03:08:20 <dramsey> #startmeeting Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2010-11-07 - APAC
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03:08:32 <dramsey> #chair asmartgoat dramsey lcafiero sgordon
03:08:32 <zodbot> Current chairs: asmartgoat dramsey lcafiero sgordon
03:08:44 <dramsey> .fas dramsey
03:08:44 <zodbot> dramsey: dramsey 'David Ramsey' <diamond_ramsey@hotmail.com>
03:08:59 <asmartgoat> .fas asmartgoat
03:08:59 <zodbot> asmartgoat: asmartgoat 'Luke Martinez' <l32007luke@gmail.com>
03:09:04 <dramsey> Agenda at link - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Meetings/2010-11-07#Agenda
03:09:13 <sgordon> let's see if this works...
03:09:17 <sgordon> .fas sgordon
03:09:18 <zodbot> sgordon: sgordon 'Stephen Gordon' <sgordon@redhat.com>
03:09:20 <dramsey> I am David from Tokyo and I use both Fedora 13/14 with DVD and USB.
03:09:22 <sgordon> yep
03:09:28 <dramsey> #topic Ambassadors Members Pinging
03:09:48 <dramsey> Please tell me about yourselves...
03:10:15 <lcafiero> .fas lcafiero
03:10:15 <zodbot> lcafiero: lcafiero 'Larry Cafiero' <larrycafiero@cruzio.com>
03:10:26 <asmartgoat> Im luke from Melbourne australia, soon to be in adelaide. I use 13 still :( -  asmartgoat@fedoraproject.org
03:10:32 <asmartgoat> f13*
03:11:04 <sgordon> I'm steve from Brisbane working on docs for RH and also trying to get involved in writing the cloud guide for fedora
03:11:12 <lcafiero> Larry Cafiero, North America, just observing. Ambassador mentor in NA. Fedora 14 on the laptop, various fedora version on other machines.
03:11:19 <sgordon> looking to help out with making sure fedora has a presence at linux.conf.au :)
03:11:25 <dramsey> +1
03:11:33 <lcafiero> +1 to linux.conf.au
03:11:40 <asmartgoat> +1
03:11:52 <dramsey> #topic News from  FAmSCo
03:11:59 <asmartgoat> Welcome to APAC!
03:12:07 <dramsey> Welcome!
03:12:11 <asmartgoat> Home of the APAC box!
03:12:33 <asmartgoat> we just started azneita...
03:12:33 <dramsey> Welcome azneita...at member pinging, we have a couple new folks here.
03:12:55 * azneita waves to the room
03:13:22 <dramsey> asmartgoat, should we continue on FAmSCo or next topic?
03:13:35 <dramsey> waves to azneita!
03:13:37 <asmartgoat> i have no news
03:13:42 <dramsey> Okay..,
03:13:43 <dramsey> #topic Report current Status of upcoming events
03:14:02 <dramsey> I just did my Fedora 14 Tokyo as well as Akihabara this morning.
03:14:17 <dramsey> Fedora 14 Release Parties - https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F14_release_events#Upcoming_Release_Parties_-_Fedora_14
03:14:20 <azneita> just finished with our release party last friday
03:14:43 <azneita> will post the report soon.. the other guys from our team have the pics
03:14:47 <dramsey> At Quezon City, Philippines, right?
03:14:51 <azneita> yep
03:15:03 <dramsey> Fantastic, I look forward to reading the reports.
03:15:16 <azneita> i'm recruiting local ambassadors too :D
03:15:35 <dramsey> +1
03:15:36 <asmartgoat> organizing a presentation... if anyone has some spare swag please contact... :)
03:15:37 <dramsey> I think sgordon is attending the Linux.Conf.Au
03:15:59 <sgordon> yes, im presenting at the cloud miniconf with someone from work
03:16:01 <dramsey> asmartgoat, I think that Harish has a boatload of Live media which may be to your advantage.
03:16:07 <sgordon> but i registered for a full ticket last night
03:16:07 <dramsey> +1 sgordon!
03:16:12 <dramsey> OMG
03:16:31 <azneita> cloud miniconf sounds awesome!
03:16:35 <asmartgoat> alright, i will contact harish
03:16:41 <sgordon> early birds close today i think if anyone else wants to get the cheaper ticket rate
03:18:02 <dramsey> #link http://lca2011.linux.org.au/ next month from 24th - 29th January, at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) - Gardens Point Campus.
