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02:00:35 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora NA Ambassadors meeting
02:00:42 <StabbyMc> Rollcall.
02:00:47 <StabbyMc> .fas smcbrien
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02:01:39 <etank> im in there somewhere
02:01:57 <VileGent> etank you should use fasinfo same as i do
02:02:10 <etank> will do
02:03:28 <StabbyMc> anyone else for roll call?
02:03:47 <dahlan> Dahlan's here
02:03:57 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora NA Ambassadors meeting Announcements
02:03:59 <dahlan> First meeting, not sure if that's the proper way to call off or not.  Sorry.
02:04:32 <StabbyMc> dahlan: we usually use .fas or .fasinfo to get our name in the record, though inode0 suggests we do away with it.
02:04:52 <StabbyMc> My only announcement is the availability of shirts.
02:05:04 <ke4qqq> !
02:05:27 <StabbyMc> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/ButtonUp
02:05:38 <StabbyMc> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/ButtonUp
02:05:52 <StabbyMc> At the bottom of the page is order info.
02:06:18 <StabbyMc> Anyone order one yet?
02:06:38 * inode0 pointed to that page when asked for "ideas"
02:06:38 <VileGent> hopefully soon
02:06:38 <pcalarco> I'm ordering mine in Jan.
02:06:54 <djf_jeff> StabbyMc: I plan to do it soon
02:07:49 <StabbyMc> At some point I'd like to get some feedback on the order process, mine was a little rocky, but I was the first, and I change locations everyweek, so shipping to me was problematic.
02:08:13 <StabbyMc> But because of that, I want to  make sure that the vendor is doing a good job, otherwise we'll bounce.
02:09:03 <StabbyMc> So feedback when you've got it would be appreciated :-)
02:09:10 <StabbyMc> Any other announcements?
02:09:15 <inode0> vote
02:09:57 <ke4qqq> less than 24 hours left
02:10:06 <VileGent> already done
02:10:56 <StabbyMc> More announcements?
02:11:32 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora NA Ambassadors Meeting Events
02:11:48 <StabbyMc> So the only upcoming event we've talke about recently has been Scale
02:11:56 <StabbyMc> Anything else circling out there?
02:12:03 <pcalarco> !
02:12:04 <davdunc> There is texas linuxfest
02:12:25 <VileGent> ???
02:12:51 <pcalarco> StabbyMc: I forget, should we be putting local LUG events on here where we'd like an Ambassadors Kit?
02:13:06 <pcalarco> I have already requested said Kit
02:13:18 <ke4qqq> pcalarco: I'd like to see them - and the reports that follow along
02:13:19 <djf_jeff> I go on the local radio tomorrow to promote Fedora and announce our release event
02:13:30 <StabbyMc> pcalarco: kit requests go through traq, but I'd update the Events page with any events you attend.
02:14:16 <Grantbow> dfj_jeff: break a leg
02:14:38 <djf_jeff> Grantbow: hmm, I don't know this expression here ;)
02:14:45 <inode0> pcalarco: I saw your request, F12 media is hoped to be here by Christmas
02:14:53 <Grantbow> dfj_jeff: best of luck
02:15:05 <pcalarco> inode0: thanks, sounds great
02:15:17 <djf_jeff> Grantbow: ah, ok, thanks ;)
02:15:23 * inode0 grumbles about it taking a month to get media
02:15:26 <ke4qqq> inode0: any news on what the hold up is?? I thought it was 'ready' except for a small snafu before fudcon
02:16:00 <inode0> disagreement over what is required as payment I believe
02:16:15 <StabbyMc> spevack sent out an e-mail to ambassadors-list today which in part said it was on his plate.
02:16:20 <djf_jeff> inode0: +1
02:16:29 * ke4qqq thought the email today was regarding emea media
02:16:36 <ke4qqq> perhaps I missed one though
02:16:41 <inode0> he mentioned NA media too
02:17:38 <StabbyMc> Anybody need stuff for an upcoming event like banners or event-boxes that hasn't been addressed?
02:18:59 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora NA Ambassadors Meeting - Budget review
02:19:31 <StabbyMc> spevak said he'd likely not be here tonight, but he sent an update via e-mail today to ambassadors-list
02:19:50 <StabbyMc> I'm assuming nothing has changed since our discussion of budget last meeting.
02:19:57 * StabbyMc doesn't think anything has been ordered.
02:20:02 <inode0> well, we have lost 2 more weeks
02:20:13 <StabbyMc> there is that.
02:20:16 <inode0> Max will be ordering the case badges for everywhere
02:20:25 <inode0> We need to take care of anything else we want
02:20:42 <StabbyMc> I'll be starting with window-clings again next week.
