14:07:35 <liknus> #startmeeting FAmSCo Meeting 2011-04-02
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14:07:39 <liknus> ok now we are on!
14:07:45 <liknus> #topic RollCall
14:07:45 <igorps> ow that was the fastest meeting ever!
14:07:49 <gbraad> .fas gbraad
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14:07:52 <kaio_tab> .fas kaio
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14:07:54 <liknus> .fas ppapadeas
14:07:58 <igorps> .fas igorps
14:07:59 <liknus> #meetingname famsco
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14:08:15 <liknus> #topic Agenda
14:08:17 <lcafiero> .fas lcafiero
14:08:18 <zodbot> lcafiero: lcafiero 'Larry Cafiero' <larrycafiero@cruzio.com>
14:08:26 <liknus> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_agenda
14:08:40 <liknus> ok lets start with first item
14:08:51 <liknus> #Discussions and meetings for media wrangler
14:09:18 <liknus> so did you all initiate the discussions and decision making on your regional meetings?
14:09:30 <liknus> #topic irc://irc.freenode.net/#Discussions and meetings for media wrangler
14:09:54 <liknus> irc://irc.freenode.net/#topic Discussions and meetings for media wrangler
14:10:11 <liknus> gosh... my IRC is really actin weird today :S
14:10:27 <liknus> #topic Discussions and meetings for media wrangler
14:10:30 <liknus> ok so
14:10:39 <liknus> lcafiero: what about NA?
14:11:25 <liknus> kaio_tab: on APAC?
14:12:01 <lcafiero> I'm sorry, I run the NA meetings, but I haven't done anything at them regarding FAmSCo.
14:12:36 <liknus> could you please make sure you follow the schedule on the regional level
14:12:45 <igorps> I started some discussion on latest LATAM meeting, but no decision yet
14:12:55 <lcafiero> OK
14:13:07 <liknus> we need to move forward with that as it is already a past item
14:13:14 <igorps> we might need to wranglers one for Brasil and other for Spanish speaking countries
14:13:29 <igorps> that would facilitate communication and provide lower shipping costs
14:13:30 <liknus> igorps: whatever you feel is best for the communities
14:13:40 <liknus> but for sure we need some names with responsibilities
14:14:00 <igorps> liknus: sure, we'll get there
14:14:06 <liknus> ok nice
14:14:15 <liknus> gbraad: kaio_tab on APAC?
14:14:45 * kaio_tab checks the agenda. I got no pc this week.
14:15:19 <gbraad> I have not been able to participate in the APAC meetng. this was before I got home :-s
14:15:44 <liknus> kaio_tab: gbraad please make sure we have a media wrangler for APAC set as soon as possible
14:15:52 <gbraad> I think this need to be done on the list if speed is required
14:15:57 <kaio_tab> For f15?
14:15:59 <liknus> and make the budget requests for that on famsco trac
14:16:08 <liknus> kaio_tab: of course
14:16:09 <liknus> :)
14:16:23 <kaio_tab> Got it.
14:16:28 <liknus> gbraad: whatever you find most appropriate
14:16:34 <liknus> ok moving on from that>
14:16:37 <liknus> ?
14:16:55 <liknus> #topic Town Halls
14:17:14 <liknus> lcafiero: Can you please initiate the procedure to host regional famsco town halls?
14:17:20 <kaio_tab> #action kaio and gbraad have media wrangler for apac and make the budget request for that on famsco trac.
14:17:36 <liknus> we need to get as much feedback as possible on the schedule and also on the upcoming draft for swag management
14:17:45 <liknus> thanks kaio_tab :)
14:17:48 <lcafiero> OK
14:17:50 <gbraad> +1
14:18:19 <liknus> #action lcafiero organizes regional FAmSCo town halls
14:18:21 <liknus> thanks lcafiero
14:18:24 <liknus> ok moving on:
14:18:29 <lcafiero> BTW, as an aside, we have no problems with media in NA and it's all but automatic. I am not sure what needs to be done on my part in NA on this.
14:18:57 <liknus> lcafiero: just file the budget bug as a placeholder on our trac
14:19:12 <lcafiero> Oh. OK
14:19:24 <liknus> #topic FUDCon APAC
14:19:42 <liknus> gbraad: kaio_tab anything on that?
14:20:01 * gbraad has been in touch with several groups to see if co-operation is possible
14:20:13 <kaio_tab> Some diacussions had been going on.
