01:01:18 <poelcat> #startmeeting Fedora 12 Go/No-Go
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01:01:28 <jlaska> howdy
01:01:36 <poelcat> #chair jlaska Oxf13
01:01:36 <zodbot> Current chairs: Oxf13 jlaska poelcat
01:01:57 <poelcat> anyone else want to chair?
01:02:03 * poelcat just starting the meeting :)
01:02:16 * nirik is hanging around in the cheap seats.
01:02:28 <mmcgrath> go
01:02:30 <mmcgrath> meeting over
01:02:35 <mmcgrath> :)
01:02:40 <Oxf13> oh hai
01:02:58 <Oxf13> notting is probably putting his kids to sleep
01:03:09 * Sparks is here if needed
01:03:14 * notting is here
01:03:15 <Oxf13> and there is notting
01:03:29 <Oxf13> notting: you joined just as I was telling folks you might not be joining
01:03:40 <jlaska> adamw should be joining soon as well
01:03:45 <jlaska> mmcgrath: I like it :)
01:03:49 * wwoods here if needed
01:04:18 * poelcat shakes the magic 8 ball and retrieves https://bugzilla.redhat.com/showdependencytree.cgi?id=473303&hide_resolved=1
01:04:23 <jlaska> alright, QA represent!
01:04:30 <adamw_> yo, did i miss much?
01:04:42 <jlaska> adamw: nope, assembling
01:04:49 <jlaska> wwoods: nothing foamy please
01:04:53 * wwoods also drinking a martini
01:04:55 <adamw_> excellent
01:05:00 * adamw_ is in the mall
01:05:18 <adamw_> goin to starbucks tofind a table
01:05:23 <Oxf13> My drinking will be later, I closed on my house today, getting keys in an hour or so
01:05:30 <jlaska> Oxf13: congrats :)
01:05:46 <adamw_> wwoods: ready to become the Martini of Celebrattion or of Consolation i suppose
01:06:06 <jlaska> alright ... so shall we get started?
01:06:13 <notting> Oxf13: so, you're out the rest of the week moving and unpacking? :)
01:06:25 <poelcat> anyone driving or do you want me to?
01:06:47 <notting> well ,i think we're just all waiting for a report from QA
01:06:50 <jlaska> so we're basically here to determine if we are ready to go
01:06:58 <jlaska> the bad news first ...
01:07:03 <Oxf13> From releng; I have seen nothing today that would make me want to stop the presses
01:07:52 <jlaska> There's a few issues still on the QA radar
01:08:03 <jwb> if ppc iscsi is one of them, remove it
01:08:14 <jlaska> heh, nope ... that's off the list now :)
01:08:19 <jwb> excellent
01:08:29 <jlaska> at last we discussed, there were no killer issues
01:08:48 <jlaska> so that said ... things are still coming in, and we're still aiming for completing the matrix on wednesday
01:08:59 <jlaska> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Fedora_12_RC4_Install
01:09:00 <notting> what issues are still on the QE radar?
01:09:26 <jlaska> adamw was working this RAID issue earlier ... but we don't have a good read on it yet
01:09:29 <jlaska> 533621 -  Can't Boot After F12 b2 DVD Upgrade on sytem with RAID1 /boot
01:10:00 <adamw_> i skipped out for a couple hours to hit things with sticks
01:10:02 <wwoods> There's a bug with preupgrade + RAID /boot that just needs a fix pushed out in F10/F11
01:10:10 <adamw_> so haven't yet been able to test for reproducibility in a vm
01:10:16 <jlaska> btw ... you'll all notice a theme today ... RAID
01:10:20 <wwoods> lordy I hate /boot-RAID
01:10:26 <adamw_> if ALL upgrades of RAID-ed /boot are broken....um. i dunno if we consider that a blocker.
01:10:51 <adamw_> wwoods: didn't you get a successful upgrade in such a scenario after fixing preupgrade?
01:10:56 <adamw_> which would suggest it's not general?
01:10:59 <notting> have we tested install of raid-ed /boot?
01:11:04 <wwoods> adamw_: yes
01:11:18 <wwoods> *but*
01:11:21 <wwoods> that was F10->F11
01:11:26 <jlaska> notting: it's not explicitly called out in the plan, but something we can adjust for F13
01:11:50 <adamw_> it's more upgrade than install
01:11:51 <wwoods> so I have done nothing that involves F12 anaconda and RAID /boot
01:11:56 <notting> jlaska: no, i'm saying if upgrade of raid /boot fails we should test install to make sure it works
01:12:00 <adamw_> wwoods: ah, k
01:12:34 <Oxf13> notting: I could probably have that tested here in about 5 minutes
01:12:48 <Oxf13> install that is, not upgrade
01:12:51 <wwoods> that said, I believe /boot RAID to be an uncommon enough use case that we could release-note a workaround if necessary
01:13:02 <notting> my other question is... how far are we on testing of the respun live images?
01:13:14 <adamw_> notting: jlaska and i have checked 'em somewhat
01:13:17 <jlaska> we've done boot + installs with them
01:13:21 <adamw_> i've booted on three systems, fine
01:13:24 <adamw_> installed in a vm from it, fine
01:13:33 <adamw_> (i did the install with UK English locale just for giggles)
01:13:37 <Oxf13> the change was really quite small
01:13:45 <jlaska> so here's the rub ...
