09:58:34 <harish> #startmeeting
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09:58:36 <tuanta> Anyone here for APAC meeting?
09:58:46 <tuanta> .fas tuanta
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09:58:52 <harish> #chair tuanta harish
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09:59:18 <tuanta> ping dramsey
09:59:19 <harish> welcome dramsey
09:59:20 <tuanta> hi
09:59:32 <harish> #chair tuanta harish dramsey
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09:59:33 <dramsey> Hi Tuan
09:59:35 <dramsey> :)
09:59:37 <kalpurush> ,fas
09:59:41 <kalpurush> .fas
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09:59:45 <tuanta> ping suresht
09:59:45 <dramsey> .fas dramsey
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09:59:48 <harish> .fas harish
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09:59:52 <kalpurush> .fas kalpurush
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10:00:09 <kalpurush> hi dramsey,harish,tuanta
10:00:20 <harish> kalpurush, greetings!
10:00:26 <harish> i am in hanoi with tuan next to me.
10:00:28 <dramsey> Hello Everyone.
10:00:32 <tuanta> we are here, in Hanoi today, I and Harish :)
10:01:02 <dramsey> Fantastic Harish!
10:01:06 <KageSenshi> \o
10:01:06 <asmartgoat> Hello
10:01:11 <KageSenshi> .fas izhar
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10:01:29 <kalpurush> everyone is here
10:01:30 <asmartgoat> We haven't started yet have we?
10:01:38 <kalpurush> good afternoon from bd
10:01:49 <harish> dramsey, i am in hanoi to speak at an ibm event tomorrow - IBM Technology Conference & Expo 2011
10:01:57 <KageSenshi> cool
10:02:04 <dramsey> Very cool.
10:02:06 <asmartgoat> cool, harish. Good Luck!
10:02:13 <kalpurush> good luck, harish
10:02:27 <harish> i will be speaking abotu cloud/rhel 6.
10:02:28 <dramsey> Are we ready to start?
10:02:32 <harish> yes
10:02:38 <dramsey> +1 cloud/rhel 6
10:02:40 <kalpurush> +1 dramsey
10:02:43 <harish> i've started the meeting already.
10:02:46 <dramsey> We are all ears to you, Harish.
10:02:51 <tuanta> we are already started :)
10:02:54 <harish> ok
10:03:03 <tuanta> it's the time to ping others
10:03:35 <harish> thanks, dramsey for setting this up.  i have not been able to make saturday meetings as I have one too many errands to run with my 2 sons.
10:03:53 <tuanta> cool :)
10:03:55 <dramsey> We sincerely appreciate and respect your time, Harish.
10:03:57 <harish> so, i want to be able to have a weekday session with all - in addition to the saturday ones we run.
10:04:06 <kalpurush> so now we attend meeting at wednesday , dramsey ?
10:04:07 <tuanta> +1 harish
10:04:24 <harish> please continue with the saturday sessions and i will join if i can - it will be on a mobile phone if i join on saturday :-).
10:04:26 <dramsey> +1 harish.
10:04:34 <tuanta> I think this time is fine for our bi-weekly meeting
10:04:52 <tuanta> hi suresht
10:04:55 <asmartgoat> agreed
10:05:00 <dramsey> +1
10:05:02 <harish> dramsey, can you do a roll call? would be good to see how many countries are represented.
10:05:03 <kalpurush> i think Wednesday is ok
10:05:05 <suresht> tuanta: hi
10:05:11 <suresht> asmartgoat: hi
10:05:15 <dramsey> Sure, Japan here.
10:05:17 <suresht> dramsey: hi
10:05:17 <KageSenshi> KageSenshi : Malaysia
10:05:19 <kalpurush> hi suresht
10:05:23 <dramsey> Hi suresht
10:05:27 <harish> harish, singapore
10:05:32 <suresht> .fas suresht
10:05:33 <zodbot> suresht: suresht 'Sureshkumar Packiyarajah' <sureshp8@gmail.com>
10:05:37 <asmartgoat> Luke Martinez: Australia
10:05:48 <kalpurush> Monir , Bangladesh
10:06:02 <harish> asmartgoat, where in australia?
10:06:10 <asmartgoat> Melbourne, Victoria
10:06:21 <harish> asmartgoat, cool.
10:06:31 <suresht> kalpurush hi
10:07:04 <suresht> suresht,srilanka
10:07:17 <harish> no one from india?
10:07:37 <harish> philippines is missing.
10:07:50 <kalpurush> india missing
10:08:04 * suresht oh meeting still not start
10:08:12 <tuanta> it's started
10:08:37 <tuanta> #topic Ambassador Pinging
10:08:44 <kalpurush> suresht , meeting start bt we are warm up :)
10:08:51 <suresht> tuanta: is it. ok im sorry for late
10:08:59 <dramsey> Yup, azneita and bckurera will probably be later due to their schedule.  FranciscoD is doing that Suresh thing, but will try.
10:09:01 <tuanta> no problem :)
10:09:36 <harish> ok all. good to be back on this chat. i feel back in the thick of things!
10:09:58 <tuanta> should we wait for someone else?
10:10:09 <tuanta> or next topic?
10:10:16 <harish> next topic please
10:10:22 <dramsey> #topic News from FAmSCo
10:10:25 <tuanta> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2011-05-04
10:10:28 <kalpurush> next topic
10:10:40 <dramsey> Any news Harish for us?
10:10:48 <suresht> harish: herson pagcaliwagan in fedora_ambassadors
10:11:04 <harish> i have none from famsco. but i have other stuff to talk about.
