03:09:19 <dramsey> #startmeeting Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2010-07-04 - APAC
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03:09:26 <dramsey> #chair dramsey
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03:09:39 <dramsey> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Meetings/2010-07-04#Agenda
03:09:41 <dramsey> .fas dramsey
03:09:42 <zodbot> dramsey: dramsey 'David Ramsey' <diamond_ramsey@hotmail.com>
03:10:14 <lcafiero> Ah, that's better
03:10:22 <dramsey> Greetings
03:10:27 <harish> lcafiero, greetings!
03:10:37 <lcafiero> hey, dramsey, harish, everyone
03:10:48 <harish> to all USAians on this chat, Happy July the 4th!
03:10:52 <dramsey> Any news to share?
03:10:56 <dramsey> Happy July 4th
03:11:57 <harish> news: 1) I have F13 LiveCD (actually DVDs) all done.  Need people to request for them.  I will send to those who update the fp.o and in APAC
03:12:11 <dramsey> Great
03:12:36 <harish> 2) Jim Whitehurst (CEO/President Red Hat) is in APAC. He will be on CNBC tomorrow, Monday morning 7am SGT (2300 GMT, July 4th).
03:13:02 <harish> 3) Malaysia concluded their OSCON last week.  I could not make it, but there were sessions for Fedora.
03:13:47 <dramsey> Excellent news
03:14:27 <dramsey> Good to understand
03:14:36 <harish> CD requests so far from VN, NZ only.
03:14:36 <dramsey> I saw the Red Hat 6 Beta 2 announcement as well as Fedora 14 planning for Ambassadors, sounds like progress indeed.
03:14:54 <dramsey> VN like tuanta?  I remember tuanta interested in media
03:14:59 <harish> yes
03:15:03 <dramsey> +1
03:15:36 <dramsey> harish, how do the ambassadors make a media request?  Just want to make sure I understand the process / procedure
03:15:47 <harish> BTW, the F13 LiveCD I respun has oo.o, virt, xournal, and a few more.
03:16:22 <harish> dramsey, well, i think there is already a process. thus far, all requests i fulfilled came directly to me.,
03:17:18 <lcafiero> does APAC use a trac system like NA?
03:18:03 <harish> lcafiero, i think there is a trac instance, i believe susmit had set it up.
03:18:19 <lcafiero> OK, thanks. Just curious.
03:18:38 <dramsey> So, the requests go through this trac system or another way?
03:19:12 <harish> that's what I am not sure of.  I have not seen a request coming in - perhaps I am not on the list :-)
03:19:27 <dramsey> Ah...
03:20:06 <dramsey> Am certain as susmit reviews our logs, more clarification will happen to support us all.
03:20:52 <harish> dramsey, perhaps you might to highlight that request to susmit
03:21:16 <lcafiero> Sorry to cause confusion.
03:21:58 <dramsey> #idea Need some clarity with susmit on APAC trac system
03:22:18 <lcafiero> Actually, I think it's here: https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-apac/
03:22:34 <dramsey> +1
03:22:56 <dramsey> Wow harish, your F13 LiveCD with oo.o, virt, and other goodies is very supportive of the people.  Thank you for this update
03:22:56 <harish> indeed
03:23:14 <harish> that's why it is a dvd not a cd anymore.
03:23:45 <dramsey> Ah, yes I understand.  That makes logical sense
03:24:35 <dramsey> Do we have other thoughts to share or discuss?
03:25:23 <harish> There will be a POSSE event in Shanghai Aug 2-6 and Mel Chua and myself will be running it.
03:25:55 <dramsey> Excellent
03:27:20 <dramsey> I have a Fedora 13 at Akihabara, sort of my biweekly here.
03:27:40 <harish> need cds?
03:28:05 <dramsey> Sounds good to me.  I always like to share media
03:28:17 <dramsey> How should I proceed on inquiry?
03:28:31 <harish> do email me your mailing adress as well as phone # (FedEx needs that).
03:28:48 <dramsey> Okay, sounds good.  Thank you harish.  :)
03:29:07 <dramsey> Other ideas?
03:29:08 <dramsey> #topic Open floor
03:29:29 <lcafiero> I have a question: Where in Akihabara, dramsey
03:29:32 <lcafiero> ?
03:29:57 <dramsey> Good question, Akihabara is on the Yamanote Train line, circular train line Green
03:30:12 <dramsey> Akihabara is the Geek / Electronics section of Tokyo.
03:30:32 <lcafiero> Oh, I know -- I spent too much time there :-) Is there a particular place that has the F13 disks?
03:30:38 <harish> +1 to Akihabara
03:30:41 <dramsey> There are all types of goodies available for Tech Folks like us.
