20:01:56 <cwickert> #startmeeting
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20:02:20 <cwickert> #meeting name EMEA Ambassadors meeting 2011-03-09
20:02:21 <cwickert> #meetingname EMEA Ambassadors meeting 2011-03-09
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20:02:38 <gentth> .fas gentth
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20:02:43 <heffer> .fas heffer
20:02:44 <zodbot> heffer: heffer 'Felix Kaechele' <felix@fetzig.org>
20:03:14 <cwickert> calm down :)
20:03:27 <cwickert> let's wait a few minuntes for others to show up, ok?
20:03:37 <cwickert> I have just pinged a few people
20:03:59 * jsmith lurks for the fun of it
20:04:06 <gentth> :D
20:04:21 <gentth> i saw the clock that 2 minutes passed and I thought that I am late :)
20:04:58 <gentth> beb
20:04:58 <gentth> *brb
20:06:52 <cwickert> ok, I think we should start as soon as gentth is back
20:08:19 <GeroldKa> .fas Geroldka
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20:09:05 <cwickert> ok, I'm not waiting any longer
20:09:25 <cwickert> #topic roll call
20:09:31 <cwickert> .fas cwickert
20:09:31 <zodbot> cwickert: cwickert 'Christoph Wickert' <christoph.wickert@googlemail.com>
20:09:37 <heffer> .fas heffer
20:09:37 <zodbot> heffer: heffer 'Felix Kaechele' <felix@fetzig.org>
20:10:12 <cwickert> anybody?
20:10:23 <cwickert> rsc: ping
20:10:34 <GeroldKa> .fas Geroldka
20:10:35 <zodbot> GeroldKa: geroldka 'Gerold Kassube' <gerold@lugd.org>
20:10:37 <rsc> Robert Scheck (robert)
20:11:14 <t2hot> .fas t2hot
20:11:18 <zodbot> t2hot: twohot 'Onyeibo Oku' <twohotis@gmail.com>
20:11:47 <cwickert> ok everybody, please make sure to follow the meeting protocoll
20:11:49 <cwickert> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/IRCHowTo#Protocol
20:12:07 <cwickert> the agenda for today's meeting can be found at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:EMEA_Ambassadors_2011-02-23
20:12:23 <heffer> or is it? https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:EMEA_Ambassadors_2011-03-09
20:12:45 <cwickert> heffer: right
20:13:25 <GeroldKa> :-P
20:13:41 <cwickert> ok, sorry about that
20:14:02 <cwickert> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:EMEA_Ambassadors_2011-03-09
20:14:13 <cwickert> here we go
20:14:30 <cwickert> #topic Announcements
20:14:40 <cwickert> any announcements?
20:14:51 <heffer> nothing from my side ;)
20:15:56 <GeroldKa> also nothing from my side
20:16:08 <GeroldKa> expect the cheatcube samples have arrived today
20:16:39 <cwickert> GeroldKa: please tell us more
20:16:47 <GeroldKa> pictures are here: http://geroldka.fedorapeople.org/cheat/
20:16:57 <GeroldKa> we have two supplier
20:17:17 <GeroldKa> one german (that one who did all the quality stuff so far) near Stuttgart
20:17:31 <GeroldKa> and a send one which is in Hungary near Zoltan
20:17:42 <cwickert> looks nice, thanks for that work
20:17:57 <cwickert> how many of these do we have?
20:17:58 <GeroldKa> oh, you're welcome Christoph
20:18:12 <GeroldKa> the thank must also go to Zoltan  .-)
20:18:19 <GeroldKa> zero right now
20:18:29 <GeroldKa> because this is a quality sample
20:18:43 <cwickert> I see. how many are we trying to produce?
20:18:44 <GeroldKa> I want to have them ....
20:19:00 <GeroldKa> depends on the money Christoph
20:19:04 <GeroldKa> and where to produce
20:19:22 <cwickert> ok, you and zoltan are working on that, right?
