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18:01:27 <abadger1999> #chair skvidal
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18:02:17 <abadger1999> Okay, so skvidal may not make it today so I'll give a quick summary of some things he's done this week first.
18:03:21 <abadger1999> #link http://sethdot.org/~skvidal/misc/auto-mock-build/
18:03:57 <abadger1999> That's auto-mock-build which are the bits and pieces to invoke mock from the init system.
18:04:28 <abadger1999> It allows us to run mock automatically when the virtual machine comes up.
18:05:13 <abadger1999> skvidal also had some ideas this week about what to do to make mock-vm (the piece that builds the virtual machine and sets up auto-mock-build) not be a horrible ugly hack.
18:05:22 <abadger1999> We'll likely see more on that next week.
18:05:53 <abadger1999> This week, I've gotten some work done on the func modules to build packages.
18:06:33 <abadger1999> Namely, a func module to list what commands a given overlord can run (taking func's access control lists into account) has been committed to the headhunter repository.
18:07:22 <abadger1999> .tiny http://git.fedorahosted.org/git/?p=headhunter.git;a=tree;f=func;h=e01bce8fe3c375a6d8c731305f8392e1d7068cac;hb=HEAD
18:07:24 <zodbot> abadger1999: http://tinyurl.com/2bayv36
18:07:37 <abadger1999> It requires a patch to func to run that I've submitted upstream.
18:08:38 <abadger1999> I've been working on the func module to build from an srpm on x86.  It's about 50% done but can probably use some refactoring later.
18:09:08 <abadger1999> koji's mock functionality is broken up into many pieces which I don't quite understand the reason for yet.
18:10:54 <abadger1999> and I haven't coded anything for notifications -- there shouldn't be any reason we can't do notifications using func (minion-to-minion commands) but it's a bit of extra work and I'm prioritising getting to the place where we can build a package as the first step.
18:11:06 <abadger1999> That's all for the coding wokr this week.
18:11:18 <abadger1999> Summer of Code status:
18:11:40 <abadger1999> I put Copr on the list as a potential project for Fedora Summer of Code.
18:12:07 <abadger1999> I've had three students contact me about contributing to copr but no proposals yet.
18:12:33 <abadger1999> It's hard because we don't have a lot of code yet so there's not much for people to latch onto and figure out a distinct task.
18:13:10 <abadger1999> I did send this summary of what Copr is and what we'd be looking for in a student to the summer coding list: http://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/summer-coding/2010-April/000076.html
18:14:53 <abadger1999> Basically, we'll need a student that is both able to think for themselves and able to bend to the overall direction of the team.... That's tough to figure out if you've never been a part of a team coding project before but it's still possible that someone will step forward.
18:15:13 <abadger1999> Alrighty -- that's all I have.
18:15:46 <abadger1999> If there's any questions about Copr go ahead and ask otherwise I'll close the meeting in five minutes.
18:20:32 <abadger1999> Okay, closing meeting.
18:20:35 <abadger1999> #endmeeting