14:01:31 <jskarvad> #startmeeting PowerManagement -- http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/PowerManagement
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14:01:38 <jskarvad> hi
14:02:14 <jskarvad> #topic F15 PM feature status
14:03:01 <jskarvad> BZ#684854 - no tab-bar in powertop 2.x was resolved by ncurses update
14:03:33 <jskarvad> BZ#663995 - SELinux is preventing /sbin/consoletype from 'ioctl' accesses on the file /var/log/pm-suspend.log was resovled by selinux-policy and pm-utils updates
14:04:12 <jskarvad> I found one more AVC regarding the pm-utils
14:04:18 <jskarvad> I will post update today
14:06:04 <jskarvad> I marked the features as 100% completed on the wiki
14:07:54 <jskarvad> thats all for features, any comments?
14:08:43 <jskarvad> #topic PM test day
14:09:12 <jskarvad> Tomorrow will be hold Power Management test day
14:09:38 <jskarvad> Everybody is welcome to attend
14:10:28 <jskarvad> The wiki is up: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2011-03-24
14:11:00 <jskarvad> I also created LiveCD for this event, instructions and links are on the wiki
14:11:43 <jskarvad> I spotted several problems during the testing
14:12:31 <jskarvad> I will regenerate the LiveCD today and also I will update the wiki accordingly
14:14:53 <jskarvad> Currently the LiveCD is working but it seems there are sometime systemd timeouts upon restarting services
14:15:48 <jskarvad> I am not sure about the problem, but my testing F15 desktop is behaving the same so it is probably not fault of the LiveCD
14:18:29 <jskarvad> I also added the backlight control test case as response to request on test-day mailing list
14:19:25 <jskarvad> thats all news for the PM test day
14:19:36 * jsmith is hoping to take part in the test day
14:19:59 <jskarvad> jsmith: You are welcome :)
14:20:26 <jskarvad> any more questions, comments?
14:20:51 <jsmith> No -- just a thank you for the time and effort you put into power management :-)
14:23:11 <jskarvad> #topic other
14:24:53 <jskarvad> Recently there was a feature request - the reporter would like to see UI notifications of suspend/hibernate failures
14:25:15 <jskarvad> I dug more into it
14:25:32 <jskarvad> It resulted in: Bug 689034 - upower doesn't check exit codes of spawned commands
14:25:57 <jskarvad> Bug 689038 - It does not report hibernation failures
14:26:13 <jskarvad> For the first bug I sent patch
14:26:56 <jskarvad> For the second one it also should not be hard, but I was out of time to create the patch
14:27:23 <jskarvad> So hopefully we will see this feature in Fedora soon.
14:30:19 <jskarvad> There was another feature request - add virt profile to tuned
14:32:35 <jskarvad> I will add it to our todo page
14:33:23 <jskarvad> the profile should be targeted to optimization of the performance for virt/kvm
14:34:03 <jskarvad> I will look more deep on it later
14:35:27 <jskarvad> that's all info from the last week
14:37:58 <jskarvad> any more comments, questions?
14:40:58 <jskarvad> ok, that's all for today
14:41:02 <jskarvad> #endmeeting