10:11:19 <kalpurush> go on harish
10:11:22 <tuanta> yes, please, Harish
10:11:29 <dramsey> Please, Harish.
10:11:37 <KageSenshi> +1
10:11:39 <harish> based on the last meeting, there were comments about the FUDcon in APAC
10:12:09 <suresht> hi KageSenshi
10:12:15 <harish> i'd like to see how best we can get this going. i have not spent time trying to figure out the logistics etc.
10:12:17 <KageSenshi> hi suresht :)
10:12:38 <dramsey> Understood.
10:12:45 <harish> i saw a proposal from KageSenshi to run it in Malaysia/Singapore. Was that the only proposal?
10:13:15 <KageSenshi> think so
10:13:21 <dramsey> I think so.
10:13:24 <dramsey> Suresht, did bckurera and you have any ideas for you?
10:13:43 <tuanta> I heard another from China
10:13:50 <dramsey> Also, I believe that gbraad and kaio are having some FUDcon discussions, too.
10:13:52 <dramsey> +1 Tuan
10:13:52 <harish> dramsey, yes he sent something.  let me pull that up.
10:14:55 <harish> nothing specific from  bckurera though. his note was just a ping to me.
10:15:08 <harish> the key thing for a FUDcon is that we need to
10:15:08 <dramsey> okay.
10:15:30 <harish> ensure that we have some good topics to cover. my sense is that if we do a series of FADs, then we gain some traction in
10:15:39 <harish> terms of what the various topcis and speakers etc can be
10:15:47 <harish> and then we can elevate it to a FUDcon.
10:15:52 <kalpurush> +1 harish
10:15:57 <KageSenshi> +1
10:16:05 <harish> our other challenge is that we have a widely distributed region.
10:16:06 <dramsey> +1
10:16:17 <harish> we need to have multiple FADs and FUDcons.
10:16:18 <tuanta> +1
10:16:25 <harish> in order to engage as many people as possible
10:16:32 <harish> the other consideration is cost.
10:16:34 <azneita> sorry, quite late
10:16:39 <harish> azneita, welcoem
10:16:40 <tuanta> hi azneita
10:16:46 <dramsey> hi azneita.
10:16:56 <kalpurush> hi azneita
10:17:02 <azneita> anybody ahs a log of things i missed
10:17:11 <harish> so all things considered, let's see if we can plan a FAD per quarter for the next 6 months - it's just a suggestion.
10:17:15 <tuanta> Harish is talking about FUDcon in APAC
10:17:22 <KageSenshi> 3 fudcons for APAC? south, central, west ? :)
10:17:36 <asmartgoat> Bring it down to two i believ
10:17:37 <asmartgoat> e
10:17:37 <tuanta> +1 Harish
10:17:43 <azneita> if there are drivers, why not :)
10:17:49 <harish> FADs are easier to setup and run and graduating to a FUDCon would be easier once we have done atleast a FAD in each sub geo.
10:18:09 <dramsey> +1
10:18:13 <tuanta> +1
10:18:17 * KageSenshi nods
10:18:20 <tuanta> sounds good
10:18:22 <dramsey> Experience to build upon...
10:18:26 <kalpurush> +1
10:18:26 <dramsey> nods
10:18:37 <harish> dramsey, exactly. we need to have experience in doing this.
10:18:41 <tuanta> I will also try to organize FAD in Vietnam first
10:18:58 <harish> at the end of the day, FAD or FUDcon - the stuff is the same. it is just a branding and expectation setting.
10:19:04 <KageSenshi> the team here have experience in handling other conferences .. but not FUDCon type ..
10:19:28 <harish> ok. let me see if we all understand what the FUDcon really is
10:19:36 <harish> has anyone attended one yet?
10:19:44 <dramsey> Me, no
10:19:46 <KageSenshi> not me
10:19:47 <KageSenshi> >.<
10:19:49 * tuanta no
10:19:49 <azneita> nope
10:19:51 <harish> i have had the luxury to attend three - all in the US.
10:19:54 <kalpurush> not me
10:20:00 <harish> OK
10:20:05 <asmartgoat> nope
10:20:05 <harish> let me explain what happens.
10:20:15 <harish> it is run like a barcamp.
10:20:23 <harish> all know what a barcamp is?
10:20:27 <KageSenshi> yeap
10:20:35 <tuanta> yes, I know
10:20:44 <dramsey> I think so...sort of
10:20:55 <azneita> i have read about it :)
10:20:58 <harish> ok, so, with a barcamp like model, we seek speakers and topics.
10:21:00 <KageSenshi> dramsey, theres several barcamps in .jp i believe
10:21:18 <harish> they will pitch at the beginning of the event to all of us attending FUDcon.
10:21:30 <harish> yes barcamps are run as follows:
10:21:48 <harish> a) all the speakers would have signed up somewhere - online on some website
10:22:01 <harish> b) they'll suggest topics with synopsis etc
10:22:12 <harish> c) then say the day starts at 830 am.
10:22:28 <harish> d) all the potential speakers will pitch their topics to the audience -=
10:22:39 * suresht sorry for interrupting,signal prob
10:22:45 <harish> about 10-15 seconds each (depending on the number of speakers volunteering)
10:23:05 <harish> and then all the topics are written on a post-it note or something liek taht
10:23:11 <harish> and pasted on a wall somewhere.
10:23:39 <harish> the organizer will then get all the participants to view all the posts and vote - by ticking on the post.
