20:16:10 <cmpahar> #startmeeting Fedora Ambassadors EMEA Meeting 26-5-2010
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20:16:32 <cmpahar> Hello to all to another ambassadors emea meeting
20:16:36 <cmpahar> #topic RollCall
20:16:39 <cmpahar> .fas cmpahar
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20:16:45 <cmpahar> its on the topic guys :)
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20:16:48 <sspreitzer> .fas sspreitzer
20:16:49 <cmpahar> Rollcall time
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20:17:34 <cmpahar> hmm
20:17:38 <cmpahar> a lot of people nice
20:17:44 <rsc> robert 'Robert Scheck'
20:17:47 <egyDev> .fas egydev
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20:17:53 <egyDev> :)
20:18:00 <etali> Er this is my first meeting - how do I tell the bot which etali I am, please?
20:18:07 <cmpahar> first of all i want to tell you that for tonight i will be the chairman
20:18:19 <sspreitzer> .fas etali
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20:18:28 <cmpahar> because Pierros Papadeas (aka liknus) is on his way to Brussels
20:18:32 <sspreitzer> etali, its ok
20:18:39 <underscores> sspreitzer: he is Lesley Harrison imho ^^
20:18:45 <cmpahar> for the LibreGraphics events
20:19:16 <etali> underscores: Yeah, just worried when other names came up.  Thanks.
20:19:20 <cmpahar> for those who dont remember the protocol just give a fast look at
20:19:22 <cmpahar> #https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/IRCHowTo#Protocol
20:19:32 <cmpahar> #topic Announcements
20:20:07 <cmpahar> Unfortunately kital is not here for our usual report from Famsco
20:20:36 <cmpahar> so I will post you the action items and the full log from the latest Famsco meeting
20:20:36 <cmpahar> http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-1/2010-05-10/fedora-meeting-1.2010-05-10-18.00.html\
20:20:40 <cmpahar> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting-1/2010-05-10/fedora-meeting-1.2010-05-10-18.00.html
20:21:34 <cmpahar> as you know
20:21:42 <cmpahar> or not
20:22:21 <cmpahar> the last weekend Pierros Papadeas traveled to Ghana to meet Isaac Thomas and both to represent Fedora at the Idlelo 2010
20:23:17 <cmpahar> unfortunately Pierros neither Isaac is where to share their experiences so i will just post you the daily blogposts that Pierros did
20:23:30 <cmpahar> #link http://pierros.papadeas.gr/?tag=ghana
20:23:35 <th0br0> oops, I'm here to o course
20:23:36 <th0br0> .fas th0br0
20:23:37 <zodbot> th0br0: th0br0 'Andreas Osowski' <th0br0@mkdir.name>
20:23:43 <cmpahar> no worries th0br0
20:23:45 <sspreitzer> !
20:23:52 <cmpahar> on second please sspreitzer
20:23:56 <cmpahar> thank you
20:24:51 <cmpahar> the reason that pierros went to Ghana was to help Isaac organize and set up a strong Fedora community in Ghana
20:25:07 <cmpahar> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/IDLELO_2010
20:25:15 <cmpahar> the link of the event is above
20:25:26 <cmpahar> so you can see what was the extract goals
20:25:39 <cmpahar> and by pierros post you can see what was archived
20:25:41 <cmpahar> sspreitzer,
20:25:58 <sspreitzer> thank you cmpahar
20:26:48 <sspreitzer> I think IDLELO is an event and therefor belongs to the "Events" Topic of the Agenda, can we proceed with the topic?
