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21:00:33 <rbergeron> #topic Roll call! :)
21:00:50 <mgoldmann> here
21:00:51 * jforbes is here
21:01:19 <rbergeron> Hey y'all.
21:01:31 <obino> here
21:01:35 <jforbes> Heya
21:01:37 <jdarcy> Boo.
21:01:45 <rbergeron> hi obino. I owe you email. :) sorry, I'm trying to get to it.
21:01:52 <rbergeron> Hola jdarcy
21:01:58 * clalance here
21:01:59 <obino> no problem
21:02:06 <obino> I'll bug you via IM in case :D
21:02:12 <rbergeron> lol, okay.
21:02:18 <mmorsi> yo
21:02:20 <rbergeron> #topic Agenda
21:03:07 <rbergeron> I'm gonna go through EC2, boxgrinder, cloudfs, aeolus/deltacloud, FUDCon plans, anything else anyone would like to pipe in with?
21:03:12 * rbergeron apologizes if she skipped anyone
21:03:25 * bpepple takes a seat up in the bleachers.
21:03:35 * rbergeron listens to the wind and assumes she's not skipping anything. Okay! moving forward
21:03:38 <rbergeron> #topic EC2
21:03:43 <rbergeron> jforbes: yo
21:03:58 <jforbes> Well, dgilmore got a working image build, but I cannot reproduce it seems
21:04:20 <jforbes> (Though I have been out all week with a nasty stomach virus, so admittedly spent little time trying)
21:04:29 <mgoldmann> oh
21:04:35 * rbergeron passes jforbes the fedora-branded air sickness bag... sorry to hear that :(
21:04:55 * jdarcy was wondering what kind of swag would be at FUDcon.
21:05:03 <jforbes> That said, it is more important that dgilmore has a working build than I, we just need to add the 32bit tweaks
21:05:17 <rbergeron> jdarcy: lol
21:05:38 <jforbes> wouldn't those be bar sickness bags for FUDcon?
21:05:47 <rbergeron> #info dgilmore has a working image build, 32bit tweaks just need to be added
21:05:59 <rbergeron> they'd be bar(f) bags.
21:06:13 <rbergeron> No, no, i'm not supposed to say that.
21:06:14 <rbergeron> ;)
21:07:48 <obino> are the AMI images published somewhere else than S3?
21:07:59 <jforbes> rbergeron: has anything been scheduled for test day?
21:08:05 <jforbes> obino: no
21:08:19 <rbergeron> jforbes: you mean for us?
21:08:23 <jforbes> rbergeron: yes
21:08:35 * rbergeron refers to probably last week's notes where she volunteered to do that and promises to get it in the can
21:08:37 <obino> jforbes: is there a chance I can get the hands on one so I can test it with out ECC?
21:08:38 <rbergeron> sorry :(
21:08:49 <jforbes> ECC?
21:08:56 <obino> Eucalyptus COmmunity Cloud
21:09:03 <obino> sorry
21:09:15 <jforbes> Oh... yeah, we can put links to them once they are in koji
21:10:56 <rbergeron> #info once AMI images are in koji we can put links to them (probably on cloud SIG page)
21:11:03 * rbergeron assumes the last part - correct me if i'm wrong
21:11:16 <jforbes> Nope, that seems the logical place
21:11:26 <jforbes> They will be of limited use for the general community
21:11:37 * rbergeron nods
21:12:01 <obino> a part from downloasing from AWS, is there an easy way to recreate the image?
21:12:21 <obino> I wanted to see if we can it to work with Eucalyptus and if so let our users know about it
21:12:43 <obino> and I can take this discussion on the mailing list if it's a better place
21:12:54 <jforbes> obino: Well, koji is using a .ks as input, and I believe appliance creator, but I am not positive there
21:13:02 <mgoldmann> obino: we can work on a eucalyptus plugin for BG
21:13:13 <mgoldmann> (just saying)
21:13:17 <obino> mgoldmann: I would love that
21:13:36 <obino> jforbes: I guess I'll have to look into koji
21:13:44 <obino> is the .ks file known? or published?
21:14:17 <obino> if I just need to wait once you have the link up then let me know and I'll wait
21:14:21 <jforbes> obino: it will be in the spins repo, but not sure if it is or not at the moment, I dont have commit access
21:14:30 <bpepple> obino: you can use pungi locally if you've got the ks.
21:14:34 <obino> I wanted to give our user a newer fedora image than what we do now
21:15:21 <mgoldmann> obino: I'll ping you at some point re BG plugin in #fedora-cloud
21:15:22 <obino> bpepple: I'll look into it, since I'm not familiar with pungi. thx
21:15:38 <obino> mgoldmann: absolutely
21:15:52 <jforbes> obino: I can also send you the appliance file that was working in BG. just dont define your EC2 account and it will error on the publish and leave you a nice ami image
21:16:10 <rbergeron> #action mgoldmann to ping obino at somepoint re: BG plugin / eucalyptus
21:16:20 <obino> jforbes: that would be great!
