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14:01:16 <jskarvad> Welcome to the first PM SIG meeting in 2011.
14:01:23 <jskarvad> Recap:
14:01:40 <jskarvad> The PowerManagement SIG is a group of Fedora contributors that wants to improve the current state of power management and savings across the whole Fedora distribution.
14:01:58 <jskarvad> We have wiki: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/PowerManagement
14:02:19 <jskarvad> We also have IRC channel #fedora-power
14:03:05 <jskarvad> And Fedora power-management mailing list (https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/power-management).
14:03:44 <jskarvad> Feel free to subscribe there.
14:04:11 <jskarvad> We are going to have weekly meetings each Wednesday from 14:00 UTC.
14:04:31 <jskarvad> My affiliation to PM SIG: I am the package maintainer of powertop and pm-utils.
14:04:49 <jskarvad> I also do various benchmarking and measurements.
14:05:11 <jskarvad> I have access to the Chroma 66202 wattmeter for AC PM measurements. It is certified, EnergyStar and SPEC compliant device.
14:05:26 <jskarvad> It can be used for various PM experiments.
14:05:51 <jskarvad> For bugzilla: we have the tracker bug for power management efforts: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=484668
14:06:15 <jskarvad> Currently there are two sub-trackers:
14:07:01 <jskarvad> Tracker bug for over-eager apps that won't let disks spin down: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=454582
14:07:20 <jskarvad> And tracker bug for applications waking up a lot: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=204948
14:08:56 <jskarvad> In case you find any problem that fall to one of these two categories, please file a bug against the problematic application and add it to the correct tracker.
14:09:30 <jskarvad> Recent activity:
14:10:07 <jskarvad> We proposed the "Power Management improvements for Fedora 15" feature: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/PowerManagementF15
14:10:29 <jskarvad> So far it is about switch to PowerTOP 2.x and updates of tuned and pm-utils.
14:10:43 <jskarvad> We would also like to prepare the test day for it. I will post more info later.
14:10:59 <jskarvad> We also cooperates with universities, currently we have assigned three PM bachelor thesis:
14:11:08 <jskarvad> - PM support for cronie
14:11:25 <jskarvad> - Correlation of power consumption metrics and real power consumption
14:11:40 <jskarvad> - Network handling improvements for tuned
14:11:57 <jskarvad> If you would have any idea for PM based thesis, feel free to propose.
14:12:07 <hughsie-afk-lunc> jskarvad: i'm not sure it makes sense to profile spinning disks anymore
14:12:25 <hughsie> we'll all have ssds in 5 years from now
14:15:40 <jskarvad> hughsie: I still do not have one ;) , but it is a good point
14:16:22 <pknirsch> how far along is powertop 2.0? i haven't really had time to look at it yet, but i've already updated my local powertop to a 1.13 which had several improvements already
14:17:01 <hughsie> pknirsch: afaict, it's a rewrite
14:17:05 <pknirsch> oh wow
14:17:30 <jskarvad> pknirsch: currently in beta 1
14:17:38 <jskarvad> pknirsch: it has really nice features
14:17:56 <jskarvad> pknirsch: I have created the scratch build: http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=2733257
14:17:59 <pknirsch> does it need a newer kernel?
14:18:13 <pknirsch> (aka, newer than 2.6.32 ;)
14:18:17 <hughsie> pknirsch: i tried it with rawhide, and it seemed fine
14:18:24 <hughsie> not sure what the min reqs are thi
14:18:26 <hughsie> *tho
14:18:27 <pknirsch> well, i'm running rhel6 here
14:18:31 <jskarvad> 2.6.37 is required for rull functionality, but it worked even on RHEL-6
14:18:37 <pknirsch> ah, cool
14:18:37 <jskarvad> s/rull/full
14:18:41 <pknirsch> i'll give it a shot then
14:18:49 <pknirsch> thanks!
14:18:55 <jskarvad> pknirsch: np
14:19:05 <jskarvad> Now a little promotion:
14:19:18 <jskarvad> There will be held Developer Conference in Brno Czech Republic during February 11 - February 12, 2011.
14:19:40 <jskarvad> It is an an Open conference for all Linux and JBoss Developers, Admins and Linux users organized by Red Hat Czech Republic.
14:19:56 <jskarvad> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DeveloperConference2011
14:20:34 <jskarvad> I and Jan Vcelak (jvcelak) will have there talk about the power management on Friday 15:00-15:45. I will introduce the PM SIG,
14:20:55 <jskarvad> overview available tools (pm-utils, powertop, bltk, ...) and present some basic tips for tuning. jvcelak will talk about the tuned,
14:21:04 <jskarvad> writing your own profiles and plugins, future plans.
14:21:15 <jskarvad> If you will be near Brno, do not miss it! ;)
14:21:30 <jskarvad> That's all from my today's agenda.
14:24:19 <jskarvad> Does anyone have anything else?
14:24:55 <pknirsch> just tried out the new powertop on rhel6, looks great!
14:25:09 <pknirsch> jskarvad++ :)
14:26:15 <jskarvad> pknirsch: hail to the Arjan van de Ven and all other contributors
14:26:25 <pknirsch> :)
14:26:50 <pknirsch> do we have any plans to add more of the lesswatts.org features into Fedora over time?
14:27:10 <pknirsch> or are we even missing anything?
14:29:06 <jskarvad> I think we have most of them, I will check it
14:29:48 <jskarvad> I am not sure about the HD audio power save
14:29:56 <pknirsch> mhm
14:30:02 <jskarvad> if it is not by default on, it should probably go to tuned profile
14:30:15 <jvcelak> jskarvad: it is in some profile.
14:30:28 <jskarvad> jvcelak: and intel audio?
14:31:07 <jvcelak> jskarvad: hm... snd_ac97_codec only
14:31:29 <jskarvad> jvcelak: seems so
14:32:11 <jskarvad> according to tuned profiles one good thing to metion here
14:33:59 <jskarvad> we recently added the EEEPC FSB downclocking feature to the laptop-battery-powersave profile
14:34:32 <jskarvad> it is part of tuned-0.2.19-1 currently in testing:
14:34:39 <jskarvad> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/tuned-0.2.19-1.fc14
14:35:28 <jskarvad> If you have an EEEPC netbook you can save a lot of power with, it. I will repost the measurements to the Fedora power-management mailing lsit
14:36:36 <jskarvad> So try tuned-0.2.19-1 and possibly give it some postive karma ;)
14:39:28 <jskarvad> for the other lesswatts features, I will check them one by one, but I think we already have most of them (at least in some tuned profile)
14:42:06 <jskarvad> Anything else?
14:44:11 <jskarvad> So thanks all for attending and let's meet again next week.
14:44:28 <jvcelak> :) bye
14:44:53 <jskarvad> #endmeeting