15:18:56 <mcepl> #startmeeting
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15:19:00 <Southern_Gentlem> mcepl,  do you want the bot
15:19:04 <mcepl> lovely :)
15:19:19 <mcepl> Southern_Gentlem: I have never used it, so I will be fighting a bit
15:19:20 <Southern_Gentlem> nm
15:19:40 <mcepl> #topic Bugzappers meeting ... no agenda, just statuses
15:21:04 <Tech33> is everyone up to date with the latest GM script?
15:21:29 <mcepl> yes, that's the information I may leak out here ... there is now Brave New World coming.
15:21:48 <Tech33> is JP ready?
15:22:05 <patrickian> what is a GM script
15:22:14 <Tech33> sorry, greasemonkey
15:22:21 <mcepl> Greasemonkey scripts (of which you should everybody upgrade of) is being phasing out (i.e., if you don't want to switch don't), but we are switching to Jetpacks. Any volunteers for testing?
15:22:33 <patrickian> oh..
15:22:41 <patrickian> i installed an addon onto my firefox
15:23:04 <mcepl> patrickian: OK, go and open http://mcepl.fedorapeople.org/scripts/install.html
15:23:10 <mcepl> patrickian: which addon?
15:23:11 <mcepl> sorry,
15:23:26 <mcepl> greasemonkey or jetpack?
15:23:45 <patrickian> greasemonkey is enabled when i hover my mouse over the icon in my forefox browser (checking link)
15:24:17 <Tech33> how about #topic scripts
15:24:17 <serega_> I would like to test Jetpack one
15:24:43 <mcepl> patrickian: OK, then go to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers/Tools and click on Bugzilla Triage Buttons link
15:24:56 <patrickian> looking
15:25:06 <mcepl> serega_: install jetpack addon to firefox (3.5+) and go to the webpage above (on fedorapeople)
15:25:27 * serega_ is installing...
15:25:44 * Tech33 will stick with greasemonkey for now
15:25:55 <patrickian> mcepl: installed sucessfully
15:25:58 <mcepl> Tech33: ok
15:26:06 <mcepl> patrickian: now open some bug page
15:26:22 <patrickian> mcepl: can you provide a specific link
15:26:56 <Tech33> patrickian: did you install the Triage Buttons?
15:26:57 <serega_> oh my, I can't restart Firefox because I'm in ChatZilla now...
15:27:09 <patrickian> tech33: i believe so
15:27:54 <mcepl> serega_: well, wait after the meeting and ask me on #fedora-bugzappers then
15:27:54 <Tech33> try looking at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=544431
15:27:55 <bugbot_> Bug 544431: medium, low, ---, gecko-bugs-nobody, NEW, [abrt] crash detected in firefox-3.5.5-1.fc12
15:28:04 <mcepl> patrickian: whatever, https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=544623
15:28:05 <bugbot_> Bug 544623: medium, low, ---, adel.gadllah, NEW, [abrt] crash detected in compiz-0.8.2-20.fc12 #0  in __longjmp () from /lib64/ld-linux-x86-64.so.2
15:28:22 <mcepl> Tech33: I see what's in front of you :)
15:29:23 <Tech33> pff :)
15:29:56 <patrickian> i am on bug pages and they loaded up.... However, since i am new to this, I am not sure what I should be seeing, i assume the greasemonkey plugin is working correctly though
15:30:23 <mcepl> there should be a dialog box jumping at you asking for password ... are you logged into bugzilla?
15:30:35 <patrickian> i am already logged in
15:30:52 <patrickian> maybe that is why no login box jumped up
15:31:43 <mcepl> no, that should be prerequisite ... I'll help you after the meeting in #fedora-bugzappers as well.
15:32:00 <mcepl> #topic miscellanea
15:32:05 <patrickian> mcepl: ok
15:32:10 <mcepl> anybody any other questions or just to call it off?
15:32:48 <Tech33> fine to end it early
15:33:48 <mcepl> #endmeeting