01:16:59 <jds2001> #startmeeting FamNA meeting
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01:17:04 <jds2001> #meetingname famna
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01:17:12 <jds2001> #topic announcements
01:17:15 <jds2001> anyone have any?
01:17:42 * jds2001 takes that as no
01:17:53 * inode0 was distracted
01:18:03 <jds2001> inode0: any from you?
01:18:13 <inode0> no :)
01:18:25 <jds2001> #topic Quebec release party report
01:18:33 <jds2001> Anyone here to represent this?
01:18:45 <inode0> Wasn't that last meeting?
01:19:02 * jds2001 going from https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:Ambassadors_2010-7-7
01:19:11 <inode0> which would be last meeting
01:19:13 <jds2001> could well be carryover, dunno
01:19:23 <inode0> today is the 21st
01:19:48 <jds2001> indeed
01:20:04 <jds2001> #info Stale agenda, sorry!
01:20:23 <inode0> ok, someone also didn't create the wiki page although mel left us a surprise
01:20:24 <jds2001> #topic Ticket keyword for "need RH credit card"
01:20:40 <jds2001> indeed
01:20:55 * jds2001 thinks this is easy
01:21:01 <jds2001> needcredit
01:21:17 <jds2001> and why do we need a separate trac instance?
01:21:17 <inode0> yeah, that is a good idea if it helps them pay bills
01:21:30 <jds2001> cant we use the existing one?
01:21:31 <inode0> so they have the list of bills to pay I guess
01:22:03 <inode0> I think they need to answer that, it makes no difference to me
01:22:18 <jds2001> mchua_afk: you around by any chance?
01:22:24 <jds2001> spevack: or you?
01:23:12 <inode0> well, ok, we'll get the answer soon
01:23:19 <jds2001> no worries
01:23:26 <jds2001> #topic Events
01:23:33 <jds2001> anything upcoming?
01:23:38 <jds2001> OSCON is nowish
01:24:09 <jds2001> so i had one
01:24:13 <inode0> herlo sent out an announcement about the CFP for UTOSC
01:24:44 <inode0> I think it was extended until around the end of the month - so submit ideas if you'd like to attend and present
01:25:50 <jds2001> #info submit ideas for UTOSC if you'd like to present there
01:25:59 <jds2001> So I have a new one
01:26:16 <jds2001> though getting budget approval in this format may be....challenging :)
01:26:27 <inode0> nah, I'll do it
01:26:37 <jds2001> We need $100 for a booth at CPOSC
01:26:38 <inode0> it is easier in this format
01:26:40 <inode0> done
01:27:38 <jds2001> and I'll go again this year, so some money for that if possible,
01:27:50 <jds2001> just the train and hotel for a night
01:27:55 <inode0> jds2001: you know the new ritual for that?
01:28:02 <jds2001> im unaware
01:28:29 <inode0> let me find the link
01:28:34 <jds2001> do i need to sacrifice pigs or something?
01:28:35 <jds2001> :)
01:29:24 <inode0> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Sponsoring_event_attendees
01:29:32 <jds2001> oh, yeah
01:29:35 <inode0> no, but we need an event page with the request ...
01:29:39 <jds2001> we did that at the events fad
01:29:43 <inode0> then I'll approve that too :)
01:29:50 <inode0> right
01:29:56 <jds2001> ok, I'll make one soon :)
01:30:15 <inode0> if brian going to make it?
01:30:17 <inode0> is
01:30:29 <jds2001> dunno havent talked to him in forever
01:30:43 * jds2001 can email him and ask
01:31:01 <inode0> you might try - or is anyone else you know of?
01:31:12 <jds2001> tmz normally does, it's in his backyard
01:31:48 <jds2001> but im sure we could assemble a contingent
01:31:58 <inode0> ping brian, I don't know why reasonable expenses would be any problem for that event
01:32:07 <inode0> oh
01:32:12 <inode0> back to mchua
01:32:14 <mchua> apologies, OSCON is slowly eating my life :) - around if needed
01:32:36 <jds2001> mchua: need to talk about the needcreditcard thing that you dropped on the agenda page
01:32:41 <mchua> What questions do you folks need answered? Ah, yes.
01:32:46 <jds2001> which is the only agenda we seem to have
01:33:31 <mchua> Basically, the desired functionality is a to-do list for Max/Mel/anyone-else-that-can-pay-for-Ambassadors-stuff of "credit card should be applied here, in this manner."
01:33:47 <jds2001> ok, can we use the existing trac for that?
01:33:50 <mchua> i don't think we need a separate ticket queue for this; I'd be happy to use any means you folks would like to keep it.
01:33:55 <jds2001> (which you may not have access to)
01:33:57 <mchua> Yeah, I'm not sure why a separate trac was even suggested.
01:34:15 <mchua> I think that FAmNA or FAmSCo or whatever trac/queue/ticket/todo-keeper would be fine.
01:34:46 <jds2001> ok, consider it done
01:34:54 <mchua> My main interest is in eliminating the "maybe we will catch Max or Mel on IRC and maybe they'll remember to pay this and maybe they'll tell each other that it's done or not!" panic-method of getting things paid for. :)
01:35:11 <jds2001> hehe
01:36:23 <jds2001> #info please use the needcredit keyword in famna tickets to delineate items to pay for
01:36:37 <jds2001> #action jds2001 to make sure mel and max have access
01:36:58 <mchua> Max and I still need to be pinged to look at the queue, unless we know there's stuff in there every single week, for the record.