10:24:16 <harish> give all the audience some 20minutes to vote and then the organizer will arrange the talks into  tracks and populartity
10:24:23 <harish> and that become the event.
10:24:34 <KageSenshi> yep
10:24:42 <harish> no prior arrangement of who talks when and stuff like that. it is
10:24:43 <kalpurush> wow
10:24:47 <dramsey> Excellent, yes!
10:24:48 <harish> all voted by the attendees.
10:24:51 <tuanta> it's that I didn't know before: how to organizing it
10:24:54 <azneita> so the talks are spontaneous
10:25:04 <harish> that way people get to hear what they want to hear
10:25:16 <harish> if we can have multiple tracks then so much the better
10:25:23 <dramsey> +1
10:25:23 <harish> but it is dependent on the facility
10:25:32 <tuanta> +1
10:25:33 <harish> usually a school would be the best location.
10:25:41 <KageSenshi> yeap .. lots of classrooms
10:25:42 <azneita> so unlike a regular conference, tracks are voted on the day itself...
10:25:55 <harish> we've run it at Red Hat's HQ, in Arizona State University last January etc.
10:26:03 <harish> azneita, exactly.
10:26:13 <dramsey> Very cool.
10:26:15 <harish> so that means we have to have enough potential speakers and topics.
10:26:29 <tuanta> yes, I see
10:26:31 <harish> we can also have lightning talks - 5-10 minutes each.
10:26:58 <harish> now we are not constrained to follow the barcamp model. we should do what works for us.
10:27:06 <dramsey> #info We need potential speakers and topics.
10:27:08 <dramsey> #info We need to do this FAD thing first.
10:27:31 <dramsey> Harish, I have read something about FUDPub or hacksfests, what are those about?
10:27:33 <harish> the barcamp model is nice because you really don't know what talks will be best received by all.
10:27:36 <KageSenshi> harish, crowd wise, how large is considered a FAD, and how large is considered FUDCon ?
10:27:54 <harish> that is hard to tell, KageSenshi
10:28:16 <harish> number of participants is really driven by topics and other timings
10:28:21 <KageSenshi> yeap
10:28:25 <kalpurush> yes harish what is FUDPub and Hacksfests ?
10:28:29 <dramsey> yep
10:28:38 <KageSenshi> hackfest -> code stuff
10:28:39 <harish> FUDpub is really a time to chill out and have fun at the end of the day.
10:28:45 <azneita> the barcamp model would be great if almost everyone is capable of being a speaker...
10:28:55 <dramsey> +1 azneita
10:28:58 <harish> if FUDcon is 2 days, usually FUDPub is at the end of Day 1
10:29:04 <azneita> if not, hybri of a regular conf + barcamp
10:29:04 <kalpurush> +1 azneita
10:29:18 <harish> azneita, that is true. hence the need to do a FAD first
10:29:27 <tuanta> +1
10:29:28 <harish> gain some experience in doing this.
10:29:29 <azneita> i see your point harish
10:29:34 <dramsey> +1
10:29:50 <harish> as well as telling people that this is how we want to do this.
10:30:02 <harish> and that it is not your regularly scheduled "boring" conference :-).
10:30:08 <azneita> haha
10:30:12 <dramsey> haha
10:30:12 <tuanta> :)
10:30:16 <KageSenshi> my worry with barcamp model for FAD is that the crowd who can speak tend to drill down back to the few usual guys
10:30:17 <dramsey> It's exciting!
10:30:24 <kalpurush> hmm
10:30:26 <harish> both FAD and FUDcons will also have hackfests
10:30:41 <harish> the idea is just as someone wanting to talk at FUDcon, someone
10:30:48 <harish> can propose a hackfest topic and
10:30:57 <harish> orgnanize it accordingly.
10:31:14 <tuanta> really cool
10:31:18 <dramsey> +1
10:31:19 <harish> at the last FOSS.in, we had a FAD and they also included a hackfest set of topics.
10:31:57 <harish> some hackfests last 1/2 hr, or a whole day on one topic. it is driven by the main champion of that hackfest topic.
10:32:08 <azneita> harish, since most of us haven't been able to attend a fudcon yet wouldn't that make the fudcon sort of regular conference-like
10:32:19 <azneita> that's what we're accustomed to
10:32:41 <azneita> aha, the FAD
10:32:43 <harish> azneita, yes, that can be done that way.
10:33:01 <harish> but the challenge is that you need to solicit and lock down the speakers and topics
10:33:11 <KageSenshi> people here are accustomed to barcamp model .. though for a Fedora barcamp, number would be very small ..
10:33:27 <harish> not that it is not doable, but the barcamp has the element of surprise as well.
10:33:48 <azneita> which is interesting in itself
10:33:52 <KageSenshi> yeap :)
10:34:20 <harish> as a reference for the last FUDcon in Arizona State in Jan, i think
10:34:29 <harish> there were in excess of a 100 talks pitched
10:34:37 <harish> but only about 30 actually were run.
10:34:39 <dramsey> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Tempe_2011
10:34:46 <KageSenshi> cool
10:34:51 <azneita> I'll try to run our release party as a barcamp
10:35:12 <harish> azneita, that'll be a good thing to do. gain some experience doing it.
10:35:17 <azneita> i'm interested what topics will be proposed
10:35:34 <azneita> i expect topics changes per group
10:35:42 <KageSenshi> guess i gotta look around for potential speakers for a local fedora barcamp :) ..
10:36:01 <tuanta> we will organize an event called Open Day this month. I like barcamp style
10:36:07 <harish> my advise is to start smallish - hence the idea of a FAD.
