19:14:36 <sspreitzer> #startmeeting EMEA Africa Meeting
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19:14:42 <sspreitzer> here we are
19:14:50 <sspreitzer> #chair acaleechurn
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19:15:00 <sspreitzer> #topic RollCall
19:15:07 <cmpahar> .fas cmpahar
19:15:09 <zodbot> cmpahar: cmpahar 'Christos Bacharakis' <cmpahar@gmail.com>
19:15:09 <sspreitzer> give me your names ;)
19:15:12 <acaleechurn> .fas acaleechurn
19:15:13 <zodbot> acaleechurn: acaleechurn 'Amit Caleechurn' <acaleechurn@gmail.com>
19:15:14 <kital> Joerg Simon
19:15:18 <sspreitzer> .fas sspreitzer
19:15:19 <zodbot> sspreitzer: sspreitzer 'Sascha Thomas Spreitzer' <sascha@spreitzer.name>
19:15:31 <constanton> .fas constanton
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19:15:36 <liknus> .fas ppapadeas
19:15:39 <zodbot> liknus: ppapadeas 'Papadeas Pierros' <ppapadeas@gmail.com>
19:16:15 <sspreitzer> ok
19:16:19 <sspreitzer> someone missing?
19:16:34 <liknus> (yeap... many people from Africa)
19:16:54 <sspreitzer> ok, i think im gonna drop the first agenda point from me
19:17:12 <sspreitzer> because only amit is here from africa
19:17:26 <sspreitzer> so
19:17:31 <sspreitzer> next one is
19:17:45 <sspreitzer> #topic Upcoming Events + F13 Release Events
19:18:07 <sspreitzer> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Events#FY11_Q1_.28March_2010_-_May_2010.29_3
19:18:20 <sspreitzer> i only see IDLELO on this list
19:18:23 <kital> !
19:18:40 <sspreitzer> can someone please give the link to the F13 events?
19:18:45 <sspreitzer> kital, yes
19:19:15 <kital> i just want to say some lines in general to the Release Parties?
19:19:27 <sspreitzer> of course, go ahead
19:19:38 <kital> we look forward to the Fedora 13 Release on 18.05.
19:19:44 <kital> may some of you have seen the FAmSCo call for Release Parties F13 already
19:19:46 <liknus> !
19:19:51 <kital> http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/ambassadors/2010-April/014337.html
19:19:57 <kital> and
19:20:02 <kital> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F13_release_events
19:20:07 <kital> this is a great opportunity for all African Contributors to make some noise to be heard as a part of the Fedora Community
19:20:21 <kital> even for the smallest Release Party you can do a Event Report
19:20:28 <kital> and make some Pictures to post it on the Fedora Planet
19:20:33 <kital> to show the world there is a Fedora Community in Africa
19:20:47 <kital> the Marketing Team has done a great job to provide the informations to the new release
19:20:56 <kital> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_13_Talking_Points
19:21:01 <kital> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F13_press_kit
19:21:06 <kital> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/13/FeatureList
19:21:15 <kital> Release Parties happen in an early stage after the release
19:21:20 <kital> so in the most cases we have no "official" Media
19:21:26 <kital> it is to show new features, may provide a burning station or local mirror
19:21:33 <kital> usb-creator-station - or just sit together and celebrate - just use your fantasie
19:21:41 <kital> it would be a great marketing stunt for Fedora and also for Africa
19:22:02 <kital> to have a lot Release Parties at the same time and flood the Planet with "high quality" Release Event Reports and Pictures
19:22:05 <kital> eof
19:22:08 <t2hot> .fas t2hot
19:22:09 <zodbot> t2hot: twohot 'Onyeibo Oku' <twohotis@fastmail.fm>
19:22:24 <sspreitzer> ah great, t2hot joined us
19:22:30 <sspreitzer> good to see you t2hot
19:22:43 <sspreitzer> thanks for your words on the releas parties, kital
19:22:51 <sspreitzer> liknus, yes please
19:23:01 * t2hot waves back at sspreitzer
19:23:36 <liknus> I am just conserned that in an African meeting are only 2 Africans and 3 Greeks with 2 Germans...
19:23:37 <liknus> eof
19:23:46 <acaleechurn> !
