21:00:58 <brunowolff> #startmeeting
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21:01:07 <brunowolff> #meetingname spins-sig
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21:01:20 <brunowolff> #chair nirik,bruno
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21:01:46 <brunowolff> #topic Who's here?
21:02:51 <nirik> I'm sorta not here. Dealing with urgent work issue.
21:03:29 <brunowolff> nirik, it's mostly just fyi stuff today.
21:04:04 <brunowolff> Since your busy I'll just note stuff and post meeting notes and won't do discussion (unless someone else shows up)
21:04:19 <brunowolff> #topic spins' status
21:04:44 <brunowolff> KDE and XFCE are a bit oversize. I sent email about it to the spins list.
21:05:47 <brunowolff> Design hasn't built since sept 8th. There is a dependency issue with gnome-python2-evolution and libcamel. I filed a bug for that.
21:06:24 <brunowolff> It was also oversize at that time, but that may have improved since then. The issue was also noted on the spins list.
21:06:36 <brunowolff> #topic livecd-tools
21:07:57 <brunowolff> For the beta I think we are OK. There was a requires missing that affects running livecd-iso-to-disk, but should be low impact.
21:08:16 <brunowolff> A fix is in testing, but I don't see a need to get it into beta.
21:08:35 <brunowolff> #topic Testing requirements
21:09:21 <brunowolff> I still haven't got that done, but now that livecd-tools seems to be OK for a while, I'll probably get to this.
21:09:38 <brunowolff> #topic squashfs-tools update
21:10:10 <brunowolff> 4.1 was released, so I'll be doing another build to sync with the released version. No rush to get it into the beta though.
21:10:46 <nirik> I started discussion on the Xfce list about what to drop for size
21:10:47 <brunowolff> Related to this, I probably add documentation of the lzo compression method to livecd-creator.
21:11:25 <brunowolff> It's just documentation and people aren't going to want to use it for live images.
21:11:37 <brunowolff> #topic beta
21:12:12 <brunowolff> I see that that are still blocker bugs open for the beta. So it might slip another week as there isn't much time left.
21:12:37 <brunowolff> #topic others
21:15:46 <brunowolff> #endmeeting