21:16:46 <rbergeron> #action jforbes to send obino appliance file that was working in BG, see logs for more how-to
21:16:50 <mgoldmann> created a placeholder:
21:16:57 <jforbes> obino: shoot me an email (
21:18:29 <rbergeron> Okay. Anything else EC2-ish?
21:18:46 <rbergeron> #topic BoxGrinder
21:18:52 <rbergeron> mgoldmann: take it away sir
21:19:14 <obino> jforbes: done. thx.
21:19:23 <mgoldmann> I asked mtaska to review last plugin for BG
21:19:33 <mgoldmann> it'll be done shortly (he took it alread)
21:19:48 <mgoldmann> I'm preparing new BG release in the meantime
21:20:12 <mgoldmann> 0.8.0 will be released hopefully this week, if not - for sure before FUDCon
21:20:23 <mgoldmann> so, I'll have fresh meat to show
21:20:24 <mgoldmann> :)
21:20:43 <rbergeron> #info BG 0.8.0 will hopefully be released this week, if not - before FUDCon - we can see it there! :)
21:20:46 <rbergeron> cool.
21:20:54 <rbergeron> #info last plugin is currently being reviewed and should be done shortly
21:21:13 <mgoldmann> take a look what is/will be done:
21:21:58 <rbergeron> wow. nice :)
21:22:14 <mgoldmann> I think that's all from my side unless you have some questions
21:22:43 <rbergeron> I have no questions, only thank-yous :)
21:22:46 <mgoldmann> I've highlighted some of coming features last week
21:22:50 * rbergeron salutes mgoldmann
21:23:05 <mgoldmann> I'll create some posts to describe it in more detail on
21:23:56 <rbergeron> cool. do you have that feeding into fedora's planet?
21:24:04 <mgoldmann> no
21:24:18 <mgoldmann> how can I arrange it?
21:24:28 * rbergeron pulls up link
21:24:50 <mmorsi> mgoldmann: yeh its pretty simple, just drop a file into your ~ dir on fedorapeople
21:24:57 <rbergeron>
21:25:09 <rbergeron> Okay. /me shall move onwards!
21:25:13 <rbergeron> #topic CloudFS
21:25:20 <mgoldmann> ah perfect, will do it shorlty!
21:25:22 <rbergeron> jdarcy: what's shakin
21:25:48 <jdarcy> Spent way too much time beating my head against one particular problem in the multi-tenancy translator.
21:25:57 <jdarcy> It's kind of a key piece, though, so it had to be done.
21:26:22 <jdarcy> Today/tomorrow I expect to finish packaging for the multi-tenancy and encryption bits, to have something before FUDcon.
21:26:30 <rbergeron> sweeeeeet.
21:26:47 <rbergeron> #info packaging for multi-tenancy and encryption bits is in progress
21:26:54 <jdarcy> I'd rather focus on hardening/polishing those, instead of wandering off into other areas (which may accordingly need to be de-scoped for this release).
21:27:03 <rbergeron> are you kosher for meeting all the varoius feature deadlines?
21:27:06 <rbergeron> or need halp
21:27:28 <jdarcy> For those two pieces, I think I'm OK.  For the billing/quota pieces I think not.
21:28:10 <jdarcy> Good news on that front is that I'll be getting some community help on the encryption piece, and a full-time colleague being hired here at RH to work on this.
21:28:21 <rbergeron> cool.
21:28:47 <jdarcy> I think that's about it.
21:28:48 <rbergeron> Sooo... does that affect CloudFS feature descriptoin in any way
21:28:50 <rbergeron> ?
21:29:23 <jdarcy> Yes, it probably will unless I can get some help ASAP.  Feature-complete is end of this month, right?
21:29:36 <rbergeron> feature submission is 1/25
21:29:42 <rbergeron> feature freeze is 2/8 i want to say
21:30:08 <rbergeron> yeah
21:30:21 <rbergeron> and then string freeze is 2/15, then alpha, beta, etc etc
21:30:27 <jdarcy> On the feature page ( I think it's the last bullet that might need to drop.
21:30:29 <rbergeron>
21:31:10 <rbergeron> Okay. Well, let's see where it gets, and we'll proceed accordingly. :)
21:31:16 <rbergeron> or you can proceed accordingly even
21:31:17 <rbergeron> :)
21:31:35 <jdarcy> I'll scream loudly if things get any worse.  ;)
21:31:55 <rbergeron> Awesome. I will not consider it ironic that I am currently ordering earplugs.