14:20:19 <liknus> (I already initiated the discussion within Mozilla)
14:20:33 <gbraad> have not initiated any initiatives with on fedora-zh, hope kaio can do this
14:20:43 <liknus> ok we need to be more active on that if we want an FUDCon APAC 2011
14:20:47 <gbraad> with on = with/on
14:20:54 <gbraad> agree
14:21:17 <gbraad> I will need to reserve time for this
14:21:19 <liknus> ok we are looking in the time frame of November December
14:21:34 <liknus> (because EMEA will be around Sep or Oct)
14:21:55 <liknus> just keep that in mind
14:21:58 <gbraad> ok
14:22:26 <liknus> #action gbraad kaio_tab liknus move forward APAC FUDCon more actively
14:22:33 <liknus> ok moving on:
14:23:09 <liknus> I still need to finish the draft and share that with you about regional swag managers
14:23:29 <liknus> #topic Survey Infra
14:23:38 <liknus> igorps: any news on that?
14:23:46 <igorps> Same as last week
14:23:51 <igorps> Still need to ping infra about that
14:24:07 <igorps> GDocs and additional payed questions on limeservice still are and alternative
14:24:15 <igorps> Also next week is the deadline for us to reassign Raul's task
14:24:26 <igorps> I hope he'll be able to get back
14:24:42 <igorps> If he's not able I can take that one
14:24:57 <igorps> I heard from Neville he's also able to help
14:25:23 <liknus> ok action item stays the same
14:25:27 <liknus> moving on?
14:25:31 <igorps> yep
14:25:57 <lcafiero> +1
14:26:14 <liknus> neville is not here to update us on librebus
14:26:18 <liknus> moving on :
14:26:27 <liknus> lets see our schedule:
14:26:35 <liknus> http://rbergero.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-15/f-15-ambassadors-tasks.html
14:26:39 * lcafiero gets his glasses upstairs. either this screen is going bad or my eyes are. brb
14:27:02 <liknus> ok so :
14:27:26 <liknus> we need to have media wranglers and budget tickets for media by next week top
14:27:32 * gbraad notes http://librebus.org/ is available (went live)
14:27:35 <liknus> please coordinate that with your local meetings
14:28:05 <liknus> on famsco side I will coordinate with design team the artwork we need
14:28:12 <liknus> (file the bugs)
14:28:49 <liknus> #action liknus files tickets on design team about artwork needed on our side for F15
14:29:08 <lcafiero> back
14:29:14 <liknus> ok with that?
14:29:21 <igorps> +1
14:29:34 <gbraad> ok, but what kind of artwork should I think of
14:29:45 <gbraad> besides the ones they already will do
14:29:58 <liknus> also we need to start communicating the ways of distributing stuff on parties (but that fall on draft for swag handling)
14:30:22 <liknus> gbraad: lets start with asking our usual (sleeves, poster, etc) and then we can move on new ideas for sure
14:30:49 <lcafiero> btw, robyn needs to fix the release date. It releases last November :-)
14:30:54 <liknus> remember people, this is the first time we are following our schedule closely, so we need to test things out
14:31:23 <liknus> lcafiero: no :) the date is correct
14:31:37 <liknus> it outlines the start of the phase
14:32:08 <liknus> (so it can be interpreted as a Ghant chart
14:32:26 <liknus> ok poeple : anything else with the schedule?
14:32:47 <lcafiero> Oh, OK. I misread it. Maybe it should be retitled or it should be changed in the order to make it chronological.
14:32:54 <lcafiero> Nothing on the schedule -- looks fine to me.
14:32:56 <igorps> I'll coordinate that on LATAM's ml to speed the wrangler process
14:33:14 <gbraad> which from a Gantt Chart perspective would also make more sense
14:33:36 <liknus> gbraad: oops.. thanks for spelling correction once again :)
14:33:39 <liknus> really appriciated
14:33:44 <gbraad> i=e
14:33:46 <gbraad> :P
14:34:12 <liknus> and we now need to wait for Jared to have the EMEA bids discussion
14:34:17 <liknus> jsmith-away: ping
14:34:20 <liknus> spevack: ping
14:34:29 <liknus> #topic EMEA FUDCon Bids
14:34:36 <liknus> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_agenda
14:34:46 <liknus> so I have put the links to all Bids
14:34:57 <liknus> Did you have any chance to check them?
14:35:06 <liknus> any quick feedback?
14:35:09 <liknus> I will start:
14:35:24 <igorps> I took a time to check on them, they seem pretty nice
14:36:07 <liknus> Milan bid was something we have been discussing for a long time now. Huge Pros: large community central European location
14:36:27 <liknus> Cons: no major things.. concerns on pricey
14:37:11 <lcafiero> How about Dublin?
14:37:21 <gbraad> Budapest ;-)
14:37:24 <liknus> Dublin is the obvious choice for RH
14:37:31 <igorps> there's a note on bureaucracy on Milan
14:37:51 <liknus> igorps: thats just general for Italy
14:37:52 <igorps> what kind of bureaucracy issues we could have there?
