02:02:27 <lcafiero> #startmeeting Fedora Ambassadors North America meeting Feb. 15, 2011
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02:02:32 <lcafiero> OK that's better
02:02:34 <vwbusguy> yo
02:02:46 <lcafiero> #topic Announcements
02:02:57 <lcafiero> Let 'er rip, guys and gals. Floor is open
02:03:02 <jsandys> present
02:03:05 <kerrg> present
02:03:07 <vwbusguy> present
02:03:08 <pcalarco> here
02:03:10 <herlo> .fas herlo
02:03:10 <s3cur17y> here
02:03:10 <zodbot> herlo: herlo 'Clint Savage' <herlo1@gmail.com>
02:03:20 <kerrg> lcafiero: so what business is on the agenda?
02:03:24 <carter_pants> present
02:03:30 <lcafiero> good question:
02:03:50 <jsandys> scale
02:03:53 <lcafiero> #link agenda https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:Ambassadors_2011-02-15
02:04:05 <lcafiero> there's the agenda
02:04:10 * VileGent 
02:04:13 <lcafiero> sorry - should have posted that first
02:04:43 <pcalarco> I'd like to give an update on ILF as well, if I may
02:04:47 <lcafiero> So, announcements?
02:04:53 <lcafiero> Sure, pcalarco
02:05:11 * VileGent is looking for his manatee
02:06:23 <kerrg> VileGent: what does he look like?
02:06:30 <lcafiero> Has anyone seen VileGent's manatee?
02:06:38 <s3cur17y> :)
02:06:52 <lcafiero> OK, pcalarco -- ILF
02:07:20 <pcalarco> I added myself after the others on the agenda
02:07:42 <jsandys> LFNW is accepting talks, several fedora talks already submitted
02:07:43 <lcafiero> Ah, OK, so that's under events
02:08:56 <lcafiero> Right. I am hoping mine is one of them :-) And we will have a table at LFNW this year.
02:09:34 <lcafiero> OK, any other announcements?
02:10:55 <lcafiero> Going once . . .
02:11:03 <lcafiero> twice . . .
02:11:28 <lcafiero> OK, we can take anything not covered here in open floor at the end
02:11:32 <lcafiero> Next on the agenda
02:11:42 <lcafiero> #topic Events
02:11:53 <lcafiero> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
02:12:46 <lcafiero> Fedora Activity Day SCALE -- want to give an update, herlo?
02:13:10 <herlo> oh, hai
02:13:13 <herlo> sure
02:13:58 <herlo> So, as many of you know, the FAD at SCaLE will be a study group for those who are interested in becoming a sysadmin
02:14:36 <herlo> whether on Fedora, RHEL or other distro, we've worked on a few things to make it easier to get together and study to get a better skill set, certifications and such
02:14:57 <vwbusguy> "other distro"  including Debian, Gentoo, etc?
02:15:33 <herlo> I've now got a full mirror of fedora os and updates repos, which should allow us to enable those who wish to install Fedora on a vm, plus a local mirror for yum installation and the like
02:15:40 <herlo> vwbusguy: sure, but I'm not providing a mirror for that :)
02:15:45 <vwbusguy> lol
02:15:45 <fenrus02> certifications do not typically include fedora at all.  they mostly focus on rhel.
02:16:15 <herlo> fenrus02: yes, this is true, but Fedora is the basis for rhel, thus most of the components used there should be comparable
02:16:30 <herlo> fenrus02: there is a motivation here
02:16:32 <VileGent> Pat232011, are you here
02:17:28 <herlo> we have the intention of eventually enabling Fedorans the opportunity to take a particular certification test, but those details are yet to be released.  This is the first dry run at a study group for such an event.
02:17:35 <fenrus02> herlo, not really accurate at all for certs though.  rhel5 ~= fc6 for example. if you are used to f14, you will not pass.
02:18:03 <Pat232011> Yes VileGent I am here.
02:18:32 <herlo> fenrus02: I disagree on this, but it's not a good place for this discussion.  Besides, this is a dry run.  It's possible others may have other certifications in mind, LPI, for one
02:18:54 <dramsey> +1 for certifications!
02:18:59 <herlo> anyway, the tools and functionality are there, plus we're not here to guarantee a pass on an exam, we're here to help you study
02:19:32 <herlo> Southern_Gentlem took some time to make a nice pdf of some study guides which we will be using at the event
02:19:32 <vwbusguy> el6 -> f14 is not an enormous difference
02:19:59 <herlo> it's something we're looking at, the distro difference...
