20:04:19 <mchua> #startmeeting
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20:04:29 <mchua> #topic Roll call
20:04:31 <mchua> Who's here?
20:05:33 <wonderer> mchua: re
20:05:35 <wonderer> :-)
20:06:57 * mchua waits a bit for more people to trickle in
20:08:07 <mchua> We're doing a roll call now so please pipe up with a "hello" if you're around.
20:08:29 * mchua proceeds
20:08:35 <mchua> #topic Agenda
20:08:39 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_meetings#Agenda
20:08:48 <tw2113> *peace sign*
20:08:49 <mchua> I just have 4 things today
20:08:52 <mchua> 3.
20:08:52 <mchua> * Status of F12 deliverables (they're all done, just making sure we know where they are and that they're getting shared with the rest of the community)
20:08:55 <mchua> * Monitoring F12 press: what have you seen so far?
20:08:58 <mchua> * Starting to look forward to F13 - what ideas do we have so far, how do we want to gather them? (Target date for F13 planning brainstorm/meeting: immediately after FUDCon, 12/8).
20:09:09 <mchua> tw2113: *live long and prosper* sign
20:09:22 <tw2113> showed up again
20:09:25 <tw2113> *hangs head*
20:09:28 <mchua> Feel free to add more topics to the agenda but I get the feeling this will be pretty fast. :)
20:09:37 <mchua> #topic YAY F12 IS OUT
20:09:55 <mchua> Can we have some loud cheering and applause and cake and balloons and ice cream in the channel? ;)
20:10:06 <mchua> *LOUD CHEERING*
20:10:11 * bochecha loud cheers
20:10:32 <mchua> *Aplausos*
20:10:35 * tw2113 hands out the beer
20:10:47 * wonderer clap hands
20:10:59 <mchua> *balonia*
20:11:17 <mchua> *bing qi lin*
20:11:41 <mchua> Ok, I think we're good :)
20:11:50 <mchua> Congratulations and a huge THANK YOU to everyone for a fantastic release.
20:12:01 <wonderer> and we have allready much PR out there!
20:12:09 <mchua> indeed!
20:12:38 <mchua> and our marketing team is starting to gather more marketers, and working with RH PR, and we've started to get into a rhythm...
20:12:46 <mchua> I think we can totally count this cycle as a Massive Win.
20:12:55 <wonderer> stickster announced it 15:57 and the words got out here in germany 16:00...
20:13:06 <mchua> Tons of capacity-building happened in the past 6 months that will allow us to do Even More Stuff for F13.
20:13:19 * stickster is lurking
20:13:32 <mchua> whee!
20:13:44 <wonderer> :)
20:13:48 <mchua> Ok, on to the shiny stuff we made this release cycle
20:13:51 <asamaras> :)
20:13:54 <mchua> #topic Status of F12 deliverables
20:13:59 <mchua> We made a *lot* of stuff.
20:14:17 <mchua> It's all linked to from https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing, although that page is messy and needs cleanup.
20:14:27 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_12_Talking_Points
20:14:33 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F12_release_slogan
20:14:39 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:F12_in-depth_features
20:15:31 <mchua> ...and then my connection slows down...
20:15:38 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_12_one_page_release_notes
20:15:40 <mchua> (there we go)
20:16:07 <mchua> And all the background work and research and screenshots and etc. that went into that
20:16:29 <mchua> And now we're sitting back and watching the press roll in. ;)
20:16:46 <mchua> (Well, not so much sitting back. Lots of translation, lots of active engagement with journalists, starting to happen)
20:17:11 <mchua> Other things we made tremendous headway on during this release cycle: Fedora Insight (which should make publishing *everything else* much easier in the future)
20:17:32 <mchua> and marketing research, thanks to rbergeron - so we should have some surveys going out around FUDCon to get data as well.
20:18:00 <mchua> (folks, feel free to interrupt me anytime, I'm just happily rattling off a string of our accomplishments. ;)
20:18:11 <wonderer> :)
20:18:20 <mchua> So let's talk about the press we've gotten so far, and how we want to handle it.
20:18:25 <mchua> #topic Monitoring F12 press: what have you seen so far?