20:26:50 <sspreitzer> eof
20:27:05 <sspreitzer> -topic +Agenda
20:27:50 <t2hot> .fas
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20:28:07 <t2hot> .fas t2hot
20:28:08 <zodbot> t2hot: twohot 'Onyeibo Oku' <twohotis@fastmail.fm>
20:28:26 <cmpahar> sspreitzer, before moving to events we have EMEA Media Quantities
20:28:28 <cmpahar> so
20:28:32 <cmpahar> #topic EMEA Media Quantities
20:28:44 <cmpahar> your turn to en light us :)
20:28:53 <sspreitzer> Hello everyone
20:28:59 <sspreitzer> a warm welcome
20:29:22 <sspreitzer> We have everything we need to produce media
20:29:39 <sspreitzer> we have budget, we have ISOs, we have artwork
20:30:18 <sspreitzer> this is the "final" and I want you to vote about the amount of media being produced
20:30:19 * cmpahar welcomes t2hot
20:30:51 <sspreitzer> cwickert has proposed an amount on the mailing list, which is I think ok
20:31:01 <sspreitzer> my and cwickerts proposal are:
20:32:01 * t2hot greets cmpahar
20:32:21 <sspreitzer> 1000 Live Gnome 32bit, 1000 Install 32bit, 1000 Install 64bit, 1000 KDE Live 32bit, 500 Xfce Live 32bit, 500 LXDE Live 32bit
20:32:30 <sspreitzer> vote now if you think this is ok
20:32:34 <sspreitzer> +1
20:32:35 <cmpahar> !
20:32:37 <th0br0> ?
20:32:45 <sspreitzer> ah, ok questions first
20:32:47 <cmpahar> th0br0, please
20:32:56 * wickert just came home...
20:33:10 <underscores> cwickert: welcome :)
20:33:11 <th0br0> Given that I forgot this: what was the relation between how many people chose 32bit disks and how many chose 64bit disks?
20:33:13 * sspreitzer waves to cwickert
20:33:16 * cmpahar hey cwickert , you can join us :)
20:33:56 <sspreitzer> th0br0, no, its a propose. not based on empiric facts.
20:34:13 <cwickert> th0br0: strongly depends on the target. GNOME and KDE hav a lot of x86_64 users, Xfce has some and LXDE nearly none
20:34:21 <th0br0> k. just wanted to make sure whether any statistics were involved there.
20:34:23 <th0br0> +1
20:34:24 <etali> ?
20:34:26 <th0br0> eof
20:34:32 <cmpahar> etali,
20:34:45 <cwickert> take a look at http://torrent.fedoraproject.org:6969/ for the different architectures and spins
20:34:54 <etali> Is there any reason there's no 64 bit live cds?
20:35:09 <sspreitzer> !
20:35:16 <cwickert> !
20:35:20 <cmpahar> sspreitzer, of course
20:35:38 <cmpahar> cwickert, you can speak :)
20:35:51 <cwickert> etali: livecds are supposed to run on any hardware, this means they must be 32 bit
20:36:13 <cwickert> eof
20:36:25 <cmpahar> +1 to cwickert
20:36:27 <sspreitzer> -1
20:36:34 <sspreitzer> I do not agree with that
20:36:57 <sspreitzer> How can someone test his 64bit box with Fedoras 64bit kernel?
20:37:28 <cwickert> sspreitzer: why whould he want to? I mean, what exactly is he testing?
20:37:32 <etali> I saw 64-Live in the list of images, but not in the proposal, hence my confusion - as sspreitzer says someone may want to test 64 bit specifically
20:37:42 <etali> eof
20:37:53 <cmpahar> If we want to produce some 64bit Live CDs i suggest to reduce the amount of the 64 install DVDs
20:38:04 <cwickert> !
20:38:12 <cmpahar> yes cwickert
20:38:40 <cwickert> the problem with reducing the number of the install dvds is that it's getting expensive if we go below 1000
20:38:42 <cwickert> eof
20:39:05 <egyDev> !
20:39:12 <cmpahar> cwickert, oh, i totally forgot that
20:39:14 <cmpahar> egyDev,
20:39:24 <egyDev> same here <cwickert> sspreitzer: why whould he want to? I mean, what exactly is he testing?
20:39:44 <egyDev> I don't think that 32bit & 64 have big difference
20:39:58 <sspreitzer> they have
20:40:10 <rsc> !
20:40:14 <cmpahar> rsc
20:40:37 <rsc> I don't see need for 64 Bit live media, 64 bit install media is IMHO much enough. EOF.