03:18:04 <dramsey> Sounds grand!
03:18:19 <sgordon> anyway we have a number of people who can assist, it's just a matter of what you guys are planning and need help with
03:19:09 <dramsey> Yesterday, we had some input from Tuan (tuanta) who is doing the FOSSASIA event
03:19:33 <dramsey> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Release_Party_F14_HCMC
03:20:29 <dramsey> sgordon, I could write an idea for the APAC ambassadors to e-mail yourself and/or someone else,, what do you think?
03:21:10 <sgordon> dramsey, that is probably the best - we have a meeting on friday and have plenty of people available, we really just need to know how we can assist and where to be :)
03:21:27 <sgordon> for instance will there be a booth at the open day, should we bring along some lappys for demoing f14 etc
03:22:04 <dramsey> Okay, do you want to add attend #fedora-meeting/-1 at some Friday IRC time?
03:22:06 <dramsey> Cool!
03:22:17 <sgordon> i should be able to do that yeah
03:22:21 <dramsey> Understood.
03:22:28 <dramsey> Okay, great!
03:22:32 <dramsey> Also, I read in the Fedora Ambassadors' mailing list about someone doing an event in Sydney, too.
03:22:34 <sgordon> week days are much easier for me and i have other stuff in fedora-meeting fridays anyway :)
03:22:46 <dramsey> Okay, certain IRC timeframe on Friday?
03:23:36 <sgordon> umm pretty much anywhere between about 7AM and 5PM AEDT
03:23:49 <dramsey> Go it
03:23:58 <sgordon> 7AM is the fedora cloud SIG so that's why im in early :)\
03:24:03 <dramsey> So #fedora-meeting?
03:24:04 <dramsey> Ah!
03:24:06 <sgordon> yup
03:24:17 <dramsey> I wanted to attend that, the EC2...
03:24:17 <sgordon> so
03:24:17 <dramsey> :D
03:24:49 <sgordon> yeah, apparently a host of other providers put up 0-day images too so we are looking at how to publicize
03:24:49 <dramsey> #idea APAC Ambassadors attend #fedora-meeting IRC channel at 07:00 AEDT in order to contact personnel who can assist...
03:25:16 <dramsey> Saw the Fedora virtualized images nice, Camtasia Studio demo stuff.  :)
03:25:33 <sgordon> it might be better later than that, i want to try get one of the others in as well
03:25:47 <sgordon> say 9 or 10?
03:25:51 <dramsey> Understood...virtualization and cloud is the future.
03:26:13 <dramsey> Okay, changes idea to 09:00 or 10:00 AEDT for Friday
03:26:35 <dramsey> #idea Revised time APAC Ambassadors attend #fedora-meeting IRC channel at 09:00 or 10:00 AEDT in order to contact personnel who can assist...
03:26:48 <asmartgoat> cant go. sorry
03:26:57 <asmartgoat> buisness hours :(
03:27:36 <dramsey> asmartgoat, may be share e-mail address / contact information with sgordon...
03:27:38 <sgordon> .fas sgordon
03:27:40 <zodbot> sgordon: sgordon 'Stephen Gordon' <sgordon@redhat.com>
03:27:57 * azneita just checked yesterday's log
03:28:00 <asmartgoat> .fas asmartgoat
03:28:00 <zodbot> asmartgoat: asmartgoat 'Luke Martinez' <l32007luke@gmail.com>
03:28:01 <sgordon> i am happy to be contacted on that address for anything related to linux.conf.au :)\
03:28:07 <dramsey> Af future correspondence/meeting with Red Hat professionals will be advantageous for your growth and development.
03:28:10 <dramsey> :)
03:28:26 <asmartgoat> azneita, i need you to send me your email and phone. :)
03:28:35 <azneita> .fas azneita
03:28:36 <zodbot> azneita: azneita 'Heherson Pagcaliwagan' <herson@azneita.org>
03:28:38 <dramsey> azneita, wonders if asmartgoat, may be sponsored to attend the event...
03:28:43 <dramsey> .fas dramsey
03:28:45 <zodbot> dramsey: dramsey 'David Ramsey' <diamond_ramsey@hotmail.com>
03:28:54 <dramsey> Food for thought.
03:29:00 <azneita> dramsey: i see no reason why not :D
03:29:01 <dramsey> Thanks everyone for sharing their ideas.
03:29:06 <dramsey> Let's try!"