21:32:01 * rbergeron is seriously ordering earplugs right now
21:32:03 <rbergeron> ;)
21:32:11 * rbergeron is here to listen and so is everyone else of course :)
21:32:33 <rbergeron> okay.
21:32:42 <rbergeron> #topic Aeolus / Deltacloud
21:33:04 <rbergeron> clalance, mmorsi: I know you're not in feature-mode - but you may or may not have announcements :)
21:33:20 <clalance> rbergeron: Big one of course for us is the changing of the name.
21:33:52 <clalance> Development is ongoing.  We just finished a code sprint, several of the pieces are starting to gel.
21:34:09 <clalance> But we don't have anything running end-to-end at the moment.
21:34:23 <clalance> In other good news, the patches that we need for condor went upstream.
21:34:38 <clalance> So when fedora rebases to condor 7.6, we'll get support for "free".
21:35:12 <rbergeron> woot.
21:35:25 * rbergeron wonders when that is happening
21:35:34 <clalance> rbergeron: Well, it is not released yet.
21:35:35 * rbergeron also feels like she knows this in the back of her brain somewhere
21:35:41 <clalance> So I take it will be a while.
21:35:49 <clalance> (but I don't really follow that schedule closely)
21:36:30 <clalance> Other than that, not a huge amount to report.
21:36:48 <clalance> We'll be trying to do more regular releases and announcements once things work a bit better.
21:36:54 <rbergeron> woot.
21:38:08 <rbergeron> thanks!
21:38:45 <rbergeron> #info Check out aeolus -there was a note from clalance on the mailing list on Deltacloud --> Aeolus Project
21:39:11 <clalance> Oh, for deltacloud proper (the API), one of the developers did mention he was going to work on packaging it.
21:39:33 <clalance> Which is a dependency for Aeolus, of course, but is also hopefully useful outside of that.
21:39:40 <rbergeron> woot. Yes, indeed.
21:40:02 <rbergeron> Tell him to come over here and hang out with us if he needs help or anything :)
21:40:08 <clalance> Will do.
21:40:40 <rbergeron> #topic FUDCon
21:40:45 <rbergeron> Hey, I heard fudcon is next week.
21:40:50 * rbergeron is thinking of attending.
21:41:00 <mgoldmann> :)
21:41:12 <clalance> Heh.
21:41:27 <mgoldmann> will we have any cloud meeting around FUDCon?
21:41:38 <mgoldmann> not sure if I'l up to date with info
21:41:41 <mgoldmann> I'm*
21:42:09 <rbergeron> You mean, prior to?
21:42:11 <rbergeron> the day before?
21:42:14 <rbergeron> er
21:42:21 <rbergeron> on Thursday - I think most people are coming in Friday
21:42:49 <mgoldmann> dunno, in general, a Cloud SIG meeting face to face, with beer or without :)
21:43:00 * clalance votes for "with beer"
21:43:14 * rbergeron totally votes for with beer
21:43:16 * jforbes too
21:43:30 * rbergeron holds her other arm up as well
21:43:35 <clalance> ;)
21:44:02 <clalance> I'm coming in ~ 4pm on Friday.
21:44:03 <rbergeron> Okay. We'll figure out a get-together on-list, or at worst case, we'll all be there and we can figure it out then. :)
21:44:07 <mgoldmann> so, we need to find a place with beers, I'm not from Tempe, but I know someone from this site of US
21:44:11 * mgoldmann looks at rbergeron
21:44:15 <clalance> (and leaving on monday morning)
21:44:29 <rbergeron> mgoldmann: believe me - there is no lack of beer or bars nearby
21:44:38 <rbergeron> we're in college central there
21:44:46 <mgoldmann> I'll be there 27th Jan - 2nd Feb
21:44:59 <mgoldmann> rbergeron: ahhh, that explains it
21:45:42 <rbergeron> is like 1 short block from our hotel.
21:45:52 <rbergeron> and 1 sligggghtly longer block from the other hotel.
21:45:53 <rbergeron> :)
21:46:19 <jdarcy> And it's not like we'll be walking through snow and ice to get wherever we're going.
21:46:20 <rbergeron> #action Be completely responsible adults at FUDCon and have a cloud SIG get together
21:46:27 <rbergeron> jdarcy: indeed.
21:46:36 * jsmith certainly agrees w/ that
21:46:38 <rbergeron> Okay. Any other comments / questions?
21:47:16 <rbergeron> awesome.
21:47:36 <rbergeron> Have a good one. I may be leaving someone else in charge of next week's meeting since I may be slightly busy. :)
21:47:50 <mgoldmann> :)
21:47:56 <rbergeron> #endmeeting