20:40:37 <t2hot> ?
20:40:47 <cmpahar> +1 to rsc
20:40:51 <cmpahar> t2hot, please
20:40:52 <cwickert> +1 to rsc
20:40:54 <egyDev> +1 rsc
20:40:57 <sspreitzer> -1
20:41:23 <t2hot> What exactly is the major difference between 64bit & 32bit fedora?
20:41:26 <sspreitzer> but thats not the point today
20:41:38 <sspreitzer> drop that discussions please
20:41:45 <sspreitzer> we have a proposal
20:41:47 <rsc> t2hot: 64 bit media run only under 64 bit compatible hardware, while 32 bit runs on 32 bit and 64 bit.
20:42:10 <cmpahar> I suggest to vote the suggestion
20:42:18 <cwickert> !
20:42:18 <cmpahar> what do you think about
20:42:23 <cmpahar> yes cwickert
20:42:28 <sspreitzer> has anyone else prepared a proposal based on the information provided from the past meetings+logs and the mailing list?
20:42:36 <cwickert> sspreitzer: do you think my suggestion is affoardable?
20:42:41 <comzeradd> !
20:42:50 <cmpahar> sspreitzer, please let me handle that, thank you :)
20:43:05 <sspreitzer> cwickert, it is
20:43:07 * cmpahar saws comzeradd
20:43:22 <sspreitzer> cmpahar, this is my agenda point
20:43:33 <cmpahar> sspreitzer, are you eof to cwickert ?
20:43:52 * cwickert is eof
20:43:55 <sspreitzer> has anyone else prepared a proposal based on the information provided from the past meetings+logs and the mailing list?
20:44:03 <cmpahar> sspreitzer, please
20:44:14 <cmpahar> comzeradd, you are up
20:44:20 <sspreitzer> cmpahar, hey man
20:44:20 <comzeradd> thanx cmpahar
20:44:31 <sspreitzer> for this agenda topic I will chair
20:44:35 <comzeradd> i think that http://torrent.fedoraproject.org:6969/ give us a glimpse of what users prefer, and i can't see a reflection of that on the numbers sspreitzer proposed
20:44:38 <sspreitzer> this is my topic
20:44:42 <cmpahar> sspreitzer, let them speak and we will discuss it :)
20:44:48 <comzeradd> for instance kde live cds
20:44:51 <comzeradd> eof
20:44:54 <cwickert> !
20:45:18 <cmpahar> yes cwickert
20:45:32 <cwickert> comzeradd: I tried to follow the numbers from the torrent tracker of the F12 media. what do you think is missing? kde?
20:45:54 <comzeradd> i think that 1000 kde is too much
20:46:16 <comzeradd> maybe we can save some budget for more gnome 32bit live or install
20:46:46 <giannisk> !
20:46:46 <underscores> !
20:46:55 <cmpahar> guys
20:47:04 <cmpahar> there is a mail in the mailing list
20:47:11 <cwickert> comzeradd: 182 GNOME compared to 165 KDE, this is pretty much the same
20:47:11 <cmpahar> for the Quantities
20:47:14 <cwickert> eof
20:47:19 <cmpahar> we came here tonight to vote
20:47:22 <cmpahar> not to suggest
20:47:31 <sspreitzer> !
20:47:35 <cmpahar> yes sspreitzer
20:47:41 <cmpahar> its all yours :)
20:47:55 <sspreitzer> ok, thanks for handing me the mutually exclusive spech token again
20:48:00 <sspreitzer> *speach
20:48:26 <sspreitzer> on the figures, they reflect the torrent tracker
20:48:32 <sspreitzer> not any of the HTTP
20:48:33 * cmpahar saw giannisk, and underscores
20:49:07 <sspreitzer> of we start calculating on figures, we must include the web servers and even mirrors as well!