20:19:28 <GeroldKa> I don't have the prices in my head
20:19:43 <GeroldKa> but I guess the german one was more expensive
20:19:53 <GeroldKa> but maybe faster
20:19:55 <cwickert> #info GeroldKa told us that the cheatcube samples have arrived, see http://geroldka.fedorapeople.org/cheat/
20:19:57 <GeroldKa> I don't know
20:20:06 <GeroldKa> it's up to FAMSCo to decide
20:20:18 <GeroldKa> that said; Pierros is in charge for desiccion
20:20:28 <GeroldKa> which will be done tomorrow (he promised)
20:20:36 <cwickert> #action GeroldKa and Zoltan will figure out the details about production and pricing and then FAmSCo is to decide
20:20:43 <cwickert> ok, thanks GeroldKa
20:20:54 <cwickert> any more announcements?
20:21:02 <GeroldKa> that #action part 1 is donr :-)
20:21:16 <cwickert> #topic F14 Media production
20:21:20 <cwickert> this is for me I guess
20:21:24 <cwickert> just a quick update
20:21:43 <cwickert> the company was still fighting some problems with the sleeves, namely the new fonts
20:21:47 <cwickert> but we solved them
20:22:07 <cwickert> it took some time however, basically it delayed everything for one more week
20:22:19 <cwickert> this means that the media are to arrive next week
20:22:31 <cwickert> just in time for Chemnitzer Linuxtage
20:22:36 <GeroldKa> ?
20:22:45 <cwickert> GeroldKa: go ahead
20:22:55 <GeroldKa> do I also get some for Graz?
20:23:03 <GeroldKa> for April?
20:23:12 <cwickert> yes, you have filed a ticket, right?
20:23:20 <GeroldKa> yes, I have
20:23:27 <cwickert> ok, then you'll get some
20:23:28 <cwickert> :)
20:23:44 <cwickert> it is very important to follow the process
20:23:51 <GeroldKa> but filling a ticket is not guarantee to get shit done, right?!
20:24:02 <cwickert> GeroldKa: we are coming to that later, right
20:24:18 <cwickert> we are having some problems with the swag tracking atm
20:24:30 <cwickert> t2hot: if you want media for Africa, please file a ticket, too
20:24:50 * t2hot = okay ... url please?
20:25:01 <cwickert> #link https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/
20:25:40 <gentth> .fas gentth
20:25:40 <zodbot> gentth: gent 'Gent Thaci' <gentthaqi@gmail.com>
20:26:01 <gentth> sorry for being late, had problems with internet connection
20:26:19 <cwickert> #info if you need media, please file a ticket. file separate tickets for media and booth material. tickets for media should be assigned to cwickert directly
20:26:25 <cwickert> ok, anything more on media?
20:26:48 <cwickert> then we continue
20:26:51 <cwickert> #topic Events
20:26:57 <cwickert> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events#EMEA-FY11Q4
20:27:15 <cwickert> rsc: how were OpenSource Days in Copenhagen?
20:28:12 <cwickert> seems they have been boring if there is nothing to tell ;)
20:28:25 <cwickert> ok, any other events?
20:29:01 <cwickert> #undo
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20:29:05 <cwickert> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events#FY12_Q1_.28March_2011_-_May_2011.29_3
20:29:13 <cwickert> this is the correct link for EMEA
20:29:52 <GeroldKa> guess yes
20:30:32 <cwickert> so the next big event is Chemnitzer Linuxtage
20:30:50 <cwickert> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Chemnitzer_Linuxtage_2011
20:31:01 <cwickert> we have everything confirmed AFAIK
20:31:07 <cwickert> but kital knows the details
20:31:46 <cwickert> and then there is LinuxTag 2011
20:31:54 <cwickert> lets talk about this a little
20:32:01 <cwickert> we have a wiki page at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/LinuxTag_2011 now
20:32:04 <cwickert> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/LinuxTag_2011
20:32:33 <cwickert> If you want to attend LinuxTag and get founding from Fedora, please sign up NOW
20:32:43 <cwickert> Berlin and LinuxTag are expensive for us
20:32:53 <cwickert> so we have limited the number of attendees to 10
20:33:10 <cwickert> you can still apply for founding if you are not within the first 10
20:33:17 <cwickert> but we cannot guarantee
20:33:33 <cwickert> this also means: if you get funding, you have to work at the stand
20:33:59 <GeroldKa> who decided that?
20:34:05 <GeroldKa> who limited it?
20:34:19 <cwickert> #action cwickert to write an invitation to LinuxTag to ambassadors list
20:34:24 <cwickert> GeroldKa: you!
20:34:36 <GeroldKa> me?
