01:00:06 <StabbyMc> #startmeeting
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01:00:11 <dramsey> .fas dramsey
01:00:11 <zodbot> dramsey: dramsey 'David Ramsey' <diamond_ramsey@hotmail.com>
01:00:17 <StabbyMc> We're going to nix rollcall.
01:00:26 <dramsey> Okay, sorry
01:00:36 <StabbyMc> it's been off the agenda page for a while and inode0 has been wanting it gone.
01:00:37 * inode0 cheers
01:00:42 <crossbytes> ok
01:00:44 <StabbyMc> dramsey: no probs :-)
01:00:53 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora Ambassadors NA Meeting
01:01:10 <StabbyMc> If you'd like a link to the meeting page to play at home:
01:01:11 <StabbyMc> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting:Ambassadors_2010-4-7
01:01:22 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora Ambassadors NA Meeting - Announcements
01:01:29 <StabbyMc> Any announcements?
01:01:41 <inode0> Fedora elections begin later this month
01:01:55 <inode0> So if you want to run for the board or fesco start deciding :)
01:02:11 * jds2001 just started new $DAYJOB :)
01:02:23 <inode0> nice announcement jds2001 :)
01:02:26 * rbergeron claps for jds2001
01:02:27 <dramsey> Congratulations.  :)
01:02:36 <jadennh1> ? what is fesco
01:02:42 <Arsenick> .fas Arsenick
01:02:43 <zodbot> Arsenick: arsenick 'René Jr Purcell' <rene.purcell@gmail.com>
01:02:48 <djf_jeff> .fas jfsaucier
01:02:49 <jds2001> fedora engineering steering committee
01:02:49 <zodbot> djf_jeff: jfsaucier 'Jean-Francois Saucier' <jfsaucier@infoglobe.ca>
01:02:50 <StabbyMc> Fedora Engineering Steering Committee
01:02:54 <StabbyMc> No roll call.
01:02:55 <spevack> yah john
01:03:00 <spevack> congrats jds2001
01:03:03 <StabbyMc> We're going to be doing away with it.
01:03:11 <StabbyMc> (but not jds2001)
01:03:33 <StabbyMc> Other announcements?
01:03:53 <aryr100> how will u know who is present with out roll call ?
01:03:56 <StabbyMc> inode0: has there been a wiki page made up for the upcoming elections?
01:04:16 <inode0> yes, just a sec
01:04:19 <Arsenick> StabbyMc, May I know why we stop roll call ?
01:04:23 <jadennh1> your IRC client should tell you whos here
01:04:42 <jds2001> and the meeting logs have a list.
01:04:44 <inode0> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Elections <- still has a bit of cruft on links
01:04:55 * rrix says hi
01:05:00 <StabbyMc> It's more that it takes 5 - 10 minutes, people who are late interject it into existing discussions, and really, what do we do with that data?
01:05:20 <StabbyMc> Plus inode0 convinced me that it wasn't really necessary.
01:05:22 <spevack> the meeting summary shows who spoke, which is basically the same as attendance, I guess.
01:05:27 <inode0> toward the end of the month I'll start recruiting moderators for town halls (or early next)
01:05:40 <spevack> inode0: sign me up
01:05:53 * rbergeron grins
01:05:54 <dramsey> +1 inode0
01:05:57 <jadennh1> inode0: me too
01:06:07 <rbergeron> he waiting until the schedules are up to see who can fit in with the schedules. :)
01:06:12 * rbergeron is already on that volunteer list as well
01:06:17 * inode0 suggests waiting until we know when they are and if you can be there :)
01:06:36 <StabbyMc> Announcements, anyone else got 'em?
01:06:56 <StabbyMc> Oh, as an aside, I'm trying to limit meetings to no longer than 1 hour :-)
01:07:01 <rrix> inode0: You can count me on the elections if you need me
01:07:28 <StabbyMc> Announcements take 3?
01:07:33 <ke4qqq> +1 for 1 hour rule
01:07:45 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora Ambassadors NA Meeting - Event Reports (or lack thereof)
01:07:58 <jadennh1> if we got down to business this would only take an hour
01:08:19 <crossbytes> ?LFNW
01:08:20 <inode0> let's pause and discuss the 1 hour rule for another 15 minutes
01:08:24 <StabbyMc> So I don't know who added the quip at the end there, but apparently they ahve something to say.