10:36:19 <KageSenshi> harish, define small :)
10:36:30 <azneita> a couple of hundreds ;)
10:36:33 <harish> small as in 1/2 day
10:36:38 <dramsey> +1
10:36:48 * KageSenshi sees 10-20 attendees as small
10:36:52 <harish> so that you can run another or extend the 1st one to a full day
10:36:53 <KageSenshi> ah ok
10:37:07 <tuanta> +1, harish
10:37:09 <KageSenshi> half day sounds good
10:37:16 <harish> we have two dimensions - duration and participants.
10:37:48 <harish> each session is about 30 minutes long with a hard stop and no overflow. overflow will be done at a later time - based on interest.
10:38:07 <harish> so leave some rooms in the evenings/lunch/dinner times to continue.
10:38:29 <dramsey> +1
10:38:33 <kalpurush> +1
10:38:38 <KageSenshi> sounds good
10:38:49 * azneita is taking note
10:38:51 <harish> unlike the US and EU, we have the issue of travel costs to the various cities to reckon with.
10:39:04 <harish> and I don't want that to be the issue for us NOT to have a FAD/FUDcon
10:39:14 <harish> let's be creative in how to do this.
10:39:21 <dramsey> True, the region is so huge...
10:39:30 <tuanta> +1
10:39:31 <dramsey> I like your idea of central and other location.
10:39:35 <harish> get an university student computer club to get excited and move it to the next level.
10:39:43 <KageSenshi> huge region, with few contributors
10:40:19 <harish> that's why i would like to have some focused opportunities for students to present what they did
10:40:36 <kalpurush> i set up a computer & programming club in my uni, hope so arrange FAD between 2-3 month
10:40:39 <harish> i think India can run a FUDcon because they've got a reasonable number of contributors already.
10:40:47 <KageSenshi> harish, yeap
10:40:50 <harish> kalpurush, good.
10:41:18 <dramsey> +1
10:41:25 <tuanta> kalpurush, +1
10:41:26 <harish> i don't want to dampen the enthusiasm. i am sure we can be creative in doing this.
10:41:30 <KageSenshi> same goes for .au i think :)
10:41:42 <asmartgoat> +1 India
10:41:50 <harish> we don't have to follow the EU/US model per se.
10:41:54 <asmartgoat> I'm not to sure about australia.
10:41:59 <kalpurush> +1 harish
10:42:04 <harish> asmartgoat, why?
10:42:12 <kalpurush> we have to to with our own way
10:42:26 <tuanta> +1 kalpurush harish
10:42:35 <asmartgoat> I don't think we have anywhere near the 50+ contributors in india here
10:42:36 <tuanta> I will try it here
10:42:36 <kalpurush> we hv to go with our own way
10:42:39 <harish> let's see if I can put this idea past all of you.
10:42:46 <azneita> it would be a nice experiment - relying on the "passion and the responsibility of the participants"
10:42:51 <harish> let's say we want to run a contest of sorts.
10:43:05 <harish> a contest with schools invited to participate
10:43:17 <harish> the contest is to create some stuff for Fedora
10:43:36 <KageSenshi> +1 !!
10:43:43 <dramsey> +1
10:43:43 <harish> and given the distances we have in this region, a requirement is that the participants must be from different countries.
10:43:45 <kalpurush> +1
10:43:48 <harish> in a team
10:43:52 <dramsey> Brilliant.
10:44:09 <asmartgoat> harish, you'll probably need to do a talk in schools for it to promote fedora.
10:44:12 <harish> that way we will force the idea of a collaborating with all the tools we have to achieve something.
10:44:41 <harish> asmartgoat, that is easy for me to do. once we get a contest idea defined and moving forward
10:44:49 <KageSenshi> #idea competition in FUDCon, where schools are invited to participate , with requirement is that the participants must be from different countries
10:45:33 <harish> then we can have a session - award event - somewhere
10:45:42 <harish> what's the prize? i don't know yet.
10:45:47 <harish> perhaps an internship?
10:45:54 <harish> perhaps a Fedora scholarship?
10:45:56 <azneita> a trip to fudcon
10:46:02 <asmartgoat> fudcon APAC :)
10:46:02 <kalpurush> internship is better
10:46:03 <harish> azneita, +1
10:46:11 <asmartgoat> internship where?
10:46:27 <harish> Red Hat APAC office somewhere
10:46:36 <harish> we have I think 20+ offices in APAC
10:46:49 <asmartgoat> yes, theres one in every major city. :)
10:47:00 <harish> but those are just suggestions.
10:47:02 <KageSenshi> 2 in KL ?
10:47:05 <kalpurush> bt not a single one in bangladesh
10:47:23 <harish> kalpurush, not yet i think. the closest is in calcutta
10:47:25 <tuanta> we have a GSoC-like contest for Vietnamese students annually
10:47:40 <tuanta> it's good to join with them
10:47:41 <harish> tuanta, yes that'll be a good starting point as well.
10:47:50 <kalpurush> yap harish, bt there is problem with visa
10:48:09 <harish> kalpurush, let's visit that when we need to.
10:48:21 <harish> that's usually the smallest of issues really.
10:48:21 <tuanta> it's not a big problem within Asean countries
10:48:23 <kalpurush> now a days get a indian visa frm bangladesh is very tuff :(
10:48:52 <tuanta> it sometimes happens
10:48:52 <harish> kalpurush, ok, perhaps we do it in a "neutral" country like Singapore :-).
