18:06:11 <pcalarco> #startmeeting
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18:06:34 * Sparks_too is here
18:06:38 <pcalarco> #meetingtopic Fedora Insight Weekly Meeting
18:06:48 <pcalarco> roll call
18:06:52 * rbergeron is here
18:06:54 * Sparks_too .
18:06:58 <pcalarco> here
18:07:01 * asrob too
18:07:08 <pcalarco> welcome asrob!
18:07:16 <pcalarco> and thanks everyone for joining
18:07:28 <pcalarco> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight#Meeting_agenda
18:07:37 <pcalarco> here is our meeting agenda
18:08:15 <pcalarco> stickster suggested that we not get too far down the road for new things that asrob might suggest as he'd like to be here for this as well
18:08:44 <asrob> ;)
18:08:48 <pcalarco> #chair rbergeron asrob Sparks_too pcalarco
18:08:48 <zodbot> Current chairs: Sparks_too asrob pcalarco rbergeron
18:09:23 <pcalarco> so let's start with reviewing last week's action items
18:09:29 <pcalarco> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2010-10-14/fedora_insight.2010-10-14-18.00.html
18:09:40 <pcalarco> #topic review last week action items
18:09:59 <pcalarco> Okay, I can start with mine
18:10:52 <pcalarco> I was able to figure out setting the View parameters for the Fedora Weekly News issues by querying a list and playing around some, and have published two FWN issues this way
18:11:14 <pcalarco> stickster fixed the display of the beat subheadings as well
18:11:58 <pcalarco> I used Sparks' blog post as a start to a post to the Ambassadors list as well, where asrob responded -- great to have you here!
18:12:32 <pcalarco> and then I also requested a new groups.drupal.org group for Fedora, but this is still in moderation
18:13:21 <pcalarco> Sparks_too: can you report on your items?
18:15:39 <Sparks_too> pcalarco: One sec
18:15:41 <pcalarco> wondering if anyone can hear me
18:15:47 <pcalarco> okie thx
18:15:58 <asrob> :)
18:16:47 <rbergeron> yup
18:17:44 <pcalarco> while we are waiting, stickster said he didn't have time this week to make headway on his action items
18:18:13 <pcalarco> but we did basically finish the FWN Views, which is great
18:19:37 <pcalarco> Sparks_too was going to Talk to ianweller to find a good review to study, then review Flexifilter module (https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=642856)
18:19:47 <Sparks_too> pcalarco: Okay, I'm back
18:19:53 <Sparks_too> Sorry...  $DAYJOB
18:20:04 <pcalarco> Sparks_too: np :)
18:20:05 <Sparks_too> So Flexifliter was reviewed and approved
18:20:09 * ianweller looks up
18:20:24 <Sparks_too> He lives!
18:20:27 <pcalarco> Sparks_too: that's great!
18:20:32 <ianweller> hardly ;)
18:21:17 <pcalarco> Sparks_too: do you know if that's it as far as Drupal packaging goes for right now?
18:21:20 <Sparks_too> pcalarco: I think stickster said he would be able to work on the other package this weekend
18:21:31 <Sparks_too> I think there are two other packages
18:21:44 <pcalarco> Sparks_too: okay, good
18:21:50 <asrob> in connection with this I have a question
18:22:03 <pcalarco> sure, go ahead
18:22:55 <asrob> well, I saw tha maintainer used /modules dir instead of /sites/all/modules , why?
18:23:52 <asrob> the drupal way is that we copy my or contrib modules under /sites
18:23:52 <pcalarco> looks to Sparks_too for that
18:24:39 <Sparks_too> pcalarco: You'd have to talk to killefiz about that.  I don't know.
18:25:14 <pcalarco> asrob: this is good information. We'll follow up with the maintainer as Sparks_too suggests
18:25:30 <asrob> okay
18:26:05 <pcalarco> asrob: is there a canonical place where packaging standards for Drupal are documented?
18:26:43 <asrob> pcalarco: huh, I will check, wait a minute
18:27:34 <asrob> I got it, http://drupal.org/getting-started/install-contrib/
18:27:57 <asrob> "Obtain the module as an archive and extract the files to your Drupal installation (normally into sites/all/modules)"
18:28:13 <pcalarco> asrob: excellent, thank you!
18:28:34 <asrob> np
18:28:42 <pcalarco> we can refer the maintainer to this with our followup
18:29:09 <pcalarco> okay, we're finished with last week's action items, so onward
18:29:30 <pcalarco> #topic Fedora Insight Themeing
18:29:52 <pcalarco> does anyone know if we have gotten the theme from hiuemanshu?
