02:00:26 <lcafiero> #startmeeting FAmNA meeting 1-4-2011
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02:00:36 <lcafiero> Welcome one and all to the first meeting of 2011
02:01:15 <lcafiero> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:Ambassadors_2011-01-04
02:01:23 <lcafiero> Tonight's agenda is above
02:01:41 <lcafiero> It's a short one so if you don't pay attention, you might miss something. :-)
02:01:51 <lcafiero> #topic Announcements
02:02:02 <lcafiero> So have at it folks.
02:03:18 * rbergeron grins at lcafiero
02:03:26 <dramsey> grins, too
02:03:27 * lcafiero waves
02:03:43 <lcafiero> anything to say about fudcon, rbergeron?
02:04:52 <rbergeron> it's coming? :)
02:05:06 <lcafiero> Yep
02:05:08 <rbergeron> if youre not signed up - please do so.
02:05:16 <lcafiero> quickly, I might add, no?
02:05:35 <rbergeron> the sooner the better :)
02:05:35 <VileGent> rbergeron,  is there anything else you need?
02:05:45 * dmaxel hopes that fudcon will be closer to his location next year :)
02:05:53 <lcafiero> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fudcon
02:06:10 * VileGent is happy fudcon isnt someplace cold this year
02:06:13 <lcafiero> It may be as close as it gets to you this year, dmaxel -- it's usually in Boston
02:06:18 <rbergeron> and if you have any topics you'd like to discuss or sessions you'd like to do - get them added
02:06:25 <NiveusLuna> sorry i'm late
02:06:30 <lcafiero> or somewhere else where -- gasp! - it snows
02:06:47 <rbergeron> it snowed in phoenix last week.
02:06:53 <rbergeron> just sayin' :)
02:07:04 <pcalarco> :)
02:07:06 <lcafiero> Heh.
02:07:11 <lcafiero> OK, any other announcements?
02:07:20 <rbergeron> but, you know, not a blizzard.
02:07:42 <nb_> oh i am here
02:07:48 <rbergeron> vilegent: i think we're about set. thanks though.
02:08:29 <lcafiero> OK then, if there are any other announcements, they can be made in the open floor.
02:08:30 <dmaxel> lcafiero, darn. :P
02:08:42 <dmaxel> *about location
02:08:51 <lcafiero> So . . . moving right along
02:09:25 <lcafiero> #topic Events: SCALE / Fedora Activity Day
02:09:45 <lcafiero> In vwbusguy's absence, I'll take this one.
02:09:48 <VileGent> rbergeron,  need address to ship stuff
02:10:16 <lcafiero> Regarding SCALE, We have a booth and a room on Friday for Fedora Activity Day which has yet to be determined.
02:10:25 <rbergeron> vilegent: i'll get it for you shortly :)
02:10:47 <lcafiero> Though for the FAD, I believe some of the time will be dedicated to quaid's Teaching the Open Source Way project.
02:10:57 <lcafiero> We are still looking for ideas for the FAD.
02:11:16 <lcafiero> Meanwhile all of the speakers have yet to be chosen -- most of them have.
02:11:37 <lcafiero> The two keynotes have been selected -- Leigh Honeywell and Jane Silber
02:12:18 <lcafiero> Scott Williams and I are still working on budget and such and we should have something firm by the next meeting.
02:12:31 <lcafiero> Meanwhile, go here if you want to sign up:
02:12:36 <lcafiero> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SCALE_9X_Event
02:12:47 * rbergeron goes there
02:13:49 <lcafiero> On a side note, Ilan Rabinovitch -- who chairs SCALE (and has since its inception, I think) -- floated the idea of holding a joint FUDCon / SCALE in 2012.
02:14:03 <dramsey> At http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale9x/ looks like the Fedora Activity Day, Feb 25 is listed - http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale9x/special-events/fedora-activity-day
02:14:15 <lcafiero> He'll be at FUDCon to discuss it
02:14:44 <lcafiero> Right dramsey -- that's sort of a placeholder (or should be) until we finalize something.
02:14:52 <dramsey> okay
02:14:54 <lcafiero> Any questions?
02:16:22 <NiveusLuna> doesn't look like it
02:16:33 <lcafiero> Yep, was just making sure someone wasn't typing slowly.
