04:01:11 <dramsey> #startmeeting APAC meeting 2011-03-05
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04:01:17 <dramsey> #meetingname APAC
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04:01:26 <dramsey> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2011-03-05#Agenda
04:01:28 <suresht> My name is Sureshkumar, from Sril Lanka and I use Fedora 14 from a DVD."
04:01:39 <dramsey> #chair harish asmartgoat
04:01:39 <zodbot> Current chairs: asmartgoat dramsey harish
04:01:59 <dramsey> #topic Ambassador Pinging
04:02:02 <asmartgoat> .fas asmartgoat
04:02:03 <zodbot> asmartgoat: asmartgoat 'Luke Martinez' <l32007luke@gmail.com>
04:02:04 <dramsey> Hello Everyone
04:02:20 <Kalpurush> dremsey , hi
04:02:31 <Kalpurush> dramsey, hi
04:02:37 <suresht> Hi dramsey! new Ambassador from Sril Lanka and first meeting for me.
04:03:13 <Kalpurush> new Ambassador from Bangladesh, and it is my first meeting
04:03:29 <suresht> Hi Kalpurush
04:03:36 <suresht> welcome
04:03:47 <dramsey> #topic News from FAmSCo
04:03:59 <asmartgoat> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:APAC_Ambassadors_2011-03-05#Agenda
04:04:04 <asmartgoat> #info updated agenda
04:04:40 <dramsey> asmartgoat, noted.
04:04:47 <dramsey> Reloaded browser
04:04:52 <asmartgoat> xD
04:05:08 <dramsey> kaio, any input?
04:06:25 <dramsey> Hi lcafiero
04:06:42 <dramsey> lcafiero, is there any input from FAMsco to help us?
04:08:33 <asmartgoat> we'll come back to it, no?
04:08:55 <lcafiero> help with what?
04:09:09 <harish> i'm back
04:09:13 <asmartgoat> Famsco news :)
04:09:14 <dramsey> Hi Harish.
04:09:26 <dramsey> Is there any input for FAMsco news?
04:09:28 <Kalpurush> we are here
04:09:46 <dramsey> If not, then let's move to next topic and come back to this, sound good?
04:10:01 <suresht> yes
04:10:14 <suresht> dramsey
04:10:25 <dramsey> Next topic then?
04:10:44 <Kalpurush> we can discuss about fedora event
04:10:49 <suresht> yes
04:11:07 <dramsey> Okay, next topic.
04:11:09 <dramsey> #topic Report current Status of upcoming events
04:11:10 <harish> ok
04:11:18 <dramsey> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents#FY12_Q1_.28March_2011_-_May_2011.29_4
04:11:29 <suresht> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_Sri_Lanka_2011
04:11:32 <dramsey> Any news from anyone?
04:11:37 <suresht> FAD in srilanka
04:11:42 <dramsey> suresht, what's up?
04:11:46 <suresht> yes
04:12:10 <suresht> me and becurera involved about it
04:12:22 <suresht> but not yet fixed the date and time
04:12:49 <dramsey> Which month?  March or April or not decided?  May be update the Wiki page.
04:12:50 <asmartgoat> #info suresht & bckurera organizing FAD
04:13:05 <suresht> bckurer! not here today
04:13:09 * harish i am driving and my response will be slows
04:13:21 <suresht> we are going to do in this month
04:13:31 <suresht> i will update in wiki
04:13:43 <dramsey> Understood, harish, we appreciate you.  :)
04:13:46 <dramsey> Cool suresht
04:14:12 <dramsey> #info update the Fedora Activity Day Sri Lanka 2011 with appropriate contact, date and time data
04:14:14 <suresht> im new to about FAD have learn a lot
04:14:20 <suresht> so may slow
04:14:38 <Kalpurush> i am going to arrange a workshop on fedora , need some suggestion
04:15:05 <asmartgoat> Get attendees to confirm attendance. Talk to LUGS
04:15:10 <dramsey> suresh, ask questions of others who have done and you will  learn.  :)
04:15:28 <suresht> yes dramsey!
04:15:49 <dramsey> Kalpurush, what is your idea?