02:20:48 <StabbyMc> Now that shirts are all done.
02:21:27 <StabbyMc> most of the companies that do the window clings also do vynl stickers, so I'll likely try and get them done at the same time.
02:21:30 <inode0> If we want more shirts this quarter we should (a) decide which make and model and (b) contact DemonJester
02:22:03 <StabbyMc> splatter shirts +1
02:22:30 * slipp3d seconds the splatter shirt
02:22:56 <etank> the splatter shirt is pretty nice
02:23:21 * inode0 votes for the old less expensive style but expects to be outvoted :)
02:24:04 <slipp3d> inode0, what does the older one look like ... the only one that I have really seen is the splatter shirt
02:24:12 <StabbyMc> inode0: while I appreciate the less expensivness; the splatter shirt is far superior.
02:24:19 <etank> i agree. if the older ones are less money and we can get more then it makes sense to buy those instead.
02:24:30 <ke4qqq> We could also always ask for a new shirt design from Design
02:24:45 <inode0> The splatter shirt costs 50% more
02:25:39 <inode0> I'm fine with the splatter being an occasional indulgence, don't think it should be the default giveaway shirt though
02:26:23 <slipp3d> how about splatter shirts for the ambassadors and the older style shirt for the boxes
02:26:23 <StabbyMc> is dnhodgson here?
02:26:37 <VileGent> splatter shirts are too expensive
02:26:39 * StabbyMc rembembers he was going to get shirt pricing.
02:26:49 <Grantbow> less expensive is better
02:26:54 <inode0> new design is fine with me too, just remember each color adds cost and 3 colors is relatively about as cheap as we can get
02:26:56 <ke4qqq> slipp3d: they are only viable in large quantity- otherwise they are a fortune - literally
02:27:27 <slipp3d> okay .. well that shoots my idea to the ground then....
02:27:45 <StabbyMc> I think i'd like the old shirts better if they were black.
02:27:52 <inode0> slipp3d: we can get more again at some point, when we are flush :)
02:28:11 <slipp3d> StabbyMc, inode0 .... do you have a link to the old design... i would like to take a look at it
02:28:23 <inode0> they aren't for us, conference people aren't picky
02:28:41 <Grantbow> 50% more shirts is a big win
02:29:19 <Grantbow> or, 33% whatever
02:29:48 <dahlan> For the conference, I'd say go with the cheaper shirts.
02:29:50 <inode0> http://www.flickr.com/photos/herlo0/2939282628/sizes/l/
02:29:55 <slipp3d> I agree Grantbow ... more shirts would be a good thing
02:30:43 <inode0> http://www.flickr.com/photos/herlo0/2938430887/sizes/l/
02:31:04 <StabbyMc> I also wouldn't fight the I F Freedom shirt on the teeshirt page.
02:31:13 <StabbyMc> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/T-Shirt
02:31:49 <StabbyMc> (though could do without the back)
02:31:52 <ke4qqq> StabbyMc: the "Get Some" one?? or the "Do You?" one
02:32:16 <StabbyMc> ke4qqq: that's the one, though I'd be very happy without "Get Some" written on them.
02:32:54 <slipp3d> thanks inode0 ...
02:33:24 * inode0 sort of likes the join url
02:34:21 <StabbyMc> join url?
02:34:28 <inode0> join.fp.o
02:34:47 <inode0> you know, where you go to join :)
02:34:51 <slipp3d> I like the   " I (F) Freedom " shirts
02:35:09 <StabbyMc> I wouldn't be opposed to the join url printed on there too.
02:35:25 <StabbyMc> or at least fp.or
02:35:56 <Arsenick> +1 freedom shirts!
02:36:00 <ke4qqq> I know it misses the alliteration, but libre would almost be a better fit there
02:36:40 * StabbyMc casts about for volunteers to take on getting a new shirt produced.
02:37:34 <StabbyMc> No volunteers?
02:37:39 <slipp3d> StabbyMc, what would need to be done for getting the new shirts
02:37:41 * inode0 keeps saying we should talk to DemonJester rather than duplicate the work he has already done
02:37:58 <ke4qqq> at the sametime it's not bad to spread the task love
02:37:59 <StabbyMc> slipp3d: talking to the vendor listed on the swag page.
02:38:10 <StabbyMc> sending them the artwork.
02:38:21 <StabbyMc> approving or modifying the proof
02:38:25 <StabbyMc> then ordering.
02:38:34 <StabbyMc> the ordering part is where you get max involved.