19:23:52 <sspreitzer> acaleechurn, yep
19:24:41 <acaleechurn> i think it may just be the time difference, i am at UTC +3 , the rest of the guys on UTC +2 +4 so maye we need to look at the meeting time again? eof
19:24:54 <t2hot> +1
19:24:54 <liknus> +1 to acaleechurn
19:25:01 <sspreitzer> +1 indeed
19:25:31 <sspreitzer> OK, so any UTC time suggests for a new meeting time ?
19:25:40 <t2hot> !
19:25:53 <sspreitzer> t2hot, acaleechurn, please give us examples
19:25:55 <sspreitzer> :)
19:26:05 <acaleechurn> !
19:26:06 <sspreitzer> t2hot, yes please
19:26:28 <t2hot> same time as regular EMEA meetings 21:00
19:26:32 <t2hot> eof
19:26:46 * liknus emea meetings are on 20:00 UTC
19:27:02 * t2hot stands corrected
19:27:17 <sspreitzer> acaleechurn, your opinion?
19:28:09 <acaleechurn> well we were 12 last time, we have the country listing so we can either plot them on the map and see the timezones or just go for a vote, but we'll need to shoot a mail to the list eof
19:28:33 <acaleechurn> 12 from africa*
19:28:40 <acaleechurn> eof
19:29:02 <sspreitzer> I also think that infrastructure problems can be a reason
19:29:22 <sspreitzer> and of course bandwidth and money
19:29:38 <sspreitzer> last time we saw many connecting with GSM modems
19:30:01 <sspreitzer> so
19:30:34 <kital> !
19:30:34 <sspreitzer> im asking myself if IRC is the correct tool to handle this?
19:30:44 <sspreitzer> kital, yep
19:31:16 <t2hot> * nods in agreement ... as electrical power just goes out
19:31:26 <kital> it seems a lot of them are students maybe Meeting Time on Daytime 08:00 UTC - 16:00 UTC will guarantee more internet access to them
19:31:30 <kital> eof
19:31:46 <sspreitzer> ok
19:31:53 <sspreitzer> I have a suggestion
19:32:12 <sspreitzer> What do you guys think if we negotiate a new meeting time by the mailing list ?
19:32:17 <acaleechurn> +1
19:32:21 <sspreitzer> +1
19:32:37 <liknus> +1
19:32:54 <t2hot> +1
19:33:11 <sspreitzer> #action sspreitzer to negotiate new meeting time via ML for EMEA Africa meetings
19:33:14 <sspreitzer> right
19:33:15 <cmpahar> +1
19:33:19 <sspreitzer> hehe
19:33:20 <sspreitzer> ok
19:33:41 <sspreitzer> any event left?
19:33:49 <sspreitzer> what about news about IDLELO?
19:33:52 <kital> !
19:34:00 <sspreitzer> kital, enlighten us
19:34:02 <sspreitzer> :)
19:34:30 <kital> the last Day on Idlelo will be held as a Community Event Free for all
19:34:45 <kital> http://idlelo.net/content/idlelo-4-community-summit
19:35:01 <kital> i already blogged about it
19:35:05 <kital> The Idlelo Community Summit would be a great place to gather with the other Fedora Fellows from Ghana and surrounding countries - please contact Isaac and we can hopefully have a kick-start in west-africa for Fedora ...
19:35:59 <sspreitzer> kital, eof?
19:36:10 <kital> maybe other Ambassadors from Ghana like  edgates can pick up some swag there
19:36:46 <kital> swag is on his way to Pierros https://fedorahosted.org/emea-swag-tracking/ticket/21
19:36:50 <kital> eof
19:36:53 <sspreitzer> ok
19:37:07 <sspreitzer> I have some words about IDLELO
19:37:11 <liknus> !
19:37:43 <sspreitzer> In my $dayjob I work with many people all arround the world
19:37:52 <sspreitzer> and i know what mindset affect people
19:37:58 <sspreitzer> So
19:38:36 <sspreitzer> I had some messages with Isaac, and he was happy about the fact he is going to talk about Fedora at IDLELO
19:38:47 <sspreitzer> to the people in Ghana
19:39:14 <sspreitzer> and he is now overrun by Pierros giving the talks
19:39:21 <liknus> !!!