03:30:54 <harish> "goodies" too ;-)
03:30:58 <lcafiero> It's a cool place, harish. if you're ever in tokyo, that's your first stop.
03:31:14 <dramsey> F13 by dramsey...
03:31:20 <harish> yes, been there many times!
03:31:25 <lcafiero> ah
03:31:32 <dramsey> Yes so true, a must stop for all tech!!!
03:32:14 <dramsey> So many things, so little time
03:32:20 <dramsey> yes, goodies!
03:32:36 <harish> tuanta, welcome
03:32:47 <tuanta> .fas tuanta
03:32:48 <zodbot> tuanta: tuanta 'Truong Anh Tuan' <tuanta@iwayvietnam.com>
03:32:51 <tuanta> Hi
03:32:52 <dramsey> tuanta, hello
03:32:52 <harish> i believe the liveCDs are on their way to you.
03:32:53 <dramsey> :D
03:32:55 <tuanta> sorry, I am late
03:33:05 <dramsey> great to join!
03:33:05 <tuanta> thanks
03:33:48 <tuanta> thanks, Harish
03:34:11 <dramsey> Any questions or news tuanta?
03:35:50 <tuanta> just curious about the process to reimburse for Release events
03:36:16 <dramsey> #idea need information about the process to reimburse for Release events
03:36:24 <dramsey> Good question, I have no idea
03:36:46 <tuanta> The event in Hanoi has been so long (for over a month), I posted request to Trac, but still wait and wait :)
03:37:21 <dramsey> Ah, understood.
03:38:29 <dramsey> #action need help for taunta's Hanoi Trac System request.
03:38:45 <dramsey> #info Tuanta's ticket for reimbursement request needs update/assistance
03:38:47 <tuanta> we will have more events to promote FOSS, Linux and Fedora
03:39:01 <dramsey> When is that tuanta?
03:40:00 <tuanta> currently I have no plan this month, I we will organize the Software Free Day in September
03:40:25 <tuanta> it would be the biggest event for FOSS community this year
03:40:32 <dramsey> Wow!
03:40:58 <tuanta> may have some small others this month or in August, but I am not sure up to now
03:41:30 <tuanta> and the liveCDs from Harish are so useful
03:41:45 <harish> tuanta, did you receive it already?
03:41:51 <tuanta> no
03:42:02 <tuanta> may be in next week, right?
03:42:06 <tuanta> I hope that
03:42:17 <harish> ok. my colleague is sending it out. she has been busy with Jim Whitehurst's visit this week.
03:42:27 <harish> Jim is CEO/President Red Hat.
03:42:35 <tuanta> I know :)
03:42:46 <tuanta> any one here in this chat room right now?
03:42:53 <dramsey> Just us
03:42:54 <tuanta> just three of us?
03:42:59 <tuanta> :)
03:43:02 <harish> looks like it.
03:43:05 <dramsey> had lcafiero, too.
03:43:20 <harish> we  are missing herherson, susmit
03:43:27 <tuanta> I hope to see more ones to join next times
03:43:41 <tuanta> over ten people is good :)
03:43:49 <harish> perhaps have a session 2 hours or so later? like 0500 GMT?
03:43:56 <tuanta> I will try to join all sessions
03:44:17 <tuanta> 10:00 AM is good for me here, in Hanoi
03:44:23 <harish> i would like to see if the person in NZ that requested the cds will be on as well.
03:44:31 <dramsey> I think herherson and susmi will review our logs.  So true more people is good.  I will make 0500 UTC, good idea.
03:44:35 <harish> tuanta, btw, i am told that the vn firewall blocks facebook.
03:44:47 <tuanta> yes
03:44:53 <tuanta> sometimes only
03:45:06 <tuanta> they open one day and close in the other
03:45:14 <harish> hmm
03:45:51 <tuanta> I have to connect to facebook via a proxy
03:46:03 <tuanta> it's still accessible for me :)
03:46:29 <harish> off topic - but i just got this phishing to facebook.  http://facebookmesgreply.topicmanager.com/html-h1.htm (don't login)!
03:46:36 <tuanta> why are you interested in this?
03:46:55 <tuanta> yes, I see that everyday
03:47:09 <tuanta> but I am smart enough to by pass them :)
03:47:29 <harish> tuanta, i got the following request:
03:47:33 <harish> Nguyen Vu HungJuly 4, 2010 at 2:25am
03:47:33 <harish> Subject: Speech at Hanoilug held SFD 2010
03:47:33 <harish> Hello,
03:47:33 <harish> Software Freedom Day in Hanoi held by Hanoilug occurs on 18h, Sep, 2010.