02:16:36 <lcafiero> OK then.
02:16:41 <lcafiero> Next on the agenda
02:16:41 <inode0> Why did he take that sack?
02:17:01 <lcafiero> One of life's mysteries, inode0 -- glad you could make it, though :-)
02:17:31 <lcafiero> #topic Budget Review: Indiana Linux Fest sponsorship
02:17:51 <lcafiero> OK pcalarco, you're up
02:18:01 <pcalarco> okay so I started a page for this
02:18:06 <pcalarco> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents/ILF_2011
02:18:39 <pcalarco> the organizers have asked Paul and Max if Fedora will offer a sponsorship for the Fest
02:19:15 <pcalarco> $1000 is entry level Bronze sponsorship; gets a 8-foot table, link on the website, program ad
02:19:22 * VileGent makes the motion that fedora is a bronze sponsor  like we do for other events
02:19:39 <pcalarco> this is the inaugural event and the organizers expect 300-500 attendees
02:19:56 <pcalarco> they are modelling this after Ohio Linux Fest, if any of you have been there
02:20:13 <lcafiero> Do we have anyone speaking, pcalarco?
02:20:21 <pcalarco> not as of yet
02:20:21 <lcafiero> Or has anyone submitted papers?
02:20:26 <lcafiero> OK.
02:20:32 <lcafiero> I'll second VileGent motion.
02:20:39 <dramsey> +1
02:20:40 <VileGent> you cant
02:20:44 <lcafiero> Then I won't
02:20:45 <VileGent> as chair
02:20:58 <lcafiero> anyone want to give a second?
02:21:00 <pcalarco> we have a couple more Ambassadors in the area, who I will try to wrangle to also get involved
02:21:08 <VileGent> dramsey,  counts
02:21:16 <lcafiero> Right. We're lucky insofar as there are a few people closeby
02:21:17 * inode0 seconds
02:21:21 <inode0> or thirds
02:21:28 <lcafiero> seconds -- I can't second.
02:21:44 <lcafiero> OK
02:22:05 <lcafiero> I have one +1 from dramsey
02:22:08 <pcalarco> we'll ideally want an EventBox and a banner for the table
02:22:16 <lcafiero> +1 (looks at VileGent -- is that OK?)
02:22:19 * inode0 used words rather than numbers
02:22:28 <lcafiero> I looked at the schedule and I think that's not a problem.
02:22:33 <lcafiero> pcalarco^^^
02:22:39 <pcalarco> great
02:22:54 <VileGent> pcalarco,  plans are in the works to make sure that happens
02:23:06 <pcalarco> VileGent, thanks
02:23:15 <lcafiero> pcalarco, VileGent is you man when it comes to that stuff
02:23:27 <VileGent> well me and nb
02:23:52 <lcafiero> I have one clarifying question: Do you have a budget for the event, pcalarco?
02:24:11 <pcalarco> not as of yet, been identifying costs thus far
02:24:22 <lcafiero> OK.
02:25:05 <lcafiero> If there's no objection, we can OK the sponsorship today and then, when you have a budget, pcalarco, could you bring it back for approval?
02:25:33 <pcalarco> lcafiero, certainly
02:25:40 <VileGent> +1
02:26:01 <lcafiero> "it" meaning the budget as a whole, not the sponsorship.
02:26:18 <pcalarco> we're 10 weeks out yet, so lots of time, and this would be Q1 2012 budget
02:26:23 <lcafiero> Right.
02:27:11 <pcalarco> I will also look for Ambassadors in Kentucky and Ohio as well
02:27:36 <lcafiero> Let me know if I can help you with the organizational stuff. I'd go to ILF, but if I go east of the Mississippi, I turn back into a pumpkin from the handsome prince I am :-)
02:27:44 <pcalarco> stickster suggested organizing a Fedora event around one of the days too
02:27:48 * rbergeron nods
02:27:59 <lcafiero> Right. You should have a FAD there, and I can help you there.
02:28:00 <pcalarco> how does one figure out a FAD at an event like this
02:28:27 <lcafiero> It's easy. We can talk about this later.
02:28:28 <pcalarco> I imagine you need a certain number from the Fedora community to make that feasible
02:28:33 <pcalarco> okay, thx
02:28:57 <lcafiero> Sorry. I'm wielding the meeting sceptre tonight with an iron hand.