01:14:00 <adamw_> honestly pretty much all our positive RC testing so far ought to be valid
01:14:11 <jlaska> I think we are at (or very near) the point of diminishing returns
01:14:14 <adamw_> it's really hard to see how the RC1->RC4 changeset could've broken anything significant that hasn't shown up yet
01:14:29 <jlaska> meaning, if we change any more things at this point ... it's going to be another long weekend of Oxf13 and adamw chasing down teh fall-out
01:14:36 <adamw_> aka, Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong...
01:14:49 <adamw_> +1 to jlaska; that's my gut feeling too
01:15:00 <jlaska> we are still testing ... issues are still coming in
01:15:02 <adamw_> nothing too specific but i'm at that point intuitively
01:15:22 <Oxf13> more long weekends and my wife will hunt somebody down and castrate them.
01:15:33 <jlaska> Oxf13: you already have a child!
01:15:36 <adamw_> my boyfriend will be helping her carry the knife
01:15:57 <poelcat> So nothing on F12Blocker is a show stopper... just things we are monitoring?
01:15:58 <jlaska> the betanag change alone, while small ... caused significant headaches
01:16:07 <jlaska> poelcat: thanks, you bet
01:16:16 <jlaska> and I suspect more issues will pop up on the list in the next few days
01:16:18 <adamw_> poelcat: the only open issue that we're really worried about is 533621
01:16:30 <Sparks> poelcat: The Docs Project will have a zero-day update to the release notes but nothing to break F12.
01:16:40 <adamw_> to cover the others briefly: 533739 is actually fixed, 533817 i am pretty sure is a single-system ghost
01:17:13 <adamw_> it's an error of that type - if you search for it you see isolated systems hitting it with all sorts of fedora releases and also debian, gentoo, ubuntu...
01:17:26 <wwoods> yeah we get "iso won't boot" bugs every release
01:17:26 <adamw_> seems to be one of those icky hardware/random factors about the particular image/bios things
01:17:54 <wwoods> I had one personally affect one of my systems. I fixed it by.. changing which brand of CD-RW I used
01:18:06 * poelcat trying to cut to the chase (and head to dinner)... are there any reasons we are not "GO" with what we know at the present time or need to reconsider?
01:18:10 <wwoods> optical media is shockingly unreliable
01:18:14 <jlaska> poelcat: no sir
01:18:16 <adamw_> brief note of issues not on the list: geode graphics driver is known to be totally broken, but that's mainly an issue for XOs, and they can spin with a fixed driver package, they don't follow our schedule
01:18:26 <poelcat> then are we done meeting? :)
01:18:26 <jlaska> Using Jesse's words ... we're go until we know otherwise at this point
01:18:33 <adamw_> our fix for the 'update repos don't show up during install' issue is sub-optimal
01:19:07 <adamw_> we show testing updates in the box (which we don't really want) and updates is part-hidden at the bottom, under test updates. but jesse and i feel that's okay, it's also a bit dangeorus to fix
01:19:18 <wwoods> I can't see any utility in delaying the release any further, given the bugs we know about
01:19:30 <adamw_> that's about everything on my radar. except the proprietary driver/KDE issue, which...feh. so yeah, i'm basically +1 to go
01:19:54 <jlaska> okay ... anything else we didn't cover?
01:20:02 <adamw_> there's a small chance we'll hit something horrible in the next couple of days and have to hit abort, but nothin we know now.
01:20:11 <jlaska> should any matter hit the fan between now and release ... what's the right forum?
01:20:28 <jlaska> bat phone?
01:20:53 <poelcat> logistic list covers all the teams in theory
01:20:54 <adamw_> test-list i guess, then call a meeting quick?
01:20:54 <notting> do we have access to a klaxon?
01:20:57 <jwb> am i on the other end of the bat phone?
01:20:58 <wwoods> F13 Alpha feature freeze in 10 weeks
01:21:03 <wwoods> remember that
01:21:07 <poelcat> wwoods: lol
01:21:22 <jlaska> wwoods: yeah, no kidding :)
01:21:27 <adamw_> notting: yell 'oxf13: AWOOGA AWOOGA' in fedora-devel? :)
01:21:36 <wwoods> ALL STATIONS ARE GO
01:21:37 <Oxf13> sorry I'm on a phone right now
01:21:45 <jlaska> adamw_: I think there's a zodbot plugin for that
01:21:57 * wwoods prepares ship for ludicrous speed
01:22:05 <adamw_> jlaska and I (and I guess oxf13 and warren and probably a bunch of others) will be monitoring f12blocker from now till 0 hour
01:22:09 <jwb> we use the orbital laser here son
01:22:11 <adamw_> so elevating a bug to that should get attention fast
01:22:29 <jwb> oh, shuttle launch.  not nuke launch
01:22:45 * jwb takes his pessimism and goes home
01:22:51 <poelcat> #decision nothing to warrant changing GA of 2009-11-17
01:23:02 <poelcat> #decision will continue to monitor https://bugzilla.redhat.com/showdependencytree.cgi?id=473303&hide_resolved=1
01:23:05 <adamw_> jwb: heh
01:23:23 <jlaska> #info QA expecting test completion of matrix Wednesday (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Fedora_12_RC4_Install)
01:23:36 <bao_> hi, what are we doing here
01:23:48 * poelcat will end meeting in 60 seconds
01:23:57 <jlaska> notting: Oxf13: questions/comments/concerns?
01:24:13 <adamw_> where can I get a martini in this mall?
01:24:19 <jlaska> KB toys
01:24:22 <bao_> go/no go?
01:24:23 <adamw_> heh
01:24:32 <adamw_> bao_: yeah, we're pretty much done though
01:24:51 <bao_> it's a tough call
01:25:11 <poelcat> #endmeeting