10:49:04 <KageSenshi> hehe
10:49:07 <kalpurush> +1 harish :)
10:49:10 <harish> but we are way ahead of ourselves.
10:49:20 <harish> so is the idea of a contest reasonable?
10:49:25 <dramsey> +1
10:49:27 <kalpurush> +1
10:49:27 <dramsey> Yes, reasonable
10:49:37 <harish> let's throw stuff out - why will it NOT work?
10:49:47 <azneita> it's reasonable and i'd like to run one locally
10:50:04 <tuanta> please note it as a meisheting's idea, har
10:50:10 <azneita> need to thresh out the contest details but i'm good with the overall concept
10:50:18 <tuanta> please note it as a meeting's idea, harish
10:50:26 <harish> i've been running a 24-hr programming contest in Singapore for 5 years now. it is open to anyone really. only requirement to be in Singapore for the contest
10:50:38 <dramsey> Cool!
10:50:52 <kalpurush> great job, harish
10:50:57 <azneita> we've run contests for universities, but not the cross-membership thing
10:50:58 <harish> #link http://www.codextremeapps.org/
10:51:31 <harish> and yes, red hat has been sponsoring it.
10:52:12 <harish> i'd like to see folks from the Fedora APAC community participate in it. it will be most wonderful from my point of view if that can happen this year.
10:52:20 <harish> ref to the http://www.codextremeapps.org/
10:52:28 <dramsey> +1
10:53:09 <harish> anyway, we can use that as a model and do a Fedora Coding Contest
10:53:24 <dramsey> Good, I understand.
10:53:27 <harish> not 24 hours per se, but say over two weeks or something.
10:53:51 <azneita> just to share - http://bluepoint.com.ph/index.php?entry=20090810000052
10:53:58 <harish> i think the next step is for someone to take ownership of this and run with it.
10:54:18 <harish> azneita, that'll work as well.
10:54:38 <dramsey> Nice
10:54:39 <harish> but if we do this across the region, we can be leading the thinking here.
10:55:03 <azneita> +1
10:55:07 <KageSenshi> +1
10:55:07 <dramsey> +1
10:55:11 <kalpurush> +1
10:55:11 <dramsey> Ruby language nice...
10:55:13 <asmartgoat> +1
10:56:01 <azneita> this is a nice topic for FAD :)
10:56:03 <asmartgoat> Yeah what languages. We can rule out the evil ones. :) Should it be any language that runs on linux. python, ruby, java etc?
10:56:05 <harish> so, who'd like to start looking into this? i'm happy to brainstorm
10:56:18 <KageSenshi> gnome-shell extensions to make fedora nicer
10:56:19 <KageSenshi> XD
10:56:26 <harish> the way you want to do this is to come up with a theme
10:56:39 <harish> a theme that gives a sense of what we are looking for.
10:56:56 <harish> so for example, for codextremeapps, this year's theme is "personalized transportation"
10:57:19 <harish> so that is centered on using HTML5 and mobile to help you navigate etc.
10:57:47 <harish> the advantage is that it helps people focus and then the ideas flow. language - anything really.
10:58:02 <KageSenshi> yeap ... any language should be allowed :)
10:58:23 <kalpurush> +1 ,kageSenshi
10:58:33 <harish> ideally the language should be available on a Linux/Fedora platform.
10:58:36 <KageSenshi> (except for w32 .Net)
10:58:49 <KageSenshi> yep
10:59:00 <harish> our contest need not have the requirement of being cross platform.
10:59:19 <harish> codextremeapps need crossplatform stuff btw.
11:00:33 <azneita> the contest is a good run-up to a major regional event
11:00:37 <harish> we are past one hour now.
11:00:38 <azneita> say t-1month
11:00:47 <tuanta> :)
11:00:53 <harish> that'll work.
11:00:57 <dramsey> +1
11:01:09 <azneita> and judging and prizes on event itself
11:01:13 <harish> so, what about doing this for Fedora 16 launch?
11:01:25 <dramsey> That gives 7 months.
11:01:25 <dramsey> What kind of timeframe to plan and put these things together?
11:01:30 <harish> we run a contest that starts say in September
11:01:33 <suresht> really i am getting good ideas from here!
11:01:36 <dramsey> +1
11:01:45 <azneita> been out of touch with uni lately but i'm meeting them this weekend so let's see
11:02:08 <dramsey> Do want this to be an agenda item for next week / milestone goal?
11:02:14 <harish> dramsey, yes please
11:02:18 <azneita> +1
11:02:23 <suresht> + dramsey
11:02:25 <kalpurush> +1
11:02:27 <dramsey> +1 you got it!
11:02:31 <asmartgoat> Should we move on, we've been here for an hour and we're still on famsco :)
11:02:37 <KageSenshi> i got several unis which i can contact :)
11:02:38 <harish> ok
11:02:59 <azneita> cool!
11:03:10 <KageSenshi> +1
11:03:14 <harish> next topic?
11:03:17 <KageSenshi> yep
11:03:26 <dramsey> #topic  Report current Status of upcoming events
11:03:34 <dramsey> Nothing from me, just my biweekly Akihabara
11:03:42 <suresht> FAD in lk
11:03:49 <harish> when, suresht ?
11:03:55 <suresht> up coming event
11:04:00 <harish> ok
11:04:10 <harish> there is a ISOC event in LK this month btw.
11:04:10 <azneita> F15 on early June
11:04:16 <harish> ISOC - Internet Society
11:04:45 <tuanta> we are planning for F15 release parties at the end of May
11:04:55 <harish> how about media?