18:30:06 <pcalarco> hiemanshu, that is
18:30:27 <pcalarco> I don't know the status of that
18:30:38 <rbergeron> no - he said earlier on #fedora-mktg that...
18:30:40 * rbergeron goes to cut and paste
18:30:51 <pcalarco> #topic Drupal status
18:31:03 <rbergeron> 10:48 < hiemanshu> rbergeron: well nothing much, I had problems pushing the  changes yest, something with the repo, and dint have time to  work on it today
18:31:06 <rbergeron> 10:48 < hiemanshu> something about fast-forward soemthing
18:31:09 <rbergeron> 10:48 < hiemanshu> something**
18:31:30 <pcalarco> rbergeron: ah, okay, great, thank you!
18:31:44 <pcalarco> so we are waiting on that still
18:32:11 <pcalarco> we will follow up with him between now and next meeting
18:32:19 <rbergeron> yes, i asked him to mail the logistics@ list if he was still having problems pushing
18:33:03 <pcalarco> rbergeron: excellent, tyvm
18:33:13 <asrob> do you have a sub-theme or anything else?
18:33:14 * rbergeron is glad to help with something :)
18:33:51 <pcalarco> asrob: I have never seen the theme so don't even know
18:34:21 <pcalarco> I presume it is a variation of what we have on
18:34:28 <pcalarco> #link http://publictest4.fedoraproject.org/drupal
18:35:03 <asrob> it looks it is sub-theme
18:35:13 <pcalarco> this is an area where we could use more than one person working on it
18:35:33 <asrob> i see
18:35:33 <pcalarco> and might be an opportunity for asrob if you are interested
18:35:44 <asrob> wow, it would be good :)
18:36:11 <pcalarco> awesome; me loves your enthusiasm :)
18:36:33 <pcalarco> we'll touch base with hirmanshu first though
18:36:42 <pcalarco> hiemanshu, gad
18:37:06 <pcalarco> okay, next topic on our agenda
18:37:25 <pcalarco> #topic: Drupal status - Views & book combo
18:37:44 <pcalarco> okay, this is working for FWN now, although it is not elegant
18:37:51 <asrob> yes
18:38:41 <pcalarco> asrob: I create a new book for each issue, and then create weekly beats which I attach as child pages to it, using weighting to sort them in the order in which they appear on the wiki
18:39:21 <pcalarco> stickster also set up the Flexifilter so that we can copy wikitext directly from http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FWN
18:39:30 <pcalarco> which is very nice
18:39:44 <pcalarco> republishing FWN just takes a few minutes
18:40:07 <pcalarco> and then can aggregate to http://publictest4.fedoraproject.org/drupal/fwn
18:40:28 <pcalarco> this page needs some work, however
18:40:37 <asrob> well, imho it does not look good
18:40:54 <pcalarco> asrob: yes, horrible right now
18:41:16 <asrob> I would create some nodes
18:41:19 <pcalarco> each issue comes out at http://publictest4.fedoraproject.org/drupal/fwn/248
18:41:29 <pcalarco> for example
18:42:16 <asrob> I would display these nodes in a view with views module
18:42:18 <pcalarco> asrob: you mean a default node for displaying this FWN issues page
18:42:23 <asrob> yes
18:42:27 <pcalarco> asrob: okay yes, I get you
18:42:43 <asrob> I will search an example
18:43:14 <pcalarco> #action we need a new node defined for top level FWN issues page
18:43:23 <asrob> http://nxd.asrob.net/galeria-lista
18:43:45 <pcalarco> asrob: yes, that is much better
18:43:53 <asrob> so, there is an example site to my friend's rock band
18:44:00 <asrob> this is gallery views
18:44:27 <asrob> "Koncertek - 2006" -> Concerts in 2006 in english
18:44:28 <pcalarco> asrob: great, thanks for that example!
18:44:59 <asrob> views is a great tool ;)
18:45:15 <pcalarco> asrob: how does the unified FWN issue look to you now?  Can we improve on this as well?
18:45:48 <pcalarco> alarification: I mean the view for a single issue, like the one I shawed above
18:46:02 <pcalarco> clarification
18:46:03 <asrob> yes I think
18:46:24 <asrob> I will help you if you want
18:46:32 <pcalarco> I am not crazy about the links to previous and next beats after each beat, for example
18:46:50 <pcalarco> that would be great
18:47:22 <pcalarco> asrob: have you applied to CLA and cmsadmin in the Fedora user accounts?