20:34:39 <GeroldKa> HarHar
20:34:42 <GeroldKa> me never
20:34:47 <cwickert> yes, you were one of the people, we decided this at Rheinfelden
20:35:18 <cwickert> the decision was done without a dissentient vote
20:35:28 <GeroldKa> I voted for "Linuxtag should be a normal event"
20:35:29 <GeroldKa> yes
20:35:53 <cwickert> we can look it up in the meeting minutes from Rheinfelden
20:36:13 <GeroldKa> and another information about linuxtag and berlin ....
20:36:35 <GeroldKa> it could be that Linuxtag e.V. will continue contract with Messe berlin .....
20:36:36 <GeroldKa> :-P
20:36:42 <GeroldKa> just to let you know
20:36:50 <cwickert> OMG
20:36:56 <GeroldKa> (chuckle)
20:36:57 <cwickert> thanks for the heas-up, GeroldKa
20:37:10 <GeroldKa> np
20:37:14 <cwickert> ok, anything more on events?
20:37:19 * inode0 wonders what that means
20:37:35 <GeroldKa> that means
20:37:52 <GeroldKa> that the past 5 years of going down visitors on a fair in Berlin
20:37:52 <cwickert> inode0: LinuxTag in Berlin sucks because the Messe company is very profit oriented
20:37:55 <GeroldKa> will continue
20:38:20 <GeroldKa> Linuxtag has had 20k visitors in the beginning
20:38:29 <GeroldKa> and is now near to 10k
20:38:36 <GeroldKa> in the past 5 years
20:38:43 <cwickert> Linuxtag no longer is a *community* event like others, say Chemnitzer Linuxtage
20:38:46 <inode0> I see, so that was a sarcastic OMG
20:39:00 <cwickert> but there is not much we can do about it and we should be there nevertheless
20:39:03 <GeroldKa> because of concept of Linuxtag but also because of "no need for such an event"
20:39:11 <inode0> thanks
20:39:18 <cwickert> let's see how it is this year and then decide if we go there again next year, ok?
20:39:38 <cwickert> let's see where it takes place
20:39:38 <GeroldKa> it's up to you
20:39:45 <GeroldKa> Marko has some nice ideas
20:39:50 <heffer> if we always decide to be there this event will never die (as it probably should) :P
20:40:04 <GeroldKa> but he's far awy in Oxford right now and has a strength daily business
20:40:31 <GeroldKa> but it's not mine :-)
20:40:40 <cwickert> heffer: perhaps we should have rsc write one of his famous mails "Why LinuxTag SUCKS and why I am NOT going to LinuxTag"? ;)
20:40:45 <GeroldKa> this year I attend Graz in April
20:40:51 <heffer> yes that'd help :)
20:40:53 <GeroldKa> and we'll see how big is there community
20:41:08 <cwickert> GeroldKa: yes, please report back how it is
20:41:11 <cwickert> ok, moving on
20:41:21 <cwickert> #topic FUDCon EMEA Bid process
20:41:30 <cwickert> we have two bids now
20:41:42 <cwickert> one is for Dublin by GeroldKa and fab
20:41:49 <cwickert> and the other is for Budapest
20:41:54 <cwickert> by kital and Zoltan
20:41:56 <heffer> actually it's fabian_a not fab
20:42:04 <cwickert> thanks heffer
20:42:14 <cwickert> GeroldKa: you want to add something to that?
20:42:24 <GeroldKa> oh
20:42:41 <GeroldKa> maybe you all remember the "big words" of Jan at the FAD in Brussels
20:43:08 <GeroldKa> where all, ALL attendees raised up the hand when jan asked "are you satisfied ...
20:43:28 <GeroldKa> ... with Fedora in EMEA; or not"
20:43:38 * cwickert was not at that FAD and would not raised his hand
20:43:38 <GeroldKa> when all agreed with NOT satisfied?!
20:43:45 <GeroldKa> also our FPL
20:44:04 <GeroldKa> and jan promised to help us to get satisfied?!
20:44:08 <GeroldKa> here is the answer:
20:44:15 <GeroldKa> FUDCON in Dublin
20:44:25 <GeroldKa> close to RedHat EMEAPartner Summit
20:44:35 <cwickert> #info we have two FUDCon bids, one for Dublin (GeroldKa and fabian_a) and one for Budapest (kital and Zoltan)
20:44:35 <GeroldKa> close to all Red Hat Executives
20:44:50 <GeroldKa> close to the Community
20:44:55 <cwickert> ?!