04:15:59 <asmartgoat> If you dont get people to attend you could end up with too many people or worse barely any.
04:16:11 <asmartgoat> If you dont get people to CONFIM*
04:16:23 <asmartgoat> (im having a bad spelling day :) )
04:17:16 <dramsey> Good points asmartgoat.
04:17:32 <suresht> Live cd's and DVD'S we are going make it here locally,we need other Ambassador Wear,APACK Box...
04:17:39 <Kalpurush> dramsey, in my univesity  i wanaa arrange a workshop on fedora, most of the student of our university don't use fedora (linux), so i  want to show basic fedora cmnds, how to use etc
04:18:13 <suresht> good Kalpurush!
04:19:01 <dramsey> Kalpurush, start with an event page and build accordingly.  Ask questions and try out the Fedora Ambassadors' Mailing List.
04:19:14 <dramsey> suresht, so you need things?
04:19:16 <asmartgoat> APACK box doesn't "exist" yet. but different people have different items, and i'll speak about that later on  :)
04:19:26 <suresht> ye Dramsey!
04:19:36 <tuanta> + 1, asmartgoat
04:19:52 <dramsey> #action suresht define your needs list for your FAD SL 2011
04:19:57 <tuanta> Hi everyone
04:19:58 <tuanta> sorry, I am late
04:19:59 <suresht> +1 Asmartgoat
04:20:01 <dramsey> hi Tuan
04:20:09 <suresht> Hi Tuanta!
04:20:15 <asmartgoat> Hi tuan
04:20:15 <tuanta> I just have a long phone call
04:20:29 <dramsey> Welcome Tuan, good to have you.  ;)
04:20:38 <tuanta> thanks :)
04:20:43 <dramsey> Doing my biweekly Akihabara tomorrow...
04:20:45 <dramsey> Other thoughts or next topic?
04:20:55 <tuanta> where are we going on?
04:21:03 <dramsey> Right now , " For Report current Status of upcoming events "
04:21:08 <dramsey> Any input Tuan?
04:21:09 <Kalpurush> dramsey, i need swag for my event
04:21:10 <tuanta> ah, yes, thanks
04:21:14 <Kalpurush> what can i do
04:21:24 <tuanta> I got the OLPC here in my hand now
04:21:26 <dramsey> #action Kalpurush define swag needed.
04:21:31 <tuanta> I will use it for upcoming events
04:21:41 <tuanta> thanks kaio for sending it to me
04:21:43 <dramsey> Great Tuan.
04:21:50 <tuanta> and everyone to make it true
04:21:51 <dramsey> tuanta, heard "no battery."  I think kaio is working for you.
04:21:56 <tuanta> yes
04:22:11 <tuanta> but I can use it with adapter plugged in all time
04:22:55 <dramsey> Okay.  But "battery" would be good...may be something like transfer funds to you via paypal or something like that so you may get a battery...
04:22:57 <tuanta> regards to the events, Fedora Vietnam will attend GNOME release party on April
04:23:48 <tuanta> the next should be F15 release parties, of course
04:23:55 <tuanta> :)
04:24:10 <tuanta> I will show Fedora 15 in GNOME release party
04:24:25 <tuanta> hope the beta version will be ready at that time
04:24:44 <dramsey> +1 tuan, I hope to do a Fedora 15 release party on May 15th, too.  ;)
04:24:53 <asmartgoat> Will Fedora and Gnome release in unison?
04:25:02 <suresht> +1 tuanta!
04:25:17 <Kalpurush> dramsey, for my event i need media, funds
04:25:24 <dramsey> asmartgoat, I think the "current" plan is to have Gnome on Fedora 15 media.
04:25:26 <tuanta> GNOME release party is in 6th of April
04:25:35 <tuanta> I will show F15 beta with GNOME Shell there
04:25:37 <dramsey> #idea Kalpurush needs media for event.
04:25:45 <asmartgoat> ah so we are a month out, ok
04:26:30 <dramsey> Yup, so time to plan...
04:26:56 <dramsey> Other information on APAC events or next topic?
04:27:41 <asmartgoat> i think we can continue
04:27:53 <suresht> yes
04:27:54 <dramsey> Cool
04:27:55 <dramsey> #topic APAC plans
04:28:06 <dramsey> Media, Swag and other needs?