03:29:10 <asmartgoat> rather not, im not approved yet. :)
03:29:27 <azneita> i'll give my thumbs up now :D
03:29:32 <dramsey> me, too!
03:29:34 <azneita> hehe
03:29:35 <asmartgoat> thanks :)
03:29:57 <dramsey> #idea asmartgoat to attend linux.conf.au to develop with Red Hat professionals...
03:30:04 <azneita> +1
03:30:08 <dramsey> Good stuff everyone...
03:30:11 <dramsey> Any other good stuff or next topic.  :)
03:30:14 <dramsey> +1
03:30:16 <sgordon> my other question is has a proposal been sent in for a booth on open day
03:30:41 <azneita> anybody running with that stephen?
03:30:42 <dramsey> Does this need some support from Fedora people?
03:30:50 <dramsey> Good question, azneita
03:31:11 <azneita> i believe we want fedora somewhere in there provided we have people on the ground
03:31:19 <sgordon> azneita, not that i know of and i guess thats the question
03:31:28 <azneita> aha
03:31:48 <azneita> luke, still want to come?
03:31:50 <sgordon> there are plenty of red hatters attending the conference so i am sure we can get the people, it's just about organisation
03:32:07 * asmartgoat relises that i wouldnt be able to go because im still moving then and then starting my last two years of schooling...
03:32:09 <dramsey> +1
03:32:22 <asmartgoat> nah
03:32:27 <dramsey> January 24th to 29th...
03:32:30 <asmartgoat> maybe the year after
03:32:53 <dramsey> s/+1/+1 for Red Hatters attending...
03:32:56 <azneita> we need to decide early because of the tickets, right?
03:33:04 <sgordon> yeah exactly
03:33:08 <dramsey> #info proposal been sent in for a booth on open day
03:33:22 <dramsey> #info decide early for attendance at linux.conf.au
03:33:36 <azneita> dramsey: anybody else down under beside luke?
03:33:53 <sgordon> although perhaps on open day it isn't as important?
03:33:54 <dramsey> I recollect their are a couple folks, one was trying to do an event at Sydney...
03:34:08 <dramsey> Understood, what day is open day, sgordon?
03:34:29 <asmartgoat> There are 8 people in australia
03:34:36 <sgordon> the saturday i think
03:34:41 <dramsey> check...
03:34:50 <sgordon> #link http://lca2011.linux.org.au/programme/open_day
03:35:00 <sgordon> 29th
03:35:18 <dramsey> #idea Fedora Ambassadors to try and attend the Open Day at When: 29th January 2011, 10am to 4pm
03:35:18 <dramsey> Where: The Edge, State Library Queensland, South Brisbane
03:35:18 <dramsey> Cost: This is a free event.
03:35:23 <asmartgoat> #idea talk to Kaio (who lives in brisbane) about going to LCA
03:35:26 <dramsey> +1
03:35:28 <asmartgoat> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Kaio
03:35:49 <sgordon> i will contact kaio directly i think
03:36:16 <asmartgoat> #action sgordon to contact kaio
03:36:19 <asmartgoat> :)\
03:36:20 <dramsey> Cool guys
03:36:21 <sgordon> thanks
03:36:22 <sgordon> :)
03:36:37 <dramsey> Kaio is a great guy, very knowledgeable
03:36:59 * azneita remembers "with enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow"
03:37:14 <dramsey> hahaha
03:37:28 <dramsey> Other thoughts or next topic?
03:37:38 <asmartgoat> ah linuses law
03:37:47 <dramsey> true...
03:39:04 <dramsey> Looks around for
03:39:17 <dramsey> ideas/suggestions....   :D
03:39:20 <azneita> i'll talk to luke separately for details on apckbox
03:39:32 <azneita> my action item :D
03:39:40 <asmartgoat> :)
03:39:54 <asmartgoat> hmm i have one thing to talk about semi-related to apackbox...
03:40:07 <azneita> fire away
03:40:16 <dramsey> :)
03:40:22 <dramsey> #topic APAC plans
03:40:31 <dramsey> APACK box!  - APACK box - Freemedia, Swag - Other?
03:40:42 <dramsey> please, empower us, asmartgoat
03:40:52 <asmartgoat> as you probably know i am in the process of writing an application for olpcs from laptop.org, they want a team leader who should recieve the Laptops (and distribute them). Who shall do that???
03:41:17 <dramsey> six OLPCs, correct?