19:39:23 <kital> !
19:39:34 <sspreitzer> which is in my opinion not good, I think Isaac is the right person
19:39:42 <sspreitzer> to present Fedora in Ghana
19:39:47 * liknus my god sspreitzer dont talk on things you dont know!
19:39:51 <sspreitzer> just my opinion
19:40:05 <sspreitzer> liknus, yes
19:40:22 <liknus> sspreitzer, I am in constant communication with Isaac
19:40:32 <liknus> the programme of IDLELO is here
19:40:33 <liknus> http://idlelo.net/content/conference-programme
19:40:43 <liknus> Fedora is references two times
19:40:53 <liknus> one on "Non-Profit Administration"
19:40:58 <liknus> and one on a workshop
19:41:31 <Southern_Gentlem> liknus,  one question are either native to ghana??
19:41:33 <liknus> on the talk "Non-profit Administration" if we stay on that panel i think that both of us should be on the panel
19:42:13 <liknus> this is not a final program and my name was put there without our knowing
19:42:35 <liknus> We are in contact with administration to change that (add Issac)
19:43:16 <liknus> if this is not possible, Isaac would be happy to take over the workshop to present Fedora in his specialty (the Security Spin_
19:43:30 <liknus> or he can go to the panel
19:43:50 <liknus> and let me present a workshop on my specialty (l10n and Transifex)
19:44:11 <liknus> so either way a local Ghanain (Isaac) will speak for Fedora
19:44:37 <liknus> so sspreitzer please get the full picture before expressing *views* and *opinions*
19:45:03 <liknus> especially when you are referring to 3rd parties... (Isaac is not here)
19:45:41 <liknus> I think that our (Isaac and mine) way to handle IDLELO both makes us happy :)
19:45:47 <liknus> In Fedora-way
19:46:20 <liknus> IDLELO is going to be a brilliant event for Fedora and Ghanaian Community
19:46:22 <liknus> eof
19:46:27 <cmpahar> +1
19:46:48 <t2hot> +1 Cool
19:47:05 <acaleechurn> +1 as long as there is a native speaker
19:47:10 <constanton> +1
19:47:41 <sspreitzer> My opinion stays, If there is one person to represent Fedora to the Ghana people, then its isaac from Ghana.
19:47:50 <sspreitzer> but ok
19:47:56 <sspreitzer> kital, you were next
19:48:23 <kital> just to add something - we all - i think also you sspreitzer thought it would be a good idea to have
19:48:54 <kital> a cooperation with an local Ambassador and an EMEA Ambassador to show the unity and the Support
19:49:20 <kital> s/EMEA Ambassador/EMEA Ambassador from Europe/
19:49:35 <sspreitzer> pardon me, but we are one
19:50:09 <kital> sspreitzer: i refer to the meeting where we decided to support the Event - there were a lot +1
19:50:10 <liknus> sspreitzer, ?
19:50:21 <kital> even you volunteered to fly over
19:50:38 <kital> so i think it will be a great joint venture
19:50:39 <kital> eif
19:50:40 <kital> eof
19:50:53 <sspreitzer> liknus, yes please
19:51:14 <liknus> <sspreitzer> pardon me, but we are one << what do you mean?
19:51:15 <liknus> eof
19:51:50 <kital> we are the borg - we are one
19:51:52 <kital> ;)
19:51:54 <liknus> lol
19:51:58 <kital> just a joke ;)
19:52:10 <acaleechurn> ;)
19:52:31 <sspreitzer> I think we shouldnt go into a, us or them, thinking.
19:52:36 <sspreitzer> we are EMEA
19:52:39 <constanton> !
19:53:01 <liknus> none said such thing sspreitzer :)
19:53:19 <sspreitzer> constanton, yes
19:53:34 <constanton> I think that a number greater than 1 of people from Fedora, participating on an Event is for sure a way to attract people on the project
19:53:44 <sspreitzer> +1
19:53:54 <acaleechurn> +1
19:54:05 <kital> +1
19:54:13 <cmpahar> +1
19:54:17 <constanton> beyond what kital said about the participation of an Ambassador
19:54:30 <Southern_Gentlem> !