04:28:19 <Kalpurush> dramsey, yes
04:28:39 <dramsey> Kalpurush, what kind and how much media do you need?
04:28:45 <suresht> yes pls allocate to Sri Lanka too.
04:28:57 <dramsey> suresht, what kind and how much media do you need?
04:29:06 <Kalpurush> 150+ fedora-14 DVD
04:29:15 <dramsey> In order to address your needs...
04:29:28 <suresht> live CD'S about 200
04:29:32 <dramsey> +1 Kalpurush, I think that Kaio has Fedora 14 media.
04:29:37 <suresht> and DVD'S about 50
04:30:02 <dramsey> Kalpurush and suresht, do you subscribe/join the Fedora Ambassadors' Mailing List?
04:30:13 <Kalpurush> dramsey, bt it's very costly to get it from kaio
04:30:21 <suresht> and also Swag.
04:30:23 <Kalpurush> i want to produce it locally
04:30:39 <asmartgoat> Kaio has 700 DVD's so best to get them off him :)
04:30:54 <arifiauo> +1
04:31:00 <Kalpurush> dramsey, i am on Ambassador mailing list
04:31:00 <suresht> not yet drmesey!
04:31:05 <dramsey> Hi arifiauo
04:31:24 <dramsey> #idea suresht join/subscribe to the Fedora Ambassadors' Mailing List.
04:31:35 <arifiauo> Hi everyone, sorry I'm late :)
04:31:43 <asmartgoat> Hi arifiauo.
04:31:56 <dramsey> arifauo, no problem we are at "APAC plans" looking at Media, Swag and other needs.
04:32:15 <suresht> we are going to make CD'S AND DVD'S locally but need Swag from APAC.
04:32:34 <dramsey> I think this sort of touchs base on an idea Kaio had to add to the agenda which was "Talk about the media distribution."
04:32:43 <suresht> Hi Arifiauo!
04:33:14 <arifiauo> Hi dramsey, asmartgoat, suresht :)
04:33:22 <dramsey> Kalpurush and suresht, if kaio mails you Fedora 14 media and swag, then costs you guys nothing.  What do you think?
04:33:47 <arifiauo> +1 dramsey
04:33:49 <Kalpurush> dramsey, this sound good
04:33:52 <suresht> yes drmasey! thst is good
04:33:53 <dramsey> kaio is very helpful to send us things.
04:33:54 <Kalpurush> +1 dramsey
04:34:04 <dramsey> Okay, let's try that...
04:34:06 <suresht> +! drmsey!
04:34:14 <harish> tuan, when is the gnome party?
04:34:17 <dramsey> Again, define "quantity" and swag.  This makes requirement to help you.
04:34:29 <suresht> yes
04:34:39 <suresht> i will do it with fedorahost.
04:34:46 <asmartgoat> April 6th
04:35:04 <asmartgoat> #info Gnome Release / Party date April 6th
04:35:18 <dramsey> +1 asmartgoat
04:35:38 <suresht> +Asmartgoat!
04:35:59 <asmartgoat> shall we move on?
04:36:00 <tuanta> sorry, my network is bad today :(
04:36:05 <arifiauo> Hi tuanta :)
04:36:12 <dramsey> tuanta, no problem.
04:36:34 <arifiauo> asmartgoat, yes
04:36:50 <dramsey> Ambassador Wear, APACK Box, XOs delivered to asmartgoat and tuanta ==> yes, Other Plans?
04:37:10 <suresht> + drmsey!
04:37:26 <dramsey> Any input on those thoughts or next topic?
04:37:39 <Kalpurush> what about ambassador wear
04:37:42 <Kalpurush> ?
04:37:53 <dramsey> #chair suresht tuanta kalpurush arifiauo
04:37:53 <zodbot> Current chairs: arifiauo asmartgoat dramsey harish kalpurush suresht tuanta
04:37:53 <asmartgoat> Yeah, i can confirm that i recieved 100 live CDS, 18 balloons and 1 OLPC XO-1
04:38:08 <harish> media f15 live dvd or live cd preferred?