03:47:33 <harish> We are already working on it and by now, the only information I have is the date :). The speech/presentation is up to you (but let's focus on the topics I have mentioned so far).
03:47:35 <harish> Do you have any ideas?
03:47:46 <tuanta> yes, he's my friend
03:48:01 <harish> ok
03:48:12 <harish> i am not sure if i can be there on sept 18, but let me see.
03:48:28 <tuanta> yes, please try your best
03:48:43 <tuanta> I will also discuss with him
03:48:55 <lcafiero> We are going to hold a Software Freedom Day event in Felton, California, USA on the same day.
03:49:03 <tuanta> he should copy this request to me :)
03:49:03 <lcafiero> Hands across the water to Hanoi :-)
03:49:23 <harish> came in via facebook though.
03:49:40 <tuanta> ah ;)
03:49:49 <dramsey> +1 guys!
03:50:50 <dramsey> Great information sharing, I like this
03:51:06 <dramsey> Best to you all for our Fedora / FOSS!
03:51:16 <tuanta> :)
03:51:18 <harish> lcafiero, sweet. use fedora talk as well.
03:51:34 <lcafiero> OK
03:51:36 <dramsey> Supporting makes great success for everyone.
03:51:38 <harish> that brings up the question: how many of you are set up on fedora talk?
03:51:52 <dramsey> What is fedora talk?
03:51:57 <harish> i finally got it working with twinkle
03:52:02 <harish> proper voip
03:52:03 <tuanta> I set it up but I do not use it everyday :)
03:52:15 <harish> http://talk.fedoraproject.org/
03:52:17 <dramsey> Sounds really cool!
03:52:21 <tuanta> I use Ekiga
03:52:32 <harish> tuanta, if you are on now, we can chat by voice as well.
03:52:40 <dramsey> #idea ambassadors need to consider fedora talk - voip
03:53:02 <lcafiero> for meetings, you mean?
03:53:13 <tuanta> for also this meeting?
03:53:14 * lcafiero is not set up . . . yet
03:54:16 <harish> tuanta, what's your id? i'm harishpillay
03:54:47 <tuanta> just a moment, I have not set it up in this computer
03:54:53 <tuanta> I will do that now
03:55:17 <harish> my number is 5103197
03:55:36 <harish> i'm using twinkle on my f13 machine.
03:55:52 <dramsey> is twinkle a voip software?
03:56:04 <harish> dramsey, yes
03:56:18 <harish> lcafiero, well, we can use the talk for meetings as well as 1:1.
03:56:28 <dramsey> great information
03:56:37 <harish> it works off of an asterisk server
03:56:51 <harish> twinkle is a replacement for ekiga on fedora
03:56:53 <tuanta> yes, I connected
03:56:59 <tuanta> my number is 5115568
03:57:03 <tuanta> my name is tuanta
03:57:34 <lcafiero> great information.
03:57:36 <harish> for some reason I am not hearing anything on my machine.  wait ....
03:57:40 <lcafiero> I'm going to check it out.
03:57:46 <tuanta> :)
03:58:11 <dramsey> me, too.  no voip on this system.
03:58:27 <dramsey> Should we continue IRC with other ideas or end meeting?
03:59:04 <tuanta> my Fedora Talk is working now
03:59:04 <harish> nothing else from me.
03:59:29 <tuanta> I know Jared, our new FPL is in Fedora Talk team
03:59:39 <dramsey> I have no other good information to share.
03:59:41 <harish> something is holding my audio down. uurrrrgh
03:59:54 <harish> yes, Jared is
04:00:06 <harish> he will be on board end 1st july I think.
04:02:01 <dramsey> Cool
04:02:34 <harish> for the next chat, let's explore using fedora talk as well.
04:03:02 <tuanta> +1
04:03:05 <dramsey> Sounds like a new way for business, I like your ideas guys!
04:03:06 <dramsey> +1
04:03:21 <dramsey> Other thoughts or inquiries to share?
04:04:32 <tuanta> no
04:04:42 <dramsey> I think this meeting went well, thank you all.
04:04:47 <dramsey> Same here.
04:04:49 <tuanta> thanks
04:05:04 <dramsey> End meeting okay?
04:05:50 <lcafiero> ok
04:05:58 <dramsey> Thank you all for attending and have a great day!  :)
04:06:10 <dramsey> 5
04:06:16 <dramsey> 4
04:06:17 <dramsey> 3
04:06:18 <dramsey> 2
04:06:20 <dramsey> 1
04:06:22 <dramsey> 0.5
04:06:31 <dramsey> #endmeeting