19:54:39 <constanton> from Europe
19:54:42 <constanton> eof
19:54:49 <sspreitzer> All i wanted to point out is the fact that a speaker from Ghana can have a natural affect to the audience, because he is within the mindset of the audience.
19:55:30 <sspreitzer> Isaac volunteered, and I think it would be better him holding a talk about Fedora as the primary speaker.
19:55:37 <sspreitzer> Southern_Gentlem, yes please
19:55:41 <liknus> sspreitzer, there are two speakers for fedora on this event..... one on a panel and one on a workshop
19:55:44 * kital was alway amazed by Heros from far away
19:56:14 * liknus there is no *talk*.. just panel and workshop
19:56:44 <kital> sspreitzer: so why send over liknus over then for much money?
19:56:55 <Southern_Gentlem> i have been talking to my grad students from that area and a native person will represent  better (in some regions there is still a high mistrust of people from europe (from the colonization days)
19:57:10 <Southern_Gentlem> eof
19:57:17 <sspreitzer> thank you Southern_Gentlem
19:57:43 <kital> !
19:58:03 <sspreitzer> As I can see we have slip away a bit from the topic
19:58:04 * cmpahar thinks that we are discussing irrelevant things...
19:58:18 <sspreitzer> I will switch to the open floor in 5 minutes
19:58:23 <sspreitzer> kital, yes please
19:58:44 <kital> so should we stay away from send over European Ambassadors in the future if ther is mistrust to European People?
19:58:54 <kital> s/ther/there/
19:58:55 <kital> eof
19:59:01 <Southern_Gentlem> !
19:59:02 <acaleechurn> !
19:59:03 <liknus> !
19:59:39 <cmpahar> -1
19:59:42 <sspreitzer> Please people, answer calmly
19:59:55 <sspreitzer> Southern_Gentlem, yes, please go ahead
20:00:04 <Southern_Gentlem> we need to be aware, and make sure the local people take the lead at events
20:00:18 <Southern_Gentlem> eof
20:00:29 <sspreitzer> +1
20:00:43 <sspreitzer> acaleechurn, yep
20:01:06 <kital> Southern_Gentlem: yes Isaac is the Event Owner
20:01:36 * sspreitzer rembers kital on meeting rules
20:01:46 * t2hot "gentlemen,... eh,the agenda"
20:02:05 <acaleechurn> i thinks the issue of mistrust is a bit far fetched as we all have some kind of mentoring from EU to start in Fedora, i think the point is just about involving the local people while at the same time having the support of the community represented by X Y Z
20:02:05 <sspreitzer> right
20:02:17 <sspreitzer> acaleechurn and then liknus
20:02:22 <acaleechurn> eof
20:02:36 <sspreitzer> +1
20:02:39 <sspreitzer> :)
20:03:01 <sspreitzer> liknus, please go ahead
20:03:16 <kital> !
20:03:17 <sspreitzer> after liknus i will switch to open floor for 15 minutes
20:03:25 <liknus> IDLELO is and Pan-African and International event... staying in this course if Fedora has a local speaker and an International one then this is the best approach...
20:03:45 <liknus> Fedora IS going to have both that speakers so WHY are we staying so much on this
20:03:47 <liknus> eof
20:03:57 <sspreitzer> #topic open floor
20:04:06 <sspreitzer> go ahead
20:04:13 <sspreitzer> write freely
20:04:23 <sspreitzer> :)
20:04:50 <cmpahar> !
20:04:56 <liknus> I think kital has to speak first
20:05:12 <kital> i think we should ask the question in general - is Africa ready to stay on their own ? i would say no - but the African Ambassadors may want to define milestones
20:05:29 <kital> small steps
20:05:57 <t2hot> ?
20:05:57 <kital> right now even the Africa Meeting is hold by a non Africa Ambassador
20:06:05 <d3vnull> :)
20:06:15 <sspreitzer> oh, hey d3vnull
20:06:22 <sspreitzer> good to see you
20:06:22 <d3vnull> im sorry I came late
20:06:23 <kital> so the question is - next step is to integrate them into EMEA
20:06:47 <acaleechurn> !
20:06:52 <cmpahar> !!