01:08:31 <ke4qqq> I added it
01:08:34 <ke4qqq> but go ahead StabbyMc
01:08:45 * StabbyMc yeilds the floor to ke4qqq
01:09:18 <ke4qqq> so long story short - our sponsor likes seeing what their investment got them. They give us a VERY free hand with how we spend our money
01:09:45 <ke4qqq> and it makes life much easier when we need even more budget
01:09:51 <rrix> is this self or...?
01:10:05 <ke4qqq> when we can point to what we have been doing with daddy shadowman's money
01:10:07 <StabbyMc> rrix: lack of events reports
01:10:26 <ke4qqq> in NA last month we had 6 events - when I started the tally of events at the end of the month
01:10:32 <ke4qqq> only one event had a report
01:10:42 <StabbyMc> spevack: you got my $2000 strip club bill?
01:10:49 <jadennh1> will they ever hold events in western Canada
01:10:51 * rrix shuts it and goes to read the agenda
01:10:51 <inode0> missing event reports are a bit easier to notice now with the famsco monthly reports including them
01:10:56 <spevack> StabbyMc: do we look like the RNC to you?
01:11:01 <ke4qqq> a number of those made it up quickly, but lets make sure we get those timely filed to both f-a-l and the planet
01:11:09 <ke4qqq> EOF
01:11:36 <StabbyMc> ke4qqq: understood.
01:11:46 <dramsey> Understood, documentation for justification, that makes sense.  :)
01:12:05 <makfinsky> .fas makfinsky
01:12:06 <zodbot> makfinsky: makfinsky 'Ivan Makfinsky' <ivan.makfinsky@endosys.com>
01:12:12 <StabbyMc> So any events not getting someone that should, or any upcoming events with needs that are not being met?
01:12:22 <etank> .fasinfo etank
01:12:23 <ke4qqq> PICC needs someone
01:12:23 <zodbot> etank: User: etank, Name: Eric Lake, email: ericlake@gmail.com, Creation: 2009-11-22, IRC Nick: etank, Timezone: America/New_York, Locale: en, Extension: 5140933, GPG key ID: 5A5151D6, Status: active
01:12:27 <zodbot> etank: Approved Groups: fedorabugs triagers ambassadors cla_done cla_fedora
01:12:27 * ke4qqq nudges jds2001
01:12:28 <callkalpa> hi all, sry for being late :-(
01:12:34 <StabbyMc> No roll call anymore :-)
01:13:12 <VileGent> what is PICC
01:13:25 <StabbyMc> Events take 2:  Any upcoming events of note, or events that need stuff that haven't gotten it?
01:13:27 <ke4qqq> http://picconf.org/
01:13:32 <ke4qqq> think of it as a regional LISA
01:13:36 <ke4qqq> in NY/NJ
01:14:21 <ke4qqq> stickster sent an email to f-a-l about it a week or two ago
01:14:39 <inode0> ke4qqq: stpierre is a lopsa instructor and was planning to attend but something came up
01:15:07 <ke4qqq> jds2001: any chance you can go?
01:15:09 <jds2001> ke4qqq: ?
01:15:11 <ke4qqq> this is relatively close by
01:15:21 <jds2001> where and when?
01:15:22 <ke4qqq> jds2001: picconf.org
01:15:25 <jadennh1> if this is all everyone talks about, I have better things todo
01:15:42 <ke4qqq> New Brunswick NJ May 7-8
01:15:42 <crossbytes> wiki updated waiting news about box and how or whom to submit budget
01:16:33 <VileGent> crossbytes,  email me the address you want the vbanners to please
01:16:35 <StabbyMc> crossbytes: spevack is here, but lets push that to the budget part of the agenda.
01:16:36 * inode0 scratches his head
01:17:08 * spevack has 3 topics for general discussion, and will mention them at the appropriate times
01:17:12 <StabbyMc> Events take 3...
01:17:22 <spevack> StabbyMc: texas linux fest?
01:17:58 <StabbyMc> spevack: is it something that requires discussion, or have last minute needs?
01:17:59 <jds2001> i *might* be able to do that.
01:18:07 <jds2001> at least saturday for sure.
01:18:34 <StabbyMc> spevack: TLF has been a topic of discussion and coordination for the last few meetings.
01:18:38 <spevack> Well, the status (at least from the POV of the wiki) is blocking on Scott Collier and Adam Miller, but I don't think either of them are here.
