03:48:56 <dramsey> #startmeeting Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2010-09-05 - APAC
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03:49:12 <dramsey> Any updates for APAC?
03:50:01 <harish> hmm.  we have a few events coming up not specific to Fedora. It has to do more with open source, open standards in general.
03:50:11 <dramsey> Sounds good.
03:50:19 <harish> the software freedom day events in the region is good to participate in.
03:50:39 <harish> i am trying to do something with the ambassadors for the singapore event (sept 18)
03:50:45 <dramsey> +1
03:50:48 <harish> i will be travelling that weekend and so i cannot personally be there.
03:51:15 <harish> there is a malaysian government open source event (7th one) in November and I would be attending/speaking there.
03:51:29 <dramsey> Understood, support is always welcomed and your experience helps immensely.
03:52:00 <harish> I am participating in a South Australian government seminar on government enterprise architecture (focusing on open standards and open source) in october in adelaide.
03:52:35 <harish> and to round this up,
03:53:15 <harish> i will be moving into the community architecture group fulltime over the next 12 weeks (so that I can hand over the other stuff I do).
03:53:33 <dramsey> Wow!
03:53:36 <dramsey> I read about the Tokyo event, that may be useful to attend.
03:53:44 <dramsey> Who will be taking over your stuff, harish?
03:54:23 <harish> that work is within the internal entity called red hat university and we are looking initially for someone within.
03:54:43 <dramsey> Excellent!
03:55:27 <dramsey> I was planning on going to Singapore for my 2011 Red Hat Training class, RH442VT.  I would like to see you again, as well as if you travel through Tokyo, I am here for  you.
03:55:29 <dramsey> :)
03:55:29 <harish> are you able to attend the LF event later this month?
03:55:43 <dramsey> I think I may be able to do so.
03:55:45 <harish> sure,
03:55:49 <harish> tell me when you will be in singapore
03:55:54 <dramsey> I appreciate the information about the LF event.
03:55:56 <dramsey> +1
03:56:08 <harish> maybe i will attend the same class as well. i need to complete my rhca stuff
03:56:16 <dramsey> Cool man!
03:56:32 <dramsey> I appreciate all the good information harish.
03:57:41 <dramsey> How was the UUCP network map project?
03:58:41 <harish> nothing has been kicked off yet.
03:58:45 <harish> time to do somethijng.
03:58:55 <dramsey> Sounds grand.
03:59:03 <harish> i can't seem to locate the archive of the original uucp map project.
03:59:15 <dramsey> Ah.
03:59:43 <dramsey> May be I will look "quest" around and see if I find and post accordingly.
03:59:47 <harish> www.uucp.org
03:59:56 <dramsey> Check.
04:00:19 <harish> sure.
04:00:30 <dramsey> Well my biweekly Akihabara's went well.  Trying Fedora 14 and new kernels here.  Nothing else to add from me.
04:00:51 <dramsey> I hope that I get a hold of gbraad and mchua regarding their topic content for future updates.
04:00:52 <dramsey> ;)
04:01:08 <dramsey> Other good information to add, harish?
04:02:02 <harish> nothing for now.
04:02:21 <harish> gotta get back on the road.
04:02:38 <dramsey> Same here, thank you for attending and have a great day!  :)
04:02:40 <dramsey> ;)
04:02:43 <harish> later.
04:02:46 <dramsey> later
04:02:49 <dramsey> #endmeeting