'nt think we were planning on just giving away usb keys, unless I missed a memo?
01:30:46 <rbergeron> I tihnk the remainder was maybe thought to be "special" swag and not just give one away to everyone kind of thing
01:30:51 <rbergeron> but I could be wrong :)
01:31:04 <VileGent> rbergeron,  unless there are some in the event box if so we will hold them
01:31:21 <rbergeron> I don't know where the USB keys are - i assume jsmith-away has them all.
01:31:58 <rbergeron> I guess he culd let us know
01:32:12 * rbergeron is planning on proposing a Friday FAD activity soonish, if I get time tonight to write it up
01:33:17 <makfinsky> Dammit... another event I can't get to... And I am so damn close... I really need to make these events a higher priority...
01:33:18 <VileGent> #action rbergeron  will be proposing a Friday FAD for SELF see webpage for details
01:34:02 <rbergeron> makfinsky: why not? :)
01:34:08 <VileGent> anyother events that we need to cover tonight
01:34:19 * rbergeron doesn't have anything offhand
01:34:21 <makfinsky> Because my youngest brother's bachelor party is that weekend.
01:34:51 <kerrg> makfinsky: classic
01:35:41 * spevack is here
01:35:43 <VileGent> #topic Budget
01:35:47 <spevack> (if anyone needs him)
01:36:16 <VileGent> spevack,  https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SELF_2011 is probable something you need to know about
01:36:41 <spevack> looks very reasonable to me
01:37:04 <VileGent> so we can just let you pay the room bills on site?
01:37:10 <spevack> i believe that we are also all set with F15 media, from a purchase order point of view.  There's nothing blocking on RHT.
01:37:22 <spevack> VileGent: yep, Robyn and I and other RHT folks will handle the hotel rooms
01:37:38 <rbergeron> makfinsky: he should have the bachelor party at self
01:38:05 <makfinsky> rbergeron: :-D
01:38:42 <spevack> what up ivan!
01:38:56 <makfinsky> spevack: Heya! Missed you at summit.
01:38:57 <VileGent> Anything else as far as Budget
01:39:22 <VileGent> #topic Open Floor
01:40:24 <rbergeron> vilegent: are you anticipating requesting shirts again for olf?
01:40:52 <inode0> there is probably a need for more shirts now anyway
01:41:05 <VileGent> rbergeron,  probable
01:41:23 * rbergeron nods - though i wonder if it might be nice to have a new design - or at least get the shirts using the current fonts (for the i f freedom shirts)
01:41:43 <VileGent> rbergeron,  i was waiting a closer to time to see what the budgets situation was looking like
01:42:33 <VileGent> since my Fudcon Blacksburg comes at the end of the year
01:43:10 <VileGent> @action VileGent will be getting hotel contracts for signing in June
01:43:18 <VileGent> #action VileGent will be getting hotel contracts for signing in June
01:43:20 <nb> spevack, yeah, i have the po and have sent it to the company, media masters are going to be sent overnight tomorrow, and art should be done tonight/tomorrow
01:43:30 <nb> spevack, so they should have media for self if all goes as planned
01:44:07 <rbergeron> vilegent: budget for fudcon and budget for shirts technicall is two separate piles of money
01:44:18 <VileGent> rbergeron,  i know
01:44:21 <rbergeron> vilegent: you arrive friday? or thursday
01:44:29 <VileGent> friday afternoon
01:45:12 <VileGent> SGS has an Exam friday morning
01:45:15 <rbergeron> ah
01:45:17 <rbergeron> right
01:46:40 <VileGent> anything else for #Open Floor
01:47:54 <VileGent> 5
01:47:56 <VileGent> 4
01:47:57 <VileGent> 3
01:47:59 <VileGent> 2
01:48:16 <VileGent> 1
01:48:21 <mock> bacon
01:48:25 <VileGent> Thanks for Coming
01:48:30 <VileGent> #endmeeting