01:18:56 <spevack> StabbyMc: As long as the event box made it -- and I saw some chatter that it will be there on Wednesday -- we're all set.
01:19:01 <StabbyMc> maxamillion is not here.
01:19:18 <inode0> I talked to Adam and he has the flyer prepared and is trying to figure out who needs them when
01:19:21 <StabbyMc> spevack: do you know where the event box was coming from?
01:19:38 <VileGent> StabbyMc,  yes
01:19:43 <rbergeron> /me thinks it was coming from southern_gentlem
01:19:47 <spevack> inode0: what does "figure out who needs them when" mean?  I can print them out in the office if necessary.
01:20:03 <makfinsky> jds2001, ke4qqq: I might be able to join you up there(for sat).
01:20:13 <inode0> spevack: our understanding was TLF was going to include them in the conference bag
01:20:17 <StabbyMc> VileGent: so shipped, expected Wednesday, everything is good?
01:20:19 <spevack> ah.... :)
01:20:23 <inode0> so they need to get printed and then get to someone
01:20:29 <VileGent> StabbyMc,  v-Banners was delivered april 1st, event box will be delivered tomorrow april 7th
01:20:53 <spevack> inode0: well, I'll drop adam a note and print some out myself as well, to have at our table.
01:20:57 <spevack> EOF on TLF :)
01:21:05 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora Ambassadors NA Meeting - Fedora Ambassador Day
01:21:15 <StabbyMc> inode0: the floor is yours
01:21:49 <inode0> Ok, I really just wanted to suggest where a bunch of us would be that we set up an IRC meeting about logistics
01:21:54 <StabbyMc> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_NA_2010
01:22:21 * ke4qqq would like to suggest more people consider attending
01:22:29 <rbergeron> is part of logistics setting up an agenda? assuming the agenda isn't just "robyn will school you all in pool" :)
01:22:35 <makfinsky> I am planning on being there.
01:22:44 * rbergeron thinks having an agenda leads to people having reasons to attend....
01:22:55 * inode0 is guilty of being terribly behind on updating the wiki
01:23:02 <rbergeron> and/or seeing ways they can contribute...
01:23:31 <inode0> but some people planning to come seem to be planning to come on Friday, and we need to all get on the same page
01:23:48 * rbergeron notes that there is a spot on the wiki for agenda and we should probably start putting ideas there.
01:24:23 <rbergeron> inode0: what is the actual dates of when we'll be actually meeting?
01:24:23 <inode0> yes, and quite a bit of "standard" ambassador planning goes there but I've been derelict in my duties
01:24:24 * ke4qqq would really like to see clear deliverables that would benefit from us meeting IRL
01:25:13 * rbergeron apologizes for terribad grammar... jeez
01:25:18 <inode0> the original suggestion was Friday/Saturday full workdays with maybe half of Sunday
01:25:24 <dgilmore> inode0: im interested in coming
01:25:43 <inode0> dgilmore: you are more than welcome and we might be able to give you a ride
01:25:55 <rbergeron> so - arrive thursday, leave sunday evening / monday morning depending on where you're going, if there are flights.
01:26:39 <dgilmore> inode0: someone coming from indiana wouldnt be horribly out of the way
01:26:56 <dgilmore> especially from indianapolis
01:26:58 <inode0> dgilmore: we have a driver from south bend
01:27:08 <dgilmore> thats not really close
01:27:19 <inode0> we can talk with him
01:27:30 <dgilmore> :) anyway i wont disrupt more
01:27:32 <rbergeron> pcalarco and threethirty i think are both coming from indiana
01:28:01 <inode0> ok, can we do this in fedora-planning sometime soon so we don't eat this whole meeting?
01:28:05 <rbergeron> so: logistics meeting friday? can we tie agenda into that a bit and/or put ideas/ schedule into the wiki
01:28:08 <rbergeron> yes :)
01:28:16 <inode0> or whatever that channel is now?
01:28:39 <inode0> what it is?
01:28:51 <inode0> fedora-fad?
01:29:44 <rbergeron> not sure - we can figure it out offline probably and send a meeting notice, yes?
01:29:48 * inode0 will email all those signed up + dgilmore and try to meet up on thu or fri sometime
01:30:50 <makfinsky> Sounds good.