04:38:42 <dramsey> Great question, what do you all think?
04:39:19 <asmartgoat> Hmm.. it depends who your marketing fedora to.
04:39:32 <asmartgoat> If there are new users, then by all means DVD's
04:39:39 <asmartgoat> Live CD's*
04:39:50 <asmartgoat> but if they are seasoned linux professionals, DVD's
04:39:59 <asmartgoat> (sorry i mucked up)
04:40:17 <asmartgoat> New users = CD's && Linux Professionals == DVD's :)
04:40:33 <Kalpurush> +1 asmartgoat
04:41:05 <dramsey> harish, you still Fedora 14 Live CD media?
04:41:19 <suresht> last live cd(i mean f14) capacity was about 680 mb is it? so in next F15 will be in DvD is better my pint of view
04:41:21 <dramsey> s/still/still have
04:41:30 <arifiauo> I want to make flyers to introducing Fedora 15 to public. What do yo thinks?
04:41:57 <dramsey> #idea arifiauo to make flyers introducing Fedora 15 to public.
04:42:10 <asmartgoat> If we are making non-perishable they have to be not release specific.
04:42:39 <asmartgoat> I mean, that if we may have these in 7 months, they need to still be relevent
04:43:13 <suresht> + 1 asmartgoat!
04:43:20 <dramsey> Last, I heard early May for Fedora 15...
04:44:05 <tuanta> we are still giving Fedora media at my office, all self-burnt ones
04:44:08 <tuanta> everyone are welcome to my office to talk about Fedora and FOSS
04:44:08 <asmartgoat> #info 2011-05-10	 Fedora 15 Final Release
04:44:14 <asmartgoat> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/15/Schedule
04:44:26 <dramsey> I suggest that until that timeframe we give away all the Fedora 14 as possible...What do you think?
04:44:27 <tuanta> yes, I am looking forward to that day
04:44:40 <tuanta> a lot of changes in Fedora 15
04:44:44 <Kalpurush> +1 dramsey
04:44:45 <asmartgoat> Yes, two months. Lets do this. (i'm down to 75)
04:44:56 <dramsey> True Tuan, very true.
04:45:04 <dramsey> +1 everyone.
04:45:07 <asmartgoat> Gnome Shell, and more!
04:45:28 <dramsey> Yup, Gnome Shell is a major feature indeed.
04:45:42 <dramsey> Other thoughts or next topic?
04:45:48 <asmartgoat> Next topic.
04:45:51 <dramsey> #topic APAC Library
04:45:58 <asmartgoat> Alrighty
04:46:00 <dramsey> asmartgoat's topic -->  :)
04:46:08 * asmartgoat clears throat
04:46:11 <suresht> yes Dramsey!
04:46:28 <asmartgoat> Alright, so you all know (hopefully) what the APACK box is all about
04:46:34 <suresht> very good Dramsey!
04:46:42 <harish> dramsey, i think i have some more f14 livecds.
04:46:43 <Kalpurush> yes
04:47:01 <asmartgoat> but, recently i have been thinking that this way (one or two) boxes are not the best way to do things.
04:47:05 <suresht> yes asmartgoat!
04:47:58 <dramsey> Kalpurush and suresht, FYI harish has "Fedora 14 Live media" too and is our Red Hat professional.
04:48:10 <asmartgoat> I've been thinking that everyone records where (and how many) non perishable (XO's, banners etc) are. So that the person who wishes to set up an event simply contacts the person with the item and they work out the shipping details etc.
04:48:16 <dramsey> Thank you, harish.
04:48:24 <Kalpurush> dramsey, good to hear that
04:48:42 <Kalpurush> harish , how much live cd's ?
04:48:51 <asmartgoat> For example; I have an XO, i write it in the page that i have an XO and you can contact me at asmartgoat@fedoraproject.org if you wish to use it etc.
04:48:57 <suresht> Thanks Dreamsey! i will keep touch with Hrish!
04:49:11 <harish> i think i have 200-300
04:49:42 <dramsey> +1 asmartgoat, sound grand.
04:49:52 <suresht> thanks Harish!