02:29:09 <pcalarco> that's all from me on this, thanks all
02:29:17 <lcafiero> Thanks, pcalarco
02:29:36 <lcafiero> Next, we have . . . .
02:29:50 <lcafiero> #topic Unfinished Business/Open Floor
02:30:02 <VileGent> back on budget please
02:30:25 <lcafiero> #topic Budget Review
02:30:36 <VileGent> Last meeting we said we wanted to order 2 more sets of banners
02:30:58 <lcafiero> In addition to the two that were already ordered?
02:31:14 <VileGent> lcafiero,  same 2
02:31:19 <lcafiero> OK
02:31:59 <VileGent> lcafiero,  have they been ordered is my question? earlier discussion with max was lcafiero  and he was working on it
02:33:09 <VileGent> Fudcon would like to have the banners  but if the new ones will be there no sense shipping the first set cross country
02:33:30 <lcafiero> #link https://fedorahosted.org/famnarequests/ticket/160
02:34:19 <lcafiero> Right.
02:35:07 <lcafiero> I spoke to Max today about financial stuff and I will be ordering them tomorrow. Meanwhile, I assume they will be ready by FUDCon so you don't have to ship the current set across the country.
02:35:13 <rbergeron> w0rd
02:35:28 <lcafiero> That's a good call VileGent -- no need to send the set we have.
02:36:00 <lcafiero> VileGent, you ordered them last time, right?
02:36:01 <VileGent> i will start the ball rolling of sending the first set to ILF
02:36:32 <lcafiero> right, and we should have a set for scale, and other events out west going forward.
02:36:41 <lcafiero> The second set being ordered will go to Canada
02:37:14 <lcafiero> VileGent, I may have questions while ordering it tomorrow -- hope you're around. :-)
02:37:32 <VileGent> i should be
02:37:38 <lcafiero> Good. Thanks.
02:38:22 <VileGent> all the links are there in the trac
02:38:35 <lcafiero> Right. I saw that. It seems pretty straightforward.
02:39:04 <lcafiero> OK -- any other budget matters?
02:39:38 <nb_> pcalarco, i might be able to go, and may have an event box by then
02:39:43 <lcafiero> Meanwhile, back at the other topic we started . . . .
02:39:58 <VileGent> lcafiero,  earlier discussions with max and mel said if we laid things out in the trac in that matter things could be ordered easily
02:40:01 <pcalarco> nb_ awesome!
02:40:06 <lcafiero> #topic Unfinished Business / Open Floor
02:40:58 <lcafiero> VileGent, that's a good policy for those who are picking up the ball.
02:41:19 <lcafiero> OK, any Unfinished Business or Open Floor topics?
02:41:42 <VileGent> lcafiero,  the main thing is down the road people can see exactly what and how it was done
02:41:49 <lcafiero> Exactly.
02:43:12 <VileGent> i dont know of anything else we need to cover
02:43:30 <VileGent> pcalarco,  please add your address to the trac request please
02:43:33 <lcafiero> No one else have anything to discuss?
02:43:50 <NiveusLuna> not me
02:43:54 <VileGent> or whomever we are shipping to
02:45:05 <lcafiero> One thing just to mention, so it's in print somewhere -- nb, can you agendize the central event box (or whatever we're calling it) so we can just see what's needed for it?
02:45:06 <pcalarco> VileGent, will do
02:45:10 <lcafiero> for next meeting.
02:46:50 <lcafiero> Speaking of the next meeting -- let's see if I can get the date right . . . -- it's 1/18 at 9 p.m. Eastern / 6 p.m. Pacific.
02:47:16 <VileGent> looks correct to me
02:47:31 * lcafiero blew it last time, said it was yesterday.
02:47:44 <lcafiero> Anything else before we countdown?
02:47:44 <NiveusLuna> looks right to me
02:47:48 <lcafiero> 5
02:47:54 <lcafiero> 4
02:48:00 <lcafiero> 3
02:48:06 <lcafiero> 2
02:48:08 <lcafiero> 1.5
02:48:11 <lcafiero> 1
02:48:14 <lcafiero> 0.5
02:48:35 <lcafiero> Good night, Gracie, wherever you are.
02:48:40 <lcafiero> #endmeeting