03:41:19 <asmartgoat> #idea get somebody to be team leader for the OLPC application
03:41:21 <asmartgoat> yes
03:41:28 <asmartgoat> i have formed half the application
03:41:36 <dramsey> Understood.
03:41:51 <asmartgoat> but who shall the OLPC's be shipped to and who shall ship them out?
03:42:14 <azneita> i suppose i can do that
03:42:23 <azneita> if there are no objections
03:42:25 <asmartgoat> Agreed?
03:42:29 <dramsey> Go for it!
03:42:30 <dramsey> :)
03:42:31 <dramsey> I think that for our APACK box to be successful, concensus and understanding amongst the Fedora group is requisite and definitely a needed.  :)
03:42:47 <dramsey> Thank you, azneita
03:42:58 <dramsey> I was hoping this
03:42:59 <dramsey> :)
03:42:59 <azneita> no prob
03:43:18 <azneita> i'll take the ball before giving it to luke next year :D
03:43:19 <azneita> haha
03:43:33 <dramsey> +1 likes the baton handling concept.
03:43:34 <asmartgoat> :)
03:43:57 <dramsey> I had a little reflection last night about the APACK box, to refresh the distribution countries...looks to asmartgoat for a reminder...
03:44:04 <asmartgoat> #action Azneita to be the team leader in the OLPC section of APACK box
03:44:09 <asmartgoat> umm
03:44:21 <asmartgoat> i dont really understand what your getting at?
03:44:26 <dramsey> India.
03:44:29 <dramsey> China.
03:44:35 <dramsey> forgot the others...
03:44:37 <asmartgoat> oh, the countries
03:44:41 <dramsey> Yup
03:44:44 <asmartgoat> let me grab the list..
03:45:06 <dramsey> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC/APACK_Box
03:45:15 <asmartgoat> Philippines
03:45:17 <asmartgoat> Australia
03:45:19 <asmartgoat> Japan
03:45:22 <asmartgoat> Vietnam
03:45:23 <asmartgoat> India
03:45:25 <asmartgoat> and china
03:45:35 <asmartgoat> any thoughts?
03:45:48 <dramsey> That is it!
03:46:03 <asmartgoat> i'll update that wiki page...
03:46:12 <dramsey> Yes, I was thinking that I have my own in process and I would like to opt that my APACK box be given to India...
03:47:23 <dramsey> Yesterday, with Ankur here, I was thinking how an APACK box put together probably at least two in India from Mumbai/Delhi/Calcutta/Bombay would be good, but need to identify responsible persons for being the hub/spoke concept as made note by lcafiero
03:47:44 <azneita> so that's two for india. i think it's reasonable - india is a big place and there are many ambassadors there
03:47:48 <dramsey> Start with one best ambassador in India and take from there.
03:47:51 <dramsey> yes!
03:47:56 <asmartgoat> alright
03:47:57 <dramsey> The market is immense.
03:48:05 <dramsey> Thank you asmartgoat.
03:48:32 <asmartgoat> lets see if we can get the olpcs by jan for LCA?
03:48:43 <dramsey> +1
03:48:50 <dramsey> timing is everything...
03:48:52 <dramsey> sgordon, if you could review our APACK box and give us your Red Hat special touch to make best, we would appreciate your input.  :9
03:49:05 <dramsey> s/:9/:)
03:49:10 <sgordon> it's an interesting idea, i will have a look
03:49:18 <dramsey> Thank you.  :)
03:49:22 <sgordon> probably have to forward it on to someone else to get anything meaningful :)\
03:49:38 <dramsey> That's cool, we appreciate any input to help us.  :)
03:49:39 <azneita> that would be awesome
03:49:57 <dramsey> My best Tom Cruise 'Jerry McGuire' "Help me, help you!"  :D
03:50:37 <dramsey> Do we need any goodies, freemedia/swag/others?
03:51:00 <asmartgoat> i 'want' swag for a small presentation
03:51:19 <dramsey> cool, livemedia, correct?
03:51:24 <azneita> what kind?
03:51:36 <dramsey> Something about CDs burning, correct?
03:51:48 <asmartgoat> yeah ill talk to who was it...
03:51:54 <asmartgoat> herson?
03:52:02 <asmartgoat> no
03:52:05 <azneita> that's me :D
03:52:06 <asmartgoat> i forgot
03:52:07 <azneita> harisj
03:52:11 <asmartgoat> harish!
03:52:11 <azneita> harish
03:52:15 <asmartgoat> yes, correct
03:52:18 <dramsey> Yes, Harish Pillay.