04:49:55 <asmartgoat> So, We should have a library so to speak of Items that people can borrow / take off their hands for their events
04:50:00 <asmartgoat> BUT
04:50:04 <asmartgoat> and this is a big but.
04:50:05 <suresht> i will send mail to you Harish!
04:50:07 <Kalpurush> harish,i need 150+
04:50:16 <asmartgoat> The problem is IMPORT TAX
04:50:22 <dramsey> asmartgoat, sort of how Fedora North America does there thing...like lcafiero and inode 's group.
04:50:31 <harish> for the APAC what kind of stuff should be in it?
04:50:55 <dramsey> Yup as well as export restrictions, too, asmartgoat...postal sending like the OLPC's battery...
04:51:11 <asmartgoat> True that would be a real problem.
04:51:19 <harish> Kalpurush,  email me ur mailing address
04:51:25 <asmartgoat> Any way to tackle those problems? any ideas?
04:51:29 <tuanta> +1 asmartgoat
04:51:52 <tuanta> Import process is also problem here, in  Vietnam
04:52:14 <suresht> balace cd's send mr i will send mail Harish!
04:52:21 <Kalpurush> harish, thanks i will mail you soon
04:52:22 <tuanta> since CDs should go through culture goods process
04:52:25 <suresht> sry send me!
04:52:37 <asmartgoat> so possibly in Heavy restrictive countries FAm could be financially supported instead of using the library.
04:52:39 <harish> put on wiki page all issues regarding importing issues in various countries
04:52:46 <tuanta> ok
04:52:49 <tuanta> +1 harish
04:52:52 <dramsey> +1 harish
04:53:00 <asmartgoat> +1 harish
04:53:03 <Kalpurush> +1 harish
04:53:18 <asmartgoat> So, shall we do that?
04:53:20 <suresht> +1 harish!
04:53:20 <dramsey> The transfer of property and corresponding issues / resolutions to wiki page.
04:53:22 <dramsey> Sound like an idea?
04:53:37 <suresht> yes dramsey!
04:53:39 <dramsey> #idea The transfer of property and corresponding issues / resolutions to wiki page.
04:53:59 <asmartgoat> so does the Library sound like a good idea?
04:54:13 <asmartgoat> #idea APAC library
04:54:27 <harish> what about the library?
04:54:58 <asmartgoat> Everyone records where (and how many) non perishable (XO's, banners etc) are. So that the person who wishes to set up an event simply contacts the person with the item and they work out the shipping details etc.
04:55:19 <asmartgoat> but for restricting countries we financially support the FAm
04:55:28 <harish> ok
04:55:33 <suresht> +1 asmartgoat!
04:55:40 <Kalpurush> sound good
04:55:51 <asmartgoat> cool. :)
04:55:53 <dramsey> As for possible resolution(s,) may I ask that an inquiry to the mailing list be done as well.  I think there is/are some definite lessons learned by EMEA and other regions...what do you think?
04:56:00 <Kalpurush> bt in Bangladesh postal system is very bad
04:56:08 <tuanta> ship APACK box among countries should not be a good idea
04:56:17 <harish> kouriassai untaya
04:56:24 <Kalpurush> +1 tuanta
04:56:28 <tuanta> especially in APAC, I see
04:56:38 <dramsey> Tuan, so true!
04:57:11 <asmartgoat> We'll trial this for the next few months, and if it works we'll do this. :)
04:57:12 <tuanta> there are a lot of problem when Kaio sending this OLPC to me
04:57:43 <asmartgoat> tuanta, so you'll be excluded from the library, and get financially supported for non-perishables like banners etc.
04:57:45 <tuanta> the time, the shipping fee and tax, import process, etc. alot
04:58:01 <asmartgoat> tuanta as well as the CD's etc :)
04:58:05 <Kalpurush> +1 tuanta
04:58:11 <suresht> understood tuanta!
04:58:14 <tuanta> +1 asmartgoat
04:58:19 <tuanta> thanks all
04:58:19 <asmartgoat> :)
04:58:32 <dramsey> Duly noted Tuan.
04:58:37 <dramsey> Other thoughts or next topic?
04:58:38 <tuanta> :)
04:59:02 <asmartgoat> #action Normal processes still apply for heavily restrictive countries.
