15:00:25 <quaid> #startmeeting
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15:00:48 <quaid> #topic Roll call++
15:00:52 * quaid is here :)
15:01:19 <pilhuhn> hello
15:01:53 * jreznik is here
15:02:36 <quaid> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Summer_Coding_SIG#Agenda
15:03:51 <quaid> #topic Task check from previous week
15:04:00 <quaid> #link http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2010-04-28/fedora-meeting.2010-04-28-15.01.html
15:04:36 <quaid> #info No tasks carried over from previous week :)
15:05:04 <quaid> and similar to for schedule review
15:05:11 <quaid> (not sure why I left that in there)
15:05:27 <quaid> so let's move to the only really open question right now ...
15:05:37 <quaid> #topic Sponsoring status
15:06:02 <quaid> jreznik: can you tell us how things are going in Brno?
15:07:11 <jreznik> quaid: as I said - there's some possibility to send scholarship to students of masaryk university but it seems more like some "add on"...
15:08:14 <quaid> sure, like ... you just do the same thing but do it "under" Fedora Summer Coding
15:10:37 <jreznik> quaid: students are working on thesis during summer (under fsc) and then we can support them
15:16:21 <quaid> ok, so can we consider that to be officially part of FSC?
15:17:47 <jreznik> quaid: let me check with rvokal if we can consider it as official part of FSC, I'll let you know tomorrow... for now it's more "offer" to reward students
15:19:53 <quaid> ok, thanks, that helps
15:20:28 <quaid> myself, I don't have anything good to add about sponsorship
15:20:41 <quaid> I'll do a write-up of status for the list, just in case that helps
15:20:55 <quaid> #task write-up status of sponsorship search for summer-coding
15:24:09 <quaid> ok, that's all I have for today
15:24:19 <quaid> #topic All other topics
15:24:36 <quaid> I'll keep open unto :30 (5 minutes) in ase anyone shows up
15:32:12 <quaid> #endmeeting