03:52:36 <asmartgoat> for that, but if anyone has spare swag, (anything) it would be nice
03:52:41 <asmartgoat> for a small event
03:52:48 <dramsey> Harish is very supportive, I think Harish will mail his Singaporean goodies to our APAC folks, nice set of software on it.
03:53:00 <dramsey> Always good to have stuff!
03:53:29 <asmartgoat> that is true. :)
03:53:39 <dramsey> Other thoughts or next topic/
03:53:51 <dramsey> You can do it!
03:53:56 <dramsey> Yes, we can!
03:54:49 <dramsey> Remembers yesterday's foss.in in Bangalore
03:55:05 <dramsey> noted by Ankur Bangalore
03:55:23 <dramsey> http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2010-11-06/fedora-meeting.2010-11-06-03.20.log.html at 04:45:20
03:55:35 <dramsey> as well as 04:45:14 * lcafiero is the keeper of one of two NA event boxes
03:56:04 <dramsey> lcafiero shared very useful ideas on how North America used Event Boxes...
03:56:16 <dramsey> I like this discussion.
03:56:25 <asmartgoat> oh yes
03:56:51 <dramsey> Should we go open floor topic or other goodies to discuss?
03:56:56 <asmartgoat> but keep in mind we are a collection of islands. while NA is just one continent.
03:57:04 <dramsey> True!
03:57:15 <dramsey> Therefore, the essence of the APACK boxes for us.
03:57:28 <dramsey> Timing may be great...just need funding to support
03:57:46 <dramsey> I think we APAC are game to do the right thing...need bucks for Buck Rogers!
03:57:51 <asmartgoat> so, azneita that adress you gave me, its fine to give to laptop.org?
03:58:23 <azneita> yep
03:58:27 <asmartgoat> cool
03:58:36 <dramsey> +1 everyone!
03:58:57 <asmartgoat> and should i write herson or heherson on the name?
03:59:06 <asmartgoat> im not too sure. :)
03:59:19 <azneita> heherson
03:59:28 <dramsey> Definitely the serious ambassador to support.
03:59:30 <dramsey> I think with sponsorship of this idea, great things will transpire.
03:59:37 <asmartgoat> k
03:59:40 <dramsey> k
04:00:10 <FranciscoD> hello :)
04:00:13 * asmartgoat will be back soon..
04:00:15 * FranciscoD managed to wake up
04:00:20 <FranciscoD> .fas FranciscoD
04:00:21 <zodbot> FranciscoD: ankursinha 'Ankur Sinha' <sanjay.ankur@gmail.com>
04:00:21 <sgordon> this is probably a stupid question but is there a donation mechanism for this kind of activity
04:00:28 <dramsey> Hello FranciscoD
04:00:29 <sgordon> if individuals want to contribute?\
04:00:36 <FranciscoD> Hello dramsey
04:00:55 <FranciscoD> sgordon: donations with respect to what?
04:00:55 <dramsey> sgordon, great question, there is a donation for Free Media
04:01:33 <FranciscoD> what are we discussing btw?
04:01:39 <FranciscoD> the media draft by any chance?
04:01:55 <dramsey> APACK box, right now FranciscoD
04:02:19 <dramsey> sgordon, if Red Hat has goodies for us, then there are some very worthy Fedora folks with open minds and hands to receive
04:02:24 <FranciscoD> ah, okay.
04:03:04 <sgordon> alright, all i can do is forward it on and you never know but cant promise anything im afraid :(
04:03:21 <dramsey> That is okay, we are always open to help.
04:03:26 <azneita> sgordon: right now, funding comes from CommArch
04:03:59 <dramsey> sgordon, asmartgoat started the concept of APACK box for the APAC countries.  The Event Box started in EMEA, then moved onward to North America, now APAC is innovating the concept.
04:04:19 <dramsey> +1 azneita
04:04:34 <azneita> and adapting it to our unique geography...
04:04:38 <dramsey> yes!
04:05:02 <dramsey> I think that the concept has been brought to fruition...
04:05:24 <dramsey> FranciscoD, I presented two APACK boxes for India, what do you think/suggest?
04:05:33 <asmartgoat> Im sorry, i have to go, i will review logs...
04:05:35 <FranciscoD> dramsey: that's plenty
04:05:36 <asmartgoat> cya
04:05:44 <dramsey> Take care, asmartgoat.  :)
04:06:05 <FranciscoD> dramsey: will asmartgoat make them and ship them off?