04:59:16 <asmartgoat> #action trial of APAC item library :)
04:59:28 <asmartgoat> Next topic :)
04:59:32 <dramsey> #topic Classrooms for APAC
04:59:58 <suresht> yes
05:00:11 <dramsey> Any input?
05:00:12 <dramsey> This was FransciscodD 's topic, so other thoughts or next topic?
05:00:15 * asmartgoat will be back in 5 minutes
05:00:24 <dramsey> "...- Experienced/knowledgeable folks can take small classroom sessions to help other ambassadors. Discuss this?..."
05:00:25 <suresht> #idea arrange via IRC
05:00:46 <dramsey> Good idea, suresht
05:00:56 <harish> kk
05:01:00 <suresht> thanks dramsey!
05:01:11 <dramsey> Other thoughts or next topic?
05:01:31 <harish> ok go for it
05:01:33 <dramsey> #topic Red Hat Exams for Ambassadors
05:01:46 <suresht> yes definitely need dramsey!
05:01:47 <dramsey> "...How about developing our fellow Ambassadors not just APAC but all regions with Red Hat Exams/Training?!?!?!?! ==> dramsey..."  What do you thinkk?
05:01:58 <kaio> +1
05:02:04 <dramsey> Hi Kaio!
05:02:08 <suresht> +! dramsey!
05:02:23 <Kalpurush> +1 dramsey
05:02:27 <dramsey> Other thoughts or next topic?
05:02:31 <Kalpurush> kaio, hi
05:02:39 <suresht> Hi Kaio!
05:02:43 <tuanta> hi kaio :)
05:02:49 <kaio> dramsey, how about sending email to list about this idea
05:02:51 <harish> that was dicussed by herlo and melchua at last fudcon
05:02:56 <dramsey> kaio, any news from FAmsco?
05:03:02 <kaio> suresht, tuanta kaio hi
05:03:02 <tuanta> I got the OLPC, kaio, thank you.
05:03:09 <kaio> Kalpurush, hi
05:03:15 <kaio> tuanta, sorry for the tax
05:03:19 <kaio> will get it back asap
05:03:26 <tuanta> it has been arranged well
05:03:31 <tuanta> tax is fine now
05:03:43 <tuanta> kaio, please check my message this morning
05:03:51 <dramsey> #idea Send e-mail to about this idea "about developing our fellow Ambassadors not just APAC but all regions with Red Hat Exams/Training."
05:04:03 <tuanta> +1 david
05:04:08 <suresht> good Dramsey!
05:04:31 <harish> dramsey, check with herlo
05:04:32 <kaio> tuanta, hmm
05:04:46 <asmartgoat> Just a question have you tried this -> https://fedoraproject.org/w/uploads/9/91/Fedora-media-customs-letter-2010-11-02.pdf
05:04:50 <dramsey> understood Harish, will do.
05:04:59 * asmartgoat is still away ;)
05:05:01 <harish> herlo=clint savage
05:05:29 <dramsey> #action dramsey to check with herlo on the Red Hat idea.  :)
05:05:49 <suresht> + 1
05:06:01 <dramsey> Good question, asmartgoat...
05:07:07 <harish> lol
05:07:29 <suresht> already i saw that Asmartgoat! anything?
05:08:55 <dramsey> I have seen this before, too, applicable for the media.  The OLPC is hmmh...
05:09:06 <dramsey> Other thoughts or next topic?
05:09:20 <harish> go for it
05:09:29 <suresht> next topic.
05:09:42 <Kalpurush> next topic ??
05:09:50 <dramsey> Okay, kaio, are you able to help with "#topic News from  FAmSCo" ?
05:10:08 <dramsey> #topic Open Floor
05:10:22 <dramsey> "....Brainstorming  Any Ideas that you have in your mind? ..."
05:11:00 <dramsey> I suggest that may we consider FUDcon in APAC!
05:11:07 <dramsey> Your ideas or closing thoughts?
05:11:20 <suresht> yes dramsey!
05:11:22 <asmartgoat> FUDcon would have to be in an easily accessible country.