02:20:08 <herlo> but not something we're going to solve this time
02:20:36 <lcafiero> Right -- big thanks to Southern_Gentlem for the pdf, and the FAD is  on Friday, Feb. 25, which is the first day of SCALE, which runs from Feb. 25-27
02:20:41 <herlo> anyway, the plan is to help inviduals who want to better their sysadmin skills to join us at the FAD
02:20:49 <herlo> 9am-5pm lcafiero ??
02:21:05 <lcafiero> And as the first time we're doing this, it'll be the place where we work out the kinks
02:21:22 <lcafiero> Yes. We have the room for the whole day.
02:21:24 <herlo> I will print out 15 copies for this session...
02:21:35 <lcafiero> (I will be late -- I have a presentation to give at 9)
02:21:40 * vwbusguy thanks herlo for doing this
02:22:28 <lcafiero> Yes, thank you herlo and Southern_Gentlem for doing most of the legwork on this one.
02:23:20 <lcafiero> Anything else on this?
02:23:25 <herlo> nah
02:23:28 <herlo> should be fun
02:23:39 <lcafiero> Indeed.
02:23:40 <herlo> sorry, internet access is crappy atm
02:23:58 <lcafiero> OK, next on the agenda . . . .
02:24:38 <lcafiero> #topic SCALE budget/sponsorship
02:24:51 <maxamillion> sorry I'm late
02:25:05 <lcafiero> No prob, maxamillion
02:25:14 <lcafiero> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SCALE_9X_Event
02:26:26 <lcafiero> If you scroll down to the budget part of that page, you can see that after crunching numbers for the better part of the day, we came up with a figure of $2,877
02:27:48 <lcafiero> And that figure could probably be lower since $200 of that is a buffer we put in early on to offset any overruns, which I don't expect.
02:27:59 <nb> oh
02:28:07 * nb didn't notice the meeting was starting
02:28:14 <lcafiero> welcome, nb :-)
02:29:41 <lcafiero> At the last meeting, I asked to come back with a final number and that's it: $2,877
02:29:54 <lcafiero> Can I get an Amen?
02:30:14 <pcalarco> Amen, brother!
02:30:17 <nb> +1
02:30:54 <VileGent> +1
02:31:10 <jsandys> +1
02:31:25 <VileGent> i motion we sponsor SCALE as per the budget proposed
02:31:59 <lcafiero> moved
02:32:31 * lcafiero is pointing out that the motion is moved; he'd second but as the meeting chair, he can't
02:32:53 <inode0> it is already approved inside the budget that was just approved
02:32:54 <lcafiero> minor parliamentary note
02:33:00 <lcafiero> It is in the budget, yes.
02:33:15 <carter_pants> ok glad I wasn't the only one thinking that  :)
02:33:24 <herlo> +1
02:33:31 <herlo> to the budget
02:33:32 <vwbusguy> +
02:33:34 <vwbusguy> +1
02:34:11 <jsandys> second
02:34:14 <lcafiero> :-)
02:34:18 <vwbusguy> lol
02:34:22 <nb> i thought we already +1'ed it?
02:34:25 <nb> but +1 anyway
02:35:13 <lcafiero> Hearing no objection, the proposed scale budget, including sponsorship, approved.
02:35:30 <lcafiero> Now to Texas
02:35:41 <lcafiero> #topic Texas Linux Fest TXLF
02:35:53 <lcafiero> go ahead, maxamillion
02:36:01 <maxamillion> hi hi :)
02:36:26 <maxamillion> so I've started a stub page on the wiki for TXLF https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Texas:LinuxFest_2011
02:36:52 <lcafiero> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Texas:LinuxFest_2011
02:36:56 <maxamillion> there's a lot of details about the conference that still up in the air from the side of the event planners so sadly I lack quite a bit of the info I had hoped to have
02:37:35 <maxamillion> last year Fedora was a Bronze sponsor (http://www.texaslinuxfest.org/sponsorship/) and our link is actually still on the page because they haven't gotten around to cleaning it up (or they are hoping we'll keep it going)
02:37:50 <maxamillion> I would like to propose that we sponsor the event as a Bronze sponsor again
02:38:12 <fenrus02> "in april" shesh.  no real date.  :(
02:38:30 <fenrus02> n/m, 2/apr
02:38:38 <maxamillion> I would also like to request an event box, a list of swag (likely the same as last year, last year's kit was pretty appropriately sized)
02:38:58 <lcafiero> I'm for that -- do you remember how much that was, maxamillion -- just curious.