01:31:10 <inode0> if the people here who would be coming can pm me with suggestions for good times I'd appreciate it
01:31:40 <StabbyMc> FAD take 2...
01:31:45 * inode0 yields back the floor
01:32:02 <StabbyMc> FAD take 3 ...
01:32:14 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora Ambassadors NA Meeting - Budget Review
01:32:19 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora Ambassadors NA Meeting - Budget Review
01:32:39 <StabbyMc> spevack: i'm guessing this is the appropriate time you've been waiting for?
01:32:44 * inode0 can report that t-shirts have been ordered by Brian
01:33:05 <StabbyMc> I got stickers last week.
01:33:08 <StabbyMc> They look good.
01:33:43 <spevack> StabbyMc: well, let's see.
01:33:49 <spevack> TLF was 1 thing, which we discussed.
01:34:12 <spevack> Tshirts was the other, which have been ordered.  I'll circle back with Brian regarding paying that bill.
01:34:34 <spevack> And the 3rd was FAD
01:34:37 <spevack> so my agenda is clear :)
01:34:54 <StabbyMc> sweet.
01:34:57 <crossbytes> ?LFNW whom do I submit budget?
01:35:18 <ke4qqq> crossbytes: the wiki?
01:35:23 <spevack> crossbytes: to the regional meeting, AIUI :)
01:35:36 <VileGent> this meeting :)
01:36:55 <ke4qqq> crossbytes: if it's more than 500 including sponsorship create a wiki page
01:37:03 <ke4qqq> regardles bring the total here
01:37:14 <ke4qqq> the people here approve/modify/deny your budget requests
01:37:15 <inode0> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/LinuxFest_Northwest_%28LFNW%29_2010
01:37:41 <crossbytes> For Linux Fest Northwest 2010, $1,060 is requested
01:37:53 <ke4qqq> crossbytes: awesome
01:39:04 <ke4qqq> so just for those who are new - a lot of this is a no brainer - there's http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Sponsoring_event_attendees this wiki page to consider when funding individuals and travel/lodging
01:39:59 <StabbyMc> crossbytes: you good?
01:40:34 <crossbytes> the main question is if we will have event box in time Larry says it should go to him then us..so should wow that link is great thank you
01:40:56 <ke4qqq> we have three event boxes
01:40:59 <ke4qqq> why is that an issue?
01:42:15 * inode0 is pretty sure lcafiero has a handle on this but we can touch base with him to make sure
01:42:32 <ke4qqq> crossbytes: if it's a problem let us know - we'll figure something out
01:42:46 <crossbytes> need to know if should burn media? and if olpc is in box was going to show off collaborative software of olpc but need to make sure running same build and sugar versions
01:42:52 <VileGent> crossbytes,  and when i get your address i will ship the V-Banners from tLF on monday
01:43:25 <crossbytes> perfect will e-mail address after meeting.
01:43:38 <StabbyMc> Budget Review going twice...
01:43:39 <inode0> we can ship leftover media from TLF up there too I think if there is any
01:43:40 <ke4qqq> crossbytes: have you requested media in the famna tracker?
01:44:16 <inode0> I might have about 100 pieces of live media left which I can send if you think you need it (will leave me bone dry)
01:44:54 * ke4qqq would rather us run out of media than have it left laying around
01:45:05 <inode0> of course
01:45:12 <StabbyMc> Budget going thrice
01:45:21 <crossbytes> no was told that the event box will be replenished so I did not want to request until F13
01:45:39 <ke4qqq> crossbytes: ok
01:45:43 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora Ambassadors NA Meeting - Open Floor
01:45:46 * inode0 suggests checking with larry to see what he actually has then
01:46:18 <ke4qqq> crossbytes: +1 to what inode0 said - if he doesn't have enough to cover you - ask on list we'll find it somewhere for you
01:46:37 <makfinsky> I did some outreach today and visited the Melbourne, FL LUG. Handed out 6 or so install dvds.
01:46:39 <crossbytes> ok will do thank you
01:47:02 <crossbytes> makfinsky +1
01:47:03 <makfinsky> I still have maybe 20 or so 32 and 64bit install dvds.
01:47:12 <VileGent> I am have been trying this year being Logistics person for the banners and EC Event box
01:47:13 <StabbyMc> makfinsky: good stuff.
01:47:25 <ke4qqq> makfinsky: awesome
01:47:34 <makfinsky> crossbytes: Let me know if you need for lfnw, I'll see about sending more your way.