01:37:16 <VileGent> jds2001,  but that means we would need some sort of tracker for this to happen as well correct
01:37:18 <mchua> But instead of "Max! Do you have 15 minutes right now so I can relay this information to you in a way you may or may not keep notes from?" it's "Max, look at the queue, all the info is there when you need it."
01:37:26 <jds2001> #info Mel and Max still need to be pinged to look stuff in the queue.
01:37:36 <jds2001> VileGent: we have one
01:38:12 <VileGent> jds2001,  a tracker for reciepts?
01:38:13 <jds2001> VileGent: https://fedorahosted.org/famnarequests/
01:38:23 <inode0> can go in with the other famna requests
01:38:29 <VileGent> ok
01:38:30 <jds2001> VileGent: not receipts - this is for stuff to apply credit cards to
01:38:56 <VileGent> ok
01:39:08 <inode0> assuming there is no privacy constraints about account info and stuff
01:39:28 <jds2001> inode0: thats a private trac instance
01:39:47 <nb> are we still supposed to be getting inode0 a credit card sometime?
01:40:13 <inode0> maybe Red Hat had second thoughts? :)
01:40:33 <mchua> I thought those were already going out - stickster_afk and spevack would be the ones to ping on it, iirc.
01:41:25 <inode0> well, I've heard nothing and they aren't going to just send them out
01:42:04 <mchua> Hm. Worth bringing up on-list? I know Max has been traveling and Paul is probably crazy busy with transition stuff, so it may just be on pause while they recover.
01:42:22 <inode0> anyway, we just don't know more at this point - Max will take care of it when he is ready
01:42:40 <mchua> I am pretty sure that's in the works and that there are no major blockers to it happening - I expect it to happen, but I don't know the details.
01:42:43 * mchua nods
01:43:01 <mchua> Anything else y'all need from me? I'm being called to OSCON dinner.
01:43:12 <VileGent> go to dinner and thanks
01:43:17 <inode0> go eat, thank mchua
01:43:27 <mchua> Thanks folks. Om nom nom!
01:43:34 <jds2001> ok, anything else?
01:43:43 <jds2001> #topic Open Floor
01:43:48 <VileGent> only thing is i want to order more tshirts
01:43:56 * inode0 was going to discuss the recent f-a-b business but
01:44:06 <jds2001> well now is a good time
01:44:11 <inode0> maybe next month after some more that would be better'
01:44:21 <inode0> more thought
01:45:00 <inode0> if people haven't followed along try to read the f-a-b thread on FUDCon swag which spilled over into other areas where ambassadors do stuff
01:45:20 <inode0> we can talk about it next time I think
01:45:33 <jds2001> if people haven't followed along try to read the f-a-b thread on FUDCon swag which spilled over into other areas where ambassadors do stuff
01:45:38 <jds2001> #info if people haven't followed along try to read the f-a-b thread on FUDCon swag which spilled over into other areas where ambassadors do stuff
01:46:18 <inode0> VileGent: where are we currently with shirts?
01:46:40 <VileGent> inode0,  i have ZERO
01:46:49 <inode0> hrm
01:46:54 <inode0> did you ever have any?
01:47:04 <VileGent> technically no
01:47:15 <inode0> did all of them go to SELF?
01:47:19 <VileGent> yep
01:47:21 <inode0> ok
01:47:48 <inode0> and I'm sure the west is going to use theirs up now and the mountain area at UTOSC
01:48:00 <VileGent> OLF is actually a NE event and of those shirts went to the summit from my understanding
01:48:02 <jds2001> #link http://news.gmane.org/find-root.php?group=gmane.linux.redhat.fedora.advisory-board&article=7835
01:48:13 <jds2001> i think that's a good link :)
01:48:14 <inode0> yeah, we should fix that for OLF - we need some there
01:48:36 <VileGent> and last year all the shirts for OLF went to the summit
01:48:54 <inode0> no they didn't - I sent shirts to the summit last year
01:49:34 <VileGent> well i was told there was no shirts for OLF last year and when i brought it up last year it was shot down because of the budget
01:49:35 <inode0> but we need to get them for OLF anyway - so let's ping max and brian
01:50:23 <inode0> I don' know if we can pop for another $2K this Q ... probably can but I'd like Max to say do it
01:50:32 <VileGent> i would like to get 75 for OLf and have 5 to send out in ambassador kits
01:50:52 <inode0> ok
01:51:17 <inode0> OLF is in Sept?
01:51:25 <jds2001> yeah
01:51:26 <jds2001> 10-12
01:51:30 <VileGent> yep the first part
01:51:34 <jds2001> and CPOSC is in october
01:51:46 <VileGent> so we need to order soon
01:51:50 <inode0> ok, we should probably ping people and try to get a green light before next meeting I think
01:51:53 <jds2001> not that we need nearly that many there, we'll take scraps :)
01:52:08 <inode0> no one will object if we can get funds
01:52:42 <VileGent> i will send crossbytes label to send v-banners to boston for Linuxcon tomorrow
01:53:08 <VileGent> and i will send my event box to boston this week as well
01:53:40 <jds2001> coolio
01:53:43 <jds2001> anything else?
01:53:49 <VileGent> thats all i have
01:54:12 * jds2001 ends the meeting in 5
01:54:15 <jds2001> 3
01:54:19 <jds2001> 9
01:54:26 <jds2001> oops
01:54:27 <jds2001> 0
01:54:32 <jds2001> #endmeeting