20:45:05 <GeroldKa> where the Executive can have a talk and speak to us
20:45:23 <GeroldKa> we're not Red Hats Fan Club, by Gosh
20:45:42 <GeroldKa> we're dong all the shit for them, don't we?!
20:45:45 <GeroldKa> but ok
20:45:53 <GeroldKa> the pros and cons are given
20:45:59 <cwickert> I wonder if this will make a difference. I mean, the important people are to going to come and they are not going to listen to us either
20:46:00 <GeroldKa> it's up to whom ever to decide
20:46:06 <GeroldKa> I've done "my job"
20:46:15 * spot wonders which sort of important people you want involved
20:46:41 <GeroldKa> Tom, hi .....
20:46:53 <cwickert> there were two people from Fedora legal at FUDCon tempe and none of them was in for an open discussion
20:46:56 <GeroldKa> maybe Mister CEO from red hat I want to have there?!
20:47:01 <heffer> btw i'm a strong proponent for the Dublin but
20:47:07 <heffer> bet
20:47:11 <spot> GeroldKa: okay, he might be there.
20:47:22 <spot> GeroldKa: but for example, neither my boss, nor my boss's boss is likely to be there
20:47:41 <GeroldKa> it's a pity ....
20:47:46 <GeroldKa> but that's my POV
20:47:56 <spot> GeroldKa: my understanding is that this partner summit is more of a sales/marketing event
20:48:06 <GeroldKa> as we mentioned many, many, mayn times
20:48:07 <spot> GeroldKa: so the technical side of the house is not really involved
20:48:12 <GeroldKa> since max is back in the US
20:48:20 <cwickert> right, I doubt we as the Fedora hippies should be at a suits and ties event
20:48:31 <GeroldKa> there is no more bridge between EMEA Ambassadors and Red Hat
20:48:33 <cwickert> spot: we need the political side
20:48:50 <spot> cwickert: i'm not saying that, i'm just saying that the sorts of folks you want to talk to are likely not to be there
20:49:00 <cwickert> understood
20:49:26 <cwickert> but maybe the sales guys are also interested in getting to know what is going on
20:49:30 <spot> and while i encourage you to talk to the CEO, he is many levels disconnected from what is happening on the ground
20:49:49 <GeroldKa> that's also a big pity, ...
20:49:53 <GeroldKa> lso in my POV
20:49:55 <GeroldKa> :-)
20:49:59 <spot> GeroldKa: yes, but that's just how it is sometimes.
20:50:10 <GeroldKa> and Tom, where were you at FOSDEM?
20:50:13 <GeroldKa> I missed you
20:50:19 <cwickert> I recall some of them were quite surprised to hear that there are problems in EMEA
20:50:20 <spot> GeroldKa: FOSDEM overlapped with my son's first birthday
20:50:28 <GeroldKa> Uuups
20:50:29 <spot> GeroldKa: i'll be out for FUDCON
20:50:30 * rbergeron hands spot a box of time :)
20:50:33 <GeroldKa> congratulation
20:50:49 <spot> whether it is in Dublin or Budapest. :)
20:50:53 <GeroldKa> didn't read anything about that new Ambassador
20:51:00 <cwickert> GeroldKa: spot was at FUDCon a week before, only supermen like jsmith can do so many events in one week
20:51:25 <cwickert> ok, lets get back to the FUDCon bids
20:51:39 <cwickert> thanks GeroldKa for explaining why you think Dublin is the place to be
20:51:49 <jsmith> cwickert: I'm not superman... just Captain Oblivious :-p
20:52:02 <cwickert> too bad there is nobody for Budapest with us now
20:52:13 * jsmith hears rumors of a bid coming from Milan, Italy as well
20:52:14 <cwickert> I encourage you to place more bids
20:52:26 <GeroldKa> since years jared
20:52:32 <heffer> one comment from my side here: if FUDCon was to be in Dublin that would be the only Fedora event  besides FrOSCon i would be able to attend
20:52:34 <GeroldKa> hi, good to read you
20:52:34 <cwickert> #info please add more bids
20:53:03 <GeroldKa> HarHarHar ...