20:18:35 * wonderer lets mel talk ... awsome type-speed ...
20:18:56 <tw2113> had someone in #f-social comment about the wallpaper reminding them of ubuntu
20:18:58 <tw2113> it happens
20:19:06 <mchua> wonderer, asamaras, stickster, tw2113: what are you impressions of the F12 press so far?
20:19:14 <mchua> tw2113: huh, how's that?
20:19:16 <tw2113> only thing i've heard so far
20:19:17 * mchua looks at wallpaper again
20:19:27 <asamaras> announsments in http://www.linuxformat.gr/ from rss (for the time)
20:19:28 <mchua> Yeah, we've only been out for... how many hours? so it's pretty early to tell
20:19:31 <tw2113> i assumed it looked generic and quickly made to them
20:20:00 <tw2113> lord knows how detailed we actually got with that thing
20:20:11 <wonderer> well, here in germany we have press-coverage all over the nwes. That comes from the longtime-period good relationship with the press here and that RH headquaters also send out their press footage about F12.
20:20:51 <mchua> (wallpaper is at http://mairin.wordpress.com/2009/10/28/fedora-12s-default-wallpaper/)
20:20:52 <wonderer> I had very few to do, only fill some gaps between the pressreleases ;-)
20:21:06 <mchua> wonderer: thanks for your help :)
20:21:55 <stickster> mchua: Thus far it's looking very good
20:22:06 <stickster> We could use more people sending in stories, making sure they're on digg (& dugg)
20:22:09 <stickster> usw.
20:22:11 <tw2113> not fedora 12 related, but i had someone mention fedora to me n #wordpress
20:22:50 <mchua> So we should take folks up on their offers to lead the charge on social media sites.
20:23:02 <mchua> #action mchua take people up on their offer from last week to lead the F12 charge on social media sites
20:23:19 <mchua> and keep sending things you spot to the list with [in the news] tags in the subject
20:23:32 <bochecha> [in the news] http://linux.slashdot.org/story/09/11/17/1810256/Fedora-12-Released
20:23:35 <bochecha> :)
20:24:02 <mchua> bochecha: oh, did that hit the mailing list yet?
20:24:14 <mchua> wonderer, I see a lot of links from you on-list, thanks!
20:24:17 <bochecha> mchua, not sure, I don't think I'm on the mailing list :-/
20:25:18 <wonderer> only stickster an me (as far as I see) had a tweet about that ;-) *HINT*
20:25:59 <mchua> bochecha: sending to list now, thanks for the forward ;)
20:26:35 <mchua> While I'm doing the copy-paste dance: are there any places we particularly want to hit/watch, and does anyone have any questions on how to respond to any sorts of articles or reactions or questions from reporters (particularly while stickster is around)?
20:26:36 <bochecha> mchua, you should thank adamw for the article ;)
20:26:41 * wonderer deleting the opend e-mail, because mel is faster in typing ;-)
20:27:19 <mchua> wonderer: oh! if you want to do it, totally go for it.
20:27:30 <mchua> adamw: YOU, SIR, ARE WONDERFUL
20:28:30 <adamw> mchua: heh, thanks :)
20:28:57 <adamw> most of the sites i can think of are up to speed
20:29:21 <adamw> there's about ten stories on digg already
20:29:29 <asamaras> I belive tommorow will be the day for Greece (today is a kind of holiday)
20:29:43 <mchua> hot diggety.
20:29:44 <adamw> osnews is up, linuxtoday, slashdot, phoronix, lwn, lxer...
20:29:50 <wonderer> done
20:29:57 <adamw> i submitted to engadget, they usually run something for fedora so we can hope
20:30:01 * mchua just realizes pun, slaps forehead
20:30:01 <adamw> ooh, haven't checked ars yet.