01:47:35 <ke4qqq> so - just to toss out as an idea
01:47:53 <dramsey> +1
01:48:01 <makfinsky> I am planning on visiting with them for their next three meetings as I will be here through the end of apr.
01:48:14 <dramsey> dramsey suggests within two months for Fedora 13, I have been doing planning and preparation for Release Events Fedora 13 as well as media, too.  :)
01:48:14 <dramsey> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/13/Schedule may be Fedora 13 Release Events as a future agenda item to consider.
01:48:20 <ke4qqq> I have been the EC regional ambassador since we had the role - and am thinking it's time to pass that role on to someone else. is anyone interested in the idea of handling and shipping lots of swag?
01:48:39 <VileGent> -1
01:48:49 <makfinsky> EC =? Event Coordinator
01:48:55 <ke4qqq> makfinsky: East Coast
01:48:55 <rbergeron> east coast :)
01:48:58 <ke4qqq> really Southeast
01:49:07 <inode0> since it is open floor I'll add something here
01:49:21 <crossbytes> we are also working on Release Event for F13 I think it is going to be a GREAT Release..
01:49:33 <inode0> 5 people have been doing this for years now and I think most would appreciate a break
01:49:44 <makfinsky> ke4qqq: Going to be having baby and moving this year... can't take on too much more here.
01:50:21 <inode0> so consider the invitation as open to anyone anywhere who would like to help us
01:51:01 <ke4qqq> we prefer someone in that region - as it makes shipping slightly cheaper, and it gets you faster turn around. I can ship basically anywhere in the southeast and get one or two day service with ground.
01:51:04 * rbergeron suggests an email and blog post to find potential shippers o swag. :)
01:51:30 <inode0> ke4qqq: of course, but if someone in the midwest wants to help I'll do a happy dance
01:52:06 <ke4qqq> EOF from me
01:52:43 <dramsey> +1 crossbytes
01:53:03 <dramsey> understood ke4qqq
01:53:24 <inode0> I participated in my first Fedora Test Day and thought it was a great experience
01:53:39 <inode0> I learned about stuff I don't normally use and helped with QA
01:53:42 <inode0> win win
01:53:48 <dramsey> +1  Great stuff!
01:53:53 <inode0> please try to participate in one if you can
01:54:00 <dramsey> Next one is tomorrow...  https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2010-04-08_Virtualization
01:54:01 <makfinsky> inode0: +1 Ah yes! I need to add some of those to my calendar.
01:54:17 <makfinsky> Speak of the devil... :)
01:55:17 <dramsey> Schedule of Fedora 13 Test Days https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:Fedora_13_Test_Days
01:55:30 <crossbytes> i am running 'up to date f13' would i still be able to to the test days? we have several different computers to test on(about 30)
01:55:40 <inode0> yes
01:55:45 <dramsey> Wow!
01:56:36 <makfinsky> Wouldn't an "up to date" F13 box be f13 beta?
01:57:04 <StabbyMc> Ok, we're closing in on the end of our time tonight,
01:57:10 <crossbytes> i am not sure it is up to date as this morning.. I think beta is little older
01:57:15 <StabbyMc> anyone got a last couple of items?
01:57:30 <VileGent> crossbytes,  beta is not released yet
01:57:42 <inode0> rc4 is iirc
01:57:46 <rbergeron> there are beta rc candidates
01:57:53 <rbergeron> wow, recursive sentence there
01:58:03 <VileGent> ke4qqq,  address to send eventbox from TLF please
01:58:33 <inode0> if this all you guys are going to talk about I think I have better things to do now :)
01:58:39 * rbergeron has deja vu
01:59:04 <inode0> like go back to crying about the end of the basketball game
01:59:09 <Jetrigger> inode0: that was kinda funny
01:59:10 <rbergeron> DUKE!
01:59:31 <ke4qqq> VileGent: asking for it now
01:59:40 <makfinsky> inode0: Ha!
01:59:52 <laubersm> that was a good game!
02:00:03 <laubersm> tongihts WBB champ is just ugly
02:00:11 <makfinsky> Not the b-ball game - the deja vu comment.
02:00:17 <dramsey> :)  Thank you StabbyMc for chairing.  :)
02:00:37 <StabbyMc> Ok that's meeting!
02:00:40 <StabbyMc> #endmeeting