20:49:13 <cmpahar> +1
20:49:55 <sspreitzer> And even if we use those figures, they just reflect the download starts
20:50:05 <sspreitzer> they tell nothing about usage
20:50:11 <giannisk> well i think we should focus on 32bit live cds and produce more of them,thus decrease the number of 64 live dvds..that's because people are asking 32bit live cds mainly or the are unfamiliar with 64bit operating systems
20:50:14 <sspreitzer> nor does the physical media
20:50:19 <giannisk> but we can vote
20:50:29 * sspreitzer reminds giannisk on meeting rules
20:50:58 <cmpahar> oh giannisk ... rules man :)
20:51:14 * giannisk apologises
20:51:23 <cmpahar> no problem
20:51:26 <sspreitzer> today we decide whether I will order on the proposal cwickert made on the mailing list
20:52:00 <cmpahar> let me refresh your memory
20:52:00 <cmpahar> 1000 Live Gnome 32bit, 1000 Install 32bit, 1000 Install 64bit, 1000 KDE Live 32bit, 500 Xfce Live 32bit, 500 LXDE Live 32bit
20:52:08 <sspreitzer> If you have an informative question or another well prepared proposal, then please ask now.
20:52:17 * sspreitzer reminds cmpahar on meeting rules
20:52:19 * bochecha wonders what happens if the proposal is rejected
20:52:35 <cwickert> !
20:52:51 <sspreitzer> cwickert, please, go ahead
20:52:51 * cmpahar reminds sspreitzer the rules :)
20:53:08 <cmpahar> sspreitzer, one minute please
20:53:10 * cwickert wants to point out that it was just a suggestion. we might not even need that much media, but on the other hand smaller numbers get even more expensige
20:53:20 <cmpahar> underscores is waiting ;)
20:53:30 <cwickert> so if anybody comes up with another proposal, I'm fine with that too, eof
20:53:50 <sspreitzer> underscores, your turn
20:54:34 <sspreitzer> underscores, ?
20:54:42 <cmpahar> !
20:54:43 <underscores> Yeah, it is about the figures. I think we shouldnt use those figures because they only tell us that fedora is a very famous download option, if we go that way we could drop any fedora spin from that proposal and when we give them away we would had to say "Sorry, but the figures werent telling us that someone really wanted XFCE so we only have bought DVDs"
20:54:44 <underscores> erm
20:54:53 <underscores> sspreitzer: sorry it was a bit long
20:55:14 <sspreitzer> its ok underscores, eof?
20:55:17 <underscores> sspreitzer: its my first statement though
20:55:42 <underscores> I wanted to add that I think the proposal give us many options and therefor is good
20:55:43 <underscores> eof
20:55:53 <sspreitzer> +1 underscores
20:56:02 <sspreitzer> cmpahar, yes man :)
20:56:08 <cmpahar> sspreitzer, is there any difference in money the following suggestion?
20:56:25 <cmpahar> 1500 Live Gnome 32bit, 1000 Install 32bit, 500 Install 64bit, 1000 KDE Live 32bit, 500 Xfce Live 32bit, 500 LXDE Live 32bit
20:56:37 <cmpahar> the order is for the whole EMEA region
20:56:46 <cmpahar> so the 64biot
20:56:52 <cmpahar> s/biot/bit
20:56:56 <cwickert> !