18:47:38 <asrob> I have applied CLA
18:47:51 <asrob> cmsadmin is not
18:48:26 <pcalarco> asrob: great; once that's approved, then you can apply to group cmsadmin, which stickster manages, and we can get you admin access to publictest4
18:48:57 <asrob> okay
18:49:36 <pcalarco> #action: tweak FWN issue view with asrob's help
18:50:43 <pcalarco> asrob: do you want to talk a little about Feeds and ManagingNews from your dicussion on the logsitics list?
18:51:03 <asrob> yes, I want
18:51:24 <asrob> so, the feeds module, it is a great aggregator modul
18:52:39 <asrob> a lot of people use that, it has some options like import from atom, rss, csv etc-etc
18:52:55 <asrob> oh, I forgot its url http://drupal.org/project/feeds
18:53:22 <pcalarco> asrob: what would be the decision points between whether to use Feeds or ManagingNews for our purposes, do you think?
18:53:48 <pcalarco> can ManagingNews be themed as easily as Feeds, for example?
18:54:05 <asrob> well, MN it is a complete drupal distro
18:54:26 <pcalarco> asrob: ah, okay, an important distinction
18:55:00 <pcalarco> and we don't know the licensing status of it, but Feeds is the same license as core drupal, I presume
18:55:14 <asrob> yes, MN is the same license
18:55:26 <pcalarco> asrob: okay that is good
18:56:18 <asrob> but I say, feeds is better than MN for this FI project
18:56:33 <pcalarco> asrob: do you have a sense which of the two has more momentum in the Drupal community?  Are many more sites using Feeds, but MN is niche, for example?
18:56:45 <pcalarco> asrob: okay great
18:57:40 <pcalarco> #action: install Feeds module and being experimenting with this compared to Aggregator
18:58:15 <asrob> yep, while I am looking for sites which using feeds module
18:58:22 <pcalarco> #info: ManagingNews is a comple Drupal distribution/application; Feeds probably better for FI
19:00:02 <pcalarco> we are at our one hour end; perhaps I can just briefly ask about the groups.drupal.org and some advice
19:00:22 <asrob> okay
19:01:01 <pcalarco> the groups moderator suggested that we just ask in other pre-established groups for volunteers to help with Fedora Insight, rather than starting a new group; does that make sense to you, from the aspect of that community?
19:01:24 <pcalarco> I had never used groups.drupal.org much before
19:02:05 <asrob> g.d.o is a good place to find volunteer
19:02:09 <asrob> +s
19:02:09 <pcalarco> #topic Attracting new contributors to Fedora Insight
19:02:45 <pcalarco> asrob: would it be considered spam to join another group and ask for contributors?
19:03:24 <asrob> I don't think so
19:03:29 <Southern_Gentlem> pcalarco,  as soon as i can get past this weekend i will try to volunteer more, i want to learn drupal
19:03:55 <pcalarco> asrob: ah, okay, well I will explore further then and reply to the moderator
19:04:10 <pcalarco> Southern_Gentlem: Hi SG!
19:04:44 <pcalarco> Southern_Gentlem: that is great news, it has been fun learning so far for me too; I've worked on Drupal 5.7 but not 6
19:05:01 <asrob> pcalarco: http://drupal.org/mailing-lists ;)
19:05:17 <pcalarco> asrob: thank you for this pointer as well
19:05:55 <Southern_Gentlem> pcalarco,  i have gotten where i can install drupal but that is it at this point
19:06:23 <pcalarco> okay, we are basically out of time; 30 seconds to close; any new topics?
19:06:36 <asrob> but imho a new group on g.d.o is a good idea, at least we have an own place where we discuss anything ;)
19:07:05 <pcalarco> #info: Southern_Gentleman will probably volunteer soon as time permits
19:07:28 <pcalarco> asrob: yes, I will advocate for a Fedora home there :)
19:07:43 <asrob> pcalarco: that is it for my part
19:08:01 <pcalarco> asrob: thank you for all your great ideas and sharing
19:08:06 <asrob> np
19:08:11 <pcalarco> asrob: it is good to have you here
19:08:21 <asrob> ;)
19:08:43 <pcalarco> okay, thanks everyone for coming to the meeting, I will close it now
19:08:48 <pcalarco> #endmeeting