20:30:10 <tw2113> ars has something
20:30:14 <adamw> tw2113: thanks
20:30:23 <mchua> adamw: http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/2009/11/tip-of-the-hat-fedora-12-a-strong-update.ars
20:30:26 <tw2113> i remember clicking
20:30:44 <mchua> adamw: we're aggregating things on the marketing list with a [in the news] tag at the start of the subject
20:30:55 <mchua> (...and presumably will have a better way to do this for F13, but this works for now)
20:30:58 <adamw> mchua: ah cool, sorry, not on that list (yet), i ought to be
20:31:11 <mchua> adamw: yes. yes you really really should. you have mad crazy press skillz.
20:31:31 <mchua> #link https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-marketing-list
20:31:45 <mchua> So we're getting lots of press this round. :)
20:32:07 <adamw> oh, and i know The Register is talking to paul later today
20:32:10 <adamw> cos i asked around
20:32:10 <tw2113> we usually get a decent amount of press
20:32:17 <mchua> What things do we want to pay attention to, and take note of, so we can target our activities better for both this round and then F13 later on?
20:32:20 <tw2113> it's a weird cycle
20:32:20 <adamw> they'll be running a review tomorrow
20:32:24 <mchua> (What about the current process do you like and not-like?)
20:32:30 <mchua> tw2113: how so?
20:32:30 <tw2113> i get tired of seeing ubuntu press and then make up for it with fedora press
20:32:52 <tw2113> weird for me, not for fedora in geeral
20:32:54 <tw2113> general*
20:32:55 <wonderer> mchua: ars technica link was send to the [in the news] list now - done.
20:33:00 <adamw> mchua: it would be nice to synchronize the mailing list announce and the submission of stories to major sites
20:33:07 * mchua likes that things are hitting the mailing list because now I see what's [in the news]
20:33:17 <mchua> adamw: you mean Paul's mailing list announcement?
20:33:20 <adamw> yeah
20:33:33 <adamw> that went out a bit earlier than we started hitting up the community news sites
20:35:06 <asamaras> ok it's fine as a biggining now we have to gather more case studies to prepare for the next few months
20:35:18 <mchua> #info For F13: synchronize the FPL's mailing list announcement with submission to major news sites
20:35:38 <mchua> #info Nice to see the [in the news] material hitting the Marketing list to keep people up to date on press
20:35:38 <asamaras> I think it would be nice to have a wiki or something for that
20:35:44 <mchua> asamaras: +1
20:36:01 <mchua> asamaras: what do you have in mind?
20:36:51 <asamaras> well I managed to motivate the company that I am working for to use F12 for servers (mail+web initially)
20:37:25 <asamaras> and I bet through this I will involve some of the companies that work with us in IT
20:37:35 <asamaras> to use Fedora for more
20:37:51 <asamaras> this is the reason I was so keen about HA
20:37:56 <asamaras> and Samba
20:38:18 <asamaras> in my job I support some 75 small super markets
20:38:34 <asamaras> that would give their right arm to have a stable system
20:38:53 <asamaras> and yet be able to perform the usual tasks (browsing / mails etc)
20:39:09 * mchua would *love* to see that case study.
20:39:25 <mchua> asamaras, do you want to start with putting up a wiki page and calling for additional case studies on the list?
20:39:51 <asamaras> Why not, I think this is the next logical step
20:40:13 <asamaras> Smaba/Radius/Kerberos/HA Web Server well ....
20:40:14 <mchua> asamaras: cool, thanks!
20:40:29 <mchua> #action asamaras to start case studies page on wiki, ping Marketing list for additional case studies
20:40:35 <mchua> asamaras: maybe we can do a sprint on that next week, too
20:40:50 <mchua> asamaras: if you'd like to use next week's meeting time for that
20:40:56 * mchua tosses out random ideas
20:40:56 <asamaras> that would be *GOOD*
20:41:02 <mchua> THUS IT SHALL BE!
20:41:06 <asamaras> :)
20:41:09 <mchua> #info Next week's meeting: CASE STUDY SPRINT!
20:41:25 <mchua> asamaras, just let us know on-list if there's anything we need to do to prepare
20:41:42 <mchua> otherwise next week's meeting is going to be a <5min status check and then I'll hand the show over to you :)
20:41:57 <mchua> #info asamaras is driving the case study sprint
20:42:00 <asamaras> don't worry, it will be more than obvious as soon as I get that page on
20:42:11 <mchua> sweet.