20:57:14 <cmpahar> will go to the countries that they see the will needed them
20:57:14 <cmpahar> eof
20:57:34 <sspreitzer> cwickert, yep
20:57:36 <cwickert> 1500 GNOME will be expensive because of the sleeves which are done in 1000 pieces only. then we can also go for 2000, but I wonder if this gets to expensive
20:57:39 <cwickert> eof
20:57:52 <sspreitzer> Ok guys, thats information enough
20:58:14 <sspreitzer> we have had it in about 5 past emea meetings and meeting logs, as well as on the mailing list
20:58:30 * cmpahar thinks it is time to vote
20:58:35 * sspreitzer thinks to
20:58:37 <sspreitzer> so
20:58:44 <underscores> +1
20:58:48 <sspreitzer> please guys vot now, if you think this is OK
20:58:55 <underscores> +1
20:58:59 <sspreitzer> +1 on cwickert proposal
20:59:00 <cmpahar> 1000 Live Gnome 32bit, 1000 Install 32bit, 1000 Install 64bit, 1000 KDE Live 32bit, 500 Xfce Live 32bit, 500 LXDE Live 32bit
20:59:16 <egyDev> +1
20:59:22 <cwickert> +1 on my own propsal :)
20:59:24 <etali> +1
20:59:25 <cmpahar> +1
20:59:29 <comzeradd> +1
20:59:31 <giannisk> +1
20:59:38 <cmpahar> #agreed to order 1000 Live Gnome 32bit, 1000 Install 32bit, 1000 Install 64bit, 1000 KDE Live 32bit, 500 Xfce Live 32bit, 500 LXDE Live 32bit
20:59:50 * sspreitzer is happy
20:59:55 <cmpahar> sspreitzer, :)
20:59:58 <underscores> +1 ^^
21:00:07 <cmpahar> so moving on?!
21:00:11 <t2hot> +1
21:00:13 <sspreitzer> eof on my topic, token back to cmpahar
21:00:13 <cwickert> +1 for moving
21:00:16 <cmpahar> anything else on Media Quantities?
21:00:17 <underscores> +1
21:00:22 <cmpahar> thanks sspreitzer
21:00:25 <sspreitzer> :)
21:00:27 <cmpahar> #topic Events
21:00:30 <cmpahar> well
21:00:42 <cmpahar> as you know Fedora 13 is out
21:01:05 <cmpahar> so its time to do our stuff :)
21:01:36 <cmpahar> here is just want to point you out Fedora 13's talking points
21:01:38 <cmpahar> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_13_Talking_Points
21:01:59 <cmpahar> its time to organize your event in your country/city/region
21:02:07 <cmpahar> dont be afraid!
21:02:27 <sspreitzer> ?
21:02:32 <cmpahar> its really easy and helpfull for other guys to learn about Fedora and generally open source
21:02:33 <cmpahar> yes sspreitzer
21:03:26 <sspreitzer> Like say if someone starts such Event, what does he need and where to request stuff and what to do?
21:03:32 <sspreitzer> eof
21:03:39 <cmpahar> good point sspreitzer
21:04:15 <cmpahar> first of all when you organize a Fedora release party or a fedora event
21:04:21 <cmpahar> make sure to create a wiki page
21:04:28 <cmpahar> and add it to the event list
21:04:44 <cmpahar> or on the list of the Fedora 13's release parties
21:04:50 <cmpahar> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F13_release_events
21:05:04 <cmpahar> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FedoraEvents
21:05:20 <cmpahar> about media and stuff
21:05:36 <cmpahar> if tha amount of the media that you will need is small
21:05:48 <cmpahar> i strongly suggest you to create it on your own :)
21:06:03 <cmpahar> otherwise you can request media and stuff
21:06:11 <egyDev> !
21:06:34 * cmpahar trying to find the link from the trac
21:07:06 <cmpahar> till i find it
21:07:11 <cmpahar> egyDev, go ahead please
21:07:41 <egyDev> cmpahar, small = ? approximately
21:08:36 <cmpahar> depends on you
21:08:36 <egyDev> eof
21:08:52 <cmpahar> i mean, for the last event here in greece
21:08:58 <cmpahar> we created ~100 livecds
21:09:08 <cmpahar> and we where 4 ambassadors
21:09:10 <cmpahar> look
21:09:46 <cmpahar> you can always ask for a budget or media at the ambassadors list
21:09:56 <cmpahar> and you will get an answer for sure
21:10:01 <cmpahar> jfor all of you
21:10:25 <cmpahar> before organizing an event please make sure that you have read the following
21:10:28 <cmpahar> #link http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/2010-April/014337.html
21:11:38 <cmpahar> additionally
21:12:11 <cmpahar> for those who are organizing a Fedora event
21:12:31 <cmpahar> the page with all the marketing collateral is always useful
21:12:33 <cmpahar> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/MarketingCollateral
21:12:45 <cmpahar> also
21:12:52 <cmpahar> it is important after an event
21:13:01 <cmpahar> to post some pictures, write some blogposts
21:13:15 <cmpahar> and generally give a feedback to the rest Fedora community!!!