11:04:57 <suresht> harish: not yet fixed date may be it will happen after f15
11:05:04 <harish> ok
11:05:10 <harish> btw, we are missing China here.
11:05:11 <tuanta> we will burn media ourselves
11:05:14 <azneita> i'd take anything you throw at me harish :)
11:05:38 <harish> azneita, ok. i am planning on f15 live DVDs 64-bit. will that be OK?
11:05:50 <azneita> that will be great!
11:05:54 <tuanta> we had a Chinese in the last meeting
11:05:58 <harish> this year's LCA needed 64 bit CDs.
11:06:11 <asmartgoat> Is it possible to have both install DVDs and Live CD's
11:06:11 <suresht> harish: here too migarting to 64 most of them
11:06:11 <kalpurush> +1 harish
11:06:20 <KageSenshi> RC medias? XD
11:06:23 <harish> ref: China, we have a person Haowei who is keen to become a mentor i think.
11:06:38 <dramsey> #chair azneita
11:06:38 <zodbot> Current chairs: azneita dramsey harish tuanta
11:06:57 <harish> asmartgoat, why both?
11:07:09 <harish> bandwidth down under?
11:07:17 <azneita> i remember that
11:07:21 <azneita> 350MB
11:07:27 <azneita> ouch
11:07:41 <asmartgoat> CD's to people trying linux, DVD's for others.
11:07:50 <kalpurush> +1
11:07:53 <asmartgoat> I can probably get CD's done here, it might be more expensive though
11:08:03 <harish> ok, so perhaps 20% install DVDs 64-bit and 80% live DVD 64-bit?
11:08:13 <tuanta> I also would like to become a mentor to develop Fedora community in Vietnam
11:08:17 <suresht> +1 harish
11:08:21 <KageSenshi> +1
11:08:24 <tuanta> but I don't know how to get started
11:08:39 <harish> i don't recall how many was made for F14 - i think it was 2000 pcs - all 32-bit liveCDs.
11:08:54 <harish> tuanta, what do you mean?
11:09:01 <azneita> #chair KageSenshi
11:09:01 <zodbot> Current chairs: KageSenshi azneita dramsey harish tuanta
11:09:28 <tuanta> I meant there are a lot of Fedora users in Vietnam now
11:09:51 <harish> what can we do for them?
11:09:52 <tuanta> I think the way I can concentrate them is to develop the network of Fedora Ambassadors here
11:10:06 <azneita> you have my vote if there ever is one tuan :)
11:10:09 <dramsey> +1 Tuan
11:10:18 <dramsey> Me, too Tuan!
11:10:23 <dramsey> We believe in you!
11:10:27 <asmartgoat> +1 Tuan
11:10:52 <harish> here's a topic to think about: disaster planning. especially natural disasters. how can fedora users help? what tools are there?
11:11:00 <harish> it works in all areas really.
11:11:16 <harish> a Fedora Emergency system for example.
11:11:18 <KageSenshi> erm .. gtg .. got another meeting soon XD ..
11:11:32 <harish> KageSenshi, ok. thanks for taking part
11:11:36 * azneita need to go now too
11:11:36 <suresht> harish: more about that
11:11:46 <dramsey> Good example Harish!
11:12:14 <harish> a CD/DVD/USB that contains all the tools for an emergency
11:12:15 <dramsey> Like my Fedora was the only working communication, the cellular phones' network stopped.  Priceless.  ;)
11:12:15 <azneita> i'm leaving my console open
11:12:47 <_kalpurush> Sry i go dc.
11:12:58 <_kalpurush> Now frm phn:(
11:13:36 <_kalpurush> .fas
11:13:37 <zodbot> _kalpurush: (fas <query>) -- Search the Fedora Account System usernames, full names, and email addresses for a match.
11:13:58 <harish> looks like people are falling off.
11:14:01 <harish> :-)
11:14:12 <dramsey> True.
11:14:20 <suresht> we are here
11:14:30 <asmartgoat> i'm here
11:14:31 <harish> got some ideas and items to move ahead on.
11:14:38 <harish> oh, ok.
11:14:39 <suresht> it is the time to learn from harish
11:14:45 <_kalpurush> I m here
11:14:45 <asmartgoat> Go ahead harish.
11:14:55 <suresht> otherwise cant catch him
11:14:56 <tuanta> come on please
11:15:07 <harish> the emergency system is something that we should do.
11:15:42 <harish> a special spin.
11:15:52 <tuanta> It made sense to me
11:15:53 <kalpurush> sry i got dc :(
11:15:58 <asmartgoat> Fedora Critical?
11:16:02 <harish> kalpurush, go!
11:16:15 <harish> asmartgoat, yes that sound critical enough :-).
11:16:23 <asmartgoat> It has a nice ring to it
11:16:28 <kalpurush> harish, now i m back frm phn
11:16:43 <harish> kalpurush, :-0
11:16:50 <asmartgoat> Can someone Chair me in?
11:16:51 <tuanta> something like SystemRescueCD http://www.sysresccd.org/Main_Page
11:17:00 <harish> #chair asmartgoat
11:17:00 <zodbot> Current chairs: KageSenshi asmartgoat azneita dramsey harish tuanta
11:17:03 <asmartgoat> ty
11:17:31 <harish> tuanta, yes, but more specifically Fedora-based.
11:17:53 <asmartgoat> So Fedora Critical would be a Super-stable Super-battery saving version of fedora?
11:17:55 <harish> not a system rescue per se, but a cd that could be containing the ushahidi and related stuff.