20:42:13 <mchua> Ok, moving on!
20:42:17 <mchua> #topic #
20:42:26 <mchua> #topic Collecting ideas for F13
20:42:44 <mchua> While we rejoice and follow-up on our F12 press, we've got another release coming down the pipe 6 months from now
20:43:22 <mchua> And we have a *lot* more capacity in the Marketing team to do cool stuff now than we did 6 months ago, which is very, *very* cool
20:43:49 <mchua> So we need to start (or really, continue) the process of figuring out where we want to head, as a team
20:43:56 <mchua> which mostly depends on what the individuals on the team are interested in.
20:44:26 <mchua> I'd like to propose December 8 as our Big Planning Meeting For F13
20:44:37 <wonderer> +1
20:44:55 <mchua> which gives us 3 weeks to do all sorts of experimentation, brainstorming, talking on IRC, phone calls, in-person meetups (at FUDCon and beyond)
20:45:26 <mchua> and then get all the ideas we like written up - probably on the wiki - in the same format, and have 12/8 be our "so what are we gonna do now?" meeting
20:45:27 * rbergeron wonders just how late she is
20:45:29 <mchua> hey rbergeron!
20:45:33 <mchua> rbergeron: 42 min :)
20:45:38 <mchua> I'll find the log link
20:45:39 <rbergeron> sorry.
20:45:54 <rbergeron> all other meetings in my house shifted forward by an hour, so i'm still operating on that rather than UTC :\
20:46:00 <mchua> rbergeron: no worries, we've mostly been going "WOOOO!!! F12 is OUT!!!!  CAKE FOR EVERYONE!!!"
20:46:08 <rbergeron> ;D
20:46:50 <mchua> rbergeron: http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2009-11-17/fedora-meeting.2009-11-17-20.04.log.txt
20:47:11 <mchua> Anyway, just wanted to throw that scheduling thought out there; I'll also post it to the list
20:47:32 <mchua> but the idea is to echo something like how the engineering folks pick features (although with much less formality)
20:47:55 <mchua> and the intent is to make sure that we don't inadvertently privilege the people who happen to be at a certain IRC meeting because of language/timezone, or the people who happen to be able to make FUDCon
20:48:06 <mchua> so that everyone gets a chance to put their idea forth on an equal footing
20:48:32 <tw2113> more bacon
20:48:36 * tw2113 runs
20:48:44 <mchua> fakin' bacon
20:48:49 <rbergeron> mchua, i have a q when you're done :)
20:48:53 * mchua is done
20:48:56 <mchua> #topic open floor
20:49:00 <asamaras> ok since I have been using Fedora from release 1 I could say that throughout 12 there are development in all the areas starting from desktop users up to sysadmins. I basically use Fedora for LAMP applications
20:49:27 <mchua> asamaras: whoa, you've been with us since the first release?
20:49:36 <asamaras> yes, I am 40yo
20:49:39 <mchua> asamaras: now *that* is something I would *love* to see as a blog post.
20:49:57 <mchua> asamaras: or a Fedora Insight article. ;) your impressions over 12 releases, how things have changed
20:49:58 <asamaras> ok why not
20:50:01 <mchua> rbergeron: what was your question?
20:50:09 <tw2113> i saw 11, not release one and then I
20:50:24 * mchua remembers installing FC1 from a CD that came in the back of a book
20:50:33 <tw2113> i blame my chosen font
20:51:04 <wonderer> I also got an old book CD where fedora Core 1 and some old redHat was on. nice touch.
20:51:12 <asamaras> F4 was my first linux based layer 7 router that supported 75 pcs (windows) and it run on a p3/786MB/10GB box
20:51:15 <rbergeron> are we tracking all of these press / news articles somewhere?