04:06:12 <dramsey> "...Yesterday, with Ankur here, I was thinking how an APACK box put together probably at least two in India from Mumbai/Delhi/Calcutta/Bombay would be good, but need to identify responsible persons for being the hub/spoke concept as made note by lcafiero..."
04:06:32 <FranciscoD> or can we make them ourselves, thus saving the shipping cost?
04:06:37 <dramsey> Ankur, the initial Trac instance will be done by azneita.
04:06:43 <dramsey> I was thinking the same!
04:07:06 <FranciscoD> dramsey: should I put this up on the india list and fish for volunteers?
04:07:10 <FranciscoD> ;)
04:07:11 <FranciscoD> ?
04:07:38 * FranciscoD will be in bangalore by Jan when college ends
04:08:05 <dramsey> Respectfully, I see great India need, so with India
04:08:10 <dramsey> Please, let us do!
04:08:21 <dramsey> You have the freedom and power, FranciscoD
04:08:42 <dramsey> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/APAC/APACK_Box#What_the_APACK_boxes_will_contain
04:08:50 <dramsey> Total Cost per Small Event Box = $239 (or $39 from laptop.org) buys a lot in India...
04:09:09 <dramsey> I think with the responsible Ambassador, hub and spoke the box...
04:09:26 <azneita> we'll try to check if we can have the olpcs shipped directly to recipients
04:09:35 <FranciscoD> yeah, iirc, there was a discussion about an event box earlier on the list, and they will make one for foss.in anyway, so why not this?
04:10:27 <dramsey> I think an APACK box or my feeling I would give my Japan APACK box to support India is best.  :)
04:10:33 <dramsey> Food for our thoughts.
04:10:43 <FranciscoD> dramsey: IIRC we already have an OLPC :P
04:10:47 <dramsey> Please share with foss.in
04:10:58 <dramsey> Cool, may be another one/two
04:10:59 <dramsey> :)
04:11:02 * FranciscoD played on it when he went to FAD pune
04:11:16 <dramsey> Understood
04:11:21 <azneita> haha
04:11:24 <dramsey> #topic Open Floor
04:11:41 <FranciscoD> dramsey: folks from redhat pune, who are also fedora ambassadors/contributors are contributors to the OLPC, so i don't think OLPC is an issue :D
04:12:05 <dramsey> Okay, good to review the APACK box concept and provide feedback.
04:12:09 <dramsey> +1
04:12:49 <dramsey> If you have ideas to help our OLPC, then please share so asmartgoat and azneita may benefit from your lessons learned.
04:12:59 <azneita> yep
04:13:16 <azneita> like people to ping :D
04:13:31 <dramsey> +1
04:13:36 * FranciscoD couldn't figure out how to open the OLPC laptop XD
04:13:51 <dramsey> hahaha
04:14:08 <dramsey> We have just clicked over one hour in IRC.
04:14:13 <FranciscoD> actually, no one sort of could, it's sort of "adult proof" :|
04:14:18 <dramsey> Other thoughts?  Looks around...
04:14:20 <dramsey> hahaha!
04:14:28 <azneita> nicely put
04:14:56 <azneita> nothing else on my end dramsey
04:15:04 <FranciscoD> random link : http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/363111/october-25-2010/nicholas-negroponte
04:15:18 <FranciscoD> (nicholas negroponte is the chairman of OLPC)
04:15:47 <sgordon> all good from here too, weekends arent great for me but i will try drop in when i can
04:15:49 <dramsey> Me, too, just vote for FAmSCo and Board #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAmSCo_election_2010_nominations
04:15:58 <dramsey> Thank you all for joining today.
04:16:10 <dramsey> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Board_nominations
04:16:10 <FranciscoD> +1
04:16:22 <dramsey> Okay, close meeting then?
04:16:43 <FranciscoD> aye
04:16:48 <dramsey> Thank you all for attending!  :)
04:16:48 <sgordon> AYE AYE
04:16:52 <dramsey> Have a great day!
04:17:02 <dramsey> Great to see you all!
04:17:04 <dramsey> 5
04:17:04 <dramsey> 4
04:17:05 <dramsey> 3
04:17:06 <dramsey> 3
04:17:06 <dramsey> 2
04:17:09 <dramsey> 1
04:17:11 <dramsey> 0.5
04:17:15 <dramsey> 0
04:17:18 <dramsey> bye
04:17:18 <dramsey> #endmeeting