11:18:20 <kalpurush> i m not on chair, someone chair me in
11:18:22 <kalpurush> :(
11:18:23 <tuanta> +1 harish
11:18:30 <asmartgoat> #chair kalpurush
11:18:30 <zodbot> Current chairs: KageSenshi asmartgoat azneita dramsey harish kalpurush tuanta
11:18:30 <tuanta> #chair kalpurush
11:18:30 <zodbot> Current chairs: KageSenshi asmartgoat azneita dramsey harish kalpurush tuanta
11:18:34 <asmartgoat> :)
11:18:50 <harish> i've been on the "internet" since about 1986.
11:19:00 <harish> and it was ARPAnet with a UUCP backbone.
11:19:08 <tuanta> a really long time
11:19:24 <harish> we have UUCP in Fedora. UUCP over TCP/IP works well. Or over a DIALUP modem (!!)
11:19:41 <asmartgoat> harish, maybe an I am alive button on the computer that sends an email to a list that you specify that you are alive with the last ounce of battery you have left on x system :)
11:20:05 <harish> asmartgoat, makes sense.
11:20:27 <tuanta> hi FranciscoD
11:20:42 <harish> FranciscoD, welcome!
11:20:45 <suresht> hi fra
11:20:52 <asmartgoat> hi FranciscoD
11:20:53 <FranciscoD> I ran back as quickly as I could. Please tell me I didn't miss the entire meeting? :/
11:21:00 <FranciscoD> suresht: harish : tuanta : asmartgoat : Hello *all* :D
11:21:00 <asmartgoat> nope :0
11:21:03 <kalpurush> hi , FranciscoD
11:21:06 <tuanta> #chair FranciscoD
11:21:07 <zodbot> Current chairs: FranciscoD KageSenshi asmartgoat azneita dramsey harish kalpurush tuanta
11:21:09 <suresht> err/ FranciscoD hi
11:21:17 <asmartgoat> A very long meeting. :)
11:21:21 <harish> FranciscoD, missed 82 minutes of it :-).
11:21:28 * FranciscoD faints
11:21:36 <asmartgoat> We are currently discussing: "Fedora Critical" Spin
11:21:42 <FranciscoD> pray please continue
11:22:29 <harish> it is an idea about how best to have a Fedora spin that work in emergencies - natural calamaties etc.
11:22:59 <FranciscoD> that's really an amazing idea! Please continue, I'll go skim through the logs
11:23:03 <harish> it can be in a DVD/CD/USB whatever.  The notion is that we have a realible means to communicate
11:23:18 <harish> when all else fails. even the internet is down.
11:23:24 <tuanta> LiveCD is better
11:23:26 <harish> how can we link up?
11:23:30 <asmartgoat> #info I am alive - A button that (connects via dialup / wifi / ethernet) and sends an email to prespecified list saying "I am alive. -- Sent by the Fedora Ok System" :D
11:23:46 <harish> asmartgoat, :-)
11:23:48 <asmartgoat> It'll just be a script with an icon on desktop for quick access
11:23:51 <kalpurush> + 1 , asmartgoat
11:24:10 <FranciscoD> well, depends on the scale of the nataural calamity
11:24:21 <harish> what would be great to happen is that it can do a mesh network in a hurry
11:24:26 <FranciscoD> if your computers/laptops didn't survive it, makes no sense
11:24:43 <harish> of course FranciscoD
11:24:47 <suresht> like online ups(if anything happend power/server) sending sms
11:25:04 <harish> but if it does, can we get useful stuff working on it to communicate trivially.
11:25:07 <asmartgoat> It _has_ to be 32bit
11:25:18 <harish> asmartgoat, perhaps.
11:25:30 <harish> and it would need to run on ARM as well :-).
11:25:34 <asmartgoat> :)
11:25:52 <asmartgoat> I should be able to put it into my VHS and expect it to work.
11:26:01 <FranciscoD> Wouldn't a mobile phone have more chances of surviving? (Given that people generally carry it in their pockets, even while fleeing?)
11:26:04 <FranciscoD> asmartgoat: +1
11:26:12 <asmartgoat> :D
11:26:53 <harish> yes, but this is to show that if you have a computer as well, something that is an option. perhaps it will be just a Package Group.
11:27:06 <kalpurush> +1
11:27:29 <harish> not sure if any of you have used UUCP before.
11:27:47 <harish> maybe we should run a UUCP network amongst us.
11:27:55 <FranciscoD_> asmartgoat: +1
11:28:06 * tuanta yes :)
11:28:20 <asmartgoat> A UUCP server?
11:28:33 * FranciscoD_ has no clue what that is : rushes to google
11:28:33 <harish> Fedora has UUCP already.
11:29:06 <harish> ok, looks like i need to write this up. we are 1.5 hrs into this meeting already.
11:29:12 <asmartgoat> :)
11:29:21 <tuanta> #link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UUCP
11:29:44 <kalpurush> harish ,no prob please carry on
11:29:44 <suresht> thanks tuanta for the info
11:30:07 <suresht> we are in TCP/IP so it shoud be addtional info to read
11:30:27 <harish> if you look at #link http://stuff.mit.edu/afs/athena/reference/net-directory/maps/uucp.bak/u.sgp.1 you will see a uucp node I was running in Singapore called temasek.uucp
11:30:48 <suresht> harish: thanks
11:30:55 <suresht> i will see it
11:31:01 <FranciscoD> can we have something on mobiles too? I feel more people carry their cell phones in their pockets, more chances of mobiles surviving
11:31:13 <harish> suresht, it is not to replace anything - it is a tried and true system that was the precursor to the realtime internet we know and love today.