20:51:29 <asamaras> F1 was my first SAMBA box for 20 PCs
20:51:38 <rbergeron> tracking / collecting / whatever, "indexing"
20:51:49 <wonderer> rbergeron: the [in the nws] Mailings on the list
20:52:10 <rbergeron> but not on a wiki page or anything
20:52:12 <mchua> rbergeron: but we could probably Do Something Better - the [in the news] tag is a catcher until we have a better system
20:52:17 <mchua> (a wiki page would do)
20:52:30 * rbergeron willl throw together a wiki page
20:52:34 <asamaras> rbergeron: I think there is no indexing at all, but it is an excellent idea to use a content management to do that for us
20:52:34 <wonderer> rbergeron: not now, but later if we have all together. but feel free to start.
20:52:54 * mchua also likes the [in the news] tag as an announcement - I check my inbox more frequently than my wiki watchlist and it's great to see stuff streaming by
20:52:58 <mchua> rbergeron: thanks!
20:53:10 <mchua> #action rbergeron starting a F12 press tracking/collecting/indexing wiki page
20:54:07 <wonderer> mchua: can you get Infrastructure to make something that [in the news]tagged mails flew automatic on / in the wiki? maybe some rss link thing?!
20:54:24 <wonderer> just an idea...
20:54:42 <mchua> wonderer: ooh, that's an idea.
20:54:59 <mchua> wonderer: I'm guessing they're plenty hosed with F12 mirrors getting hammered right now, but this is something we should definitely play with for F13
20:55:09 <mchua> some sort of "look here is press!" system that both sends stuff to a page and the mailing list
20:55:14 <bochecha> and have zodbot drop a line in this channel in the same time
20:55:49 <mchua> #info IDEA: press monitoring system that archives links in the wiki, and announces to the mktg list, and pings channel, when someone finds a new PR link on Fedora.
20:56:15 <mchua> See, these are exactly the kinds of ideas we need to gather between now and Dec. 8 when we have The Big What Are We Doing meeting
20:56:18 <mchua> ;)
20:56:29 <mchua> Ok - that's all I had, anyone else?
20:56:50 <mchua> This is really a happy "pass the glasses around! let's hang out and celebrate" really relaxed, chill meeting, which is nice :)
20:57:13 <wonderer> mchua: only that we have a BIG coffee-machine at our MKTG-FAD ;-)
20:57:26 <stickster> mchua: Real quick addition from me
20:57:37 <mchua> it sounds like we've all got stuff to do, too - asamaras prepping us for the sprint next week, wonderer keeping up with press, rbergeron starting that index page, me getting our wiki back in shape...
20:57:42 <stickster> *: Thank you to *everyone* on the Marketing team for all the hard work you did for this release
20:57:42 <mchua> stickster: yeppers?
20:57:52 <mchua> +infinity
20:58:16 <stickster> It's one of the best we've had, IMHO, from the standpoint of interested, energetic people helping with marketing content and tasks
20:58:23 <stickster> The one-page release notes are stunning
20:58:32 <stickster> The interviews were great
20:58:42 <stickster> The interaction with other teams was phenomenal
20:58:54 <stickster> And I want to say from the bottom of my heart, again -- thank you all!
20:59:11 <stickster> You help make Fedora the special community it is :-)
20:59:28 <tw2113> self making community
20:59:33 <wonderer> +1 *with tears in my eyes*
20:59:57 * mchua cheers
20:59:58 <asamaras> Unite was the motto
21:00:03 <asamaras> ;)
21:00:16 * stickster throws confetti in the air and downs some of that FOSS champagne
21:00:18 <stickster> We drink our own!
21:00:23 <asamaras> same here
21:00:29 <stickster> mchua: That was it :-)
21:00:31 * rbergeron grins
21:01:37 <mchua> stickster: thank you, o fearless leader :)
21:01:49 <mchua> All righty, any closing comments/questions?
21:02:05 <mchua> Because otherwise, I think we're done for the week.
21:02:18 <tw2113> game on
21:02:22 <tw2113> :D
21:02:37 <mchua> Ok!
21:02:42 <mchua> Thanks everyone - closing out in 5
21:02:44 <mchua> 4...
21:02:48 * mchua dons jetpack
21:02:49 <mchua> 3...
21:02:52 * mchua dons helmet
21:02:53 <mchua> 2...
21:03:00 <mchua> 1...
21:03:04 * mchua blastoff
21:03:06 <mchua> #endmeeting