02:39:03 <VileGent> maxamillion,  what was it last year
02:39:31 <maxamillion> but as far as budget concerns go, I don't think we will need any money outside of the event sponsorship as we should have enough local ambassadors (I just need to round everyone up)
02:39:41 <maxamillion> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Texas:LinuxFest_2010 <--- last years list is on thei wiki page
02:39:47 <maxamillion> sorry, I thought I had linked that
02:40:37 <maxamillion> I also wanted to ask if anyone has been in contact with the Ambassador in charge of the FAmNA polos? I've email as the wiki page says to but its been a couple weeks and still have not gotten a response
02:40:42 <VileGent> maxamillion,  meet Pat232011  hopefully you guys can get him there as well
02:40:49 <maxamillion> Pat232011: hello
02:40:54 <maxamillion> Pat232011: where you located?
02:41:45 <nb> maxamillion, its pcalarco
02:41:50 <lcafiero> Good, maxamillion -- can you bring further details back to the next meeting and keep us posted
02:41:57 <maxamillion> pcalarco: ping ?
02:42:09 * inode0 suggests being open to help one or two of our new Texas people get there if they can
02:42:11 <maxamillion> lcafiero: that would be great, I just wanted to be sure and bring it up and raise awareness
02:42:19 <maxamillion> inode0: agreed
02:42:23 <pcalarco> yep here
02:42:29 <maxamillion> I will be updating the wiki page as I get information
02:42:33 <lcafiero> Right -- TXLF is definitely on our radar.
02:42:52 <maxamillion> pcalarco: I was just wanting to double check and make sure you got my email about the FAmNA polos and was curious if there was anything else I needed to do
02:42:56 <pcalarco> ok, so I have firmed up some details and scoped out some likely costs
02:43:00 <lcafiero> +1 to inode0 -- let's try to get new people there.
02:43:13 <lcafiero> and old ones too :-)
02:43:36 <inode0> we have several who basically live there now
02:43:39 <pcalarco> maxamillion: you can basically order one direct from the vendor.  Costs are a bit higher, but more immediate
02:43:41 <lcafiero> Anything else on TXLF?
02:43:54 <maxamillion> pcalarco: oh? that'd be great ... how might I do that?
02:44:02 <pcalarco> maxamillion: I will email you
02:44:06 <lcafiero> Great
02:44:09 <lcafiero> OK
02:44:13 <maxamillion> lcafiero: no, unfortunately not ... just waiting on the event planners
02:44:21 <maxamillion> pcalarco: many thanks
02:44:35 <inode0> is the call for talks open? poke people if so or when it happens as it is getting close
02:44:42 <pcalarco> maxamillion: np, thx for the ping
02:44:47 <lcafiero> Actually, I think it is, inode0
02:44:50 <maxamillion> inode0: the call got extended to this comming saturday
02:45:15 <inode0> send something to the ambassadors list :)
02:45:27 <maxamillion> will do, I'll craft something later this evening
02:45:41 <inode0> spevack might want to check his schedule again ...
02:46:09 <maxamillion> inode0: sounds good
02:46:10 <lcafiero> Right, and don't be shy -- if you're attending and want to speak, submit a proposal.
02:46:34 <lcafiero> Anyway, moving along to Indiana
02:46:46 <lcafiero> #topic Indiana Linux Fest ILF
02:46:50 <vwbusguy> woot
02:47:01 <pcalarco> ok, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/ILF_2011
02:47:22 <lcafiero> #link  https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/ILF_2011
02:47:29 <lcafiero> pcalarco, the floor is yours
02:47:38 <pcalarco> I've estimated some travel costs and come up with a more firm budget
02:47:47 <pcalarco> is swag included in eventbox?
02:48:00 <lcafiero> I believe so
02:48:10 <lcafiero> unless we have to make more
02:48:31 <inode0> no need to expense swag unless you need something special we don't have
02:48:44 <lcafiero> Right
02:48:48 * inode0 might still try to make it to this also
02:48:57 <pcalarco> ok, so I think we'll need a little over $1300, with five Ambassadors attending; dgilmore also may put in a speaker talk on Fedora infrastructure
02:49:07 <lcafiero> Great.
02:49:14 <pcalarco> would dgilmore's travel costs be covered by Red Hat?
02:49:18 <inode0> yes
02:49:25 <pcalarco> ok great
02:49:33 <inode0> but it doesn't matter really
02:49:49 <pcalarco> one decision that we still need is whether to have the FAD on the Friday or Sunday
02:50:22 <inode0> what is the FAD about?
02:50:47 <pcalarco> I had proposed to do a FAD around Fedora Insight
02:51:15 <pcalarco> although we will have only one FI team member there, so I am not sure how much this makes sense for a FAD there
02:51:15 <lcafiero> Great topic
02:51:20 <inode0> are the people there valuable to that effort?