05:11:32 <Kalpurush> +1 asmartgoat
05:11:33 <asmartgoat> India wouldn't be a bad place
05:11:35 <kaio> dramsey, what is that?
05:11:42 <harish> yeah proposal for a second meeting in apac per week
05:11:47 <tuanta> +1 david
05:11:47 <asmartgoat> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon
05:11:50 <asmartgoat> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon
05:11:53 <dramsey> true asmartgoat.
05:12:03 <tuanta> +1
05:12:08 <suresht> +1 Dramsey!
05:12:21 <dramsey> kaio, was wondering if you had input from "News from  FAmSCo"  :)
05:12:53 <dramsey> really harish?
05:13:19 <harish> dramsey, only because i feel we are not getting folks in nz and india on this.
05:13:30 <dramsey> Ah, excellent point!
05:13:32 <harish> perhaps i can host one during the week
05:13:41 <harish> and you continue with saturdays
05:13:54 <asmartgoat> Wednesday 5-7UTC?
05:14:04 <dramsey> :)  +1  Concur 100%, we need your help, Harish!  +1  :)
05:14:09 <harish> that'll work for me
05:14:09 <asmartgoat> or what time were you thinking harish?
05:14:22 <harish> same as what we are doing on saturdays
05:14:29 <suresht> =1 harish!
05:14:30 <Kalpurush> +1 harish
05:14:39 <suresht> +1 harish!
05:14:53 <dramsey> :)  Grand, if I may assist with e-mails, then please do not hesitate to ask.  :)
05:14:55 <asmartgoat> +1 harish!
05:15:02 <dramsey> These are great ideas!
05:15:05 <harish> but i'd like inputs from those who are not able to attend and i am ok to re-jig the timing to accomodate
05:15:31 <dramsey> Understood.  Are we thinking 2011 and/or 2012?
05:15:41 <Kalpurush> dramsey, UTC :4 is good for me :)
05:16:03 <suresht> me too!
05:16:08 <harish> i am happy if we need to have one targetted at ANZ+east asia time zone and one for India timezone and one general (as today's one is)
05:16:37 <dramsey> Check, understood
05:16:57 <asmartgoat> Whats india in comparison to UTC?
05:17:04 <harish> 5.5
05:17:17 <harish> nz is +14
05:17:26 <harish> so we have 7 hr spread
05:17:41 <harish> no, 9 hr spread
05:18:10 <asmartgoat> 9 hr spead, thats excessive.
05:18:12 <harish> perhaps nz is now 13 hrs
05:18:17 <kaio> I found it was quite difficult to hold 1 meeting with both India and NZ.
05:18:37 <harish> so let's be smart about it and have two.
05:18:51 <kaio> here is +10
05:18:59 <dramsey> That is the way!
05:19:42 <dramsey> Great thoughts.  Other input?
05:20:44 <dramsey> harish, are you thinking FUDcon 2011 and/or 2012?
05:21:09 <harish> lets work on a comms plan that is as inclusive as possible
05:21:18 <dramsey> Check, concur.
05:21:26 <dramsey> Other thoughts or next topic?
05:21:30 <harish> 2011
05:21:56 <dramsey> Excellent that is what I think too
05:21:59 <dramsey> :)
05:22:15 <suresht> good Harish!
05:22:31 <dramsey> Other thoughts or close meeting?
05:23:05 <suresht> if not Dransey.shall we close?
05:23:17 <suresht> sry Dramsey!
05:23:26 <dramsey> Understood, I am finished and ready to close.
05:23:48 <dramsey> Okay?
05:23:54 <suresht> ok!
05:23:56 <dramsey> :)  Everyone, thank you for attending.  :)
05:23:57 <dramsey> 5
05:23:58 <dramsey> 4
05:24:01 <arifiauo> Good day everyone :)
05:24:05 <dramsey> 3
05:24:06 <dramsey> 2
05:24:08 <suresht> thanks Dramsey!
05:24:08 <dramsey> 1
05:24:11 <dramsey> 0.5
05:24:18 <suresht> 0
05:24:18 <dramsey> Take care everyone!
05:24:21 <tuanta> bye :)
05:24:21 <dramsey> 0
05:24:23 <dramsey> #endmeeting