14:38:13 * lcafiero is reading the zurich and budapest proposals now.
14:38:18 <lcafiero> I wasn't aware of those.
14:38:18 <liknus> the big Con of Dublin is that has virtually no community
14:38:37 <liknus> Zurich is the fallback plan (same as last year)
14:38:44 <liknus> (each year we have a plan like this)
14:39:16 <liknus> and also Budapest seems a nice option (even for RH as it is close to Brno offices)
14:40:49 <liknus> to my eyes it is between Milan and Budapest
14:41:05 <liknus> with Milan winning on community and Budapest on price
14:41:17 <igorps> From the Dublin bid I see that there some concerns about hosting the event together with RH
14:41:31 <liknus> but Budapest (hungary) had its own FUDCon 2 years ago
14:41:36 <lcafiero> Likes this about Budapest: People who hate flying, have the opportunity to drive by car and make car-pooling
14:41:38 <liknus> (Brno as a matter of fact)
14:41:41 <lcafiero> :-)
14:41:51 <liknus> lcafiero: same thing for Milan :)
14:42:03 <liknus> igorps: exactly
14:42:11 <liknus> not that we do not want the support
14:42:12 <lcafiero> Right. But that's a joke since I never fly anywhere.
14:42:27 <liknus> we are just concerned about the focus
14:43:14 <igorps> Milan and Budapest seem in better shape IMHO
14:43:28 <igorps> Have we ever had a FUDCon in Milan?
14:44:16 <liknus> no igorps
14:45:00 <lcafiero> This sort of sticks out for Milan to me: Bureaucracy is unpredictable in Italy
14:45:07 <lcafiero> What does that mean, exactly?
14:45:32 <liknus> no idea.. possibly a reference to the Italiano-Greek ways of handling public affairs..
14:45:39 <lcafiero> Ah.
14:45:39 <liknus> I see no direct connection to our event
14:45:40 <igorps> Good. The Italian community seems pretty active, what I think is essential for hosting a FUDCon
14:46:01 <lcafiero> Well, the up side is that it looks like the entire Italian community is working on this bid :-)
14:46:46 <liknus> also this FUDCon may result to a bonding experience for italian community.. thats good especially for the many new members
14:47:21 <liknus> ok obviously Jared is not coming
14:47:30 <liknus> so we need to postpone it once again
14:47:34 <igorps> I imagine that bureaucracy in Italy has probably the same issues as in Brazil. Things get slow, what indicates that things need to be prepared some time ahead.
14:47:42 <lcafiero> He's at his daughter's performance. When do we need to decide this?
14:47:45 <liknus> yeah
14:47:53 <lcafiero> Or are we the ones who are deciding it?
14:47:55 <liknus> asap lcafiero
14:48:11 <liknus> we together with Jared and Community Arch (Max)
14:48:14 <lcafiero> Is there anyone here from the bidders?
14:48:35 <liknus> they were all noticed
14:48:57 <lcafiero> Right, I saw that. I'm just wondering if anyone came to make their case and/or answer questions.
14:49:05 <liknus> nope :(
14:49:25 <lcafiero> I know zoltan and kital couldn't make it and sent a notice on the list. The others . . . . OK
14:49:35 <liknus> as famsco, shall we issue a recommendation?
14:49:49 <gbraad> I would say, yes
14:49:51 <lcafiero> Hmmm. We could.
14:49:59 <liknus> lcafiero: I know... but it was also short notice
14:50:00 <lcafiero> Make sure that it's a recommendation
14:50:07 <lcafiero> That's true, lik
14:50:08 <gbraad> each member should post his first and second choice?
14:50:10 <lcafiero> liknus
14:50:15 <lcafiero> (darn tab)
14:50:39 <liknus> gbraad: ok
14:50:44 <liknus> lets go :
14:50:46 <lcafiero> OK
14:51:26 <gbraad> 1st: Budapest, 2nd: Milan
14:51:52 <igorps> 1st: Milan, 2nd: Budapest
14:52:13 <lcafiero> 1. Milan / 2. Budapest
14:52:30 <liknus> kaio_tab: ?
14:53:07 <liknus> btw people... Brno was in Czech Repuplic.. not Hungary
14:53:08 <kaio_tab> I dont have idea. Skip me.
14:53:13 <liknus> sorry for that
14:53:27 <gbraad> Current standing: Milan +++++, Budapest ++++
14:53:37 <lcafiero> I would like to state for the record, though, that I think Dublin would also be a good choice and it looks like the organizers did a good job in their proposal.
14:53:59 <igorps> yep, they are all good bids
14:54:01 <lcafiero> But for convenience, the sites on the continent are more logical.