02:51:28 * inode0 isn't sure what skills are needed to help
02:52:04 <dmaxel> oh yeah, I heard a lot about Fedora Insight recently. They need translators, as far as I know.
02:52:10 <pcalarco> by this time, we should have FI launched with FWN content, and will be expanding to other Fedora content
02:52:26 <dmaxel> And maybe a few more things. They sent a message on a mailing list, though I don't remember which one.
02:52:36 <inode0> and is that something I could be trained to help with in 30 minutes? :)
02:53:02 <pcalarco> so content creators could be valuable; also drupal folk to help with new functionality and such
02:53:20 <pcalarco> logistics, probably
02:53:24 <dmaxel> true. I'm helping on all three ends (or I stated that I could)
02:53:35 <pcalarco> awesome :)
02:53:47 <kerrg> I'm not familiar with Fedora Insight
02:54:14 <pcalarco> Fedora Insight aims to be a one stop portal for learning about the Fedora Project
02:54:25 <pcalarco> news, events, views, activites
02:54:40 <dmaxel> kerrg, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Insight
02:54:41 <pcalarco> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight
02:54:46 <dmaxel> lol
02:54:46 <pcalarco> yep
02:55:01 * nb needs to add rental car for himself
02:55:25 <pcalarco> we are building this on Drupal and have Drupal folk in Hungary and Italy helping
02:55:32 <lcafiero> Excellent
02:55:36 <lcafiero> OK anything else on ILF?
02:55:54 <inode0> question
02:55:58 <pcalarco> I don't think so.  there are no additional costs for the FAD
02:56:01 <nb> do we need to motion to accept the budget?
02:56:16 <inode0> would it help any of the folks working on FI to attend drupalcon on Sunday?
02:56:23 <lcafiero> do you want to do that now or make sure that the budget is final?
02:56:43 <nb> i don't know, just asking.  pcalarco? your thoughts?
02:56:48 * inode0 suggests signing off on budget next meeting as I think it might change a bit still
02:56:48 <pcalarco> perhaps; stickster thinks drupalcons can be variable in how useful they are
02:56:52 <nb> inode0, ok
02:57:00 <inode0> but we are going to support this
02:57:04 <pcalarco> inode0: agreed
02:57:27 <lcafiero> indeed
02:57:31 <pcalarco> I need to verufy with all of folks involved to make sure everyhting is accurate
02:57:38 <pcalarco> thanks gents
02:57:44 <pcalarco> eof
02:57:45 <inode0> thank you pascal
02:57:52 <lcafiero> Thanks, pcalarco
02:58:04 <lcafiero> OK then
02:58:25 <lcafiero> #topic unfinished business/open floor
02:58:43 <jsandys> LFNW next meeting?
02:59:04 <lcafiero> Yes, we can talk about LFNW next meeting
02:59:11 <VileGent> or now
02:59:13 <lcafiero> It wasn't agendized for this one
02:59:18 <lcafiero> But you can talk about it now, if you want
02:59:22 <lcafiero> It's open floor
02:59:28 <lcafiero> go ahead, jsandys
03:00:03 * lcafiero is a big fan of lfnw
03:00:40 <jsandys> April 30, May 1, several fedora speakers, need a table, and some people to man it
03:01:41 <jsandys> I'll work on a budget with larry and kevin for next meeting
03:01:56 <lcafiero> right -- I'm there
03:02:35 <jsandys> That's all i had today
03:02:36 <lcafiero> I'll agendize it for discussion at the next meeting, and I should make the wiki
03:03:18 <lcafiero> talk to me later about the wiki and budget, jsandys
03:03:29 <lcafiero> we can get that started
03:03:41 <lcafiero> Anything else?
03:03:49 <jsandys> if you are busy, I can copy and change last years wiki page, you can edit
03:03:53 <dmaxel> not from me
03:04:03 <lcafiero> If you do that, jsandys, that'd be great
03:04:19 * VileGent battleaxe is saying bedtime
03:04:23 <lcafiero> Ah, OK
03:04:27 <lcafiero> I can take a hint.
03:04:27 <maxamillion> night all
03:04:32 <lcafiero> Let's wrap this up in 5
03:04:33 <lcafiero> 4
03:04:35 <lcafiero> 3
03:04:39 <lcafiero> (anyone?)
03:04:40 <lcafiero> 2
03:04:43 <lcafiero> 1
03:04:46 <lcafiero> 0.5
03:04:47 <VileGent> baaaaa
03:04:52 <herlo> nn all
03:04:54 <lcafiero> find your manatee?
03:04:58 <lcafiero> 0
03:04:58 <VileGent> yep
03:05:04 <lcafiero> #endmeeting