21:13:45 <cmpahar> Unfortunately there are only few release events registered
21:13:52 <cmpahar> dont be afraid!!!!!
21:14:12 <cmpahar> thats was a general info about fedora events and fedora release events
21:14:33 <cmpahar> anyone wants to add something?!
21:15:03 <cmpahar> ok, so moving on Events
21:15:22 <cmpahar> as i see in the fedora events
21:15:34 <cmpahar> the only past events
21:15:39 <cmpahar> are the GFOSS in greece
21:16:02 <cmpahar> constanton, was the event owner of the fedora presence in GFOSS in athens
21:16:04 <cmpahar> so CodeBlock
21:16:11 <cmpahar> *constanton
21:17:05 <cmpahar> constanton, ping?!
21:17:23 <cmpahar> i think he is having connection troubles
21:17:30 <cmpahar> well comzeradd was also there
21:17:44 <cmpahar> comzeradd, can you give us a small review?
21:17:55 <comzeradd> yeap :)
21:18:07 <comzeradd> it was a conference with a lot of people
21:18:20 <comzeradd> fedora had its own booth
21:18:25 <comzeradd> with promotional material
21:18:41 <comzeradd> and of course a workshop by constanton
21:18:46 <comzeradd> about fedora spins
21:19:14 <comzeradd> #link http://conf.ellak.gr/2010/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Fedora_remix_spin_Antonakoglou_Stasinopoulos.pdf
21:19:23 <comzeradd> the presentation (in greek)
21:19:47 <comzeradd> i think the overall participation of greek fedora community was really good
21:19:52 <comzeradd> eof
21:19:55 <cmpahar> thanks
21:20:08 <cmpahar> fedora had also presence at thessaloniki
21:20:18 <cmpahar> at the parallel session of the same event
21:20:26 <cmpahar> we also had a booth together with giannisk and i personally gave a talk about Fedora in education and how fedora can help generally in education not only in Greece but worldwide too
21:21:12 <cmpahar> #link http://conf.ellak.gr/2010/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/Fedora-in-edu.pdf
21:21:19 <cmpahar> the presentation is also in greek
21:21:24 <cmpahar> thats all from Greece
21:21:54 <cmpahar> bochecha, are you able to inform us about the Rencontres Fedora 13 à Universciences event?
21:22:11 <bochecha> dunno, what do you want to know?
21:22:26 <cmpahar> what is the event about
21:22:28 <bochecha> that's a release party, with conferences and workshops
21:22:33 <cmpahar> and what you are planning to do :)
21:22:51 <bochecha> distributing media, helping people install Fedora or solve their problems
21:22:58 <bochecha> etc..
21:23:05 <bochecha> just your regular release party ;)
21:23:53 <cmpahar> will you have a talk?>
21:24:01 <bochecha> what do you mean a talk?
21:24:33 <cmpahar> in your description you say " Fedora 13 release party, with conferences and workshops "
21:24:34 <constanton> !
21:24:42 * constanton very sorry!
21:25:07 <sspreitzer> !
21:25:11 <cmpahar> i mean the event is a conference and you just organize a release party?
21:25:17 <bochecha> ok, my mistake
21:25:29 <bochecha> conference is the french word for a keynote/talk
21:25:53 <cmpahar> a thanks bobmcw
21:25:55 <cmpahar> sspreitzer,
21:26:06 <sspreitzer> constanton was first
21:26:16 <bochecha> so yes, there will be a talk about introducing Zarafa, and 2 workshops, one about discovering LaTeX and one about Linux administration
21:26:18 <cmpahar> constanton, whats to review the event
21:26:27 <bochecha> the full agenda of the day is there: http://asso.fedora-fr.org/wiki/Rencontres_Fedora_13_à_Paris (in french)
21:26:35 <cmpahar> great bochecha !!! i wish you good luck
21:26:38 <cmpahar> have a great time
21:26:43 <cmpahar> and forget the feedback!