11:31:33 <harish> have not see uucp on a phone yet.  #idea uucp on phone
11:31:45 <harish> #idea uucp on a phone
11:32:01 <suresht> yes sure harish
11:32:07 <kalpurush> +1 harish
11:32:11 <FranciscoD> for example, I have an android phone, a simple one click application etc?
11:32:17 <FranciscoD> +1k harish
11:32:20 <harish> yes
11:32:27 <tuanta> hi kaio
11:32:28 <kaio> hi
11:32:31 <kaio> tuanta, hi
11:32:31 <harish> kaio, welcome
11:32:31 <FranciscoD> hello
11:32:33 <kalpurush> hi kaio
11:32:38 <kaio> harish, long time no see
11:32:48 <kaio> kalpurush, hi
11:32:49 <harish> kaio, indeed
11:32:50 <asmartgoat> hi kaio
11:32:55 <kaio> FranciscoD, hi
11:32:58 <kaio> asmartgoat, hi
11:32:58 <suresht> kaio: hi
11:33:03 <kaio> (so many hi.. hi all!)
11:33:21 <harish> kaio, i am in hanoi and tuanta is next to me in a cafe doing this chat :-).
11:33:35 <kaio> harish, great
11:33:45 <tuanta> it's over 1 hour and a half now :)
11:33:47 <kaio> harish, are you in any topics now?
11:34:12 <harish> it was a general topic area
11:34:15 <asmartgoat> Fedora Critical Spin :)
11:34:16 <kalpurush> it's a great meeting i ever attend
11:34:22 <harish> waiting for FAmSCO update
11:34:48 <kaio> am i the only famsco at the moment?
11:34:49 <harish> anything to update, kaio
11:35:00 <harish> yep
11:35:05 <tuanta> +1 kalpurush. a lot of ideas from harish
11:35:09 <harish> any updates on the chap from China?
11:35:26 <kaio> harish, in SE Asia you should hear the news from any of us here, they are more the hero than me
11:35:50 <harish> :-)
11:36:08 <asmartgoat> Shall we move on?
11:36:12 <harish> most have dropped out now
11:36:14 <kaio> For China, we are in discussion/planning to restructure the current web services of Fedora Chinese community/group
11:36:17 <harish> yes asmartgoat
11:36:39 <harish> kaio, i've sent some monies to Haowei for F15 expenses.
11:37:19 <kaio> for Taiwan I have Ching Chia who is the most active FAm working out with the Fedora TW owner on how to promote Fedora among TW.
11:37:45 <tuanta> +1 kaio
11:37:48 * harish btw, i've got a hard stop at in about 12 minutes :50. i have a conference call at :00
11:38:00 <kaio> harish, that is perfect, we are expecting him posting photos and stuffs of the events he is going to org
11:38:03 * tuanta too :)
11:39:20 <kaio> we community of Fedora in China welcome haowei and are very happy to collaborate with him
11:39:59 <kaio> in HK, no update yet. I am looking for new ambassadors and searching the current ones
11:40:08 <harish> ok
11:40:13 <tuanta> +1 kaio
11:40:39 <kaio> in S Korea I have Aurelie who introducing Fedora to uni students in Seoul, have couple of app for ambassador already
11:40:50 <harish> gbraad, welcome
11:40:56 <tuanta> greatm I know her
11:40:59 <tuanta> Aurelie
11:41:00 <kalpurush> gbraad , hi
11:41:02 <kaio> in Japan, dramsey should be more informative than me
11:42:15 <kaio> in ANZ, asmartgoat we may need to communicate with other fams in AU and NZ
11:42:25 <asmartgoat> I have to go now guys. :)
11:42:33 <asmartgoat> 1 hour 42 minutes :)
11:42:48 <suresht> see you asmartgoat
11:43:19 <harish> gotta go now. keep the chat going. i will check the logs. thanks all for participating!
11:43:25 <kaio> (FYI, I have next 2-4 weeks occupiped in some personal issues but do my best to push myself in communication w/ you guys)
11:43:31 <asmartgoat> bye
11:43:34 <kaio> halfline, cya take care
11:43:45 <suresht> thank harish!
11:43:48 <kaio> harish, cya take care
11:44:04 <kaio> gbraad, I also just arrived
11:44:15 <tuanta> kaio, can you follow the chat with all now?
11:44:27 <kaio> tuanta, sure, url?
11:44:50 <tuanta> I and Harish must go now
11:45:00 <tuanta> then please end the meeting and send its logs
11:45:07 <tuanta> can you do that, kaio?
11:45:13 * suresht here in srilanka 5:20 pm have another 10 min to off from office to take bus to home
11:46:03 <suresht> tuanta: shall we closed meeting
11:46:11 <tuanta> or should we close the meeting here?
11:46:23 <suresht> ok do the end
11:46:29 <tuanta> ok
11:46:30 <tuanta> 3
11:46:35 <tuanta> I will close it now
11:46:37 <tuanta> 2
11:46:46 <tuanta> any other ideas?
11:46:47 <suresht> tanks all
11:46:48 <tuanta> 1
11:46:52 <tuanta> thanks all
11:46:54 <tuanta> a nice meeting
11:46:56 <tuanta> 0.5
11:47:02 <tuanta> #end-meeting
11:47:42 <suresht> log???
11:47:51 <tuanta> not sure :)
11:48:11 <Kalpurush> Where is the log?
11:48:18 <suresht> char tuanta
11:49:39 <tuanta> #endmeeting