20:59:47 <nirik> #startmeeting EPEL meeting
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20:59:54 <nirik> #namemeeting epel
21:00:07 <nirik> #meetingname epel
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21:00:15 <nirik> #topic Who's around?
21:00:50 <nirik> anyone around for an epel meeting?
21:02:15 * nirik guesses not many folks around today.
21:02:24 <nirik> this meeting may be even more short than normal. ;)
21:03:21 <StabbyMc> .fas smcbrien
21:03:22 <zodbot> StabbyMc: smcbrien '' <scott@mcbrien.net>
21:03:37 <nirik> hey StabbyMc.
21:03:52 <StabbyMc> Hey nirik: long time user of EPEL, first time meeting attendee :-)
21:04:04 <nirik> welcome. ;)
21:04:07 <stahnma> hello
21:04:09 <stahnma> :)
21:04:15 <nirik> it's looking like it might be just us... oh wait... there is stahnma. ;)
21:04:30 <stahnma> I half-remembered this time
21:04:48 <nirik> cool.
21:04:57 <nirik> Not much at all on agenda today...
21:05:09 <nirik> #topic next few meetings
21:05:21 <stahnma> I would vote to cancel next week
21:05:30 <stahnma> most people in the US will be on holiday
21:05:34 <nirik> Next friday is the day after thanksgiving in the US. The friday after that is right around time for Fudcon to start.
21:05:46 * stahnma is not going to FUDcon :(
21:05:56 * nirik isn't going to make it either this time. ;(
21:06:13 <nirik> yeah, so I say we should cancel both the next 2 and next meeting is dec 11th.
21:06:18 <stahnma> ok
21:06:27 <stahnma> sounds like a plan
21:06:31 <stahnma> +1
21:06:59 <nirik> I can mail the list for objections too...
21:07:38 <stahnma> ok
21:07:57 <nirik> #topic Open Floor
21:08:08 <nirik> I had litterally no other meeting topics... ;)
21:08:22 <stahnma> oh wow
21:08:24 <nirik> but there could be things. Anything for open floor? anything anyone would like to note or ask about?
21:08:39 <stahnma> I saw some mirorrs out of sync last week
21:08:49 <stahnma> like some had cobbler 1.6 as the latest, others had 2.0
21:08:56 <stahnma> which was odd since I was trying to upgrade
21:09:09 <stahnma> outside of that, I don't have too much
21:09:49 <nirik> weird. Wonder if it was related to the fedora release syncing?
21:09:53 <nirik> shouldn't have been...
21:09:59 <stahnma> not really sure
21:10:07 <stahnma> I think it was Monday night
21:10:12 <stahnma> but I could be wrong
21:10:20 <stahnma> either way, i'm over it
21:10:59 <stahnma> I have nothing else
21:11:03 <stahnma> so I guess we close :)
21:11:14 <mmercer> awe, missed it :(
21:11:17 <StabbyMc> Great first meeting!  I like them short :-)
21:11:59 * mmercer wonders what he missed.  is at least trying to keep up with the meetings until he can get sponsored =D
21:12:07 <nirik> yeah, it's hard to have meetings with just: keep making packages! Keep fixing bugs! :0
21:12:24 <nirik> mmercer: not much. we were talking about canceling next 2 meetings due to holidays.
21:12:45 <mmercer> why not treat the meetings like ways of discussing current bugs that may be causing issues, best practices for packaging and whatnot
21:12:50 <mmercer> and use them to educate newcomers
21:13:27 <nirik> that's a great idea. ;)
21:13:50 <nirik> I can try and write up something for that for next meeting?
21:13:56 <mmercer> :)
21:16:01 <nirik> it would be nice to try and quash or triage bugs... might be ok for a meeting too sometime.
21:16:30 <nirik> mmercer: you are looking to maintain some epel packages, but awaiting sponsorship? you have packages in for review?
21:17:26 <mmercer> nirik, not yet no.  I am goign to talk to the author of one of my favorite things, get permission to package it, and then submit it :)
21:17:46 <mmercer> since i know noone else has this package submittied
21:17:55 <mmercer> bah, im spelling great on 2 hours of sleep, lol
21:17:55 <nirik> excellent. Feel free to ping me when you submit it, I'd be happy to review...
21:18:32 <Southern_Gentlem> mmercer,  with the holidays people want to spend time with family then the week after is fydcon
21:18:51 <nirik> anyhow, any other general EPEL stuff anyone would like to bring up?
21:18:51 <mmercer> Southern_Gentlem, nodnod.  Im not in a rush, right now work is keeping me way too busy anyway
21:18:56 <Southern_Gentlem> fudcon
21:20:26 <nirik> ok, if nothing else I will go ahead and close things out...
21:20:57 <mmercer> hmm.... would a game client package meet the requirements for submission?
21:21:04 <mmercer> ( in this case, Kmuddy )
21:21:38 <mmercer> or should i choose one that would actually be for *epel* rather than review against the fedora packages
21:21:58 <nirik> mmercer: if it's able to meet all the fedora guidelines, sure.
21:22:08 <nirik> if you can maintain it also in fedora that would be desireable.
21:22:08 <mmercer> that it can, from what ive read anyway
21:22:32 <mmercer> im just waiting to talk to the author so he knows its going to be an actual maintained packages for the fedora lines :)
21:23:13 <nirik> cool. makes sense.
21:24:23 <nirik> well, thanks for coming folks... any further questions, feel free to ask in #epel or the mailing list?
21:25:10 <nirik> #endmeeting