21:27:03 <constanton> very sorry to miss my turn before, as it was stated
21:27:17 <cmpahar> bochecha, eof?
21:27:31 <bochecha> cmpahar, yup
21:27:34 * constanton waiting for eof
21:27:37 <cmpahar> thanks bobmcw
21:27:40 <cmpahar> thanks bochecha
21:27:43 <cmpahar> constanton, you are up!
21:27:46 <constanton> ok thanks
21:28:15 <constanton> as it was stated I did a workshop together with Anastasis (anast on freenode)
21:28:20 <constanton> on Fedora Remix and Spins
21:28:55 <constanton> about 15 people presented, sounds like a good number to me...
21:29:08 <constanton> and many were interested into the subject
21:29:10 <constanton> anyway
21:29:14 <constanton> #link http://constanton.fedorapeople.org/presentations/
21:29:29 <constanton> here are my presentations with odp and pdf
21:29:36 <constanton> in Greek and Spanish
21:30:12 <constanton> I think there is no need for an English one as long as the wiki exists
21:30:48 <constanton> something that could be usefull for other Ambassadors in LATAM i guess
21:31:20 <constanton> I have already contacted latam, so everything is ok
21:31:28 <constanton> thank you eof
21:32:05 <sspreitzer> !
21:32:12 <cmpahar> yes sspreitzer
21:32:16 <cmpahar> thank you constanton
21:32:26 <sspreitzer> ok, thanks for those deep insight reviews
21:32:43 <sspreitzer> I think we should move further, its getting late
21:32:46 <sspreitzer> eof
21:32:53 <cmpahar> sspreitzer, +1
21:32:55 <egyDev> +1
21:33:09 <cmpahar> yes sspreitzer but constanton was the event owner :)
21:33:10 <cmpahar> so
21:33:12 <cmpahar> anyone else
21:33:19 <cmpahar> who is organizing a Fedora event
21:33:25 <cmpahar> or organized a Fedora event
21:33:33 <cmpahar> in the near past?!
21:34:22 <cmpahar> ok then
21:34:31 <cmpahar> there is nothing else on events i guess
21:34:55 <cmpahar> #topic Review Action items from Previous meeting
21:35:43 <cmpahar> as i can see
21:36:00 <cmpahar> all the action items are done
21:36:04 <cmpahar> except
21:36:09 <cmpahar> 1 from pierros
21:36:19 <cmpahar> i will ping him as long as the meeting end :)
21:36:36 <cmpahar> thank you sspreitzer for the media !
21:36:45 <cmpahar> #topic Open Floor
21:36:56 <cmpahar> so hear is the openfloor
21:37:05 <cmpahar> if you have a topic that you want to be discussed
21:37:14 <cmpahar> now is the right time !
21:37:17 <sspreitzer> cmpahar, thank you for chairing this meeting. From my very own experiences I know its not an easy job.
21:37:38 <cmpahar> anyone?
21:37:39 <cmpahar> something?!
21:37:45 <cmpahar> ok
21:38:09 <cmpahar> if you dont have anything is suggest to end this meeting in 3'
21:38:15 <giannisk> +1
21:38:23 <cmpahar> no sspreitzer , thank you for your great work
21:39:11 <cmpahar> well i cant see a reason waiting so, thank you all for attending :)
21:39:21 <sspreitzer> :)
21:39:21 <cmpahar> see you in 2 weeks
21:39:27 <cmpahar> same place, same time!
21:39:30 <cmpahar> and please
21:39:32 <sspreitzer> same wave
21:39:38 <cmpahar> dont hesitate to speak up
21:39:41 <cmpahar> in the events
21:39:44 <cmpahar> in the meetings
21:39:49 <cmpahar> in the mailing list!
21:39:55 <cmpahar> dont hesitate to communicate :)
21:40:01 <cmpahar> have a nice night guys!
21:40:04 <cmpahar> #endmeeting