20:53:11 <GeroldKa> FUDCon "Castle Beuggen"
20:53:14 <cwickert> #info bidding period ends on MARCH 15TH, this is one week from now
20:53:40 <cwickert> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon_bid_process
20:54:15 <cwickert> ok moving on...
20:54:19 <cwickert> #topic EMEA Swag tracking
20:54:30 <cwickert> we have a problem with the swag tracking ATM
20:54:39 <cwickert> because I'm the only one who cares about it
20:54:50 <cwickert> we need to have more people as well as some technical changes
20:55:01 <cwickert> I welcome everybody who is willing to help
20:55:25 <cwickert> #info we need to have more people helping us with the swag tracking
20:55:44 <cwickert> #action cwickert and pierros to come up with some technical changes
20:55:55 <GeroldKa> I guess Joerg will get a debit card from red hat
20:56:05 <GeroldKa> and would be maybe the best person to do so?!
20:56:08 <GeroldKa> just an idea
20:56:21 <cwickert> GeroldKa: unfortunately money is not the only thing that matters
20:56:35 <GeroldKa> oh, but a big issue :-)
20:56:38 <cwickert> kital seems to be quite busy and we need to help him
20:56:38 <GeroldKa> at least for me
20:56:58 <cwickert> atm it's me for the media and kital for everything else
20:57:04 <cwickert> this does not scale
20:57:13 <cwickert> we need at least one more person I think
20:57:28 <cwickert> and we need somebody who goes through the tickets on a regular base
20:57:51 <cwickert> but lets first think about the changes in the process
20:57:59 <cwickert> and then ask people if they are able to help
20:58:20 <cwickert> ok, anybody here has some more thoughts on that?
20:59:36 <cwickert> #topic Ambassadors Schedule
20:59:48 <cwickert> #link http://rbergero.fedorapeople.org/schedules/f-15/f-15-ambassadors-tasks.html
21:00:15 <cwickert> next up is "FAmSCo and Regional teams call for Preparation of Media/SWAG"
21:00:22 <cwickert> starting in two weeks from now
21:00:33 <cwickert> well, 1,5 weeks
21:00:52 <cwickert> also there is "FAmSCo heads Ambassador Wide Meetings Preparing For Fedora 15"
21:00:59 <cwickert> I have no idea what this means
21:01:35 <cwickert> but perhaps FAmSCo can tell us how to do marketing for this trainwreck called gnome-shell ;)
21:02:04 * t2hot ... wow
21:02:24 <cwickert> t2hot: look at planet.fedoraproject.org...
21:02:52 <cwickert> anyway, not let's not continue bashing here but make the best of Fedora 15
21:02:56 <heffer> cwickert: we just shouldn't let people market it who don't like it :P
21:03:06 <heffer> i'm fine with gnome-shell so far
21:03:29 <GeroldKa> hehe, always heffer
21:03:29 <cwickert> heffer: ok, I hereby make you you are chief marketing chair :)
21:03:35 <GeroldKa> polite as always
21:03:46 <heffer> :P
21:04:08 <cwickert> #topic: Strategic Goals
21:04:24 <cwickert> FAMSCo picked goal #4
21:04:33 <cwickert> "It is extraordinarily easy to  join the Fedora community and quickly find a project to work on. - from  the Ambassadors Group Side"
21:04:41 <cwickert> I have no idea what to do here
21:04:55 <cwickert> too bad no FAmSCo member is with us today
21:05:05 <cwickert> but as a question to all of you
21:05:17 <cwickert> are you happy with the current process how to join?
21:05:22 <cwickert> can we make it easier?
21:05:29 <cwickert> should we make it easier?
21:06:20 <heffer> i think the process is okay. it pretty much depends on the way you make first contact with the ambassadors programme
21:06:49 <heffer> i think we make best experience with people who join us while seeing us at work (i.e. event attendees)
21:06:53 * cwickert agrees with heffer
21:07:03 <t2hot> +!
21:07:16 <cwickert> t2hot: go ahead
21:07:36 <t2hot> sorry that should read +1
21:07:49 <heffer> and that pretty much is based on the way we deal with those people. i.e. aid them at creating a fas account, joining the right groups, introducing themselves
21:08:13 <t2hot> !