14:54:37 <igorps> also community participation is a big +1
14:54:51 <liknus> ok so fo me it is :
14:54:56 <liknus> s/fo/for
14:55:29 <liknus> 1st: Milan, 2nd: Budapest
14:55:56 <liknus> So on FAmSCo side, Milan is the recommendation
14:56:00 <gbraad> Milan: +++++++ (7), Budapest: +++++ (5)
14:56:02 <liknus> are we all OK with that?
14:56:07 <lcafiero> +1
14:56:12 <igorps> +1
14:56:12 <gbraad> +1
14:56:17 <liknus> +1 for me also
14:56:20 <lcafiero> This is a recommendation. Who makes the final decision? EMEA?
14:56:43 <liknus> we are with CommArch and FPL
14:56:49 <lcafiero> Oh, OK.
14:56:57 <GeroldKa> and Dublin, zero points ;(
14:57:14 <lcafiero> GeroldKa -- Hey, I asked if anyone was here. I wish you would have said something.
14:57:17 <kital> 16:40 < liknus> but Budapest (hungary) had its own FUDCon 2 years ago
14:57:36 <kital> ^^ just want also to note that there was never a FUDCon in Hungary Budapest
14:57:36 <GeroldKa> Larry, it's OK and also fine for me
14:57:52 <liknus> I just said that kital :)
14:57:54 <kital> BRNO is Czech Republic - but Milan is a great choice!
14:57:56 <GeroldKa> I also appreciate Francescos bid, we're still waiing for three years
14:58:00 * kital is not here ;)
14:58:02 <kital> cu
14:58:05 <lcafiero> I think there is something to be said for a FUDCon in a new place to attract new members.
14:58:06 <liknus> liknus: btw people... Brno was in Czech Repuplic.. not Hungary
14:58:43 <lcafiero> OK then.
14:59:26 <kital> liknus: aahh i should´nt post here in my car :P
14:59:36 <lcafiero> You didn't crash, did you?
14:59:49 <liknus> kital: not yet I guess :P
14:59:53 <liknus> watch out man
14:59:53 <kital> no but i am not really here ;)
14:59:58 <lcafiero> Good.
15:00:05 <liknus> GeroldKa: sorry for not choosing Dublin
15:00:18 * gbraad wants to note: Do not try this at home children!
15:00:22 <liknus> local community is crucial for our choices I guess
15:00:40 <igorps> GeroldKa: It was a good bid tough
15:00:48 <liknus> indeed
15:00:54 <liknus> so people
15:01:00 <liknus> anything more to add?
15:01:21 <rbergeron> when are you guys meeting with commarch / fpl?
15:01:28 <lcafiero> Not from me, except to stress that this is a recommendation.
15:01:33 <liknus> #agreed FAmSCo recommendation for FUDCON EMEA 2011 is Milan
15:01:41 <liknus> lcafiero: exaclty
15:01:52 <liknus> we still need a meeting with FPL and CommArch
15:02:03 <liknus> I will email them both
15:02:04 <gbraad> rbergeron should have been now
15:02:05 <lcafiero> As I understood it, it was supposed to be this meeting, rbergeron
15:02:12 <liknus> so no need to publish anything yet
15:02:13 <kital> all good ;) - good job to get a decission out is important no matter who will win - it is also a appreciation of all bids that you look into it
15:02:18 <lcafiero> But we can reschedule.
15:02:19 <rbergeron> gbraad: that's what i thought
15:02:37 <liknus> rbergeron: hey
15:02:40 * rbergeron will try and nudge it along as well
15:02:41 <liknus> that was the mails
15:02:48 <liknus> ok so :
15:02:53 <liknus> #topic OpenFloor
15:03:01 <liknus> thanks all for this meeting
15:03:11 <liknus> will be posting our results later on today
15:03:30 * lcafiero has to drive wife to school. will stay on channel but will be afk
15:03:40 <liknus> ending the meeting in one min
15:03:44 <igorps> I would like remind you guys that we will have the third subsidy meeting for FUDCon Panama on Tuesday
15:03:47 <liknus> bye lcafiero_afk
15:03:50 <gbraad> no further comments
15:04:00 <liknus> ok great people
15:04:02 <liknus> thanks all!
15:04:12 <lcafiero_afk> What time (before I go) for the FUDCon Panama meeting?
15:04:12 <gbraad> also have to get ready for tomorrow. only 4 hours of sleeping time remaining :-s
15:04:26 <igorps> lcafiero_afk: 22:00 EST
15:04:34 <lcafiero_afk> thanks
15:04:55 <igorps> lcafiero_afk: anytime :)
15:05:28 <liknus> #endmeeting