15:02:42 <quaid> #startmeeting
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15:02:52 <quaid> #meetingname Summer Coding SIG
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15:03:13 <quaid> #link
15:03:22 <quaid> #topic Good days and agenda lookover ...
15:03:24 <quaid> good day!
15:03:33 <pilhuhn> Howdy
15:03:40 <quaid> agenda still looks relevant ...
15:06:21 <quaid> #topic Task management update
15:06:39 <quaid> So, my goal of loading all open tasks in to Trac last week ... didn't happen.
15:08:19 <quaid> if anyone wants to help, yep, very welcome
15:08:44 <quaid> I haven't touched the config yet, but with a little bit of work I can make it so other folks can help create etc. tasks
15:09:00 <quaid> #action quaid to REALLY get Trac ready for tasks by COB today
15:09:39 <quaid> I'm going to move through this stuff and be done, then get to the Trac work, since we don't have anything new ...
15:09:51 <quaid> #topic Project (re)naming
15:10:00 <quaid> underway on Fedora Marketing
15:10:12 <quaid> #link
15:10:23 <quaid> we can use more input, if anyone has interest in that sort of thing
15:11:31 <quaid> #topic Project planning for Sep session
15:11:43 * adimania thinks Fedora Student Contributors is good
15:12:13 <quaid> or "Students Contributing"
15:12:28 <adimania> quaid: is it possible for the students in northern hemisphere to take part in Sep session?
15:12:39 <quaid> I have to admit I'd like to see the mentoring acknowledged somehow, too
15:13:12 <quaid> adimania: I suppose it is, but I don't see how that's possible unless those students also have an equivalent break (~8+ weeks)
15:13:35 <quaid> I think our discussion last week of having the two sessions with flexible schedules within the 6 mon period should take care of that
15:13:47 <quaid> so, if a student has two 1 month breaks and can schedule that with a mentor ...
15:14:57 <adimania> Well yes, but fortunately in Indian subcontinent we have some holidays due to festivals. Not for 8 weeks but quite substantial. Now that we have time so we can do proper publicity about it.
15:15:15 <adimania> I expect more participation in Sep session.
15:15:39 <pilhuhn> +1 on flexible schedules
15:16:43 <adimania> about the name: Fedora Virtual Camp for Students and Mentor (Fed-V-Camp-SuM)
15:17:04 * adimania sounds weird :D
15:17:07 <quaid> heh
15:17:21 <quaid> adimania: if you don't want to join marketing with these ideas, I'll add them to the discussion
15:17:46 <quaid> basically, when "brainstorming" for names and such, coming up with as many ideas as possible helps to trigger other ideas.
15:17:54 <quaid> so, none are bad :), just not as good as others :D
15:18:15 <adimania> I suppose I can join marketing. Will add them asap
15:18:36 <quaid> ok, thanks
15:18:51 * gwerra is kinda around
15:19:47 <adimania> quiad: may I suggest sending a remainder to all the students and mentors about mid-term review.
15:21:34 * quaid looks at the calendar ...
15:22:04 <quaid> #link
15:22:13 <quaid> yep, good point
15:25:48 <quaid> hmm, did I not update this schedule?
15:26:49 <adimania> no, i guess
15:27:20 <quaid> #link
15:27:24 <quaid> yeah, I'll update
15:29:56 <quaid> ok, updated ...
15:30:05 <quaid> so, you all don't need to hang with me while I do email. :)
15:30:15 <quaid> #topic All other items (open floor)
15:30:25 <quaid> if we want to keep on brainstorming names, etc. :)
15:37:13 <quaid> ok, I'm going to close the meeting and move on with the working
15:37:32 <quaid> #endmeeting