21:08:15 <heffer> and i fail to see how we can bring this close mentoring to interested people over the internet
21:08:21 <gentth> the process is great, but I think the process it should be easier for Wanna-Be-Ambassadors to get sponsored, Mentors sometimes want answers from Ambassadors which are hard to answer
21:08:34 <heffer> as there's much manpower needed here
21:08:52 <cwickert> first t2hot, then gentth again
21:09:09 <t2hot> thanks cwickert
21:09:54 <t2hot> I only see possibility for change on a UI level ... make the pages a little more artistic/welcoming
21:10:28 <cwickert> t2hot: ok, thanks for that suggestion
21:10:30 <t2hot> seems scholarly/rigid/formal
21:10:32 <t2hot> eof
21:10:41 <cwickert> gentth: it's your turn
21:10:53 <gentth> ok cwickert
21:11:29 <gentth> what I am trying to say is that the process of Becoming an Official Ambassador from some Mentors is restricted, they want answers which are sometimes to answer
21:11:57 <gentth> ... hard to answer
21:12:07 <gentth> we don't want ambassadors to to be professionals
21:12:14 * t2hot asks for an example
21:12:16 <gentth> they can later read and learn from the community
21:12:24 <gentth> they don't have to show in public as Ambassadors
21:12:35 <cwickert> gentth: this is done on porpose. the ambassadors are not necessarily meant to be an entry group
21:12:38 <gentth> well I don't have an example
21:12:51 <cwickert> I think all ambassadors should be active in other groups as well
21:12:57 <gentth> sure
21:13:13 <gentth> it's ok though
21:13:13 <cwickert> so if you are on an event and you have 5 ambassadors there, you have experts for everything
21:13:15 <GeroldKa> -1
21:13:29 <gentth> yes
21:13:37 <GeroldKa> I don't want to be in 20 other groups ...
21:13:47 <GeroldKa> and i also cann't because of limited time e.g.
21:14:06 <cwickert> if somebody asks you "how can I join packaging/design/infrastructure?", then there should be at least one ambassador who can guide him in the right direction
21:14:15 <GeroldKa> Ambassador is a bassain for every kind of "spreading" the word
21:14:17 <cwickert> GeroldKa: I know time is limited
21:14:31 <cwickert> yes, but to spread the word you have to know the word
21:14:47 <GeroldKa> yes, but I don't need to be part of packaging group
21:14:48 <cwickert> and you DO know it because you have been around since the middle age :)
21:14:49 <gentth> sure
21:14:56 <GeroldKa> because of nobody shows me .-(
21:14:58 <gentth> that's our mission
21:15:12 <gentth> but do we need to be really really technical?
21:15:17 <gentth> we can show them the wiki page :)
21:15:21 <cwickert> not technical, but into fedora
21:15:26 <gentth> done by a infrastructure guy
21:15:33 <gentth> yes
21:15:34 <t2hot> ?
21:15:43 <cwickert> somebody who is in design is not technical either, but an expert
21:15:50 <cwickert> and they know the Fedora project
21:16:04 <gentth> ok
21:16:07 <cwickert> so I think the ambassadors group is harder to join than other groups
21:16:16 <cwickert> we should make the process itself easier
21:16:23 <cwickert> but not lower our standards
21:16:34 <cwickert> just me personal opinion
21:16:37 <gentth> what an amazing paragraph
21:16:40 <cwickert> t2hot: go ahead
21:16:43 <gentth> i agree with you
21:16:55 <gentth> after I got your point
21:17:21 <cwickert> gentth: the fact that you made it into the group shows that you understood Fedora, simple as that
21:17:37 <gentth> yes cwickert
21:17:37 <t2hot> Like I said earlier, I perceive barrier on an interface level ... not that the process is lacking
21:18:05 <cwickert> t2hot: but we already have a click-through wizard?!
21:18:30 <cwickert> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Join
21:18:37 <t2hot> The issue of 'hardness' is relative because what might come across as hard to one person might be easy for another
21:18:39 <cwickert> sure, it could look a little more fancy
21:19:09 <t2hot> Graphics can tell the story in a shorter time
21:19:29 <cwickert> perhaps we should let nico draw another webcomic? ;)
21:19:30 <t2hot> we get the same process and loose the 'classroom' feeling
21:19:47 <cwickert> ok, I think I got your point
21:20:52 <cwickert> ok, anything more on that? to be honest, I don't like the discussion about strategic goals that much
21:21:00 <t2hot> I think Mentors should be allowed the prerogative to ask questions they believe will bring out the best in a wanna-be ambassador.