02:39:27 * maxamillion is late again ... just got home
02:39:37 <maxamillion> sorry :(
02:39:54 * inode0 will suggest (a) get art lined up and (b) discuss it with DemonJester before cold calling the vendor
02:40:01 <StabbyMc> maxamillion: you just volunteered to chair a committee!
02:40:40 <maxamillion> StabbyMc: sweet, what committee?
02:40:46 <StabbyMc> slipp3d: or what inode0 said.
02:41:04 <StabbyMc> maxamillion: I haven't decided yet.  But it'll be very painful! ;-)
02:41:48 <slipp3d> StabbyMc, I can see what i can do about getting some time together and to contact DemonJester about getting this started
02:41:50 <maxamillion> StabbyMc: no, it will be the most awesome committee EVAR
02:42:11 <StabbyMc> slipp3d: thanks for stepping up!
02:42:32 * StabbyMc annoints him with the tee shirt wand
02:43:13 * slipp3d doesn't know if I should duck or not.... O-o
02:43:17 <StabbyMc> #action slipp3d contacts DemonJester to get started on I F Fedora tee shirts.
02:43:26 <StabbyMc> slipp3d: too late, it's done ;-)
02:43:36 <crossbytes> so are we doing up new artwork for the shirts also?
02:44:04 <StabbyMc> crossbytes: we have the artwork already for the shirt we were just talking about.
02:44:30 <StabbyMc> though the print likely needs to be white instead of black like the marketing page.
02:44:30 * ke4qqq wonders if we can do it in black instead of white
02:44:50 <StabbyMc> ke4qqq: tee color, or text color?
02:45:01 <ke4qqq> tee color
02:45:20 <StabbyMc> I was rather enamored with the blue, but it likely would look dumb with jeans.
02:45:30 <StabbyMc> So black would probably be better.
02:45:55 <ke4qqq> depends on the color of blue IMO
02:46:21 <slipp3d> so what artwork are we thinking... (or do I need to bring this up in a different meeting)
02:46:37 <StabbyMc> slipp3d: I was thinking https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/T-Shirt
02:46:49 <StabbyMc> there's already a mock-up, with SVG file for the logo.
02:47:05 * etank likes the idea of a black tee
02:47:05 <StabbyMc> though I would say lose the sleeve printing
02:47:25 <ke4qqq> StabbyMc: you realize there are ~12 different shirts ont he page right??
02:47:25 <inode0> slipp3d: if you are doing it have at it - you don't need to buckle to pressure from StabbyMc
02:47:26 <StabbyMc> And we'd have to get http://join.fedoraproject.org printed on the back ?
02:47:48 <maxamillion> I also would prefer a black T ... less stain revealing
02:47:53 <StabbyMc> ke4qqq: true, but only 2, very close together, that say I F Fedora ...
02:47:58 <inode0> We all seem to like the I F Freedom well enough ...
02:48:13 <StabbyMc> Er. I F Freedom
02:48:26 <inode0> Please stop thinking about these shirts in such a personal way - it is swag to give to other people
02:48:40 <slipp3d> i second the    I F Freedom
02:48:49 <StabbyMc> slipp3d: though that said, I'd be happy with whatever. as long as it gets done.
02:48:58 <djf_jeff> inode0: +1
02:49:01 <inode0> slipp3d: but think some about redesigning the back if you want to
02:49:09 <etank> inode0, you answered my question before i could even ask it
02:49:16 <ke4qqq> inode0: yes - contributors get different shirts from fads and fudcons and the polos and button down shirts.
02:50:19 <StabbyMc> Ok, any other budget items?
02:50:55 <StabbyMc> I think that kind of rounds out the task list review from last time as well.
02:51:13 <StabbyMc> #topic Fedora NA Ambassadors Meeting - Open Floor
02:51:42 <StabbyMc> I haven't seen lcafiero yet, I know he had an item for open floor.
02:51:54 <StabbyMc> Anyone else have anything?
02:52:53 <pcalarco> !
02:53:16 <pcalarco> I need help with my gpg key on my fas account
02:53:33 <pcalarco> can't aggregate my blog postings to the Planet right now
02:53:50 <ke4qqq> pcalarco: can we work on it in #f-ambassadors ?
02:54:02 <StabbyMc> pcalarco: sounds like a #fedora or #fedora-ambassadors item.
02:54:07 <StabbyMc> NM,
02:54:09 <pcalarco> ke4qqq: sounds great, thx
02:54:14 <StabbyMc> ke4qqq: too quick.
02:54:37 <StabbyMc> If there's nothing else, I'm going to call the meeting.
02:55:03 <StabbyMc> 3
02:55:10 <StabbyMc> 2
02:55:16 <StabbyMc> 1
02:55:19 <maxamillion> 0
02:55:20 <StabbyMc> #endmeeting