20:06:56 <sspreitzer> no meeting rules
20:06:59 <cmpahar> for one more time we lost our goals, our subject our topic and finally we had a meeting without African contributors which is sad.  I can't see what did we exactly earned from this meeting :)
20:06:59 <sspreitzer> just write
20:07:05 <kital> or have a African Meeting Chair or what could be the next steps or milestones - i think African Ambassador know this better then all others
20:07:31 <sspreitzer> i want to remind, that we are EMEA
20:07:44 <liknus> +1 to cmpahar
20:07:47 <d3vnull> but with focus on Africa in this meeting.... :)
20:07:50 <kital> sspreitzer: yes thats why i asked next step is to integrate them into EMEA?
20:07:52 <cmpahar> kital, intergrade them into EMEA , there is not a big number of active African contributors
20:08:04 <cmpahar> for having a special meeting, special chair blah blah blah
20:08:06 <sspreitzer> if someone is speaking about reintegrating this, he did from the start not understand what bootstrapping or drawing a focus means.
20:08:44 <kital> sspreitzer: right now i do not see milestones, vision, next steps
20:08:50 <cmpahar> as sspreitzer said, WE ARE EMEA.. Africa is in EMEA region :)
20:08:53 <t2hot> Gentlemen! The worry over african participation is tooooooooooo young
20:09:02 <sspreitzer> kital, after bootstrapping is done and we have an ambassador base in africa which is ok
20:09:45 <acaleechurn> yes not a big number of contributors but a big number of african ambassadors
20:09:45 <acaleechurn> the step taken is to ensure that we can bring all of them together
20:09:45 <acaleechurn> we can have twice the number of contributors in africa if we build the infrastructure to help it grow
20:10:04 <kital> can you please define bootstrapping - seems you refered to me with understand what bootstrapping or drawing a focus means
20:10:12 <kital> can you please explain it?
20:10:14 <t2hot> +1 acaleechurn
20:10:23 <d3vnull> +1 acaleechurn
20:10:56 <cmpahar> +1 acaleechurn
20:11:37 <acaleechurn> of course we can see from today's meeting that something has gone wrong somewhere but we can fix it
20:11:42 <sspreitzer> +1 acaleechurn
20:11:47 <acaleechurn> its only the second meeting
20:12:06 <acaleechurn> we are only to start to build and rome was not built in a day :-)
20:12:13 <acaleechurn> we'll get there
20:12:17 <kital> would it make sense to give the more responsibility?
20:12:26 <sspreitzer> absolutely and exactly correct acaleechurn
20:12:33 <Southern_Gentlem> kital,  when you have a few minutes i would like to talk to you for a couple of minutes in pm please
20:13:16 <kital> Southern_Gentlem: sure
20:13:40 <sspreitzer> ok
20:13:46 <sspreitzer> 2 more minutes
20:13:56 <sspreitzer> and i will close the meeting
20:13:57 <sspreitzer> :)
20:14:25 <cmpahar> :
20:14:26 <cmpahar> :)
20:14:26 * t2hot will be powering down in 5mins.  He has no electricity and his m6300 batteries is almost dead
20:14:56 <sspreitzer> t2hot, thank you for being at the meeting
20:15:14 <sspreitzer> t2hot, i hope to see you next time also
20:15:20 <acaleechurn> sspreitzer action items
20:15:29 <sspreitzer> right
20:15:32 <acaleechurn> contact ML to set new meeting time?
20:15:34 <t2hot> ...that's what its all about sspreitzer
20:15:55 <acaleechurn> or discussion in #fedora-africa?
20:15:57 <sspreitzer> acaleechurn, yes, i think i #action'ed that
20:16:01 <acaleechurn> ok
20:16:26 <sspreitzer> any words left?
20:16:32 <sspreitzer> 5
20:16:37 <sspreitzer> 4
20:16:48 <cmpahar> 1
20:16:52 <cmpahar> finito :P
20:16:54 <sspreitzer> cmpahar, :P
20:16:57 <sspreitzer> 3
20:17:04 <sspreitzer> 2
20:17:09 <sspreitzer> 1
20:17:16 <sspreitzer> 0.5
20:17:19 <sspreitzer> :p
20:17:20 <acaleechurn> :-)
20:17:21 <cmpahar> 0 re!
20:17:26 <constanton> :)
20:17:28 <sspreitzer> #endmeeting