21:21:52 <t2hot> if they need to research ... fine, they research.  Its not a role for lazy people
21:22:07 <cwickert> definitely not
21:22:30 <cwickert> ok, if somebody has an idea for this, please bring it up to FAmSCo's attention
21:22:33 <t2hot> eof
21:22:44 <cwickert> personally I hope that FAmSCo will come up with something
21:22:51 <cwickert> #topic Open Floor
21:23:10 <cwickert> ok, now is the right time for any other business
21:23:31 <cwickert> if there is none, I will end the meeting in 5 minutes
21:23:56 <jsmith> ?
21:24:15 <cwickert> jsmith: go ahead
21:24:25 <jsmith> When I was there in November, we had talked about swag production
21:24:42 <jsmith> So far, I'm seeing progress on cheat cubes, but nothing regarding T-shirts or any other swag
21:24:54 <jsmith> Might be time to restart that conversation :-)
21:25:25 <GeroldKa> you're right
21:25:32 <cwickert> jsmith: I have quotes for cups and for lanyards
21:25:39 <t2hot> ?
21:25:41 <GeroldKa> but all also depends on money
21:26:02 <cwickert> t2hot: speak up please
21:26:20 <t2hot> what exactly is the cheat cube for?
21:26:32 <GeroldKa> it's a gadget
21:26:32 <cwickert> GeroldKa: your question I guess
21:27:00 <t2hot> how do I use it as an Ambassador?
21:27:08 <GeroldKa> mmmh how should i explain?!
21:27:15 <GeroldKa> oh ...
21:27:22 <GeroldKa> you give it away to people
21:27:34 <GeroldKa> who come at the booth and ask"can I have one ...."
21:27:40 <GeroldKa> and then you start conversation
21:27:42 <GeroldKa> :-P
21:27:49 <GeroldKa> that's "beeing Ambassador"
21:27:55 <t2hot> bait?
21:28:17 <heffer> you can have scissors and glue at the booth and have them build their cube together while talking to you :P
21:28:39 <cwickert> heffer: nice idea, so they cannot run away ;)
21:28:58 <t2hot> ok ... I get it
21:29:04 <cwickert> ok, back to swag then
21:29:04 <heffer> yup. and if they do we can yell after them to leave us the scissors and glue :D
21:29:08 <GeroldKa> in the "ready-to-go" version
21:29:17 <GeroldKa> you don't need a scissor
21:29:28 <cwickert> jsmith: do we have a list of who was supposed to do what in the wiki?
21:30:43 <cwickert> jsmith: do you have quotes for balloons and notepads?
21:32:06 <jsmith> cwickert: I'll get quotes on balloons and notepads :-)
21:32:33 <cwickert> jsmith: so much for the progresss, it was assigned to you since November ;)
21:32:45 <cwickert> so I think we really need to restart this thing
21:32:53 <jsmith> Yeah, exactly :-)
21:32:55 <cwickert> I have quotes, but I have nowhere to put them
21:33:04 <cwickert> and I haven't heard back from any other people
21:33:26 <cwickert> kanarip was to get quotes for pens
21:33:53 <cwickert> kital was to get quotes for t-shirts, caps, umbrellas, scarfs, bags
21:34:02 <GeroldKa> was not also somebody nominated to create a wikipage for it?!
21:34:03 <cwickert> perhaps we should help kital a little
21:34:30 <GeroldKa> I'm not sure, but I guess Fabian would do that, right?
21:34:32 <cwickert> because kital as quite a lot of items
21:34:33 <cwickert> GeroldKa: not that I see it in the meeting minutes
21:34:57 <cwickert> #action cwickert creates a wiki page for EMEA swag
21:35:09 <cwickert> or is there anybody else who volunteers?
21:36:32 <cwickert> ok, I'll do it
21:36:41 <cwickert> I guess that's all for today
21:36:50 <cwickert> anything else for open floor?
21:37:26 * t2hot yawns
21:38:08 <cwickert> ok, I heard you, t2hot ;)
21:38:11 <cwickert> #endmeeting